Astral Pet Store Chapter 906

Chapter 1003: Assassination (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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These Conferred Gods came to the continent in the deep space and raised their hands to carve out the space passages. At this moment, although the deep space continent is suspended above the heads of everyone, it is actually far away. At this moment, space passages appear in front of the palaces. Can be directly transmitted to the front of the deep space continent.

"Go ahead."

Xiluo looked at the open passage outside the palace, glanced at Su Ping and Su Jin'er and others, and exhorted: "Remember to support each other as much as possible, but if necessary, you can also give up the burden!"

Hearing what he said, those who made up their minds to hug their thighs were shocked.

Su Ping, Su Jin'er and the others nodded. There is no need for Hero to say this. They will follow suit. Even if Hero does not obey them, as long as they are promoted to the top 100, the latter will not be able to punish them.

A genius in the top 100 stars, even a Conferred God, cannot be punished for no reason, unless he commits a heinous crime!

"Boss Su!"

"Brother Su!"

"Big Brother!"

"Sister Su."

In front of the transmission channel, everyone looked at Su Ping and Su Jin'er with affection.

Su Ping and Su Jin'er looked calm. At this moment, everyone was standing behind them, faintly led by the two. They didn't wait much, and stepped into the transmission channel first.

Soon, his eyes changed, and when he reappeared, he came to the deep space continent.

Not far from the side, there was a Conferred God whose breath was surging like an abyss. Just looking directly at him, he felt the throbbing sensation of his heart, like standing next to a dazzling sun, and he couldn't help feeling in awe.

"Know the rules, go in."

The gods swept his eyes, his lips didn't move, but his voice echoed directly in everyone's minds.

Su Ping glanced at the deep-space continent not far ahead. It was approaching now, and only a tiny corner of the continent could be seen. He took a deep breath and took the lead to fly away.

In other passages, the geniuses of the various galaxies also gathered in front of the deep-space continent. From a distance, it looked like a swarm of moths pounced on the continent, extremely small.

After Su Ping, the others were not polite and quickly followed.

If you first enter inside, you can take the lead in grasping the surrounding environment. Otherwise, as soon as others move forward, you will be beaten as soon as you teleport, and those who lose will be wronged.

There seemed to be an invisible water film outside the deep space continent, penetrating the water film, Su Ping instantly felt a sense of weightlessness, as if he fell into the endless abyss, falling vertically for hundreds of thousands of miles, and his whole body was out of control. After waiting for a few seconds, this The feeling dissipated, the darkness in front of him faded, and a green forest appeared.

Su Ping's eyes changed, no longer the previous calm and indifferent, becoming sharp and cold, as if suddenly changing from a herbivore to a top predator.

The rotting leaves, the damp mud, the faint **** smell permeating the air, and the slightly rainy body odor attached to the epidermis of the monster beast.

All this made Su Ping instantly return to the world of nurturing, feeling like surviving in some danger.

"There are monsters."

A map quickly emerged in Su Ping's mind. This is a topographic map that he sketched instantly through the surrounding smell collection. This requires extremely strong field survival experience to quickly collect information and analyze it.

Su Ping looked at a tree tens of meters away. The giant tree's skin was pitted and pitted, and there was nothing unusual, but if you distinguished it very carefully, you would find that there was a giant python with the same pattern wrapped around it.

The giant python is dozens of meters long, with cheeks and spikes on the cheeks. At first glance, it is a mutant poisonous python.

Su Ping hooked the sole of his foot, and a stone flew up on the ground. With a flick of his wrist, he quickly threw it out, and with a bang, the poisonous python that was still lurking immediately shot to death.

"The demon beasts in the Destiny Realm should be regarded as small demon beasts here." Su Ping's eyes flickered slightly, "It seems that in addition to being wary of other contestants in this survival battle, there may also be a lot of powerful monsters in it. Beasts, even big guys with mid-to-late stages in the Starry Sky Realm..."

This trial was extremely dangerous. If the ordinary fate came here, the poisonous python just now would be enough to send him back to his hometown.

Su Ping's figure flickered and quickly flew to the top of the canopy of a nearby towering tree. Standing on a leaf with his toes, he was extremely light. Looking into the distance, I could only see the surroundings. It was all green forest, endless, farther away. At the end of the line of sight, you can faintly see the fuzzy silhouettes of the mountains.

Su Ping remembered that the deep-space continent he had seen from the outside world was colorful, with faint mountains and rivers and large green forest areas. These green forests were suitable for hiding. Of course, there might be fierce monsters hidden inside.

