Astral Pet Store Chapter 909

Chapter 1006: Shrink (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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Shuttle through the vast forest like the blue sea, everyone has gone through more than a dozen battles along the way, most of which are unlucky people who are alone and easily solve them.

When encountering a small group of four or five people, the Jinlun Youth and the Chiba Saintess and others took action. They also suppressed it easily, without losing any of them.

Outside the forest, there is a desert.

Everyone continued to move straight forward, and when the token was hot on the way, they went to look for people in the same galaxy.

Some people are hiding in the depths of the sand, very embarrassed and already injured, and two or three people gather together and carefully hide and lie in ambush in the desert.

When they met Su Ping, these people were shocked.

Unexpectedly, in a short period of time, Su Ping had gathered so many people and gathered around him.

Outside the Deep Space Continent, outside the Conferred God Platform.

Xiluo's gaze swept around, and the person who observed the most was Su Ping, who nodded secretly. Before, he felt that this little guy was a little arrogant and self-confident, but now Su Ping's performance satisfies him the most, followed by the dragon emperor. .

And the other Su Jin'er, who has the same name as Su Ping and has the posture of being a god, is a lonely and widowed person, wandering around, and there are occasional members of the same galaxy nearby, and he did not see her coming to meet him. Going all the way, it seems that he intends to go alone.

"If you don't unite, you have to be eliminated. These little guys haven't realized the significance of this elimination game!"

"After the general match is over, I heard that these little guys will be sent to the border to kill the enemy and exercise. There is no place for personal heroism. Unity is strength."

The Conferred Gods of other galaxies are also paying attention to their own players, shaking their heads and sighing.

The disobedient person is not Su Jin'er. Most of the top talents in the galaxy are very proud. They are too lazy to cater to them. When they meet on the road, they can't avoid them. So they bring players from the same galaxy. Most of them are directly rampaged. Killing the enemy everywhere, there is no plan to find someone to cooperate with them.

"I heard that there is a wizard in the Udi Galaxy, who awakens the ancient gods battle body and ranks among the nine war bodies. Is that the little guy, really ferocious!"

"Tsk, crossing the sea alone, at this juncture, I still have the energy to kill the sea beasts, blood splattered thousands of miles, really young and vigorous!"

"It seems that the strongest player in our constellation is this little guy."

"Indeed, I looked at other people, there are also many little guys with the posture of gods, they are all terrifying, but they are still a bit worse than this guy!"

"I heard that there are also top god-type warfare players in the Yangxian star area. It seems that in the final league, there will be a wonderful showdown. The nine god-type warfare bodies, except for the first three, are not ranked. This time it happens to be able to see which one is stronger and weaker!"

Other conferred gods are all commenting on the top geniuses of each galaxy and watching them as a lively event.

time flies.

With one battle after another, more and more geniuses fell, and some geniuses were left alone and dormant, and they were also found by people using secret techniques to defeat them.

If you look outside the deep-space continent, you will find that this deep-space continent is shrinking over time, which causes the range of activities inside to be compressed to a very small area, forcing the people inside to have to stay in the final area. Win the top 100!

"I'm unwilling!"

In a plain, a holy king in a platinum robe, covered in blood and hatred, was defeated. He came here to encounter several powerful enemies, wounded and hiding, and now he encountered a top evildoer from another galaxy, and was defeated by a strong suppression. , I felt aggrieved and angry. With his strength, he was absolutely qualified to enter the top 100, but unfortunately, it ended early.

Among the aircraft carriers of Xiumia Academy, some of the elders in the academy felt sad and heartbroken when they saw this scene. The Gemini stars of their academy are extremely powerful and are expected to enter the all ten galaxies and the top 100 stars. The result was extremely bad luck, one died in battle and one lost.

Amidst the peaks somewhere, dozens of people were sitting here, grilling a majestic dragon beast. The smell of grilling was so elegant that it made people's tongues and gulps.

A woman swung a sword, cut off the fattest dragon leg, and handed it to Su Ping.

Su Ping took the thanks and ate it.

Others also quickly split up.

"Fortunately, I met Brother Su, the guy Gang is too cruel, if we meet alone, we will probably die!" Among the crowd, a young man in a golden robe sitting on a rock but sitting on the throne of a palace is like a young man in a golden robe. , Said with a smile on his face.

He is the Dragon Emperor. He followed the token to find him. After he discovered that it was Su Ping, he was in a complicated mood and could only get together and move forward.

Not long after they left, they encountered a group of seven or eight people, but they were all extremely powerful geniuses, each of whom was comparable to the Dragon Emperor. The leader among them was even more prosperous, and Su Ping personally challenged him. , An earth-shattering battle broke out, and it was only repelled after paying minor injuries.

This battle also made others admire Su Ping even more.

All the enchanting evildoers in the posture of the gods were trampled on by Su Ping, this guy is the real ruthless person!

