Astral Pet Store Chapter 907

Chapter 1004: Universe fluctuations (subscription for monthly pass)

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Fang Hanxue was suddenly shocked, her body tight, like an arrow ready to fire, but when she saw the face of the visitor clearly, she was stunned and her eyes widened.

"Weird, weird...ah, it's Mr. Su!" Fang Hanxue reacted, blurting out the words and swallowing quickly, surprised and shocked.

Unexpectedly, when she first came here, she met the monster champion. She had been close to the other party before and asked the latter to take care of it. As a result, she ran into it as soon as she came in!

God bless me too!

"Injured?" Su Ping frowned when seeing the other person's appearance.

Fang Hanxue was shocked, all the surprises in her heart dissipated, her scalp was a little numb, and she quickly said, "It's not a problem, it's just a small injury. I have healing medicine and antidote. It will never drag you down!"

"Really, then you can keep your breath and keep up." Su Ping said.

"it is good!"

Fang Hanxue nodded hurriedly, and then digging out a few treasures of secret medicine given by the family from her storage space, ignoring her heartache, swallowed it quickly, and soon, her wounds quickly healed, and the star power in her body was surging out quickly. , The state instantly returned to its peak, and even the flesh and blood from the shaved shoulders regenerated.

When she recovered, she thought of the silver armored woman who had fled before, and immediately said: "Mr. Su, there was just a companion in our galaxy nearby, you, are you going to protect her?"

Although the silver armored woman fled before, she didn't blame it. After all, she was defeated in both of those circumstances, and it was meaningless to stay.


Su Ping nodded. Since group assistance is needed, naturally there will be no one or two.

After a while.

Su Ping and Fang Hanxue met with the silver-clad woman. When the silver-clad woman saw Su Ping and Fang Hanxue appear together, her jaw was about to fall off. She did not expect that the sudden disappearance before was actually the monster champion. !

She was overjoyed at once.

When they first came here, they hugged the thickest thighs. Even if they were to be eliminated, they could hold on for a long, long time. There was even a slight possibility that they could be promoted to the top 100 by holding these thighs!

After introduction, this silver-clad woman was named Xia Li, who was also a direct child of a prominent family.

"The attacker has been killed by you?"

"Not to kill, but to defeat."

A few people walked forward. While chatting, Fang Hanxue and Xia Li learned that Su Ping had solved the genius who attacked them both secretly. They were secretly surprised. They didn't expect this short moment to face the person they were unable to face. Su Ping was able to solve it easily, this power gap was really too big!

"There is an ambush!"

After the three sneaked for dozens of miles, Su Ping suddenly stopped. The surrounding forest was quiet and there was no abnormality, but after Su Ping spoke, it seemed a little strange.

Fang Hanxue and Xia Li were both shocked, and immediately stood still for fear of disturbing Su Ping. At the same time, they looked around vigilantly and used secret techniques to detect the enemy, trying to play some role.

Su Ping's eyes were cold and electric, and he swept around. Suddenly, his eyes narrowed, and the void disappeared in an instant.

In the third space behind the giant tree somewhere, the three figures hide here. They are also geniuses of the same galaxy connected by special means. Secret formations have been placed around them, ready to hunt the geniuses here.

"not good!"

Seeing the three people in their sight, one person suddenly disappeared. The three suddenly felt the hair on their back stand upright, and then they saw a golden fist penetrated from the deep space and hit one person.

The man was horrified, roared furiously, drew his sword and cut it off, the rules surrounded like a chain, showing a fierce and terrifying power.

But the golden giant fist was unstoppable. It crushed it with a light touch, directly suppressed it, smashed out of the third space, fell into the forest in the second space outside, broke a dozen big trees in succession, and vomited blood.

At the same time as the golden fist was thrown out, a thunderous leg whip swept out, kicking the other two people into the air, forcing them out of the third space and breaking the tree.

One of them just got up and was surrounded by two beautiful women who suddenly jumped out around him. He immediately greeted him with a secret technique, and he was defeated in an instant and was transferred and eliminated.

The other two were both overtaken and defeated by Su Ping and resolved quickly.

"So strong!"

Both Fang Hanxue and Xia Li had seen this battle with their own eyes, and they were frightened. If they rely on them alone, this battle will undoubtedly be defeated. These three are extremely powerful, and they are ambush first, but Su Ping finds them in an instant. Get out of the hiding place and kill it back. In addition to being extremely powerful, you also need to have a wealth of combat experience!

