Astral Pet Store Chapter 905

Chapter 1002: Team battle (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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"We cultivators can live more than ten thousand years and witness the multiplication of life on a planet. I am only 38 years old. You actually said I am old?!"

Su Jin'er was clenched with anger. Shouldn't the point be that she is only 38 years old and can cultivate to this level. Is it very, very scary? !

"Even if you are young forever, but 38 is 38, you are not a girl." Su Ping said seriously.


Su Jiner collapsed a bit, what a straight man said.

She looks youthful and vigorous. She has been cultivating all the year round without paying attention to ordinary things. Her eyes are clear and her face is beautiful. Walking outside can definitely attract countless people to look back. Su Ping said seriously at this moment that she is not a girl?

Can't talk anymore!

"You single dog, you can't find a woman in your life, no, you can't even find a female!" Su Jin'er was angry and stomped and turned to leave.

"and many more."

Su Ping suddenly stopped.

"Why, do you want to apologize?" Su Jin'er turned around, her face slowly.

"The fruit plate is good. Where can I find it, can I keep it?"


Half a day passed quickly.

The time is calculated according to the unified time of the Federation. Outside this God's Court, there is plenty of sunshine. Generally, the time will alternate once every seven federal days, and only one day will pass every night.

Moreover, this is the alternation controlled by the Conferred God himself, and the Conferred God who is in charge of the sun and the moon is also a general under the Supreme Commander.

In this half day.

Everyone gathered in the palace, and they were not allowed to move around, rest or look at the divine courtyard in the distance in the palace, wanting to see the supreme figure.

But the supreme did not reveal it, only contestants from other galaxies around, entered other palaces one after another.

Approaching before the game.

Xiluo's figure appeared in the palace and summoned the crowd. He glanced around with a serious expression and said, "I have already inquired about the rules and methods of the game. This time, due to the tight time, the Supreme Master chose to enter directly. The large-scale elimination mode selects the elites."

"Massive elimination?"

When everyone heard this, their hearts sank.

This indicates that this game will be very cruel!

If they follow the previous competitions, they will compete here one after another, and it will take at least a few months before they are over. During this time, some people will feel new things again, their combat power will increase sharply, and miracles will appear.

But now, if they are eliminated in large numbers directly, they may go home in one round of elimination and end immediately.

"The way of the game is a chaos!"

Xiluo said in a deep voice: "In the battlefield prepared by the Supreme Master for you, you can attack at will, and survive to the final 100 people. They will represent the top 100 in the Golden Star Zone and go directly to the Universe League to join forces in other star zones. Genius, compete for the top 100 and champion!"


Everyone sucked in cold air, and eliminated to only a hundred people? !

You know, there are quite a few galaxies here, there are as many as dozens of galaxies, and they are all large galaxies like Sylvie. Each galaxy chooses the top 100 to participate in the competition, and there are thousands of people!

Its too exaggerated to filter directly from thousands to the top 100!

It usually takes at least one or two months to be selected, and after many tests, will it be selected to the top 100 level, but now, it is directly eliminated and entered the top 100!


"It's too exaggerated, how do I feel I'm going for a round trip!"

"You don't have any other skills, I still feel very accurate."


Many contestants looked at each other, and many of them were a little flustered and bitter. They finally came to this Supreme God's Court, but they didnt perform well. Even the Supreme Lord hadnt seen them, and they were going to be eliminated and go home. It felt a bit too sloppy. A little unwilling!

Among the crowd, the Saint King, Dragon Emperor, Hayalim and others also frowned. This elimination was too strong, and they all felt a lot of pressure.

"In order to increase the probability and the number of people in our galaxy to enter the top 100, I thought about how you can fight in groups and survive in it."

Seeing the panic and bitterness on the faces of everyone, Shiro said in a deep voice, "When the game starts, you will be teleported to all parts of the arena, but I hope you can hibernate and hibernate, seize the time to move closer to each other and gather together. Only in the form of a group can you have more hope of survival and support."


When everyone heard this, they were all stunned. Then, dozens of eyes gathered on Su Ping and Su Jin'er and others. If it was a team competition, there would be no doubt that Su Ping and Su Jin'er were two towering trees. Such thighs must be held tightly.


Xiluo continued: "I believe other galaxies will use the same method. Otherwise, if you fight alone, you wont be able to supplement if you get injured in it. No one will protect you and treat you. Even if you clearly have the ability to be promoted to the top 100, it might Was **** out by others."

While speaking, he glanced at Su Ping, Long Di and the others. Obviously, he was talking to them. The implication was very clear. He just didnt want these geniuses to think highly of themselves and treat other people as a burden. He wanted Going alone, it will only be yourself who will suffer.

Su Ping's expression moved slightly, and he didn't say anything. If he really wants to fight in a group, he doesn't mind, anyway, as long as it doesn't affect his promotion.

"I have refined a secret treasure for you here, one for each of you. Through the secret treasure, you can sense each other. During the game, your communication will be isolated and you cannot enter the virtual world to communicate. You can only rely on this secret treasure to sense. "

Hero raised his hand, and hundreds of red tokens appeared, radiating heat and red light.

With a wave of his hand, these things flew into everyone's hands.

"When you get closer to each other, this thing will turn red. The closer the distance, the greater the reaction. On the contrary, the farther the distance, the red will fade and become pitch black." Shiro said: "You drop blood, this token will only For your use, it's useless for others to **** it."

