Astral Pet Store Chapter 904

Chapter 1001: Supreme God Court (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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"Look, it's the supreme statue of the gods!"

"Ah, he is..."

"Shhh, don't mention the name of the Supreme Lord, otherwise something will happen!"

"This is the Golden Star Zone?"

"That's right, there is the Auros Gate, the inner bay leading to the Golden Star Zone, where there are countless galaxies and higher planets. This is a super interstellar jumping platform."

"Look, there seems to be a warship to welcome us!"

Inside the spacecraft, many contestants walked out of retreat and rest, stood on the spacecraft's deck, and watched the outside scene through the transparent energy shield.

Beside the golden sculpture standing in space, there is an extremely gorgeous and huge star ring, like the star ring outside a certain planet, but the whole body is shining. Behind the star ring is the twinkling of stars, leading to another rich place. The prosperous interstellar world.

On both sides of the star ring, there are still a large number of space stations and satellites orbiting.

Su Ping received the notice and knew the time of arrival. He came out of the training room in advance and watched the shocking scene on the deck.

The vast and boundless space, countless spaceships and warships, stalwart sculptures, everything made him feel the vastness of the world and the smallness of himself.

As the spacecraft galloped, it got closer and closer to the gate of Auros, and gradually passed by the golden sculpture standing still in the universe, enough to hold tens of thousands of people. When passing by this sculpture, it looks like Plankton is as small as invisible!

Soon, the spacecraft connected with the signal of the space station outside the gate of Auroth, and followed the star orbit toward the prescribed route. In addition to their spacecraft, there are many other spacecraft, and some battleships are depicted on The hideous skull patterns are interstellar pirates, and there are also spaceships and commercial transport ships for adventurers.

At this time, Shiro who was in the spaceship pulled out, flew out of the spaceship, and disappeared.

After seven or eight minutes, Hero's figure returned again, appearing out of thin air in the spacecraft's energy shield.

After that, the spacecraft was smooth all the way, after passing through the gate of Auroth, a series of spaceships and warships came and piloted in front of the spaceship.

"That is the spaceship of the God Court!"

"Tsk tusk, these are the people under the command of the Supreme Lord Shenting!"

On the spacecraft, many knowledgeable people saw the fleet piloted in front of them. They were all amazed, with envy in their eyes. They were able to plunge into the shadow of a supreme man, and they could be regarded as shade under a big tree. Under normal circumstances, they have basically no influence. Dare to provoke.

When Su Ping saw this scene, he turned his head and glanced at the star ring behind him with some worry. What surprised him was that when he looked inside the star ring from the outside, he could see the stars in the sky, but when he turned his head, Seeing the darkness outside the star ring, the space stations and warships all over the star ring seemed to have disappeared.

"I don't know if Fairy Bi can come in." Su Ping was a little worried, mainly because she was afraid that she would conflict with the guards there.

However, thinking that Fairy Bi was also a gods, even if it was to promote a planet, no one would stop him here, as long as he communicated well, there should be no problem.

However, thinking of Fairy Bi's temper, Su Ping's mouth twitched.

"Is this taking us directly to the competition venue?" In the crowd, the Saint King asked.

His face was low, and since the death of Queen Bihai, he seemed to be less ostentatious than before, a little frustrated, and the whole person became somber and introverted a lot.

The leader of the star master heard the words and said with a smile: "Yes, this time the contest is in the God Court of the Golden Star Zone. You will all be selected in front of the God Court. This God Court is the place where the Supreme lives. Go there, Remember not to talk nonsense, even if it is some thoughts, it is best not to have it, it is difficult to guarantee that the Supreme Lord will not feel it."

Everyone was stunned, and there was a look of reverence and fear in their eyes.

Can't even have an idea?

How terrible is that supreme Supreme!

Seeing that these geniuses stabbed their heads were obedient and silent, the star master's mouth curled up, and in front of the Supreme, no matter how proud genius, he had to lower his arrogant head.

Along the way, everyone did not practice any more, looking at the scenery outside on the deck or cabin.

Su Ping was also sitting on the deck, watching the scene outside while being distracted and comprehending the rules. Along the way, he could see many galaxies and planets. Sometimes he flew past a huge planet and could directly see what was on that planet. Countless buildings and monsters in the sea.

