Astral Pet Store Chapter 908

Chapter 1005: Unstoppable (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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In the gloomy forest, a cruel fight broke out instantly.

Forty or fifty miles away, a dozen figures stood on a giant tree here, like a dozen black crows, silent, but their faces were cold, men and women, with indifferent eyes.

In the crowd, a young man sat on a branch with a golden wheel flashing in his eyes, and he whispered: "Come!"

Whoosh whoosh!

A dozen people around suddenly flickered, scattered around, and disappeared in the woods, leaving only three people on the spot. Among them was the bright golden wheel youth.


Suddenly, a fierce sword aura appeared in the fourth space, extremely abrupt, and slashed towards the three of them.

A person next to him suddenly roared, his body was alienated, and the characteristics of a monster beast appeared. It was in the state of preparing to merge in advance. At this moment, he burst out with super power. A hammer slammed out, and the sound of gold shook the sky. , To defeat that Jian Qi.

"court death!"

With the roar, the sword soul madman stepped out from the fourth dimension, and in a pair of murderous eyes, black light shot in all directions, and demonic wings grew on his body. The strength surged, and he swung his sword again, dozens of times. The black sword energy merged vertically and horizontally, tearing open the fifth dimension in an instant, and the rules of dying contained therein were frightening.

The expressions of all three of them changed slightly, and they didn't expect such a strong player among those who came.

But... not enough!

"Huh!" The golden wheel youth stood up suddenly, stepped out in a cold snort, and suddenly took out his palm. The golden light in his palm was blazing, like a small sun bursting out, and the sword light was shot apart, and the rules of dying above were beaten. Hundreds of thousands of strands rushed around, corroding and destroying the surrounding towering old trees.


Jinlun Youth read the word, and his figure flashed out again, coming in front of the Sword Soul Madman, raising his hand to slap it out.

Accompanied by the golden wind, this palm was like a star impact. The surrounding giant trees were all bent over and snapped off. The Sword Soul Madman's pupils shrank, and his face also changed color suddenly, a little shocked, I didn't expect it. There is such a terrifying guy in this group of people, this palm is a bit of Su Jin'er's power and power of the Taihuang Destroying Immortal Palm!

With a violent roar, he burst out his lifelong faculty in an instant, his sword aura swept across the sky, and the rules of annihilation rushed out like a black dragon, galloping with the sword aura, cutting off the golden palm.

But the golden palm is like a palm that can not be urged, and it easily wipes out the sword energy. If this palm is hit, the sword soul madman has no doubt that his brain will burst!

"court death!"

At this moment, a colder voice suddenly sounded, and the void cracked before the eyes of the Sword Soul Madman. A figure appeared in an instant, stretched out the white but powerful palm of Kong Wu, and strangled the wrist of the golden palm, fiercely. The ground shook, and Jinlun Youth's body was like a short-strip kite, being pulled by a huge force.


His body was skewed. When he was lost, he suddenly touched his chest with a kick. He almost spit out his heart, liver, and lungs on the spot. His body flew upside down suddenly, breaking dozens of big trees, and even tore the third space in the middle. It squeezed out of the third space again, and then the momentum did not diminish, still breaking a dozen giant trees before stopping.

But just for a moment in the third space, his figure glided thousands of meters away.

Su Ping had already retracted his legs, his eyes were cold, and he swept towards the remaining two people, instantly like a Kunpeng spreading his wings, and accompanied by a hot air wave, he approached the two of them, and fists out in their horrified eyes.

Bang! Bang!

The two recovered from their horror, and immediately roared to resist, but Su Ping's fist was so fierce, surrounded by hundreds of rules of power, and 70% of his strength was when he shot it. Under the explosion, the two of them were all over when they were parrying. The body has been shattered every inch, and there is a great horror of seeing the destruction of the world.

When their figures were about to be hit, they flashed suddenly and disappeared.

At the same time, Su Ping had two elimination sounds in his mind, knowing that the two did not escape with a secret method, but were judged to have failed and transferred out.

"There is an ambush, go!"

Su Ping didn't linger, his gaze swept around, and his face suddenly sank, and he shouted to the Sword Soul Madman.

The Sword Soul Madman just returned to his senses. He opened his mouth wide when he saw that Su Ping was able to solve two rivals that were comparable to him. Hearing Su Ping's words, his scalp was suddenly numb and he didn't dare to stay. He quickly dodged and avoided. .


Suddenly, a giant net-like divine formation stood up, surrounded on all sides, partitioned to the fifth dimension, from the sky, suppressed Su Ping, and wanted to capture him alive!

"God Sword Dao!"

