Astral Pet Store Chapter 896

Chapter 993: Decisive battle (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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After the star owner finished talking about the rules of the game, Su Ping and Linghujian were fine, leaving them alone.

The Dragon Emperor and Greos went to a continent to compete.

Su Jiner and Hayalim are also on another continent at the same time, vying for the winning spot.

"Wait a minute, you have to be careful with that Su Jiner."

At this moment, Linghujian, who was standing by Su Ping, whispered.

Su Ping was a little surprised. He didn't expect that he would take the initiative to talk to himself. The most important thing is...

"Why, do you think you will lose to her?"

"I haven't played against each other, I don't know, but I feel that what she is hiding is very deep, and..." Linghujian paused, did not say any more, the woman gave him a very dangerous feeling, this feeling, he was in his own Master has felt it.

But to say that this woman can be comparable to a conferred god, he is a hundred unbelievers.

No one can make this degree of leap.

Not to mention the Conferred God, even if it is comparable to the Star Master, it is absolutely impossible!

After all, the gap between the Destiny Realm itself and the star master, the gap between the star power alone, is more than ten thousand times?

When the two were talking, the dragon emperor on the other side and Greos had already started fighting. Both of them were wearing the name of a dragon, a dragon emperor, a dragon king, plus the origins between the academies, and the past. The exchange battle has long been displeasing to each other. As soon as I entered the continent, I left a few ruthless words and started directly.

Both are full of firepower, without any reservations.

They realized that all the evildoers who can stay here are similar to their own, even if they are inferior, they will not be too different.

Except for Su Ping, the Linghu sword outside is a tricky guy.

They all have this idea to fight for the championship, but reason tells them that it is difficult. Instead of doing this, it is better to fight a game and fight your own prestige.

The two are extremely powerful. At this moment, with their full power, all kinds of tricks, such as secret skills, physical skills, and combination secret skills, are all used, all of which are far beyond the level that this realm can comprehend.

Linghujian glanced twice, then turned away and landed on the other side of the battlefield.

Compared with the roaring and violent battles of Dragon Emperor and Greos, this battlefield seemed quite calm, and the calm revealed a bit of weirdness and hidden sharp murderous intent.

Nahaiyalim revealed his methods, extraordinary spiritual talent, besides the war body, there is a natural supernatural power body, mental power variation, star mind is hundreds of times of the same level!

This is her killer, extremely terrifying.

Relying on this ability, when she goes out on adventures, she often turns into good luck. No one can imagine that a little guy in the destiny realm can quietly stifle the powerhouse in the late stage of the starry sky!

But she can do it!

When Hayalim was in her mother's womb, some of the tables, chairs, spoons and other objects in her house would fly up unconsciously. The house moved several times, and at one time she thought it was haunted.

After moving a few times later, this weird situation still remained unchanged. Inviting the mage and the priest from the Vatican on the planet to chase away the evil spirits, to no avail.

She was born just as the whole family was so frightened.

When she was born, the entire house collapsed, with a radius of hundreds of meters in a concave shape. Her parents were also squeezed by out-of-control thoughts at the moment of her birth and turned into sludge and destroyed.

She became an orphan. In addition to her extraordinary power of thought, her intelligence was also extraordinary. She was born with the intelligence of a four or five-year-old child.

Later, I met a wandering legendary warfare master on the planet, accepted it as an apprentice, and taught me carefully that within a few years, he would have the power to slay the ninth-order monster.

Later, she showed off her talent, and at a young age she joined the top powers of the planet and was cultivated.

But soon, her talent was too good, and the top powers of the planet were unable to cultivate, so she could only send them to the big powers of the galaxy.

Until now, he was born in retreat and participated in the cosmic genius war.

"Pure soul is also the most evil soul!"

In Dazhou, Su Jiner's face was still smiling, and said: "At a young age, you have a sea of hell blood in your heart, a forest of **** elephants, and a hostile spirit so heavy, your childhood must be very miserable, right?"

"To shut up!"

Hayalim's eyes were cold, and there were snow-white vertical pupils appearing in her eyes, like crescent moons, and violent thoughts surging out, matching the scene of the forest projected in her heart, forcibly blasted into Su Jin'er's mind. Use your own will to suppress his life and kneel down in front of you.

Su Jiner's figure flickered, smiled, and said: "It's useless, if you use other means, you may still cause some harm to me, but it's the will..."