However, what is amazing is that there are human figures everywhere in the sea area of that planet, and there are many monsters among them, mixed together, making it difficult to distinguish whether the sea area is a monster or a pet beast.

time flies.

Not long after, when he came to a space post gate, the spacecraft followed the pilot fleet and jumped again.

Jumped to another galaxy, soon after galloping, then jumped again, after repeating this seven times, finally came to their destination.

Supreme God Court!

When I first saw this God's Court, everyone on the spaceship was shocked, including those in the Star Master Realm, their eyes were shocked, glowing with strange light, extremely reverent and fanatical.

That is a huge God's court glowing with golden light, standing in space!

Outside the Gods Court, there are hundreds of thousands of miles away, with no end in sight, and countless counts. The temple of Gods Court is extremely huge, bigger than the star planet. Outside the God Court, phoenixes are flying, surrounded by dragons and beasts, and it looks like a whole Xiangrui, in this world full of technological coldness, it is like a holy land in a starry sky!

Outside the sacred court, everyone once again saw the previous stalwart golden sculpture, this is the place where the supreme lived.


A star master whispered, his voice full of awe.

Everyone is watching with bated breath. For them, supreme can only look at photos in the virtual world. There are even very few photos and materials. After all, they are the top figures in the federation. Some photos still circulated, but If you want to see it in reality, it is hundreds of times more difficult than seeing the head of state!

At this moment, Shiro also walked out of the cabin, standing in front of the people on the deck, carrying his hands on his back, looking up, and his cold Yi face also reflected a bit of golden light, as if even a pair of serious and cold eyes were there. Slightly glowing.

At this time, the pilot fleet approached the Shenting with the spacecraft. Under the guidance of other warships along the way, the spacecraft flew slowly and came to a vast field outside the Shenting steps.

Said it is a venue, in fact, the area of this square is even bigger than the void continent where everyone competed before!

This venue is endless, enough to hold hundreds of blue stars!

At the moment, many spaceships and figures gathered on the square.

"It's the Nes galaxy!"

"It's the Kross galaxy!"

"Is that the other contestants..."

Everyones eyes fell on the tiny ant-like figures gathered outside the spaceships in the square. The figures looked strange and varied, with different races, some green skins, even their hair was green, and some were all in one body. The blue skin, and the white skin, is as white as the real snow.

Although they have different appearances, these are all human beings, but they have undergone different changes in their bodies after long-term adaptation and evolution under the environment of various planets.

At this time, under the sign of the pilot fleet, the captain of the spacecraft also slowly docked the spacecraft in a square.

After Xiluo waited for the spacecraft to stop, he ordered: "Get off the ship, don't look around, don't talk nonsense, don't discredit Sylvie!"

The three don't make everyone a little serious and nervous, following several star masters, flying out of the spacecraft one after another, standing to the designated area outside the spacecraft.

At this time, everyone felt a lot of gaze projected from the surroundings, with a sense of observation and danger.

Su Ping felt that the gravitational force here is extremely strong, which is more than a hundred times that of the earth. Fortunately, he has strong adaptability and adapts with a slight shake of his body. Other contestants have their knees weakened and some bodies sink. Others also shook their bodies, but most of them recovered quickly.

After all, they are all geniuses. This change in gravity can overturn the car, which is a bit embarrassing.

After everyone stood on the square, a burly man with a dark complexion suddenly flew in front of him. He came to Shiro in front of the crowd and said indifferently: "The people from the Sylvie system are arranged at D-18. District, you have a half-day rest time. The game will be played at 6 o'clock tomorrow. Please be prepared."

Seeing this person, Shiro bent over and nodded slightly, showing a sense of awe and humility.

This scene fell in the eyes of everyone behind, and it was a bit shocking.

As a well-known soldier of Silvec, Shiro is so gentle here, even cautious. The brawny man in front of him is obviously a god-given person, even a lot stronger than Shiro. God!

At this moment, the brawny red-black man finished his explanation, waved his hand, and two star masters flew up beside him, and he commanded: "Take them over to rest."


The two star masters nodded respectfully.

Then he looked at Hero, slightly respectful, and said: "Please, General."

Xiluo nodded slightly, beckoning everyone to follow.

Soon, everyone left the square and came to the edge of the square next to it. There is a palace building here, which is a bit like ancient Greek style, but it is a little more luxurious. There are also many metal instruments in the building, which is a little more technological. sense.

