Astral Pet Store Chapter 902

Chapter 999: Go (for subscription and monthly pass)

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Next to it, a spaceship suddenly appeared. The spaceship was umbrella-shaped, with a tail end like a sharp shuttle, surrounded by silver star rings on the surface, which was the spacecraft's defense system.

"You take the Hoshino to the Golden Star area immediately. You can rest in the spacecraft during the journey for half a month. There are small space-time secret realms, training rooms, and a large number of training resources. Please tell me what you need in it. , Will be provided for free!"

Hai Tuo smiled and said, "In addition, there will be a leader of the Conferred God. If you don't understand anything in your cultivation, please feel free to ask him."

While he was talking, there was a wave of ripples in the void next to him, and a burly man with a body height of three meters suddenly stepped out of him. He was wearing a cowboy hat, leather shoes and a brown casual blouse. He was dressed rather casually, but he was a pair. Dark brown eyes, but with an extremely indifferent color.

"General Hero!"

"It was actually he who accompanied us!"

Seeing this brawny man, many of the players' faces changed color, a little frightened, and then they became excited again.

In the Sylvie galaxy, this General Hero is still very famous. He is a powerful warrior under the command of Lord Haituo. He has slaughtered seven or eight galaxies with brutal methods and guards the border of the galaxy all year round. Killed countless starry sky monsters, as well as those strange creatures floating out of deep space.

"Don't fudge, just go in."

Xiluo glanced at the crowd and said indifferently.

His words were obviously better than the Lord Hai Tuo next to him. The crowd that was agitated and turbulent before suddenly fell silent, and many people immediately arranged obediently and flew towards the spaceship.

Hai Tuo smiled softly, and said to Xiluo beside him: "There are a few good seedlings in it, you can take good care of them."

His eyes flashed, and he whispered: "Be careful on the road!"

Xiluo understood what he meant, nodded, and squinted: "If you dare to break the rules, I will teach them well, what is order!"

Hai Tuo nodded.

At this time, Su Jin'er, Linghujian, Longdi and others had already followed the crowd and flew towards the spaceship one after another.

In front of the cabin doors on both sides of the spacecraft, the star masters who were standing with them along the way looked at them with a smile. These star masters were previously responsible for the order of the arena, and their expressions were cold and too cool. But at this moment, they are all kind and kind, and they look quite kind. Only a few star masters still have a cold expression, as if they are by nature.

Su Ping glanced at the spaceship, then looked up at the planet Rhea in the sky, hesitated, flew out from the crowd, came to the Lord Hai Tuo, and said: "Lord Lord, I can go and talk to my friends. Is the way alone?"

Hero, who was next to him, frowned. Although he didn't watch the game, he used means to grasp everything that happened here, knowing that the boy in front of him was the champion of this session. Quite not vulgar, with the posture of the gods!

It's just that, although the posture of conferring gods is scarce, it only has such qualifications!

Those of them who are conferring gods, who is not the posture of conferring gods?

But if you can really grow up, you can really become a Conferred God, it's not bad to be half of it.

He didn't like this kind of person who relied on his own good talents, so he was a special person. Just as he was about to speak, Lord Hai Tuo next to him said first, "No problem, you go."

Shiro's face was slightly cold, and he didn't say a word.

Su Ping breathed a sigh of relief, and thanked him immediately, then he tore the void directly and flew towards the mainland.

He hurried his way in the fifth dimension. From the outside, Su Ping was teleporting quickly, each time teleporting was thousands of miles, and in just tens of breaths, he arrived in the starry sky outside the mainland.

When Hai Tuo agreed to Su Ping, he had already cancelled the barrier outside the mainland.

Those contestants who were walking towards the spaceship were a little surprised and puzzled when they saw Su Ping suddenly leaving the team.


Su Ping's figure stepped out, into the starry sky, and stood outside the planet Leia.

At this moment, there was a dead silence on Leia, especially in Warfite City. Those who had cultivated pet beasts in the Suping store were all dumbfounded and speechless in shock.

They didn't expect the mediocre owner of this store to have such terrifying strength.

In the entire Sylvie galaxy, the strongest genius born among thousands of planets turned out to come from their planet Rhea!

This great honor smashed all the Reya people into a daze.

"Bi Fairy."

Su Ping stood in the starry sky, did not enter the planet Rhea, and said directly.