"Even if you are a hundred times stronger, it is not enough to make me frown."

Wanting to suppress her from the conscious level, Su Jiner wanted to laugh.

Hayalim pursed her mouth slightly, the crescent in her pupils became sharper, and gradually the area of the crescent spreading became larger, covering the entire pupil, her hair flying up, and a small animal pet behind her, like a streamer, quietly disappeared to her In the body, her body is in fusion, and her combat power has skyrocketed.

A wave of terrifying willpower swept out, this twisted scene of willpower scrolling, and the void before her double-sided direct stare, rippled and became distorted.

The second space, the third space, and the fourth space are all distorted, and in the twisted vortex, one can vaguely see the pictures of countless dead bodies.

Both of them stood still, but this distorted scene made many people look at it.

Linghujian frowned, his face was particularly solemn, his eyes fixed on this scene.

Su Ping also saw it. She was a little surprised. She didn't expect that this girl looked white and tender and looked good. She was so violent in her heart that she had experienced a lot of beatings.

"It's a good idea to compress the potential area into the mental power and pierce the enemy's consciousness." Su Ping was a little surprised when he saw it, and felt that he had learned a trick.

His willpower has also been exercised quite strong, enough to condense the potential area into the mental power to attack.

"Are you sure to deal with this trick?"

Beside, Linghujian suddenly said.

Su Ping was taken aback, and smiled: "Yes."

Linghujian was silent for a while, then sighed lightly, and said, "I can do it too, but it's not so easy."

He can indeed do it, teach him the supreme sword intent with his master, and cut off all monsters.

But to condense that extreme sword intent, it takes all of his energy and energy. This Hai'alim is also a very strong enemy to him.

"Don't give up yet?"

Su Jiner smiled and looked at Heyalim, whose body had been alienated, and shook his head, and said, "Then let you see what is real will!"

After speaking, she closed her expression, and a flash of gold suddenly flashed in her eyes.

Next moment, boom!

The distorted space suddenly collapsed layer by layer. Standing still, Hayalim's body was suddenly shaken. The white in his eyes quickly dissipated, and his original pupils were restored, but the pupils were somewhat dilated and stared wide. Full of horror and shock, it seemed to see something incredible.

Su Jiner's figure flickered, banged, and pressed lightly with her delicate hand, Haiyalim knelt in the air, and the void shook.


Outside Dazhou, Linghujian's face changed drastically, a little shocked.

With such a strong ability, Su Jin'er could break it so easily and defeat it?

As he said, although he can also crack, but not so easily, what did the other party do?

Su Ping's eyes narrowed, and a strange color flashed through. Su Jin'er, as he felt it, was hiding a deep power.

On the other hand, the battle continued. Dragon Emperor and Greos were inextricably fought. Both of them had their own injuries. It seemed that the greater the anger, the greater the anger. The entire continent was blasted out of pits everywhere, scorched everywhere. The scope of the impact is wider than that of some starry sky realm fights, from the outside world to the deep space, and then to the outside world.

Many physical skills and secret skills have emerged one after another, all revealing extremely strong talents.

On the other hand, the battle on Su Jiner's side ended somewhat quickly and strangely. Many ordinary people didn't see the name and felt a little inexplicable.

"Won it."

Su Jiner flew out, saw Su Ping, and smiled: "Let me see your other battle pets later."

Linghujian's face changed slightly, a little gloomy, without saying a word.

Su Ping glanced at her and nodded: "Let's talk about it when you win."

Linghujian's face was slightly better, but Su Jiner's next sentence made him look ugly: "He? Don't worry, it's a matter of minutes."

Two hours later.

The battle between the dragon emperor and Greos also came out. The dragon emperor defeated Greos by a slight advantage. Both of them were seriously injured. Some arms were torn off, and some thighs were only left, and the whole body was wounded. , The battle pet also fell for nearly half, his breath languishing.

"Unexpectedly, your Amir Academy still has some hard bones." The Dragon Emperor sat on his blood-stained dragon beast head and gasped.

Greos was lying on the ground, his eyelids were swollen, he had a lot of air in, but had little air out: "Wait next time, I will let you kneel and sing Conquer."

"Then I'll wait for you, humble ant." Longdi smiled contemptuously, but there was not much contempt in his eyes. This battle made him face the opponent in front of him, and no longer looked down on him as before.