After investigating the surrounding terrain, Su Ping flipped his palm, and the crimson token of Hero characteristics appeared, but at the moment the token was pitch black, showing that there were no other tokens around.

When Su Ping flipped through it, suddenly, the token was slightly heated, and a faint orange color appeared on the edge of the token.

Su Ping raised his brows, someone appeared? Just sent it over?

After thinking about it, Xiluo would definitely pay attention to the situation in the outside world. As far as his ability permits, Su Ping does not mind helping. Although there are more people, the goal is bigger, but this time he is destined to fight to the end. There is only one. Hundreds of places.

The more people there are, the greater the power of one's own group.


Su Ping's figure swayed quickly, flashing several times in the surrounding four directions, and quickly sensed the opponent's position through the token's induction, which was on the east side.

He flashed away quickly.

This deep space continent is suspended in the second layer of deep space. If you want to tear apart the flickering void, you need to enter the third layer of deep space.

As for the ordinary destiny, it is extremely dangerous to enter the third deep space and will fall at any time.

The ordinary starry sky realm, dare to enter and exit freely in the third deep space, fearing the fourth deep space.

But here are all genius evildoers, tearing the third layer of deep space, which is obviously nothing to them.

One part of the forest.

"The token is on, the people of our galaxy are in front!"

Two clear and beautiful shadows galloping fast in the forest, jumping between the tree poles. One of them is a woman in purple soft armor holding a token. At this moment, the token is heating up, the edges are red, and as they move forward, the color is getting more and more. The more red, it means that the distance between the two sides is getting closer quickly, which makes the two women's faces show joy.

"It would be great if I met the top ten guys." Fang Hanxue's eyes flashed, and she looked forward to her mid-term.

The silver armored woman in the back followed silently all the way, being alert to the surrounding movement, and took out two medicine bottles at the same time, and said: "This is the forest soda that masks the smell, the T1 grade made by the original king liquid medicine."

"Such a good baby?" Fang Hanxue was surprised. Don't think the name resembles a kind of cola drink, but it is actually a potion used by a pet master in the field. It is extremely convenient, and this T1 level is estimated to be ordinary except for the star owner. It is difficult for the creatures to perceive them.

"Thanks to your favor." Fang Hanxue was not polite, quickly took the spray on her body, and drank the water in the bottle at the same time.

Just when the two of them finished this, suddenly, a sharp arrow pierced out of the void next to it!


This sharp arrow is entwined with extremely strong rules, like a spiral, it will increase the speed of the sharp arrow extremely fast, penetrate the terror, and instantly shoot towards the back of Fang Hanxue in front, aiming at the position of the heart.

The silver-armored woman in the back shrank her pupils, hurriedly rebuked, pushed her hands out, and a light wind rule rolled out, knocking the sharp arrow away, and shooting it on Fang Hanxue's shoulder.

Fang Hanxue's body flew forward violently, and was severely nailed to a giant tree by the force of the sharp arrow.

On a tree adjacent to this giant tree, there happened to be a hidden monster, and it immediately spit out its tongue, trying to draw it into the mouth.

After all, Fang Hanxue was also a top genius at the little galaxy level. He reacted instantly and wielded a regular force to slay the monster beast that attacked. At the same time, he quickly drew an arrow and looked around with alert.

"Damn it, poisonous!"

As soon as she pulled out the arrow, she felt her shoulders numb, and then she saw black blood gushing from the wound, her face was so fierce, she quickly pulled out a few antidote pills and swallowed it, blocking the blood with star power , To restrain the toxin from spreading, and slowly stop the bleeding.

At this moment, the silver armored woman had already rushed to her side, looked around vigilantly, her face worried and nervous.


Suddenly, somewhere in the void beside the two of them, three sharp arrows were suddenly shot.

The silver-armored woman's complexion changed, and she hurriedly swung her whip, surrounded by a hurricane, forming a wind shield around the two of them, dragging the nearby magnetic field, and deflecting the sharp arrows shot from the surrounding to the nearby giant tree.

These giant trees were shot by sharp arrows and burst on the spot, piercing through more than a dozen giant trees in a row, and the arrow stopped with a loud bang.

On a certain treetop in the distance, a young man holding a divine bow hung among the leaves, with a golden bug lying on his shoulder, his eyes were strange, he licked the corner of his mouth, and showed a sneer.

"This kind of weak chicken was also selected, and the level of other galaxies is really getting weaker and weaker!"

He squinted his eyes, his fingertips were shining with golden light, and he pulled at the divine bow, a golden bowstring condensed and emerged, and then several sharp arrows were born out of thin air.

