Astral Pet Store Chapter 899

Chapter 996: Famous starry sky (subscription for monthly pass)

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That fiery palm print fell from the sky!

The palm print is like a meteorite from the sky, carrying the blue flames that burned everything, tearing apart the deep space where it passed, rubbing a trace of the deep space along the way, only the power of the palm edge escaped, then opened The fifth space!

"This palm!"

"Terror, I feel my eyes are burning."

"Can this continent hold up?"

Some people even worry about whether the vast continents below will be able to catch this palm.

It is really the posture of this palm is too horrible, just like the eternal **** looking down from the starry sky, the world-destroying palm that descends can break everything, and it can't be stopped!

"Boss Su!"

"Lord Lord!"

"Unstoppable, it's over..."

On the Blue Star, exclaims sounded everywhere, and countless people were pale. The Blue Star people in each base city couldn't help standing up, their eyes full of panic.

Although they knew that Su Ping was very strong and had seen the various powers that Su Ping had previously shown, this palm was too terrifying, and seemed to suppress all life in the world.

In the finals, they didn't know if the Conferred God would come to the rescue. If not, then Su Ping would have fallen in this battle of geniuses like the previous Bihai Queen!

Su Ping is the backbone of Blue Star, bearing the destiny of the entire planet. Once Su Ping falls, Blue Star will naturally be like a boat in the wind and rain, capsize at any time!


On the top of a certain mountain peak, Su Lingyue couldn't help but lose her voice, with no blood on her face. With her cultivation level, she could see the horror of this palm. Just watching from the screen, there was a kind of heat wave sweeping and burning all over her body. The feeling of this shows how terrifying the power of the rules contained in this palm is, this is already a complete Dao!

Huang Huang palm power, pushed down from the sky, the surrounding air was drained, and the space invisible to the naked eye was also broken in layers at this moment, full of terrifying cracks.

Su Ping raised his head, the hot gale swept across his face, and the regular breath that escaped was enough to kill the Destiny Realm thousands of times.

Only the huge palm of his eyes remained in his eyes, getting closer and closer, until it covered the entire world, like falling from the sky!


Su Ping's pores opened wide. This was the first time he encountered such a crisis in reality, but he did not panic, instead he had a feeling of blood boiling and burning.

"Lend you a bone knife for a use."

Su Ping said softly.

In the white bones covering the palm, a sharp bone knife suddenly stretched out.

Su Ping stood high in the sky, like a peak, with black hair flying wildly, his cheeks flushed by the heat wave, but his eyes became more and more blazing, as if he wanted to shoot the sky through the hole!

"give me"


Su Ping stepped out suddenly, with a bang, the hundreds of millions of cells all over his body were rioting, releasing a breath of shock like a grinding disc, and the vastness of this star power seemed to be able to crush a planet.

As Su Ping stepped out, the void vibrated and the fifth dimension burst. Su Ping stood in the cracked space and looked up at the coming Taihuang Miexian palm. At this moment, he was like an immortal under this palm to be wiped out. .

But Su Ping came out of the knife, and a series of regular forces emerged from between his arms, rioted along the knife-holding arm, and gathered on the bone knife.

The material of this bone knife is extremely hard, bearing the oppression of the rules, and in a blink of an eye, eighty, ninety, and a hundred! It didn't stop, and continued to condense until the 110 rules appeared, and the entire bone knife suddenly shook, and Su Ping appeared behind the stalwart Skeleton King, sitting on the world.

As Su Ping raised the sword, the huge bone sword in the Skeleton King's hand also raised, and slashed out together!

Bang! !

The whole continent is shaking!

The horrible tearing force swept out. At the center of the impact, the void collapsed, and the shadow of the sixth space emerged. From inside, it seemed that there was a whisper of vain, but the sound disappeared suddenly as soon as it appeared, and it seemed to be pinched by something. It went out and stopped abruptly.

The violent and wanton blue fireworks flew in all directions, spreading out like a butterfly's wings, and in the center, a deep blade light condensed like the essence, cutting off the unrivaled palm of the gods!

The flames poured out, Su Ping shot golden light in his eyes, and suddenly stepped out, his body armor shattered, revealing the polished upper body, the symmetrical and perfect muscle lines, at this moment, there is a fierceness.

"How can it be!"

Above, Su Jin'er's pupils contracted, and there was an incredible color in her eyes. She didn't expect that Su Ping would be able to catch her palm. This was the strongest power she could explode without overdrawing some of the taboo cards!