Su Ping suddenly pointed out, the rules of his body were condensed into one, and turned into an invisible sword energy. This sword energy buzzed and trembled, and only the aftermath of the escape broke the space. He suddenly pointed out, and the sword energy shot, bang. With a sound of the earth, this divine formation suddenly penetrated, making a roar, and the energy of the formation dispersed, turning into countless divine haze star fog.

"How can it be!"

"This, what kind of monster is this?!"

In the dense forest, more than a dozen people who had previously dispersed were all shaking with their bodies at this moment, coughing up blood. Some of the more powerful fighters also had a heart attack, their faces were pale, and they suffered serious internal injuries.

They were horrified and looked at the figure in the forest like a ghost. What kind of humanoid monster is that? !

They had already detected the number of this group of people, and deliberately took the lead in attacking and stunning them, just to lure them to counterattack. As a result, the divine formation they had placed in advance just in case was torn apart by the other person's strength? !

Moreover, as soon as the young man appeared, he kicked their boss, it was terrible!

You know, the man kicked by him is the second runner-up in their galaxy!


Suddenly, an angry roar came from the forest, rising into the sky, galloping like the speed of light, it was the golden wheel youth who was kicked out before.

At this moment, he is no longer the previous chic and indifferent, his long and neatly combed hair is scattered, the hair is still mixed with the broken branches and green leaves of the old tree, and the clothes on his back are even more covered with moss and mud, and he looks embarrassed.

He has a savage face, his eyes are furious, and he is already fit, and his whole body is released, burning like an oven, shining thousands of meters in the sky.

Su Ping turned around and looked back, watching the terrifying attack of the other party, but his face was calm.


The Golden Wheel Youth did not enter the fifth dimension and killed instantly. Instead, at the maximum speed reached in the second dimension, countless large trees were blown to each other by the strong wind along the way, dividing a forest road, and the ground was also hardened. Qi plowed a deep ditch, and his hands became sharp claws, sharp like condors.

Suddenly, the claws came out, and an ancient and complicated secret technique star pattern entangled the claws, terrifying, and would smash the entire void into pieces and draw deep grooves.

Su Ping's face was cold, and he punched back unceremoniously. With a bang, his claws collided, the space was trembling, and the surrounding ground rolled up again. At the same time, Su Ping's other fist was quickly raised. , Bang bang bang, the two people instantly fought against each other thousands of times, each time they shook the stars like rainbows, turning into countless glowing stars and fog.

This fierce fight caused the people from both sides to rush over, but they did not dare to take action. They all stopped and looked, looking nervous, worried that one of their "thighs" would be defeated.

"Other galaxies have such enchanting, terrifying, terrifying!"

"The world is too vast. My father said that before. I still don't believe it. Now I finally see it."

"I thought the world could beat me, but the number of one-handed, after a selection battle, only found that there are two-handed, and now it seems that there are ten hands and a hundred hands!"

The geniuses on both sides were shocked. They were all heroes of one side, and they were inexhaustible, but at this moment they were overwhelmed by the two evildoers in the same realm.


Su Ping suddenly flashed a cold light in his eyes, and his fist suddenly accelerated. It was a talent skill. With a moderate acceleration, with a bang, his fist suddenly doubled, hitting the opponent's cheek and chin with a fist, and then quickly reached out his hand, He grabbed his shoulder and pulled it back, hitting it with an elbow on the back of his head, smashing it down.

All this happened in an instant, and everyone did not see what was happening, they saw the figure opposite Su Ping suddenly fall, and the ground shook, and the ground burst into a pit of several thousand meters.

Su Ping fell from the sky, and the ground shook fiercely again, and the smoke dissipated. At this time, everyone saw the scene on the ground clearly, and their jaws were about to fall.

I saw the terrifying golden wheel youth lying on the ground, holding up his hands and trying to get up, but his head was slammed by Su Ping, unable to move, and his whole body was locked with killing intent.

Lost, and it's a complete victory!

The Sword Soul Madman, Fang Hanxue and the others were relieved, and a little shocked. The previous battle between Su Ping and Su Jin'er had opened their eyes to them, but at this moment, watching from close, you can feel Su Pings fierce battle. The escaped energy that burst out was frightening, and it was not an intensity at all.

On the other side, the dozens of people were also pale. They didnt expect their galaxy to be the second one. They were selected at the beginning, and none of them refused. If the champion was too enchanting, this person would be the number one, and at the same time, they would be the one who was also the number one in the galaxy. Lord, praise is the posture of being a god, the future is expected to be a god!

At this moment, such a young man who will be a **** in the future has been trampled on his face by Su Ping, trampled under his feet, the peerless Tianjiao, he can't get up again!