Everyone held the crimson token and felt quite hot. Fortunately, everyone was a pet master, isolated from the star power, this soldering iron-like hotness could still be resisted.

"Su Ping."

At this moment, Xiluo touched Su Ping's name, and everyone was startled, and immediately looked at Su Ping.

Su Ping was also surprised and looked at him.

Shiro stared at him and said: "You are the pride of our Sylvie galaxy, and the strongest genius selected by our galaxy. I hope you can shoulder the heavy responsibility and help others if you have the ability. Because of your help, people survive to the end and rank among the top 100. Lord Lord and I will give you a great reward!"

Su Ping moved his eyes and nodded, "I will try my best."

He didn't say anything to death. If someone drags him too far, he doesn't need to hurt himself.

"I can do my best." Xiluo nodded and said earnestly. Naturally, he would not give Su Ping a death order. Otherwise, because of his order, Su Ping, who could have been promoted to the top 100, would eventually lose the election. It is the greatest loss to their galaxy!

"You guys too, remember, if others hold a group, if you fight alone, you will only lose faster. Only holding a group for warmth will allow you to stay as far as possible!" Xi Luo told Su Jin'er, Linghu Jian, Long Di, etc. The person said.

Several people are promised.

After Xiluo left, everyone looked at each other, and suddenly many people gathered towards Su Ping and Su Jin'er. Some people saw that Su Ping and Su Jin'er were surrounded by more people, so they turned to the Holy King, Dragon Emperor, etc. People around.

"Boss Su, if you go in, please take care of me if you meet me!"

Klaisabeth was the first to squeeze beside Su Ping, with a dogleg smile on his face. He was third in the academy and he was also a high-spirited figure, but in this place where geniuses gather, especially in Su Ping. In front of a monster like Ping, he had already lowered his mentality, and hugged his thigh when it was time to hug his thigh.

Ability is called ability.

"Yeah." Su Ping nodded. The latter is a bit familiar with him, and if he meets him, he can help him.

"Brother Su, I hope you can take care of me in it. Our Knight King family will surely remember your kindness and carve the King Horse sculpture for you, which will be included in the hall of honor of my family." Ibetta Luna also walked over. , There is also a bit of kindness and sincerity in his delicate and sassy face.

Su Ping nodded, "It's easy to say."

"Brother Su, my name is Royce. I am the Iron Wing Family of Moonfall Star. If I meet in there, I hope you can take care of it. I will thank you again when I go back..." A young man squeezed over and said with a smile on his face. .

"Mr. Su, in Xia Han Yue, I am the King Han family of Uranus. I hope I can..."

"Brother Su, down here..."

A group of figures stepped forward, introducing themselves and seeking asylum by Su Ping, with a very polite and kind attitude. If you can get Su Pings asylum and join a group with him at the core, your survival rate will definitely increase. Just imagine, if What an exaggeration to be able to bind the warship Su Ping and rush to the top 100 in the star area? !

It is estimated that if you return to the family, the entire family will be boiled, and even the elder ancestor of the family will be polite to him, and all resources can be mobilized.

"Uh, uh..."

Su Ping kept nodding his head, as long as he didn't drag him down, he didn't mind being kind to others.

Nearby, Su Jiner's figure also surrounded many people.

On the other side, Linghujian, Longdi and others were surrounded by relatively few people, only four or five.

Seeing that most of the people are taking refuge in Su Ping and Su Jin'er, Long Di, Greos and others have complex expressions, but thinking about the performance of these two in the previous battle, they feel a little weak in their hearts. Let alone these guys, even if it is them. , Both have a little idea of wanting to take refuge in these two evildoers.

After all, although they are arrogant and conceited, they have seen monsters like Su Ping and Su Jin'er, and no one can predict whether such scary guys will be born in other galaxies.

If there are, even if there are only a few, once they meet, they will definitely be eliminated.

It's just that, thinking about it, the pride in their hearts still makes them unable to look down. They feel that they should be enough to deal with the situation inside.

It didn't take long.

Suddenly an old and loud bell rang.

The bell sound is melodious, it seems to come from far away time and space. If you carefully distinguish it, you will find that it is surprisingly transmitted from deep space. Through the weakening of layers of space, the sound of the bell can be clearly transmitted into everyones minds. It will not hurt them.

Someone soon realized that the chime was not spread by sound, but a spiritual penetration.

When the bell rang, everyone realized that the game was about to begin.

"Look, what's that?"

Suddenly, someone exclaimed.

I saw in the starry sky above my head, in front of the stalwart God's Court, the void suddenly cracked a huge gap, exposing the deep space inside.

And in it, there is an extremely vast land.

This land is a thousand times bigger than the land selected by everyone in the Sylvie Galaxy!

Even if it is a planet, it is as small as a small dirt bag when it is thrown into this deep space continent.

However, this deep-space land in front of the entire God's Court is just like a pond, only less than one-third of the steps in front of the God's Court.

"This is where you compete."

Xiluo's figure reappeared, fascinating, and said: "Get ready to fight, remember to work together, you are all from the same galaxy, try to support each other."


Everyone said in unison.

In the next moment, several powerful figures flew in front of the God's Court, with surging auras, and all of them were Conferred Gods!

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