Astral Pet Store Chapter 898

Chapter 995: Lore (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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Bang bang bang!

Several punches erupted in succession, and each punch contained violent power. There were more and more rules fused inside, from 30 to 35, and then to 40, step by step.

In Su Jin'er's feelings, Su Ping's boxing skills became more and more fierce, leaving her no chance to speak, the ease on her face disappeared, and there was a touch of anger.

"Hunyuan Waterway, wrap around!"

Su Jin'er gave a low yell, her palms changed into hundreds of palm shadows, enveloped Su Ping's fists, and slapped them with one palm, stripping and destroying the rules on Su Ping's fist, leaving only the last strand. Vigorous and brutal force.

But this strong brute force cannot be underestimated, Su Jin'er's expression is solemn, if it weren't for her, no one in this Sylvie galaxy should be Su Ping's opponent.




She took out her palms one after another and collided with Su Ping's fists and fists. The two of them ripped the surrounding space like black cloth between their fists. The external space was extremely weak for them, especially when the rules were cut. , Tear easily, quickly hit the fourth space, and finally deep into the fifth space!

This fifth dimension, even the starry sky realm, will die at any time!

The fourth space is already the limit that can be entered during the battle in the starry sky. When it comes to the fifth space, things will happen at any time. After all, in addition to the chaotic void energy, the fifth space will also encounter mysterious and ancient whispers, which are leftovers from ancient creatures. The sound that came down was retained under unimaginable power, and echoed in the deep space.

Ordinary people heard that they were either alive or dead, or they were confused in their thinking, and could not bear the great will in that words.

In the fifth dimension, Su Ping didn't dare to wait too much. After all, this was the Federal Universe, not the cultivation of the world. In case of real danger, he might not be able to get out 100%.

Quick decision!


Su Ping's punching speed increased sharply again, and his whole body cells rolled, stirring up the huge divine power contained in his body. As a series of demon **** fists were blasted out, every punch was shocking, as if he was about to punch the world through the hole!

Divine power exploded, and the rules merged more, fifty, sixty!

The fist force swept across from the fifth dimension to the outside world, smashing the ground of the continent out of dozens of mile fist pits, and large mountains were affected and shattered by the fist force, and some plains were even turned into basin abysses, like destroying the sky and destroying the earth. .

This fierce battle made countless people stunned, far surpassing the previous competitors.

Is this really the destruction that Destiny Realm can cause?

If it is on an ordinary planet, it is estimated that the planet will not be able to bear it for long, and it will burst!

What's even more shocking is that Su Jin'er, who seems to be slender and beautiful, is able to resist with Su Ping's violent and brutal fists, and take it all!

These two monsters!

Outside the continent, Linghujian, Haiyalim and others also showed shock in their eyes. It was too violent. Is this the true power they hide? The battle in front of them has reached their limit level, but looking at the performance of these two people, it is clear that there is still plenty of energy left!

"What a monster!"

Emperor Long's eyelids twitched, and he saw Su Ping's golden fist, which was like suppressing the gods and demons in the world. This fist was powerful, standing outside the continent, he could feel the aura of suppression.

Next to him, Greos' expression kept changing, thinking of his previous invitation to fight with Su Ping on the spacecraft, his fingers were slightly clenched, and he felt like he wanted to find a place to get in.

The gap is too big!

They saw Su Ping ascend to the 100th floor before and knew that he was better than them, but they didn't expect to be so much stronger!

In the high-altitude hall, the old boxer of Tianquan Mountain's eyes were bright at the moment, and the whole person stood up, a little excited: "Good boxing, good boxing, where does this boxing come from? It's so subtle. What he should show is In the initial stage, if the evolution is complete, this martial arts is definitely a Fengshen-level martial arts!"

He has used boxing all his life and is proficient in boxing. At this moment, he only has a few glances to know that Su Ping only masters the basic stage of this boxing method, and has not really learned the essence.

But just based on the foundation, it has been built so magnificently, if this boxing skill is cultivated to the top, you can imagine how powerful it will be!

The faces of the few people next to him changed slightly, Fengshen-level boxing?

They knew that this old boxer would not talk nonsense in this regard, and his face became a little heavy for a while. Su Ping's performance was very amazing, but he used boxing. If he modified it...

"That girl is not bad too."

"The Tao she has understood has entered a state of fusion. When she is promoted to the Starry Sky Realm, she will be able to construct a small world and step directly into the Star Master Realm!"