"Who dares to go, kill who!"

At this moment, Su Ping in the center of the deep pit suddenly raised his head, his eyes were cold, and he swept toward the dozens of people around him. The cold, blade-like gaze made people doubt his words.

Sword Soul Madman and others woke up, their eyes sharpened immediately, staring at these people like a tiger, preventing them from escaping.


The Jinlun youth had his eyes puffed up and his eyes were blood red. He had never suffered such humiliation in his life. His teeth creaked, his hands smashed the sand into powder, and he wanted to climb up, but one of Su Ping's feet was like a mountain. , Suppressed on him, he could not get up because of the confrontation of strength alone!

If he rushes hard, he feels that the deadly murderous aura Su Ping locked on him will burst out instantly and kill him!

This kind of humiliation has never happened before!

Feelings of anger, frustration, madness, sadness, unwillingness, etc. are intertwined in his chest, and his heart is even more shocked. Although he only took second place in the galaxy, he was only narrowly defeated. Now he is crushed and defeated. This Which galaxy guy is so evil!

Su Ping looked down at the person under his feet, ignoring the other persons eyes and defeating the opponent in his hand. He regarded him as if he was awkward and would no longer pay attention to the other persons resentment. With a touch of his finger, a wisp of regular sword energy sank into his body, coiling around the heart of his chest, and said: "If you dare to resist, I can kill you with a move of my heart. The world may not have time to remove you!"

Jinlun Youth's pupils shrank, suppressing the terrible anger, and shouted, "What do you want to do?!"

Su Ping stepped on his face with his foot, and said, "Don't look at me with this look, and find me honestly. Whether you can live to the top 100 depends on your chances."

"Dreaming, you might as well kill me!" Jinlun youth roared, unbearable this humiliation. He is a champion of a galaxy and a peerless arrogant of thousands of planets. At this moment, he is enslaved and used as a pathfinder?

"Really, then you go to die!"

Su Ping narrowed his eyes slightly and started to do it.

Jinlun Youth's pupils shrank, and his scalp numb. He felt that Su Ping seemed to be serious, and hurriedly said, "Wait, wait! My master is the Moon Luo Conferred God, if you do this, he will not let you go. of!"

"Do you have a master?" Su Ping sneered contemptuously.

The Jinlun youth was taken aback and was silent for a moment. A terrifying evildoer like Su Ping must have a strong power behind him. His face was so ugly that he gritted his teeth and said, "Okay, I, I give up!"

Su Ping snorted coldly, kicked it flying, rolled to the side, and said indifferently: "You and them are my slaves from now on. They are responsible for finding the way for us and killing the enemy!"

The Jinlun youth climbed up from the ground, gritted his teeth, but did not dare to resist.

Everyone outside looked at each other and was so shocked that they could not speak. They felt that Su Ping was too cruel, and a future Conferred God was so humiliated and suppressed at this moment, it was too fierce!

"He hasn't gotten fit yet..."

At this time, someone suddenly noticed Su Ping's appearance, and suddenly became speechless.

Jinlun Youth was also startled when he heard the panic sound, his eyes shrank again, and he turned his head to stare at Su Ping, only to see that his eyes were as electric and as black as ink, unable to see the bottom.

"This guy..." The Jinlun youth felt an extremely cold air in his heart, and he didn't know what to say.

Su Ping ignored them, he only needed to look good on the golden wheel youth, and said, "Go, prepare to open the way, and continue to find people!"

To suppress this group of people, their group consists of more than 20 people. In the early stage of today, they are quite a powerful force. Su Ping is no longer satisfied to watch the changes and wait for the storm to rise, but to take the initiative to end the game as soon as possible. , So as to return to his shop as soon as possible and cultivate the world to practice.

Judging from the geniuses he has encountered so far, Su Ping feels that he may have to become stronger before he can securely win the top ten or even the championship in the finals.

Under Su Ping's order, everyone marched forward in great vigor.

Fang Hanxue, Xia Li and others followed, looking at the domineering and invincible champion leader of their galaxy, their eyes were full of admiration.

time flies.

The people of Su Ping went all the way in the forest. When they encountered token fever, they searched for nearby people of the same galaxy. In a blink of an eye, they went through seven or eight small battles and encountered four geniuses of the same galaxy, one of them. It is the Saintess of Chiba, she is also a genius.

The team became stronger and stronger, and acted more aggressively. Anyway, only a hundred people were left. Sooner or later, some of them would be eliminated, and sooner or later they would face fierce battles. Su Ping no longer cared about it and moved forward at full speed, trying to find those strong as soon as possible. The enemy is better to deceive less.

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