Soon, the star master made a move to help the two of them heal.

It didn't take long for the two to return to their vigorous state. Looking at each other, they could see the war intent in their eyes and the solemn meaning of recognition.

"Now, it's you two."

The star master said to Longdi and Linghujian.

Linghujian's face was extremely cold, and he rushed into the continent like a cannonball, with a chilling air.

Su Jin'er smiled when she saw it, "Is so unexcited, are all the disciples in Beihai this temper?"

The Emperor Long saw Linghu Jian, his eyes ignited with a sense of war, and he quickly stepped into the battlefield.

In about half an hour, the battle between the Dragon Emperor and Linghu Sword was divided. Linghu Sword won with a great advantage. In the end, several sword moves exploded. The rules were extremely compressed, and the sword intent perfectly matched the dragon. The emperor was forced to a dead end.

The winning Linghu Jian, after regaining his state for a while, directly confronted Su Jin'er.

But the result was very weird. Su Jiner easily resolved Linghu Jian's sword moves and defeated it with one palm.

"Have you learned my swordsmanship?" Linghujian was defeated, and he was a little unacceptable. He thought that the opponent would use Haiyalim's moves. He had already prepared his sword intent to cut everything, but the opponent used it. Physical skills defeated him.


Su Jiner showed a speechless expression when she heard the words, and said helplessly: "You can't practice it, it's too low. If you learn the sky-covering sword style, it may still affect me a little."

Linghu sword's mouth twitched, covering the sky with sword style? Even the Starry Sky Realm senior inside the door hasn't been trained yet.

"It's time for us."

Su Jiner won and looked at Su Ping enthusiastically.

When Linghujian saw this scene, his face became even more tarnished. The other party's attitude clearly sent him off the scene and didn't care at all.

At any rate, he is the descendant of the dignified Conferred God, when has he been so neglected?

"Brother Su, come on!"

Linghujian rarely spoke to cheer others.

Su Ping was surprised and smiled: "Okay."

Su Jin'er pouted her lips and didn't care.

"If Su Ping loses, Su Jin'er will be the champion, and the runner-up will be contested by Su Ping, Hayalim, and Linghu Jian players, and the rest will compete for the third place!"

The star master announced.

The rules are a bit arrogant, but they are also reasonable.

Dragon Emperor lost to Linghu Jian, Linghu Jian lost to Su Jin'er, Hai Yalim also lost to her, if Su Ping also lost, she deserved to be the number one!

Soon after the star master announced, Su Ping and Su Jin'er flew into the continent.

The enchantment slowly closed.

"Take out your full strength, if you were like before, you might overturn the car." Su Jiner smiled and groaned at Su Ping with her hands behind her back.

Su Ping nodded, and he also felt the extraordinaryness of this young girl. For unknown reasons, she could easily defeat the descendant of the Conferred God and the power of mind.

"Come out."

Su Ping summoned Xiao Bai, Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, Little Skeleton, and Two Dogs.

The four-headed battle pets surrounded Su Ping with a physique like a mountain, and their violent aura occupies half of the sky. Although compared to other starry beasts, their size is not that big, but their aura is more overbearing and terrifying.


Su Jiner's eyebrows twitched, "Just four? Are they all in the Destiny Realm?"

On the high-altitude hall.

Hai Tuo and others also saw this scene. They naturally heard the conversation between Su Ping and Su Jin'er easily, and they were all surprised.

"They are all destiny battle pets?"

"This...could he not know that he can sign a higher-level pet beast, right?"

"...Even if there is still a starry sky realm battle pet in the box, this pet beast that occupies four positions is a bit wasteful."

Several Conferred Gods are a little puzzled, unless these four-headed battle pets are all as good as the purgatory candle dragon beast, but this... is a bit unrealistic.

Moreover, if this is the case, can Su Ping's combat power be further improved if these pets are promoted to the starry sky state before the universe game?

Thinking of this, a strange light flashed in Hai Tuo's eyes.

"Where is your battle pet?"

After Su Ping called out his four-headed battle pet, he calmly looked at Su Jin'er.

Su Jin'er frowned and said: "Are you still planning to hide yourself? If you get to the Golden Star in the game here, people may not investigate here, and it doesn't make sense to hide."

Su Ping said indifferently: "I didn't plan to hide, they are my strongest pets."

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