Looking at Su Ping walking on fireworks in the fifth dimension, the fireworks containing rules could not get close to Su Ping's body. The white bones on his body exuded black dark power, offsetting and swallowing the escaping energy. Not much harm!

"These two monsters!"


Outside the continent, the Dragon Emperor, Greos and others were also shocked, this time they were really shocked, too outrageous!

The power that these two people exploded is not at the same level as them, which makes them can't help but suspect that these two guys are really fate? !

They thought that they had already cultivated to the limit under the suppression of the cultivation base of the Destiny Realm, but judging from the performance of these two people, the limit... is still far away from them!

Linghujian and Hayalim were also shocked. Although they expected these two to be strong, they were far beyond them. Especially Su Jin'er, a guy who hadn't been exposed before, could actually burst into such a horror at this moment. The power of that palm is theirs. Ask yourself no one can stop it!

Going up is to deliver food!

They think that Su Ping should definitely lose. As a result, Su Ping is even more exaggerated. Not only does he understand the rules reached hundreds of ways, but what is even more exaggerated is that he can aggregate all these rules into one, which requires a deep understanding of the rules. Insights and deep control must also be blessed with terrifying star power as the foundation fuel.

However, Su Ping has them all!

Two monsters!

They are all a little fortunate, but fortunately, they are not in the continent, and they have barriers to resist, otherwise, they are estimated to be standing next to them, they will be killed by mistake!

"I surrender!"

In Dazhou, seeing Su Ping killed from the Fifth Dimension, Su Jiner reacted and said immediately.

Su Ping paused when he saw this.

In the wild, he will naturally not stop to avoid the opponent's deception, but here is the game, saying that admitting defeat means admitting defeat.

"You won't have the Supreme Divine Realm behind you?" Su Jin'er suddenly said, she looked at Su Ping suspiciously, and she asked herself to shoot with her own ability. These little guys can never be her opponents, unless they are also following She is in the same situation, but looking at Su Ping's appearance, it doesn't seem to be the case.

Among the conferred gods she knew, there was no fellow like Su Ping. She had to speculate that there was a supreme figure among the teachers or relatives behind Su Ping. Only in this way could the explanation make sense and why such a person could be cultivated. monster!

"you guess."

Now that the outcome has been divided, the killing intent in Su Ping's eyes has also converged, and his expression is calm. With a wave of his palm, he returned the bone knife to the little skeleton, and at the same time he converged his aura.

Just after the explosion, he used the power of the Three God Star Chart to have such an unreasonable killing and destructive power. At this moment, as his breath recedes, his majestic murderous aura and mighty star power are also shrinking inward, look. Nothing special to go up.


Seeing Su Ping's appearance, Su Jin'er frowned, only as Su Ping acquiesced.

If not, isn't Su Ping looking for death like this?

Su Ping naturally didn't know what Su Jin'er thought, he didn't deny it directly, it was really a bit of a tiger's skin, but he himself didn't think it was an act of seeking death from the supreme tiger's skin.

After all, in his eyes, the supreme is strong, but it is not to the point of death. He has seen existences in the world that are more terrifying than the supreme, such as the elders of the Golden Crow clan.

Not to mention, the ancestor of the Golden Crow clan still has that ancestor, who is absolutely terrifying than the supreme.

"I didn't expect to meet a guy like you, no matter what, anyway, I don't have that urgent need for the source of time and space. Breaking into the star realm is almost like drinking water for me, without external force."

Su Jin'er sighed, a little unwilling, she had used this method, and she hadn't beaten the opponent yet, so she was really aggrieved.


Su Ping was a little speechless when he heard what the other party said. Can he not pretend if he loses? It's as simple as drinking water, and I'm as smooth as farting?

Not much to say, Su Ping untied and allowed the little skeleton to rest in the petting beast space with the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast. In this battle, he almost used 90% of his power, except for the Golden Crow battle body and his awakening in the Wu Clan. The dark combat body hadn't been stimulated, and his own abilities were basically brought into play.

Little Skeleton and Purgatory Candle Dragon also consume a lot of money, and they both leave after rubbing against Su Ping.

"Sure enough, it is the posture of conferring gods!"

"These two little guys..."

In the high-altitude hall, Hai Tuo and the others are all amazing and wonderful. They are beyond their expectations. The champions they can pick in the previous galaxy are at the level of Linghu Jian, at most they are slightly better than him. Some, but these two are exaggerated. They can say unceremoniously that they can completely kill the descendant of the sword god.