"I don't know why, I saw the shadow of an old acquaintance from her."

"The time projection on her body has been cut off, and it is impossible to see her past. This should be the handwriting of Fengshen."

"Neither is that little guy, nor can he peep."

Hai Tuo, You Ying and the others all squinted their eyes. They all saw that the two people who were fighting at this moment far surpassed the Linghu Jian, Long Di and others next to them, and they deserved to be a god!

The most gratifying thing is that the girl's performance is also very terrifying. They are a galaxy, and this time two juniors who have appeared in the posture of the gods are definitely a big surprise.

In the fifth space.

Su Jin'er's face was as cold as ice, she felt the pressure from Su Ping's successive divine fists, which made her previous relaxed mentality disappear, and the opponent in front of her was a little stronger than she felt.

In addition to the comprehension of the rules, the most terrifying thing is that vast and arrogant star power and physical power.

"My Phoenix Immortal body refining technique is already considered a very old top-notch body refining technique. The mastery of cultivation is comparable to that of the Fengshen Phoenix tribe. Although it has not yet reached its mastery, it is already comparable to the top of the Starry Sky Realm, and it is actually on par with him. , And there is a power hidden in him, which is very threatening..."

Su Jiner thought in her heart.

At this moment, Su Ping noticed that the strength of her hand was slightly slower, and suddenly broke out.


The power of the eighty rules condensed on a punch and burst out. At the same time, Su Ping's eyes became icy. The previous attack method of Hayalim inspired him, and at this moment, the domain suddenly pulled. open.

As soon as this potential area emerged behind his back, it suddenly condensed into the back of his head, like a black disc, and suddenly became a flying needle pierced by Su Ping's willpower compression.

Su Jin'er raised her eyebrows and noticed Su Ping's attack. What trick did she use?

Don't he know that from the perspective of will, he can't be defeated?

She sneered slightly, did not dodge, and stubbornly caught Su Ping's attack.

Her mind felt like a sting, and then she resumed as usual. The next moment, a violent will invaded her mind, accompanied by a region of potential.


Su Jin'er was a little surprised. Su Pings willpower was actually stronger than the previous Hyalim. The latter was a natural spiritual alienator with unique talents, and was the most outstanding one of the related talents she had ever seen. At this moment, Su Ping The willpower swept over is not inferior to the other party.

The accident was an accident, but she didn't care. Soon, she saw the world of the world that emerged in her heart.


Su Jiner's mind was shocked, and there was a brief sluggishness.

Then... what world is it?

In the gray sky, with a dead bone like a dragon, like an angel flying by, the air is filled with a strong smell of blood, cold and dead spirits are coming from all directions, pervasive, and the stench pours in from the nasal cavity, into the lungs, before the eyes It is a surging sea of blood, waves of endless waves.

The blood abroad is a plain of bones for hundreds of millions of miles, with no end in sight.

Suddenly, a towering bronze ancient temple stood out, and the ancient temple seemed to stand in the midst of time, immortal and immortal.

Immediately afterwards, two stone-carved demons squatting outside the ancient bronze temple, like fallen angels in the Nine Nether Abyss, woke up from their deep sleep and suddenly opened their eyes.

Those two lines of sight seemed to penetrate layers of time and space, penetrate the small world, and directly fell on Su Jin'er's heart.

Her heart contracted uncontrollably, and the skin all over her body contracted, a little numb.

But at the next moment, the door of the ancient bronze temple opened, like it was silent for hundreds of millions of years, a simple and reckless breath rolled out from it, raising dust, and accompanied by a lofty shadow extending from the inside. , The shadow is also infinitely high, and gradually it seems to be able to hold up the entire sky.

Her gaze was suddenly pulled closer, as if the whole person was pulled into the depths of the main hall by a force. There was a throne. On the seat was a snow-white skeleton, supported by the elbow on the throne, and the back of the hand supporting the cheekbones of the skeleton. Hollow, but it seemed to contain deep eye sockets with bottomless eyes, looking down at her.


Su Jiner's heart twitched fiercely. She saw death, her destruction, the struggle to survive, **** and countless reincarnations.

What kind of creature is this?

The things reflected in the sphere of influence are things that must have been seen with their own eyes.

In other words, this creature once existed for real!


Su Jin'er suddenly had a pain in her chest, and her whole person flew out, and the scene before her was instantly broken up. Although the previous scenes were extremely real, they were actually happening in the spiritual world in an instant.