Bang bang bang!

Several sharp arrows shot out and disappeared, and a hundred miles away, beside Fang Hanxue's second daughter, several sharp arrows suddenly appeared.

"No, get away!"

The silver armor woman changed her color and said.

The two flashed at the same time, disappeared directly in place, and tore directly to the fourth dimension. This was the limit they could tear. If they reached the fifth dimension, it would be extremely dangerous for them.

Just when the two of them hid in the fourth dimension, suddenly, the arrow appeared next to them again, and this time the arrow was shot from the fifth dimension!

Both their faces changed drastically, revealing a look of horror, which shows that the enemy is spying on them in the fifth dimension, or in other words, through some secret method, they have been completely locked in!

And the other party can tear through the fifth dimension and shoot a sharp arrow over. This strength is definitely far superior to them.

Must be the top genius of other galaxies!

The two of them looked ugly and a little ashen. They didn't expect that they would face the result of being eliminated when they first came here and hadn't insisted on ten minutes.

"I'll attract him, you run!"

Fang Hanxue gritted his teeth and said to the silver armored woman.

She was ready to repay the favor she had just owed.

The silver armored woman was slightly startled and hesitated, but her temperament was also extremely decisive. After less than a moment of hesitation, she quickly abandoned Fang Hanxue and fled to another place.

Fang Hanxue didn't blame it, but was relieved.

In this crisis, the most taboo is the mother-in-law.

She gritted her teeth, suddenly burst into battle, displayed her strongest secret skills, and knocked down several arrows.

Even if she wants to lose, she has to show her strength. Who knows if the supreme lord is looking down here at this moment? Or, will those who are strong outside the gods take her fancy to her performance because of this?

She was so desperate and defeated, she was unwilling!

"The token is getting hotter and hotter, and the companion is nearby." The silver armored woman who fled to the distance, saw the token in her hand, a little anxious, not knowing whether the other party was the same as them, or those who ranked high. Genius, if it is the latter, then she may find the other party, and there is still the possibility of killing it back.

If you are like them, you can only escape!

At this moment, the hot token in her hand suddenly stopped and continued to turn red.

"Huh? Run away?"

The silver armored woman was startled, her face suddenly changed. Was the other party aware of the danger she had encountered and slipped ahead of time?

It is also possible. Although Lord Shiro allowed them to unite, if they encounter danger, they should give up and give up.

She sighed in her heart, knowing that Fang Hanxue's elimination was a foregone conclusion, she immediately checked her whole body to see if there was anything marked by others.

These geniuses came from various galaxies, and they mastered a variety of secret skills, and no one knew what powerful roles they had.

on the other side.

The young man hiding in the shadow of the branch, with a playful sneer on his face, was about to draw a bow, shooting the exhausted woman who had played with him, and finishing his own blood.

Suddenly, his face changed, and he turned his head suddenly, and saw a sturdy young man a few meters behind him, looking at him quietly, with a hint of coldness in his eyes.

"When..." The boy's pupils shrank, and he was about to teleport to escape. He suddenly realized that the surrounding space seemed to be hardened. He wanted to tear the fifth dimension, but it became extremely difficult, so he had to retreat and tear the fourth. Space, but this one back and forth, the other party has already shot, and with a bang, it directly strangled his throat.

Su Ping was about to break his neck, and suddenly the boy in his hand disappeared.

Su Ping was taken aback, just as he could be sure that he was confining the surrounding space, and with the opponent's ability, he would definitely not be able to get out so strangely!

"Chloe is eliminated!"

At this time, a mechanical voice appeared in his mind.

Is it the boy just now?

Su Ping was stunned, and suddenly thought of the Void Continent. It was the continent created by Hai Tuo and his small world. Could it be that this deep sky Continent was the world of that supreme or a certain Conferred God?

He suddenly understood that these geniuses came here for the sea selection trial. Under the condition of judging that they would die, the Conferred God or Supreme who created the deep-space continent would most likely send it away to avoid falling.

After all, there are thousands or even tens of thousands of geniuses in it, and in the end only a hundred people remain. If they all die before it ends, the loss would be too heavy!

Shaking his head, Su Ping didn't say much, and flew straight to the girl in the fourth dimension.

"The arrow stopped?"

Fang Hanxue gasped, and seeing the sharp arrows around her no longer stopped, her expression changed instead, becoming more nervous and alert, indicating that the other party might be brewing a big move.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of her out of thin air, "Can I still act?"

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