"I'm here." A light and fluttering voice of thought appeared directly in Su Ping's mind, and it was Fairy Bi's voice.

"I'm going to go to a far away place to continue the competition. Would you like to stay here?"

Su Ping doesn't seem to let Fairy Bi continue to follow. In the next game, he is likely to encounter the Supreme God Realm powerhouse, which is equivalent to the existence of the four supreme gods of the demigod.

It is also equivalent to the fallen Twilight Immortal King!

Such a big man might pry into Fairy Bi's secret.

"You think too much."

An indifferent voice emerged, which was actually the voice of the system.

Su Ping was startled.

"She has signed a contract with me and became an employee in the shop. Without leaving the shop, no one can detect her true information. At most, she can judge her from the leaked breath and the power she showed. What kind of cultivation?" The system said indifferently.

Su Ping suddenly.

At this time, Fairy Bi's voice also sounded, "I said, wherever you go, I will go wherever I go. I won't let you leave my sight. You are my hope of revenge!"

Su Ping smiled bitterly. Since the system said so, he stopped persuading anything. He immediately nodded and said, "Well, then you pay attention to hiding your aura. There may be an immortal king-level powerhouse there. If they are noticed If you are an elixir, it may be a little troublesome. Although it may not kill you, it will be a little tricky if you are imprisoned."

Fairy Bi immediately said: "Don't worry, your shop has the power to isolate you. I just need to be careful, they won't be aware of my identity."

Su Ping nodded, did not say much, only said: "This is a long way, if you run with the planet... will it be enough?"


Fairy Bi said indifferently: "Do you mean this clay pill? If it weren't for me to be imprisoned in the shop, I could frustrate this pill at will."


Okay, the big brother's world, I knelt back.

Su Ping turned to tear the space and returned to the mainland.

He communicated with Fairy Bi's consciousness, and no one outside heard him, but when he saw Su Ping standing in front of this planet, he wanted to know who he was talking to inside.

And this planet was previously promoted by a Conferred God, and Su Ping's object of communication at the moment was mostly that Conferred God!

"Is the Conferred God on that planet the master of Mr. Su Ping?"

"I haven't heard of the title of conferred **** on that planet. I just checked it. It is a third-class junk planet."

"Sure enough, there is a Conferred God Master behind the genius."

Various media focused their attention on Su Ping, and there was a lot of discussion.

"Is that his master?"

Xiluo also noticed the planet above her head and sensed the aura of the gods on it. Seeing Su Ping's actions at this moment, her frowned brows were slightly loosened, and the trace of dissatisfaction with Su Ping disappeared in her heart.

If it is to say goodbye to Master, it should be.

Respect the teacher and respect the truth, as it should be.

"It seems to be his friend." Lord Hai Tuo's eyes flashed and the corner of his mouth smiled.

"Friends?" Xiluo was startled, his eyes condensed slightly, in the destiny realm, can he make friends in the Fengshen realm? Is the Fengshen Realm optimistic about his own character, or his potential, or the background behind him?

"I'll leave it to you on the road. If you encounter an emergency, report it at any time, and I will take someone to rush over." Lord Hai Tuo patted Xiluo on the shoulder and said.

Shiro retracted his gaze and nodded slightly.

As Su Ping returned to the spaceship on the mainland, he was the last one to enter the spacecraft. It took only ten minutes to go back and forth before, and everyone was not allowed to wait long. As he entered the spacecraft, Shiro also stepped in, and the rear hatch closed. A cloud of energy is gathered in front of the spacecraft, which is like concentrated beam particles.

Then, a star-shaped vortex opened, and at the other end of the vortex, it seemed to be another star field.

The spaceship burst out of the sky suddenly.

When the spacecraft moved, the planet outside the continent also suddenly moved, and a star field also appeared in front of it, and the planet rushed into it.

"My planet..."

On a certain planet, among the members of the sea of stars who are watching the live broadcast, Ren's eyes have been staring at his own planet. At this moment, seeing the planet Rhea burst out, he suddenly wailed.

Obviously it was his planet, and it turned out to be the foot pedal of the conferred **** behind Su Ping at this moment.

You are a conferred god, what is not good to fly, why do you want to bring such a heavy planet!

He couldn't figure it out, a little speechless and depressed.