Su Ping hit her chest with a fist due to a moment of pause in her consciousness. The clothes on her chest burst open, but there was a bellyband like golden silk and silver silk covering her upper body.

This bellyband seemed to be a very unusual treasure, and it was not damaged in the slightest.

Su Jin'er saw her situation clearly, her pretty face suddenly turned red, but soon she was covered by the condensed snow-white skin of star power, and she looked at Su Ping with shame in her eyes.

Su Ping has a calm expression. Fighting is divided into what part of you and gentleness. He learned **** with one blow. He just wanted to start directly, but as soon as the thought came out, there was a sense of crisis in his heart. It seemed that Something extremely dangerous would happen if the opponent was hit on the head, which made him change his mind.

"You are really not a gentleman!" Su Jiner gritted his teeth.

Su Ping said calmly, "I have never heard of ladies who can punch and kick."

You are not a lady, I am not a gentleman, so fit.


Su Jin'er became even more annoyed and said, "Ignorant fanatic, I will teach you a lesson today!"

A blazing blue light suddenly appeared on her body, and at the same time, a phoenix sound came from a distance, and the Taihuang Void Flame Beast suddenly galloped forward, breaking away from the surrounding of the small skeleton and the purgatory candle dragon beast.


The Taihuang Void Flame Beast merged with its body, and in an instant, flames gushed out of the blue light on its body, which skyrocketed several times, and an adult-like figure of Taihuang Void Flame appeared behind it.

Seeing her instantly increase more than tenfold, Su Ping's expression also became solemn, and immediately summoned Little Skeleton and Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, not daring to be sloppy, untied Xiao Bai's combination, and turned to merge with Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast.

When the combination is over, join the little skeleton again.

With the dual combination, Su Ping's strength quickly climbed, and in a blink of an eye he once again overshadowed Su Jin'er on the opposite side.

Seeing this scene, Su Jin'er's originally angry face was taken aback, and she immediately became annoyed.

The clouds and mists over the entire continent moved along with the two people merging, and flew to the left and right sides, taking the place where the two confronted each other as the dividing line.

"These two are perverted!"

Among the players in the rear, Kleishabai's face was pale, and he felt a terrifying power across the barrier, and it seemed to vent some of it, which could pose a great threat to him.

If he were to play, he would die suddenly at this moment!

In the same Destiny Realm, he is also considered a first-rate genius, and there is such a big gap!

Ahead, Linghujian, Longdi and others, their faces changed. If they were a bit unwilling to say before, then at this moment, only shock is left.

It's too strong, just this energy is enough to kill most of the stars of the starry sky!

How incredible it is to have a mere destiny, but with the top combat power to kill the starry sky!

If it weren't for the power of belief in the master realm, it might be threatened!

"Sure enough, it is the posture of conferring gods!"

Outside the high-altitude hall, Hai Tuo and others all had their eyes bright.

This power definitely has the potential to be a god, and what is rare is that these two people are both!

The Black Phoenix Palace Master's eyes flickered. She came here to rush Su Ping, but since Su Ping has so many people fighting, she is still practicing boxing, and most of the old boxing champions will not let go. If so, she might as well grab another one. One.

It just so happened that their Black Phoenix Palace was exclusively for women, and it was a bit unsuitable for Su Ping to break the rules, but now that there are women, there is no need to break the rules.

"Unexpectedly, someone like you would appear."

In Dazhou, Su Jiner looked at Su Ping's violent energy that almost came out of his body, a little annoyed, and said: "If you can take this trick from me, I will let you win this round!"

"Really, then come on."

Su Ping looked indifferent and didn't talk nonsense.

Su Jin'er's blue flames fluttered, burning more and more fiercely, as the amplification skills of other pet beasts in the rear were blessed one by one, her aura rose slightly again.

She raised her hand and pointed upwards. The blue flame on her body and the Taihuang phantom behind her suddenly shook and rose to the sky, and then suddenly fell to her palm. At the same time, a phoenix feather appeared on her forehead. Notch, this is the appearance of her combat body being fully stimulated.

"Taihuang Destroy Immortal Palm!"

Su Jin'er suddenly took out her palm, and there seemed to be a phoenix sound between the heavens and the earth. This palm technique was a secret skill she had obtained from the ancient secret realm. She could incorporate many rules into the five fingers of her palm. If she cultivated successfully, it was rumored that she could integrate the five complete avenues , It is unparalleled in power.

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