In addition to Su Ping, other people outside the spacecraft also came here one after another. Obviously, this is a temporary resting place for the contestants of their various galaxies.

"General, this is the D-18 area." A star leader led everyone to an independent palace. This palace is quite magnificent, bigger than the Forbidden City, but in the palace group outside this square, It's just a tiny place, inconspicuous.

Xiluo nodded, and after the two star masters retreated, he ordered everyone to rest in the palace and not to run around.

Many contestants arrived at the site of the Supreme God Realm for the first time. Naturally, they didn't have the guts to run around. They all walked around the palace and flew over the palace at the same time, looking at the situation outside.

On the palace, you can see the competitors from other nearby palaces, which are also inhabited by other galaxies.

"Are we going to stand out from the golden zone to be eligible to be selected by the zone and sent to the final cosmic battle platform?"

"Tsk tsk, just come here, I feel that this trip is worthwhile, I guess there is no such opportunity for ordinary star master realms, right?"

"Even if it's eliminated here, I will be able to go back and blow in the future!"

"I don't know if I can take pictures here, I want to take a selfie."

"I have to ask Lord Shiro about this, but even if you take a selfie, it's useless. If people don't believe you and say you are P, you can't prove it. Now you can find a hacker P-segment video, let alone a mere photo. "

"I don't know if the Supreme Master will be there when waiting for the competition. Tsk tsk, I don't know how it feels to see the Supreme in real life."

In the palace, many contestants secreted some adrenaline and were extremely excited.

Among them, there are only a few that seem to be relatively calm and peaceful.

"You don't seem to be excited or nervous at all?"

Su Jin'er suddenly spoke. She came to Su Ping with a fruit plate she had made from nowhere. At this moment, the two of them were sitting on the roof of the palace, blowing the wind.

Su Ping sat here and looked at the scenery, and no one else dared to come close. Kleishabeth, who had a better relationship, had already visited everywhere.

"Why are you excited and nervous?" Su Ping turned his head and looked at Su Jin'er, who was bulging on her cheeks. After thinking for a moment, she stretched out her hand to pick up an unknown yellow fruit block and stuffed it into her mouth. I feel an extremely refreshing taste permeates the entire mouth, and there is also a wealth of star power, sputtering out along with the chewing fruit juice.

Su Jiner's body leaned back slightly, meaning to protect the fruit tray.

She finished eating the fruit in her mouth and pursed her mouth: "This is the place of the Supreme Master. If you didn't come to participate in the competition, you would never have the chance to see it with your own eyes. Isn't it worth the excitement?"

Su Ping finished eating in one bite and grunted, seeing her posture of protecting the food, and said: "Look at your back."

Su Jiner turned her head and looked at it. There was nothing. When she turned around, she noticed that there was an extra piece of fruit in Su Ping's hand. She stared slightly, and heard Su Ping eating while chuckling and saying, "Who said I'm not excited, I'm just It didn't show it."

Su Jin'er rolled her eyes slightly, "I just don't believe it. Let me tell you honestly. Is your Master the Supreme? Or is it the top conferred **** who works under the Supreme Master?"

Su Ping was very interested, and said, "Why do you care about me? Do you want to mess with me? Afraid that my master will retaliate against you?"

Su Jiner's cheeks blushed, and she said with no anger: "You are too rude, what do you mean by wanting to **** you, you really are a barbarian with no gentleman's demeanor."

Su Ping nodded, and at the same time he touched her fruit plate inadvertently. In her stunned gaze, she picked up a piece of fruit and stuffed it into the entrance, saying: "We are half a catty. By the way, I always feel that you are a little weird. ."

"Weirdly cute?"

Su Ping paused, rolled his eyes, and said, "If you have to say something, you are very similar to a clerk of mine. You have that feeling on your body. If you have to let me describe it..."

The smile on his face suddenly diminished, turning his head to stare at Su Jin'er, "Your true age should be very old, right?"

Su Jin'er's pupils shrank, but they recovered in an instant, she stood up suddenly, and said angrily: "You are only old, your whole family are all old, this lady I am only thirty-eight this year!"

"Thirty-eight still claimed to be a miss, you really are an old woman." Su Ping said to himself.

Su Jin'er suddenly became angry.

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