"Sure enough, these monsters have been trained in countless battles, and I am still far short of it!" The second woman thought to herself at the same time.

After solving the three people, Su Ping led the two daughters to move on. Not long after, light appeared on their tokens, and there were other geniuses in the same galaxy in the nearby area.

During the elimination rounds in the Deep Space Continent, many warships and space aircraft carriers shuttled from all over the starry sky and gathered here to watch.

There are many strong clans gathered here, most of the contestants inside are members of their families, or orphans picked up by some forces. They are worried that their geniuses will be too bright and will be intercepted by hostile forces just after the game is over. , I am waiting here, and by the way, I also wait and see the background of other forces.

In addition, there are some powerful clans who are here to recruit geniuses.

In addition to these forces, some Conferred Gods are also watching in the Supreme God's Court.

There is a very luxurious palace here. Outside is a platform that overlooks the entire starry sky outside the court of the gods. This is the platform of conferred gods. Only conferred gods are qualified to board this platform and meet guests here.

"This time I don't seem to see that fellow Tongtian, such a lively thing, he didn't come?"

On the stage of the Conferred God, an old man wearing a golden armor, like a golden dragon and lion smiled lightly.

A white-haired young man in a silver robe said calmly: "I heard that he is in retreat. The universe has fluctuated recently. I guess he also has a foreboding of the next catastrophe. Many old friends are in retreat. Hehe, what's the use of holding a buddha? "

"I am waiting for the cultivation base, ten thousand years will be difficult to make progress. This time the universe fluctuates, I don't know how many Conferred Gods will fall. Maybe, there will be one day crying, and the Supreme Beast..." At that time, he couldn't help but look at the highest place of the God's Court, where dragons and phoenix surround him, and the light is brilliant, so you can't look directly.

"I heard that in the depths of the blood sea star area, a Conferred God saw an ancient coffin floating out of deep space. The space was distorted as the path passed, the main road collapsed, and there was a demon whine. Is this true?" An old man of Conferred God asked with his gaze.

"I also heard about this rumor. Later, it seemed that the supreme lord in the blood star area took the initiative to solve this weird matter and sealed the magic coffin!" Another conferred **** wore a white moon robe. , Dressed as a traveler, looks extremely elegant.

"I also heard that in a chaotic deep space in the Qiulu star area, there was a remnant dragon head roaring in the eighth space, looking for its owner. I heard that the monster beast was extinct a million years ago. The owner of the dragon seed is probably already dead!"

"If the master dies, is the contract still there?"

"Who knows, those terrifying figures in the ancient era may have a special way to create a special star pet contract."

"Wandering in the eighth dimension, this is probably a supreme-level monster. Tsk tsk, I heard that the universe has nine levels. I don't know what kind of creatures can survive in the ninth dimension. Above the supreme, is there still a way? "

"Who knows, supreme is already the limit I'm waiting for."

"Tsk tsk!"

"This is an eventful autumn!"

Someone sighed.

Several other people chatted about recent events for a while, and when they couldn't discuss any results, they gradually turned their attention to the deep space continent competition in front of them.

For them, the Conferred Gods, I dont know how many times this kind of genius battle has been seen. Although some amazing talents can be seen in each session, most of them have fallen in the middle, and a few of them have practiced. If they succeed, they will become the same conferred gods. Among the top talents accumulated in hundreds of sessions, the most powerful cluster can give birth to a supreme.

Therefore, although the performance of these little guys is dazzling and far from ordinary, they are already commonplace.

After watching for a while, someone chuckled: "I heard that there have been changes in the Shenhai Secret Realm recently, and there is a great opportunity to be born. The general strength of the contestants this time is obviously higher than the previous seven or eight."

"Yes, look at those two little guys. They are a bit arrogant. There is still the heart to hunt the monster beasts in the late starry sky, wanting to eat each other."

"That little guy over there is not bad, he is starting to exert his strength."

"These guys are all huddling together. It seems that the people behind them ordered it. This can indeed greatly increase the admission rate."

Many conferred gods are drinking, eating and drinking, and watching at the same time, just like the ancient emperors, watching the entertainers juggling in front of the palace.

In the deep space continent.

A few hours later, Su Ping had gathered eight people around him. Although the deep space continent was vast, there were hundreds of people in the Sylvie galaxy after all. After all, they were scattered. He traversed thousands of miles all the way and defeated forty or fifty people along the way. Encountered seven or eight geniuses from their own galaxy, searched through tokens, and gathered together.

