Astral Pet Store Chapter 900

Chapter 997: Scramble (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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"Very far away..."

Su Jin'er's eyes flickered slightly. Although it was a bit weird, there really was such a place. The most important thing was that Su Ping had actually been there.

The scene she saw in that scene before, the figure standing on the bone throne, made her creepy, and felt like facing a supreme god!

Even more terrible than the Supreme God!

Su Jiner dare not think anymore, creatures that are more terrifying than the Supreme God, do they really exist in this universe? If it exists, then the federal situation is too dangerous.

She glanced at Su Ping deeply, her eyes full of jealousy.

She thought she was hiding deep enough and having enough cards, but she didn't expect this guy who emerged from nowhere to be even more terrifying than her. This was because she had previously guessed that Su Ping had a supreme divine realm behind her.

Without the protection of the Supreme Divine Realm, how could Su Ping leave the bronze hall with his naked eyes?

At this time.

The figure of Hai Tuo appeared high in the sky, slowly descending in front of the crowd. On its stalwart figure, the breath was slightly reduced, but it was still like a mountain like an abyss, unreachable and unfathomable, just the pair of warm eyes watching everyone, just Like two dazzling and scorching suns, blood is surging up, both in reverence and fear.

The star masters with indifferent faces and extraordinary tolerance around them all bow their heads and salute at the moment, awe as a god.

The Dragon Emperor and other contestants next to him all had fiery eyes, awe and admiration.

They have a living pursuit, and being able to reach the Conferred God is already an extravagant hope, and they need to rely on great opportunities, otherwise, relying on their own qualifications to cultivate to the top of the star master realm is the limit.

"Congratulations to our Mr. Su Ping for winning this year's Sylvie Galaxy Universe Genius Competition and the champion of the galaxy selection competition."

Hai Tuo smiled, his eyes fell on Su Ping and Su Jin'er, and he smiled and said: "The championship rewards mentioned earlier will be given to you later. Besides, I have a few old friends here, for you two. I am quite interested and want to accept two as disciples. You can follow me to see you later."


As soon as he said this, the faces of Dragon Emperor, Linghu Jian and many other talented players all changed.

Linghujian was shocked for a moment, and then returned to normal. His master was a conferred god, and his feelings were not so strong.

But the Dragon Emperor and the others next to him had their eyes hot.

The conferred gods who came over their heads clearly showed their interest in Su Ping and Su Jin'er and wanted to accept disciples. How enviable is this?

I have been apprentice to a conferred god, and the fellow seniors around him are basically in the star master realm. The teacher is a conferred god, and there is no need to worry about cultivation resources. Even some extremely rare treasures may be obtained.

If you venture outside, there will also be a sanctuary gift from the Conferred God teacher. The most important thing is that there is a Conferred God master who can avoid unnecessary dangers and many assassinations and prying eyes. .

Before the live broadcast, countless viewers were boiling and shaking.

In their minds, the ordained gods are like gods, recorded in legends and myths.

And the lifespan of some conferred gods is indeed enough to be included in the myth. They can have a great impact on some planets with every move they want, and they have the ability to change the world.

At this moment, Su Ping and two can actually worship under the sect of these mythical figures!


Su Ping was stunned, and his expression immediately calmed down. In the illusion and mystery, the illusion hunting **** had expressed that he wanted to accept him as a disciple, but he declined.

Genius needs a master teacher, and why don't master teachers like genius?

It's just that Su Ping didn't want to be a teacher. After all, Joanna in his shop was a Conferred God, and she was of the kind of Protoss, whose combat power was at the top of the Conferred God.

Aside from Joanna, that Fairy Bi was also an ancient conferred god.

A protoss, a fairy.

What they don't understand, they are enough to teach.

Moreover, Su Ping has a system behind it, which can be called omnipotent. If he approves of a teacher, his secrets may be exposed, including his practice. This Chaos Star Force is the first thing the system rewards him at that time, and it is also used for basic purposes. of.

The exercise is like a backbone, extremely important, and the system does not make him detour, and directly rewards him with the most powerful exercise. There is no need to rework or modify other exercises in the middle, which shows that the rewards of the system to him are guiding. , I really want to say, the system can be regarded as his master, but the way of tuning is somewhat different.

"A man who has the gods fancy you, you are lucky, take the opportunity."

