Astral Pet Store Chapter 903

Chapter 1000: Exceeded standard (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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"This is the Star Power Index Tester!"

"In this training room, the first floor is suitable for cultivation with a star power index of 100 to 300."

"The second level is 400 to 600 index."

"The third layer is above 600 and below 1000!"

"Generally speaking, the star power index of the main star realm is 1000+ in a stable state, and a very small number of starry sky realms can reach 1000 stars through some special secret methods. Power index, but in the normal state, its impossible to do it."

After Xiluo left, a star master stood up and explained the situation in the training room to everyone.

Su Ping was a little surprised when he heard Kleishabeth and Ibetta Luna gathered around him, and asked in a low voice, "What is the Star Power Index?"

Klaisabeth was stunned for a moment, and said, "You don't know? Uh...it's meaningless. The star power index refers to the total amount of star power contained in the body. It reflects a person's approximate combat ability."

Su Ping was taken aback for a moment, a little stunned.

This is like measuring the concentration of alcohol, measuring the concentration of star power in the body.

He asked some more, and through Kleisabels answer, he knew that this star power index is not an actual combat power index. Although the current technology of the Federation is extremely advanced, it is still impossible to accurately test a persons comprehensive combat power index. Through the star power index, secret skills, combat video, etc. to detect the height of combat power reached at that time.

After all, the so-called actual combat power is the ultimate power that includes all the comprehensive elements such as mental power, environmental response, and physical resistance!

At this point, probably only abnormalities like the system can be accurately detected.

Nevertheless, the Star Power Index is also an important reference indicator of combat power!

"You can check it here. This is a small and medium-sized star force tester, specifically for you students. The star force fluctuations below 1000 can be accurately measured."

The star master recommended with a smile.

Hearing what he said, many people were eager to try, but most of them had a calm expression, as if they were used to it and didn't have much interest.

"I'll try."

A burly young man with thick hair came out and said.

He looks like a sturdy bear, full of wild feeling, and his armor and dress are rough and solid. Some people recognize him, and he performed well in previous battles. In the virtual official inspection data, he ranked among the top 100. The previous position is within twenty!

The star master nodded with a smile and turned on the instrument.

This instrument is an upright test tube, the whole body is green, and the surface is made of glass-like material. After the young man walked in, the instrument was closed, and data suddenly appeared on the surface of aquamarine-like glass material.

These data changed rapidly, and a light red mist appeared in the test tube, surrounding the young man.

After a while, these aerosols converged and dissipated, and were inhaled into the various holes of the instrument, and then the complicated data was frozen. The front was composed of several federal general texts, and the back was a series of numbers.

Star Power Index: 823!

There was a sudden commotion in the crowd. Among the previously calm people, many of them had slightly changed faces, showing a bit of shock and ugliness.

"More than 800, rely on me!"

Klaishabeth also exclaimed in a low voice, "This star power concentration is higher than mine. This guy is still in a normal state, without using secret skills to increase it. It's too exaggerated. This is comparable to the thickness of the star power in the late stage of the Starry Sky Realm. !"

Ibetta Luna next to her also took a deep breath and whispered: "There are so many monsters."

No one had thought that this humble youth had such a strong star power index.

It is a pity that there is no detailed competition in the next top 100, only the top ten such as Champions League will be won, no one knows the true strength of the opponent.

"Only more than 800?"

This burly young man walked out from the inside and frowned when he saw the data above. He seemed unsatisfied. He scratched his head and said, "I thought it would exceed 1,000!"

Many people nearby rolled their eyes suddenly.

How can it exceed 1000 under normal conditions?

The previous star master also said that only the strong in the star master realm can reach a star power index of 1000+ in the normal state, and the strong in the star master realm can reach more than a few thousand.

"You are only in the Destiny Realm. This kind of star power concentration is very good. It should be related to your physical fitness. If you can hone your skills and rules more deeply, you may be able to get the top ten or even the top five of the galaxy!"

The star master next to him smiled, and his eyes were a little surprised.

In terms of star power concentration alone, this young man is definitely among the best among this group of people.

After all, these little guys are in the Destiny Realm, the normal Destiny Limit, the Star Power Index does not exceed 100!

