Astral Pet Store Chapter 897

Chapter 994: Three favorites against Taihuang (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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"it is good!"

Su Jin'er stared at him and said nothing more. Suddenly, seven figures appeared behind him. They were seven extremely rare battle pets. One figure attracted a lot of exclamations.

"Taihuang Xuyan Beast!"

"My God, this is a monster in the Conferred God Realm! This one is now in its infancy, right?"

"Good guy, who is this guy, it's too extravagant!"

"Even if it is a conferred god, he may not be able to reach the point of complete conferred **** favor. He wouldn't be his master's own life, right?"

Along with the appearance of the phoenix shadow standing in the center of many pet beasts, countless exclamations sounded before the live broadcast, and the temperature in the continent is also soaring. This temperature even penetrates into the deep space, even in the third space here. , Can feel the warm enthusiasm.

"Taihuang Xuyan Beast!"

Outside the continent, Linghujian, Longdi and others all changed their expressions, and they couldn't believe it. This girl actually has a battle pet of the Conferred God Realm bloodline, it's incredible!

Once this class of battle pet is exposed in the wild, it is estimated that countless star master realms will be jealous.


Outside the high-altitude hall, Hai Tuo and other Conferred Gods were also slightly stunned. They didn't expect that this contestant would have such a rare Conferred God pet.

This Taihuang Xuyan beast is of the rare level among the monsters in the Conferred God Realm, and it is quite rare. When it reaches adulthood, it is definitely a powerful Conferred God combat power.

"Who is this little guy?" You Ying was a little surprised and solemn.

If it were in the wild, he would really be a little bit tempted, but there are so many people here, this girl can have this beast, there must be a Conferred God-level power behind it.

"It seems that some guys are quite willing." Next to him, the palace lord of the Black Phoenix Palace flashed his eyes.

The face of the magic hunting **** also became a little dignified. A pet beast in the infant stage of the Sealed God Realm, looking at the cultivation base, has reached the early stage of the Starry Sky Realm. It is definitely a sweeping level in the same level. The upper limit of this bloodline is too high and if it is properly cultivated, Sweeping the starry sky is not a problem.

On the distant blue star.

The expressions of Qin Duhuang, Ji Yuanfeng and others have also changed drastically. Although they are extremely confident in Su Ping, their opponents are too exaggerated. There is a Conferred God-level battle pet hidden in the Fate Realm. This is simply a reduction in dimensionality. Blow!

"It seems that this number one is hopeless."

"Damn it, if Boss Su can get the first place, get the source of the sky, and when the competition is over, you will soon be able to make breakthroughs and become a star master!"

"This is fate, there are too many evildoers in the universe."

The others sighed and regretted.

If Su Ping can become the star lord as soon as possible, the status of the blue star will soar. After all, the star lord usually controls the existence of a small galaxy and belongs to the rich landlord.

"How do you compare?"

In Dazhou, after Su Jin'er called out her beloved war pet, her eyes were like blue waves, and she smiled authentically.

Su Ping is also constantly looking at this young phoenix of Conferred God Realm bloodline. It is a bit unexpected and amazing. The monsters of Conferred God Realm are quite difficult to find, and the power is so powerful. He is also trying to find the nest of this level of monsters in the cultivation area. Steal their cubs, but unfortunately, most of the nests of this monster beast are hidden in the deep air.

Even if it is found, the mysterious power outside the lair can't be shaken, and it can only be sighed.

"It's pretty good, if you nurture it well, it can be regarded as a top-ranking favorite of the gods." Su Ping was a little emotional, and then said: "This little guy is growing very fast, can you keep up? If you let it stay and wait for you , On the contrary, it will stifle its potential, and some of the gains outweigh the losses."

Su Jiner was taken aback. Seeing that there was no fading in Su Pings eyes, she started discussing with her. She couldnt help but move her brows slightly, but she smiled quickly: It seems that you know very well about pet beasts. If you practice, I can still follow her. If you can win the championship this time, it will be perfect to cultivate all the way to the Conferred God Realm."


Su Ping felt the same way, "This is the most ideal."

"I don't seem to be able to tell the history of your battle pets. Are they all mutant pets? What blood?" Su Jin'er asked with interest, seeing that Su Ping had no intention of fighting and was not in a hurry.

Su Ping glanced at the little skeletons and two dogs in front of him, and smiled: "Their bloodlines are not comparable to yours for the time being, but they will grow in the future. I will make them the most powerful pet beasts in the world. !"

"The strongest?"

Su Jin'er smiled and said: "It seems that you are a fool. It is an extremely difficult catastrophe to become a conferred god, not to mention a higher, illusory supreme divine realm, nothing more, it is a good thing to have such self-confidence. Early, let's end this battle first, or you can admit defeat, so as not to get hurt."

