Astral Pet Store Chapter 901

Chapter 998: Reward (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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"Junior, why didn't you tell me if you have a master? No matter, I just said casually. In fact, the student I really want to accept is this young lady."

You Ying turned around and looked directly at Su Jin'er next to him, and said: "I left you deliberately just now to test your mentality, but I think you are very calm. This is very good. You are a natural assassin, I You can tell at a glance, follow me, and I will make you a terrifying cosmic killer god!"

Su Jin'er and Su Ping were both stunned. They didn't expect this conferred **** to abandon Su Ping so decisively. As soon as they heard that the famous flower was in charge, they immediately shifted their goals.

After Su Ping froze for a while, he couldn't help but smile, but he didn't feel any sense of disappointment. On the contrary, he felt a lot more relaxed.

"Your teacher, is also a conferred god?" The Magic Hunter frowned, still a little unwilling, he had already prepared the materials Su Ping needed, and spent a lot of effort to miss it?

"Well, that's it." Su Ping nodded. He thought for a while and said: "Senior, I can exchange your materials with you, or what conditions do you have, it is within my ability. , I can agree."

The Magic Hunter was a little silent, paused for a moment, then suddenly turned his head, and said to Su Jiner next to him: "Girl, are you interested in joining my sect, my fantasy and mystery realm is open to you at any time, and you can practice, and the secret is Some secrets will also be open to you alone. With your qualifications, you will soon reach the top of the star master. I can also give you some valuable suggestions when you are consecrating the gods."

Su Ping: "..."

Su Jiner: "..."

"Have you seen it, men are all like this? Seeing the wind makes the rudder, no man can be trusted, trustworthy!" Next to him, the Black Phoenix Palace Master sneered and said: "Join our Black Phoenix Palace, what kind of beauty do you want? Man, when you become a **** in the future, you can easily get it!"

"Actually..." The old boxer thought for a while, suddenly sighed deeply, and said: "At this point, I can only tell a secret. Outsiders think that our Tianquan Mountain's boxing is strong and fierce. It is suitable for men, but it is not. Our boxing is the most suitable for women's practice. We use softness to overcome strength..."


Everyone is speechless.

Su Jin'er was dumb for a moment, and seeing that they were still arguing, she had to say, "Everyone, seniors!"

Everyone paused and looked at her. Seeing her expression, they couldn't help but become suspicious. You Ying tentatively said: "You won't tell me, do you have a Master of the Gods?"

Su Jiner said helplessly: "It's true, otherwise, with the dull aptitude of the younger generation, how could it reach this point."

Everyone was silent.

The two most outstanding champions and runners-ups already have famous teachers, and they are all at the same level as them. They can't grab them if they want. After all, such disciples, who would be willing to let go?

"I knew it, no show, no show, it's here for nothing."

You Ying sighed and shook his head, with the intention of getting up and leaving, feeling it was a sad place.

The Black Phoenix Palace Master frowned slightly with regret. Hearing You Ying's words, he sneered and said to Su Jin'er: "It doesn't matter if you have a master. If you have any needs in the future, you can just ask me Black Phoenix Palace. We don't have a master or apprentice. Fate, but I personally appreciate you very much, and the Black Phoenix Palace welcomes you at any time."

Su Jin'er nodded, "Thank you Palace Master."

The black phoenix palace master nodded, got up and flew back to the giant phoenix outside the mainland, driving the giant black phoenix through the space of the universe, and then disappeared and left.

The old boxer looked at Su Ping and said, "Young man, your boxing technique is very good. Although you may not be the main attacker, I can see that you are very talented as a boxer. When do you want to go to the secret realm of Tianquan Mountain? , Just come to me, its free to you."

Su Ping quickly said, "Thank you, senior."

The old boxer also got up and left immediately, taking the towering Tianquan Mountain and breaking through the air.

You Ying gave Su Ping a slanted look. He didn't say more or invited him. He wandered around in the universe. If he was not a teacher and apprentice, he would not look down on other relationships. He just bowed his hand to Hai Tuo and went straight. disappear.

The Magic Hunter sighed, but he didn't expect to come back this time, but he returned without success and was about to leave.

Su Ping saw the movement of the Magic Hunter, and said quickly: "Senior wait a minute, can you exchange the materials you said, senior?"