But the opponent is now eight times the limit of the normal Destiny Realm!

Don't underestimate it eight times. When the limit is reached, every improvement is extremely difficult.

"Rules, too much brainstorming, a bit annoying!" The young man shook his head when he heard the star master's words, and mumbled: "It's better to break the ten thousand magic!"

When the star master heard it, the corners of his mouth twitched, and he didn't bother to say more.

Break the law with one force? This is also a good way, but it is too rude and savage. How much effort is wasted?

These days, brainstorming is always better than hands-on.

Of course, if the other party had no brains, he said nothing more. He didn't say any more. A genius who can reach the top 100 is at least taught by a master of the Star Realm behind him. Such a simple truth does not need him to teach.

"I'll try it too!"

When the young man left, someone immediately enthusiastically said next to him.

Soon, the instrument started up again, and the star power index detected this time was 305!

"The Star Power Index is pretty good. You have thoroughly studied your skills and rules, but your strength is a little bit unable to keep up. Compared to the ordinary destiny, it is not bad, but in the category of genius, it needs to be strengthened." Smile comments.


The other party is very depressed, but obediently accepts instructions.

Afterwards, some people took the test one after another, but the star power index was generally around 300 to 700, with four or five hundred people the most, which was also a relatively normal level among this group of geniuses.

Below five hundred, among their geniuses, it is considered low.

On the other side, standing next to Linghujian are two young people, both of whom are leaders of Jianzun students. One of them is a sword spirit madman. His fame in the academy is second only to Linghujian, and the other is also a figure in the academy. In the top 100.

"Boss, are you going to take a test? I feel that with your star power index, you can definitely kill these guys in seconds." The charming figure among the top 100, standing in front of Linghu Jian at this moment is very honest, willing to serve as a foil .

Linghujian looked indifferent, and said: "I have tested it with the master, and it has not improved significantly in a short period of time, so I don't need to test again."

"Really? What is your star power index, boss?" The young man couldn't help but asked curiously.

Linghujian was silent for a moment before saying: "It's only 920."


The young man was stunned and a little confused.

The Star Power Index of 920, this is already the point where the Starry Sky Realm is approaching its limit in the late stage!

You know, the opponent is just a destiny!

"I'm only 790." The Soul Sword Madman next to him said in a low voice, sighing a little.

The young man next to him was suddenly dumb and speechless.

"Brother Su, are you going to test?"

Beside Su Ping, Klaishabai asked curiously.

I saw that Su Ping didn't understand the Star Power Index before, and he must have never tested it before. He couldn't help being curious. With the invincible power that Su Ping showed in the continent, he didn't know how high the Star Power Index should be.

The highest star power index tested so far, that is, the first young man, 823 is capped.

Ibetta Luna couldn't help turning her head when she heard the words, and looked at Su Ping with a pair of strange and expectant eyes.

Su Ping thought for a while and said, "It's okay."

He also wanted to take a test and see how he was capable.

In the cultivation of the world's barbaric growth, there is no such advanced equipment.

"No one else..."

As soon as the star master spoke, he suddenly saw Su Ping act, and his voice was dumbfounded, his eyes flashed with great expectation.

The other players who were still hesitating about revealing themselves noticed that the air fell into a short silence, and they all looked in surprise, and suddenly saw Su Ping stepping out, all of them were shocked, their eyes widened and full of anticipation.

They were extremely curious about the young man who won the championship, and they didn't know what kind of star power index should be the kind of terrifying power that Su Ping erupted.

The star master turned on the instrument for Su Ping as before.

Su Ping entered.

Soon, Su Ping felt the red mist permeating from the perforations around the body, covering the surface of the body, and it felt a little itchy and tingling. He did not use the tristar map in his body to relax the body and the cells slowly began to operate.

Soon, a row of data appeared on the instrument in front of it, flashing quickly.

The time lasts for one minute, two minutes.

Until five minutes later.

Suddenly, the surrounding red mist dissipated, and the data on the instrument disappeared, showing a red X and Federal language.

Exceed the testing standards!