"it is good."

Su Ping nodded.

Indeed, if you have any words, wait until you finish typing.


Su Ping's thoughts moved, and he directly merged with Xiao Bai, the weakest inside. Its combat power in the starry sky phase was not enough for this occasion, and it was easy to be second.


Su Ping's star force moved, and several killing intent enhancements were released. The little skeleton, the purgatory candle dragon beast, and the two dogs suddenly changed their auras. The two dogs and the purgatory candle dragon beasts trembled and burst into an extremely deep wave, as if hiding in the abyss. The terrifying murderous aura, this breath slowly diffused and swept out.

Oppositely, the several battle pets behind Su Jin'er hummed low. If it hadn't been for the Taihuang Void Flame Beast to resist most of the momentum, it would have been scared to retreat at this moment.


Su Jin'er was slightly startled, her face suddenly changed, and she was a little surprised and surprised. The few battle pets in her eyes suddenly changed, like the incarnation of a vicious **** and demon, and the terrifying murderous aura exuding made her faintly feel a chill. For instance, the murderous aura of substance is not the manifestation of ideas, but the accumulation of countless killings to condense.


Suddenly, behind Su Jin'er, the Taihuang Void Flame Beast seemed to be irritated, spreading its wings, and burst out a sharp phoenix roar. The flames appeared on its body, and where the wings were waving, the void melted away, exposing the deep space and melting directly To the third dimension, it was not caused deliberately.

Su Jiner's expression became solemn, and she didn't ask for a big deal, so she let it go directly.


A Feng Lie cut suddenly rushed out, and behind this attack was the silhouette of the Taihuang Void Flame Beast flying by.

The violent inflammation rules are sturdy and powerful, and they are integrated into the skills. Although there is only one rule, more than a dozen classification rules of the inflammation are integrated into this one rule, and they are merged.

If you can fully understand all the rules of Yan Dao and integrate them all into one, you can form the supreme Yan Dao and become a Conferred God!

But obviously, that is an extremely remote matter, and there are tens of thousands of rules in any avenue.


The purgatory candle dragon beast roared, the dragon's chant was like a great ancient whale, and its scales were like melting, shaking violently, but its pair of dragon eyes became more fierce, full of tyrannical, ferocious, and furious killing intent.

At the moment it meets it head-on, the two dogs released a series of defensive skills for it in the low roar. Each defensive skill implies the power of rules. When it is placed in its claws, all kinds of rules are transformed into defensive skills, and the rules are changed. The defensive side of it has been dug out, and even rules such as annihilation have been used by it as a defense.

With a bang, Feng Lie Zhan and the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast collided, and the explosion shook the sky, and the barrier of the continent was faintly exposed from the transparency.

The void is like a nuclear bomb bursting, with hundreds of miles of blazing waves and huge mushroom clouds appearing.

In the sound of the explosion, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast swung its claws, roared and stepped out, bathed in thunder and fire, and violent divine power erupted from its body. The big claws waved and tore into the fifth space, and instantly appeared in the Taihuang Void Flame Beast. before.

The Taihuang Void Flame Beast did not dodge, like a phoenix king, a pair of long and narrow red eyes looked down at the opponent coldly and angrily. With a flap of its wings, its claws slammed into the claws.

The void shook, and some spatial turbulence splashed in the fifth space was torn on the spot.

The defensive skills outside the purgatory candle dragon beast burst, and the regular power on it melted rapidly, but the two dogs roared and quickly condensed. The speed of its skill condensing and melting speed was barely the same.

The purgatory candle dragon beast sprayed out the thunder fire dragon flame, and the Taihuang Void flame beast also sprayed out a phoenix flame, collided in mid-air, and burst into fiery energy again. Both ends are flame-attributed pet beasts, and they are fighting in the most overbearing and violent way. The Taihuang Void Flame Beast quickly gained the upper hand. The flame system rules on its body were too strong. If it weren't for its cultivation base to be suppressed, with the depth of the flame rules, it could completely condense the small flame world and transform into a star master realm.

At this moment, a white shadow flashed suddenly, stepping out from somewhere in the fifth dimension, the Taihuang Void Flame Beast seemed to suddenly notice something, its eyes suddenly turned, and then, its body suddenly separated.

With a puff, a horrible and violent sword aura came out vertically and horizontally, cutting across the air, tearing the fifth dimension out dozens of miles away, and the sword aura extended out of the fifth dimension, slashing towards a certain hundred on the outside continent. The top of the hill inside and outside, the top of the hill was cut and burst on the spot!