This little disciple of the North Sea Sword God still has much room for improvement.

"Hurry up and announce, I want this little girl." The Black Phoenix Palace Master said to Hai Tuo, already a little impatient to grab someone.

When other people heard her words, their eyes flashed, and the shadow said with a light smile: "Coincidentally, it's not, I also like female apprentices."

The Magic Hunter also smiled and said: "This is a coincidence, we like it too."

The old boxer chuckled and said, "The same is true for me."

The black phoenix palace master's cheeks suddenly turned dark behind the thin gauze, and he said with a sullen face: "You are serious! If you really want that, then you can give it to you, that young man, I want it!"

"Tsk, it's a coincidence, I also lack male apprentices, so it's easy to communicate." You Ying laughed.

The Magic Hunter laughed and said, "Yes, there are common topics between handsome guys and handsome guys."

The old boxer sneered slightly, and said: "The martial art we practice in Tianquan Mountain is known for its bravery and is suitable for men."

"you guys"

Palace Master Black Phoenix was almost out of anger, gritted his teeth, these guys, obviously didn't want to make her cheap, they wanted to fight for both.

Hearing what they said, Hai Tuo couldn't help but smile, and a singularity appeared in his eyes, saying: "No matter who they choose in the end, I only hope that others will not be angry. After all, they are all geniuses from Sylvie. When he grows up in the future, he will also be able to contribute to Sylvie, and at the border of the universe, there are many wars and a shortage of talents."

The others raised their eyebrows and didn't say anything, knowing that Hai Tuo was worried that they had not received the apprentice, so he went to sabotage. After all, if he can't get it, giving it to others will not help others' strength?

But they won't be able to do this, unless they have a mortal feud.

"Okay, I'm going to present the award." Hai Tuo smiled and got up and left.

At this moment, outside the continent.

The star master saw that Su Jin'er had conceded, and both of them gave up, and immediately announced Su Ping's victory.

At this moment, the Continents barrier was unraveled, and a high temperature of thousands of degrees, comparable to the temperature of the suns surface, swept out, causing the Linghu Sword, Dragon Emperor and others outside to be discolored, immediately releasing the star power to isolate, and at the same time secretly heart. shock.

There was a barrier block before, they hadn't felt it yet, they knew at this moment how terrifying the attack that broke out just now, just the temperature of the aftermath after offsetting at this moment, it was so exaggerated, let alone a frontal attack.

As Su Ping and Su Jin'er stepped out, everyone else felt a little tension in the air. These two were the strongest in this session.

Although Su Jiner was reluctant to lose, that palm was enough to establish the runner-up position. Even if he competed in competition later, no one would dare to challenge her!

After all, they want to live.

If you are in the top 100, you are already qualified to represent the galaxy, so why go to die?

"This is the power to reach the 100th floor of the entire series of Illusory God Tablets..." Linghujian and others from the five major academies have complex expressions, shocking and awe-inspiring. The gap is as big as the gap between them and the ordinary Destiny Realm. It's desperate.

They all doubted, are they really worthy of being called a genius?

Compared with these two guys, they are too mediocre!

Su Jin'er turned her head and looked at Su Ping, her eyes flashed with strange light, and she said through the voice: "Hey, the scene in the potential area included in your previous attack of will, is it true? Where are you? have witnessed?"

It is common sense that the scenes in the area are real to be projected, but she still couldn't help but ask, because the scenes inside were so terrible, even she felt trembling.

"I'm not calling hello." Su Ping replied calmly.

Why should I answer you? Do you have this obligation?

Su Jin'er suffocated, a little annoyed and said: "You are really a gentleman. If you don't say it, don't say it, what's so great!"

Su Ping was a little speechless, and gave him a blank look, looking for a gentleman's demeanor. Are you waiting to dance and find a partner?

Too lazy to complain, Su Ping Shi Shiran, waiting for the award to take the source of time and space.

"Okay, Su Ping, Mr. Su, where did you see the scene in your situation? Is there really such a place in our universe? I seem to have never heard of it." After a few seconds of silence, Su Jin'er once again Can't bear to ask.

"..." Su Ping was a little speechless, staring at him and asked, isn't his attitude that he doesn't want to say is not obvious enough?

"In a far away place, do you really want to know? I will take you there if I have a chance in the future." Su Ping said lightly without teasing her.

After all, he is also a top-notch genius, and Su Ping would not deliberately befriend him.

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