The surroundings were deadly silent, and everyone in front of the instrument was stunned. The star master next to him who was in charge of the test and the star masters who were standing nearby were all stunned on the spot.

Exceed the test standard? So, Su Ping's Star Power Index exceeds 1000? !

This is the normal state!

They are a little confused, although the star power index does not represent combat effectiveness. For example, star masters like them can explode four to five thousand destructive powers with 100 star power, while the 100 star power of Destiny Realm can only display two to three hundred. The destructive power of, but... the star power is the star power, this is a solid foundation!

"This guy, really is the Destiny Realm?" Several star masters couldn't help but have such weird thoughts.

Many contestants in front of the instrument reacted and looked at each other.

Linghujian's face changed slightly, a little gloomy.

After the dragon emperor, the holy king, and Greos were stunned, they all looked speechless. This result was unexpected and seemed to be... reasonable?

This guy is really abnormal!

All of them had such a consensus idea in their hearts.

Su Jin'er raised her eyebrows slightly, but she didn't respond much. In the previous match, she had noticed that the star power in Su Ping's body was extremely powerful, and if the real data could be detected, it would be even more frightening.

It's a pity that the specifications of this instrument are too small.

She shook her head, turned and left.


Su Ping walked out of the instrument and saw the reaction outside, and he immediately understood it. He couldn't help but was stunned. He knew that his accumulated star power was extremely large, but he didn't expect it to be so big. This is the foundation brought by Chaos Star Force. ?

Next to him, the star master reacted and immediately laughed, and said: "Well, our instruments seem to underestimate our champion. We deserve to be Sylvie's strongest genius, amazing, amazing!"

After speaking, he thought for a while, and said, "I will apply for Master Shiro later and change to a higher instrument."

Su Ping was taken aback, shook his head and said: "Forget it, don't have to be so troublesome, I will just test it casually."

After speaking, he walked back to the crowd.

The star master gave a wry smile and didn't insist. In his opinion, behind a monster like Su Ping, there must be a master who helped him test these basic data. Su Ping already knew what his star power index was, but just came out to pretend to be. That's it.

But I have to say that he was a bit speechless in this forced pretence.

The star power index of a destiny realm was actually comparable to the star master realm. Although it was only the lowest limit of the star master realm, it was also incredible.

"Brother Su...excellent!" Seeing Su Ping who came back, Klaishabai didn't know what to say, so she finally sighed in admiration and smiled bitterly on her face.

Su Ping didn't know how to answer, so he smiled.

After Su Pings test, everyone else seemed to be distracted from their interest, and no one came forward for testing. Usually, these enchanting evildoers beat other people around them hard, but they came here at this moment, but they were all beaten by Su Ping. The blow was a little injured.

Under the introduction of several star masters, the crowd dispersed one after another, some went to the training room to exercise, some went to exercise in a small space-time secret realm, and some went straight to heal and rest.

Su Ping did not leave, but chose to go to the training room to exercise, directly on the third floor.

This third-level training room contains extremely surging star powers. In the training room, these star powers are like an agitating heart. They actually press the inner star power into Su Pings body heavily, from all over the pores, forcibly Squeeze in!

Su Ping has never heard of this kind of cultivation method.

This is just like wearing an oxygen mask, and it is super powerful, even if you lie here, the training room will help you practice on your own!

Sure enough, the poor rely on mutation, and the rich rely on technology.

Su Ping experienced this kind of benefit, so he didn't bother to go to the small space-time secret realm, so he just practiced here. I heard that the small space-time secret realm is connected to a battlefield of void space inside, and can fight in it.

Su Ping has no shortage of fighting experience. With this time, it is better to continue to study his second star map here.

When sketching the second star map, a lot of star power is needed. Although Su Pings own accumulation of star power is enough, in this training room, he is more able to let go of his hands and feet, even if the outline is wrong. This allowed him to draw a star map significantly faster, and gradually explored some doorways.

time flies.

In the blink of an eye, half a month later, the spacecraft shuttled through one large galaxy after another, and finally jumped into an extremely vast universe.

In the dark and vast universe, a golden sculpture with seven or eight planets superimposed so high stood in the void, like a stalwart giant, holding a battle axe, full of domineering power, and looking all around.

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