Among the eight people, one was the sword soul madman from the Sword Sovereign Academy. He was also a top-ranked genius, but he encountered a genius from another galaxy just now, and the two fiercely fought, causing great disturbance.

The opponent was extremely strong, only slightly inferior to Linghu Sword, and severely wounded him. Fortunately, he was startled by Su Ping who arrived later, and the sword spirit madman managed to survive.

At this moment, he has also become a member of the team, with Su Ping as the leader.

"Take a rest, you guys can heal your injuries."

After walking for a while, Su Ping decided to stop and rest and give them time to rest.

"Lets get some monsters and come back to eat." The two young men took the initiative to ask Ying, and they left with a smile after Su Ping nodded their heads. After a while, the roar of the monsters rang out in the nearby forest, but it quickly subsided. Returning with a giant crocodile-like beast.

A young man in white clothes with an indifferent face frowned, and said, "Will it be too eye-catching to eat here? There are so many geniuses here, we better be careful."

The two young men were taken aback and couldn't help looking at Su Ping.

Su Ping waved his hand and said: "It's okay, it just happens that I am hungry too. Some people dare to come up and fight away. Anyway, there will only be a hundred people left. Sooner or later there will be a life and death battle!"

"That's right, but let's at least wait for a larger number of people, and then be blatant like this. If the time comes, we will have a better chance of winning." The white-clothed young man wrinkled his brows and didn't agree with Su. Ping's thoughts are too high-profile.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows and said calmly: "It's okay, I'll hold it up if something happens."

The face of the white-clothed youth changed slightly, and when he saw Su Ping's calm expression, he secretly gritted his teeth, after all, he didn't say more.

The others looked at the young man and shook their heads. The other party hadn't figured out yet that they needed to rely on Su Ping, not Su Ping.

Without them, with Su Ping's ability, he would definitely be able to live to the end.

"Ignore him, let's eat."

The Sword Soul Madman also came out. He is the most powerful genius besides Su Ping. He is also proud of his nature. He only serves the strong. At this moment, Su Ping is beside him. If they continue to cringe, he feels Some wimps.

After all, even if you encounter other galaxy geniuses, those galaxies are like them, it is impossible to gather a large number of people right away, and if a few people have Su Ping in charge of a few people, they will definitely have the upper hand.

With Su Ping's permission, the two hunting young men were very happy, and quickly skinned and cleaned the monster beast, took out the core of the monster beast, and handed it to Su Ping.

Su Ping was not polite, so he called out the little skull and threw it to it.

The little skull bit it, grunting inhaling, the color on the inner core quickly dimmed, and it quickly became like a white stone, which was shattered with a click.

The small skeletons are full, and their bodies are scattered into skeletons. The divine light pattern engraved on the skeleton is restrained. Resting beside Su Ping, there is no trace of vitality on his body. If a monster passes by, he will only think that it is a certain human child. Wreckage.

Other people have strange faces when they see the appearance of the little skull. They see the complicated Dao pattern on the snow-white bones. They know that this is something that will be reflected when they have a deep understanding of the rules. This little skull in the destiny state. Kind of, it should be extremely extraordinary.

Soon, the monster was cooked, Fang Hanxue and Xia Li were burning, and someone brought cumin condiment with them, and the fragrance immediately wafted out.

Fang Hanxue cut off the fattest leg of the monster with a sharp sword, and handed it to Su Ping. Su Ping took a big mouthful of food and drink, and the others started to divide the rest.

The white-clothed young man sat aside, drooling a bit, but no one paid him any attention, and he was embarrassed to step forward, so he had to bear with him, and was annoyed.

When everyone was halfway through eating and drinking, suddenly, a huge boulder accompanied by the mighty and mighty, from the deep space above everyone's head suddenly appeared, like a teleport, crashing down with the force of Wanjun.

Su Ping's eyes stood up suddenly, punches out in an instant, and with a bang, the tens of thousands of catties of boulder shattered, and the others quickly became vigilant, knowing that the enemy was invading.


The Sword Soul Madman instantly drew his sword, immediately locked the enemy's position, and flew out brazenly.

The other geniuses also set off, each calling for the strongest pets to fit together. For fear of causing too much movement, some of their deputy pets are useless. After all, for these top geniuses, their own strength has surpassed their pets. The effect of pets on them is a veritable auxiliary.

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