The Taihuang Void Flame Beast rose into the air, flapped its wings, looked down at the three figures, and let out an angry cry.

Countless people before the live broadcast were stunned. The battle was far beyond their imagination.

"These three-headed warfare..."

Outside the continent, the Dragon Emperor, Linghujian, Haiyalim and others were all shocked. These three destiny battle pets could actually tie the Taihuang Void Flame Beast in the Starry Sky Realm?

It's incredible!

"The rule of that one knife..."

Linghujian saw the flattened mountain in the distance, and his pupils shrank. Although the sword was different, the use of it in some places was the same. The power and rules contained in the sword just now were not inferior to him!

Is this the little skull doing it?

"What kind of skeleton is this? Even the Skeleton King clan is not so exaggerated. I don't remember such a scary skeleton creature!"

"Too exaggerated, are these two monsters?"

Next to them, Dragon Emperor and Greos both had a look of horror. Although they didn't participate in the battle in person, they were somewhat convinced at the moment. If they were to play, it is estimated that they are already seriously injured.

"You pet beast..."

Opposite, Su Jin'er was also shocked. For the first time, Qingli Juechen's pretty face showed an incredible expression. She did not expect that the three destiny battle pets in this area would be able to withstand the first wave of the Taihuang Void Flame Beast's attack.

"The dog, the rules of control are all used in defense, if it weren't for it, the dragon beast couldn't fight with the little fire, and it would be melted in a face!" Su Jin'er saw the dog and the skeleton. Kind, fascinating, the power of the knife just now, if it weren't evaded in time, it is estimated that it will really hurt.

At this moment, she had to admit that the few battle pets used by Su Ping really deserved the hole card.

No longer despising, Su Jiner's face condensed, and she quickly commanded.


An illusory flame suddenly appeared on the Taihuang Void Flame Beast's body. The flame surrounded its body, but it was erratic and transparent. As the energy condensed, the phoenix's eyes suddenly shot two red lights.

Su Ping had already noticed that, let the two dogs defend, and the little skeleton would interrupt.

Bang bang bang!

A series of defensive skills appeared, but they were shattered by the red light as soon as they appeared. The ultimate flame rules condensed on them can destroy everything, integrating the characteristics of more than a dozen flame rules, and the power is by no means simple stacking and comparable.

On the other side, the little skull directly escaped into the fifth dimension, trying to get closer, but was forced to retreat by the flame wings fanned out by the Taihuang Void Flame Beast.

Su Ping could see that this Taihuang Void Flame Beast was extremely well cultivated and had mastered the fusion of characteristics. It would be difficult to chew it off by relying on the little skeletons alone, and one could get injured if it was accidental.


Su Ping was full of star power, and a series of amplification skills appeared, along with a series of regular powers, poured into the body of the three-headed pet, surrounded by thunder, fire, blast, etc., the speed, perception, and power of the three-headed pet They are all exploding, and they release the dark rules of each other, connecting them into a dark realm.

In this field, vision and perception are deprived, and it is completely dark from the outside world.

The little skeleton was like a fish in water, and quickly got close to the Taihuang Void Flame Beast.

But the Taihuang Xuyan Beast suddenly turned around and shot a red light directly at it.

The little skeleton had no time to evade, the ribs in his chest were shot and broke on the spot, but soon, the black air surrounded the fracture, and new ribs condensed again.

"Is there a special way of perception? The pet beasts of the Conferred God blood line are really strong." Su Ping sighed. If they are of average aptitude, the little skeletons may be defeated by their cooperation, but this one has obviously received extremely good training and combat power. The increase is also exaggerated, if the little skeleton can break through to the starry sky, there is still a battle.


Su Ping did not hesitate, and joined the war.

In the face of this potential monster, the dragon's deterrent effect of the Purgatory Candle Dragon is equal to zero. This is the first time he has encountered the strongest pet beast in the outside world.

"Let them play with my little fire, you don't want to mix." Suddenly a figure stood in front of Su Ping, and it was Su Jin'er, who said with a groaning smile on her face.


Su Ping greeted her face with a punch without saying a word.

Su Jin'er didn't expect Su Ping to say that he would do it, but the reaction was also very quick. With a pinch of his slender white hand, he blocked Su Ping's fist.


The power of the fist erupted, and thirty rules came out, with the star power running in the arm, even a mountain could be crushed into dust at this moment.

But when Su Ping exerted his strength, Su Jin'er's shoulders trembled slightly, and a very soft, sticky silk-like regular force appeared in the palm. This rule contains extremely complex characteristics, and it is also a deep rule that combines multiple rules. Su Ping's burst of power was blocked to life.

Su Ping's eyes changed, and before Su Jin'er could speak, he broke out again.

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