At this point, the arrogance in Longdi's heart was completely reduced, and only sighs and sighs were left. He didn't expect that one day, he would also accept the favor of other people in the same realm, so he could only rely on it.

"I will meet again later." Su Ping tore off a piece of dragon meat, chewing vaguely.

He just defeated it and repelled it, but failed to kill it. The opponent had a very strong life-saving treasure, and he could not keep it after it was evacuated.

After all, it is a monster with the posture of a god, and the control of the rules is too much beyond the ordinary fate. He can't block the space even if he wants to imprison it.

"Where shall we go next?" someone asked cautiously.

Su Ping stopped. This action made the inquirer's heart beat. He thought it was annoying the murderer, but Su Ping looked into the distance and said, "Do you feel that the world around this is shrinking?"

"Zoom out?"

As soon as he said this, everyone was shocked, and they all looked around.

Soon, someone with outstanding perception ability immediately exclaimed: "Really, I just measured a surrounding mountain with the star sense technique. In just a few tens of seconds, the mountain was shortened by one meter, and it wilted so fast! "

"No wonder I always felt something weird before, it turned out that the surrounding terrain was shrinking!"

"Are we surrounded, someone ambush?"

"Impossible, such a large-scale contraction, this is definitely not a means that other people can come up with!"

"I see, the whole world is shrinking. They want to shrink the world, forcing us to get together and shrinking the scope of our activities!"

"Damn, in this case, doesn't it mean that you can't hide and lie in ambush? Sooner or later you will be caught?"

"Yes, the weak can't escape. If the strong don't cling together, they may be eliminated. This competition system is really cruel!"

These people are peerless geniuses, and they all reacted very quickly, all of them were shocked. Many of them didn't think much about following the group before, and felt that if they didn't follow the group, they would find a place to hide by their own means. , Can also make it to the finals, and maybe even be fooled into the top 100 by then.

Now it seems that if the terrain is finally reduced to a very small range as they guessed it, then no matter how hidden it is, it will be useless, and it will definitely be noticed.

For a time, many people became more and more grateful and met Su Ping.

At present, they are considered to be a very strong group, even in the later stages of shopping, they also have a strong combat power!

"Since the terrain has shrunk, let's wait here, and in the savings, prepare for an ambush by the way." Su Ping commanded when he saw it.

The others had no objection, a group of people took out the secret treasures from their bodies, and according to Su Ping's instructions, began to arrange an array around them.

time flies.

As the terrain shrinks, the mountains where Su Ping is seated, from time to time some contestants from other galaxies flies by, and they are sneaked and defeated by the ambushes.

Occasionally, small groups passed by and all were arrested.

A day later, the originally vast deep-space continent had shrunk to only two or three planets. This area was definitely a small hill to their thousands of geniuses.

Fortunately, there are thousands of geniuses who have fallen at this time. The number has dropped sharply. Some people are hiding in the deep air, and only a few are still active.

"I know that a sword formation is extremely powerful and can be deployed. Based on the surrounding peaks, the power can strangle all star masters!"

In the crowd, a young man carrying a divine sword whispered.

He was Linghujian, the descendant of the Sword God of the North Sea. When he was passing through these mountains, he was met by Su Ping and recruited him.

Linghujian followed four or five people, and when he ran into Su Ping's team, they were all shocked. Unexpectedly, there were so many people gathered around Su Ping!

At first they had nine people, and then they encountered enemies one after another. Among them, there were many powerful enemies comparable to Linghu Jian, which made him unable to take care of them and eliminated four of them.


Su Ping nodded and responded.

Linghujian glanced at Su Ping, then quickly turned around to search for materials with others and prepare for formation.

Su Ping's group has sixty or seventy people, extremely strong, among them is the golden wheel youth, this is a top genius comparable to Su Jiner, is extremely powerful.

"I didn't expect to be protected by him under this guy." In the crowd, the dragon demon didn't dare to look at Su Ping more, muttering in his heart. He was defeated by Su Ping's battle pet. It was a shame and shame. He vowed not to share the sky with Su Ping. But now... it smells so good!

Soon, Linghu Jian's sword formation was finished, and everyone gathered their breath and scattered around, continuing to wait in ambush.

Not long afterwards, a group of people came galloping in. There were a huge number of them. There were more than 30 people. The two men and a woman in the lead had an introverted aura like a deep sea, but if they were carefully explored, they felt extremely vast and terrifying.

"Something's wrong!"

As soon as the group of people stepped into the mountains, a young man in the lead suddenly stopped, his face became serious, he looked around, frowned and said: "These mountains are arranged, it seems that they have been moved, and they are faintly gathering..."


There was a man and a woman around him, his eyes moved slightly, and he looked closely.

At this moment, several sword lights galloped in suddenly, and at the same time, the overwhelming secret arts gathered from all directions and swept across.

"court death!"

The three of them suddenly became angry, and there was a terrible killer shot in their eyes.

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