Next to him, Shennong Sanquan smiled and said: "Don't cry and lose your face, haven't you contacted your family? Everything is normal on that planet, and the Lord Conferred God obviously protected your planet, otherwise it will collapse so soon. Up."

"That's right, your planet has become famous this time. If I change it, it's too late to be happy."

"A planet that has been controlled by a conferred god, tut, when the conferred person returns the planet to you, this is definitely a big selling point of your planet. You can develop tourism and it will definitely make a lot of money!"

The others laughed and joked, but what they said was true. Rennes made a lot of money in this wave.

In the center of the crowd, Xingyue Shener smiled and stood up and said: "Okay, since the selection battle of our galaxy has ended, we should also leave. According to the normal competition system, the competition is over, and there are still a few days to rest and gather. When the time comes, I will be able to give him all the materials needed by Baitian."

"Now that they set off directly to the Golden Star Zone, let's hurry over. He said that these are training materials, so he will definitely be able to bring his combat power one step closer. If it is because of these materials, he will be ranked higher. For a little bit, we can be considered a great help. I am really looking forward to whether he can make the top ten in the championship!"

"Shall we go too?"

Several people were stunned. They didn't expect that Xingyue Shen'er would go to the Golden Star Region not far away, but thinking about it, they were all a little excited and looking forward to it.

Su Ping's performance can be described as the top level among them. Aside from Xingyue Shener and the deputy leader, Su Ping is considered the strongest in the league!

And Su Ping is still only a destiny!

Such bright figures who gather the eyes of the entire galaxy are actually born in their Xinghai League, and they will have a face when they say it in the future. If Su Ping can make the top ten in the general competition, their Xinghai League is estimated to be famous in the universe!

"Okay, go, let's all go!"

"I originally planned to explore the chaotic star field, let him go, brother Baitian participated in the competition, how can we not support it?!"

"That's right, Brother Raine even offered the planet, we have to go to the scene to cheer!"

Everyone was in high spirits.

When Ren heard this, he smiled bitterly, but his heart was filled with joy. Su Ping opened a shop on his planet. Now Su Ping has such a reputation. In the future, after he returns to the planet, he will be able to chant slogans for a while. Come countless wealth.

on the other side.

On the blue star.

At this moment, the whole planet is plunged into an ocean of carnival, and all the Blue Star people are excited to get vent on the street. The neighbors who had gaps with each other at this moment heard the screaming and howling from their respective houses, not the least bit noisy, but they felt that the other party was pleasing A lot.

"Our lord has won the championship!"

"The strongest and strongest genius in the entire galaxy!"

"That is our lord, I tell you, that is our lord!"

Some of the aliens who had traveled on the Blue Star before saw the crazy Blue Star people in the bases. They were a little dumbfounded. After they learned the truth from them, they were even more dazed.

Are they actually in the hometown of the top genius of the galaxy? !

This barren and desolate place actually gave birth to those characters? !

"Boss Su..."

Qin Duhuang, Qin Shaotian and other Qin family members were shocked and speechless with excitement.

They didn't expect Su Ping to reach such a height. After bordering the Federation, Su Ping could not only get out of the planet, but also stand out from the crowd in a large galaxy like Sylvie and become the most top-notch evildoer!

All this is like a dream, some people still can't believe it, people slap themselves, and when they feel the pain, they are so excited that they howl.

With Su Ping's current fame, even if their Blue Star announces the mysterious giant tree, who would dare to be presumptuous? !


Even in the Star Master Realm, they dare not daring to come to their Blue Star to run wild again!

"Unexpectedly, Boss Su can go so far..." Xie Jinshui, Liu Tianzong and other people who have dealt with Su Ping have complex expressions. Not long ago, they were almost universally affected by the starry sky abyss demon king. Extinct, but now in a short time, the Starry Sky Realm is already waved to kill in front of Su Plane.

Su Ping's growth is too fast. After connecting with the Federation, they are also growing rapidly, but Su Ping's growth rate is even more terrifying!

While cheering on the blue star, a spacecraft galloped rapidly in the vast and icy universe, jumping and shutting through space from time to time.

In the spacecraft, Xiluo summoned the top 100 contestants in front of him and took them one by one to visit the training room, small space-time secrets, restaurants, leisure areas and other areas.

It was mainly the training room and the small space-time secret realm. He explained it a little bit. As for the other living areas, he let other star masters visit them on behalf of the team.

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