The Magic Hunter frowned slightly, glanced at him, thought for a while, and said, "Well, since it's what you need, then I will give it to you for free, as it is to support you. If you can really hold the gods in the future, come again. Repay me."

Su Ping was overjoyed and quickly said, "Thank you, senior!"

The Magic Hunter nodded and closed his eyes. After a while, he suddenly reached out and grabbed a dark brown gourd in the void, and threw it to Su Ping, "The thing is in there, you can see for yourself."

After speaking, he left directly.

Soon, only Lord Hai Tuo remained outside the hall.

With a smile on his face, Hai Tuo saw that Su Ping was delighted when he received the gourd, and said: "Young man, what materials do you need, can it be convenient for me to tell me, maybe I can help you."

To a genius like Su Ping, I don't mind giving my kindness, just like the magic hunting **** said, this is an investment.

Investing before Su Ping has grown up, the rate of return is far easier than when he will make friends after he becomes a **** in the future, although this kind of early investment may be a waste of water.

Su Ping opened the gourd, and there was a huge space inside. He quickly swept it away and saw three materials suspended in it, which were exactly what he needed to cultivate the fourth layer of the Golden Crow God Demon Body.

These materials are extremely precious, and I didn't expect that Magic Hunter could find three of them.

There are nine copies in total, and six copies are still missing.

Hearing Lord Hai Tuos words, Su Ping quickly retracted his mind, did not look closely, and directly collected the gourd into the system storage space, and said: Thank you, Lords kindness. Some of the materials I need may have become extinct. Can the appearance and name be portrayed well?"

"Yes." Hai Tuo nodded.

Su Ping immediately used the star power to engrave the appearance and name of the remaining Liuwei materials, otherwise it would be difficult to find it by name alone.

In addition, including some of the characteristics of these materials, he also described it.

For example, one of the materials requires a crown of an adult Jinyan seven-feather phoenix. This is a very strong phoenix family. It is rumored that it can master seven kinds of avenues at the highest. After adulthood, it will be the cultivation base of the Fengshen and belong to the Fengshen realm. Very strong presence.

"These materials..."

When Hai Tuo saw it, he was a little surprised. Only then did he understand why Su Ping had a Master of the Conferred God, and there was still a lack of materials. These were extremely precious materials, and he had never seen or heard of a few of them.

Ordinary gods, really may not be able to find all!

"I remember. I will send someone to search for you. There are two kinds of them. They seem to be in my star library. I will look for you later." Hai Tuo smiled.

Su Ping was taken aback, and said in surprise: "Thank you, senior!"

If he could gather all the materials and cultivate to the fourth level, he estimated that his physical body could easily withstand the attack of the Star Master Realm, and even the Sealed God Realm might be matched!

At this moment, Su Ping realized the benefits of participating in this competition. His fame is sometimes transformed into real strength!

Otherwise, relying solely on his own search, it is estimated that these rare materials will not be found for hundreds of years.

Su Jin'er watched silently beside her, her eyes flickering slightly, and she didn't say anything.

"This is your prize, the source of time and space."

At this time, Hai Tuo took out the championship prize. It was a colorful ball of light, like a luminous cotton ball, shimmering with beautiful luster, and containing extremely mysterious regular fluctuations.

As soon as Su Ping glanced at it, he felt a sense of enlightenment.

From above, there is a strong atmosphere of spatial rules, and it points directly to the origin of the space!

He has a feeling, this kind of space rules, he can only perceive it in a deeper space, such as the sixth, or even the seventh and eighth spaces, before he can feel it.

In addition, there is a very special regular atmosphere on it, which makes him feel that his eyes can't look at this thing, and will be drawn away by something.

"Is this the crystallization of time and space? To be precise, it is the basic crystallization of the'world'..." Su Ping's eyes flickered slightly, and it seemed that the obstacle to his becoming the star master realm was basically gone.

If in the finals, he can enter the top ten and go to the secret realm of Shenhai, his road before the conquest will be smooth sailing!

After thanking him, Su Ping put away the source of time and space.

Hai Tuo smiled slightly, and said a few more words to the two of them, which were mostly words of encouragement and encouragement, and also said something to pay attention to when going to the golden star area, and sent the two to leave.

When the two returned to the outside of the competition area below, they saw fierce battle in the continent, vying for the third place.