At this moment, Su Jiner next to him said through a voice transmission.

She still faces Lord Hai Tuo, no one will think she is chatting with Su Ping.

Su Ping was taken aback, seeing her calm face, a little surprised, he is a systematic person, and Joanna and others, what is this little girl so calm?

"In this competition, although it is a championship, but the strength of the two of you, one is the champion and the other is the runner-up, I think the others should have no opinion?"

Lord Hai Tuo spoke at this moment, with a gentle smile on his face, he looked at the others.

The Dragon Emperor and many other contestants in the rear couldn't help but bow their heads. No one had any objections, but they were extremely frustrated and frustrated. If they were stronger, they would be the ones who got the attention of many Conferred Gods at this moment. .

"Since there is no objection, you can compete for the remaining third place." Hai Tuo smiled, waved his hand, rolled up Su Ping and Su Jin'er, and flew to the high-altitude palace.

Although Su Jiner was defeated, she showed strong strength enough to suppress others and convince the rest of the contestants.

If there is no Su Ping, Su Jiner must be the champion, and far away from the others.

It's a pity that I met Su Ping, a more perverted guy...


In the high-altitude hall, Su Ping and Su Jin'er had a flower in front of them, and they came to a very spacious stone table. On the stone table were fine wines and food. There were a few figures sitting on both sides, all with a misty breath, seemingly in front of them. , But it seems to be in another time and space, as if you can see it, but you can't touch it.

Su Ping swept his eyes and knew that all the people present were Conferred Gods. He immediately held his fists and saluted: "The juniors have seen all the seniors."

Su Jin'er, who was next to him, walked along, and said the same.

The eyes of You Ying and the others fell on the two of them, and they were all looking at them. The Magic Hunter took the lead and said with a chuckle: "Su Ping, when you were practicing in my secret realm earlier, I was very optimistic about you. Now what are you thinking about? , I hope you can join my sect. There are not many disciples under my sect. There are three people in total. Add you four. The other three have already become famous. They are all top powerhouses under the Seal of God. I can put all my thoughts on Use it on you."

Just as Su Ping was about to speak, the old boxer next to him sneered and said, "Dont brag, arent your three apprentices the three star masters? What is the strongest under the Conferred God? Really want to organize the universe under the Conferred God. In the competition, you dont know whether your three apprentices can be ranked."

He turned his head to look at Su Ping, and immediately had a kind eyebrow, and said kindly, "Little boy, I see you are good at boxing. It just so happens that the old man specializes in boxing. They all know that, on boxing, it's such a big deal. In the Sylvie galaxy, I dare to recognize the second, no one dare to recognize the first, you come to my door, I will definitely make your boxing go further, in the future, I hope to rely on boxing to break the shackles, and promote to the realm of the gods! "


Su Ping was surprised. He didn't expect that he would be scrambled by the two.

"Old boxer, you dont even see what people are really practising, so you are ashamed to teach him? Didnt you see that he broke the palm with a knife? Talent is the weapon of weapons, and it's the skill of swordsmanship. I believe that his skill contains the attitude of swords, and he is most suitable for worshiping me as a teacher."

The shadow next to him couldnt help but make a sound. He looked at Su Ping, a face that had always been indifferent, and smiled kindly at this moment. Although he looked away from Su Ping before, it did not hinder his love for Su Ping at this moment. .

"My name Youying, what I am good at is assassination and weapon road!"

You Ying smiled lightly: "I will let you reach the top on the weapon road, and teach you all of my weapon knowledge. Besides, the assassination skills I have practiced are extremely precious knowledge. You have not grown up. At this time, life-saving ability is first-class, and in terms of body style and speed, no one should be able to surpass me!"

"If you can't beat it, you can run. Before you become a Conferred God, as long as you don't encounter too strong opponents, you can basically survive!"

"If you don't die, you can hope to become a Conferred God in the future!"

"Just run around, what kind of ability?"

Before Su Ping could speak, the Black Phoenix Palace lord next to him sneered and said: "Young man, all the stunning women recruited in my Black Phoenix Palace through the ages are graceful and graceful. I can make an exception to accept you. In the future, you will eat and live with them. Practice together, of course, your cultivation resources will be better than them, and I will also try my best to teach you."

"If you can master everything that I have taught you, I will consider it in the future and let you inherit the mantle of my Black Phoenix Palace."