The arrival of the two immediately attracted the attention of the top 100 players next to them, and one after another eagerness and envy, and even some implicit jealous eyes, fell on the two.

The scene surrounded by several Conferred Gods, they just think about it, but they won't be envious of this kind of treatment.

The two were not interested in the fight in the continent, Su Ping released a star power barrier at will, shielding himself, and then he had time to carefully check the three materials in the gourd.

These three materials are also extremely rare, some are extremely rare fruits, and some are the blood of the Conferred God Realm monster beast.

After careful inspection, it was confirmed that all the materials he needed, and Su Ping was relieved.

"Please ask Xingyue Shen'er to find the materials for the third level. I don't know if she has found them all." Su Ping's eyes flashed, and he secretly said in his heart.

time flies.

Soon after the return of Su Ping and Su Jin'er, the third runner-up quickly came out. Linghujian and Hayalim were competing, but in the end, Hayalim won and defeated the opponent by a narrow margin.

Ranked fourth is Linghu Jian.

The top ten in the back are selected from the candidates who compete for the championship, and they will be ranked quickly.

The top ten has no substantive awards, just a fame blessing, and some people are not so serious about robbing them.

After the game was over, the star master stood up and said loudly: "All the top 100 contestants, starting today, go to the Golden Star Zone to represent my Sylvie Galaxy and face the top talents of all parties in the entire federal universe. I hope you Hundreds of people, be able to perform well, give full play to your strengths, and don't shame your hometown!"

"Everyone in our galaxy will wait for you geniuses to return in triumph. May honor and holy family walk with you!"

"Come to offer wine!"

With a loud drink, there are six jars of fine wine and jade-like wine glasses in the Starry Sky Realm.

The star master realm raised his hand, and the six jars of wine were all opened. He raised his hand and pointed, flew out ten wine glasses, and landed in front of the ten star masters who were maintaining order. The wine in the jar also flew out automatically, falling on Ten wine glasses.

"I'll wait and see you geniuses off!"

This star master took the lead in holding up the wine glass in front of him and said loudly.

His words are sonorous and powerful, ten star masters, toasting to a hundred people at the same time to practice, extremely courteous.

The hundreds of people standing in the pile are a little boiled. Although many of them are expected to reach the star master realm in the future, they are not yet, and they have not obtained the source of time and space in their hands. Except for the top evil evildoers, everyone else , No one dares to say that he can break through to become a star master 100%.

The star masters present were all overlords of one party, and the ten people shared a toast, which was quite shocking.

There was also a lot of cheers before the live broadcast. Although the trials were not watched enough due to the advancement of the federal competition, they can still be watched in the finals. At this moment, these 100 people will represent all Sylvies and play Sylvies in the Universe Federation. The demeanor and name, this is also their collective honor!

The five colleges and many forces couldn't help getting up at this moment to see them off.

After the ten star masters finished drinking, all the remaining drinks flew into the emerald wine glasses, floated in front of a hundred people, and bestowed on them.

"Strong my Sylvie!"


The star master's arrogance and dry cloud, at this moment, no longer had the previous indifference, and showed hope and expectation to the hundreds of people present, and his eyes were scorching to everyone, seeming to be extremely optimistic.

Su Ping drank the drink in front of him, feeling a little yearning for the next journey.

When everyone had finished drinking, the figure of Lord Hai Tuo appeared, his face was kind, but his face was majestic, and he smiled and said: "You wait for a hundred people, I Sylvie carefully selected, selected from billions of talents. Among the top-notch talents, if anyone among you and others can be promoted to the top 100 in the Golden Star Zone, they will get the same prize as the champion!"

"If you don't need the source of time and space, you can propose a condition to me at will, within the scope of my ability, I can meet it!"

"In addition, I will also receive the honorary genius general position granted by Sylvie to be in charge of five galaxies!"

"If you can enter the general competition, no matter where you rank, you will be fully cultivated by me. All top resources will be available, and there is no upper limit!"

After he finished speaking, the audience was silent for a few seconds, and then burst into flames.

Promoted to the top 100 in the golden zone, can you get the official position of **** general?

In charge of five galaxies, this status is even higher than the star realm!

You know, they are still in the Destiny Realm now!

This reward is simply endless!

And entering the finals is even more exaggerated. There is no upper limit. Isn't this in the Sylvie galaxy, you can choose anything at will? !

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