Beside, You Ying and the old boxer were speechless for a while, their mouths twitched.

This old woman is so shameless that she has used all her beauty tricks!

However, she was afraid that she would miscalculate.

A genius like Su Ping, in all the previous performances, can see that the willpower is extremely firm, how can he be beautiful...

"Black Phoenix Palace?" Su Ping said.

The expressions of You Ying and the old boxer changed together, both in consternation and ashen.

"Young man, you have to think carefully!"

You Ying immediately said coldly: "Lexus is to cut human bones. In the future, they will not become conferred gods. They are all pink skulls. What's more, the cultivation technique of the Black Phoenix Palace is more suitable for women. Otherwise, why do they only accept women? Although the Black Phoenix Palace The Lord may have the ability to change the practice specially for you, but do you think this temporary change of the practice can be good?"

Su Ping looked regretful, "This is, in fact, I don't care about beauty or anything, mainly because the Black Phoenix Palace sounds good."

I believe you a ghost!

Several Conferred Gods were silent for a while, and they rolled their eyes secretly.

Unexpectedly, at this young age, the willpower is so unstable, and the beauty of the mere mere can seduce!

The Black Phoenix Palace Master's face changed slightly, and she glared at You Ying with some irritation. Her eyes turned and fell on Su Jin'er next to her. Seeing that she was not humble or overbearing, she suddenly felt affection, and immediately said: "Little girl, come to our Black Phoenix Palace. Well, you heard that too, my Black Phoenix Palace has been a woman for generations, so you don't have to see those annoying stinky men if you join us."

You Ying and the others immediately reacted. From the very beginning, the Black Phoenix Palace master of affection had used Su Ping as a foreshadowing, and the real goal was the runner-up.

Although he is runner-up, Su Jiner's strength is only slightly inferior to Su Ping, and he also has the posture of being a god!

As for the future chances, who can tell now?

A momentary victory or defeat is nothing.


Su Jiner unexpectedly turned to herself. She turned her eyes and smiled and said: "Thank you, Lord Palace, but I like to see those stinky men. I feel that they are silly and cute, and they are very interesting to bully."

Palace Master Black Phoenix: "..."

What are these two wonderful works of Nima? !

You Ying and the others also almost didn't hold back their smile, almost squirting out.

These two juniors are really a pair of live treasures!

A good female, a good male.

Seeing the successive defeats of the Black Phoenix Palace Master, they were all a little cheerful, and You Ying continued to say to Su Ping: "Young man, you can think about it. I dont have many disciples under my sect. I have learned my assassination technique. You can walk or stay in the future. How happy is that no one can keep you if you want to go, and no one can beat you if you want to stay?"

The old boxer grunted and said: "Shit, what's the ability to run around? I think he is still young and has a family. He can run by himself. Can the family in the family run? Besides, You Ying is drifting around. Don't do harm to others, but join us in Tianquan Mountain. We are a big family, we love each other, but we are tired of logging!"

"Su Ping."

At this moment, the Magic Hunter suddenly spoke and said: "I found three of the materials you wanted before. If you worship my door, I will find the rest for you."

Su Ping was taken aback, his eyes brightened, "Really?"

"How can I lie to you when I'm dignified and conscientious." Seeing Su Ping's expression, Magic Hunter smiled, knowing that he was right.

The shadow and the old boxer next to him were taken aback, couldn't help but stare, looking at the Magic Hunter in anger, this guy is too despicable, he actually made the bait first!

Su Ping looked at the magic hunting **** with a smile on his face, and his mind was a bit contradictory. He thought for a moment, but made up his mind, saying: "You seniors, don't lie to each other, the juniors already have teachers, and the favor of the seniors, the juniors are deeply honored, and hope Don't blame seniors."

Su Jin'er, who was next to him, suddenly looked surprised, but immediately showed some relief.

She didn't expect that Su Ping would reject several Conferred Gods, but it was normal to think of Su Ping's performance with a master behind him, and most of it would not be weaker than the few in front of her.

Hearing Su Ping's words, all of them were taken aback. They looked at each other and they all understood.

Su Ping was euphemistic, but they could see that Su Ping's teacher, at least like them, was also a deity.

Changing from one master of the gods to another, this is a humiliation to his original master.

If his teacher is a star-hosted realm, then naturally there is no objection.

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