Astral Pet Store Chapter 910

Chapter 1007: Surprise (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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"Retreat for a hundred miles, and kill if you dare to chase!"

The young man in the middle screamed and quickly commanded.


The three of them broke out into battle, and instantly entered into a body shape. Raising their hands, an extremely terrifying secret technique blasted out, turning into a towering basalt, sheltering everyone in the rear, and withstanding the attacks of those many secret techniques.

There was a continuous sound of shocks, but failed to defeat this basaltic secret technique.

Suddenly, a sword glow appeared in the secret technique, as well as a green flying leaf, which looked inconspicuous, but when it was shot out from the many secret techniques, it immediately revealed the momentum of taking the light of the heavens and the earth, and the sword aura was like a rainbow. , Slashed on the neck of the Xuanwu Secret Technique, tore on the spot, breaking the gap in the Secret Technique.

And the green star leaf is more terrifying, seemingly light and fluttering, but actually penetrates directly from the fourth dimension and falls on the back of Xuanwu. Suddenly, countless vines breed, and the mysterious structure of Xuanwu, but The body is rapidly weak and transparent, and it is instantly entangled by the breeding vines, and it is broken!

At the moment when the Xuanwu collapsed, a woman below suddenly displayed a huge flame palm, grabbing everyone behind, and then piercing through the fourth space, and in a flash, it flickered out dozens of miles away, and then flickered again, retreating to a hundred miles away.

The remaining two young people, both with cold faces, used their own secret techniques, tore from the encirclement, and retreated hundreds of miles away, looking at the misty peaks.

"Everyone is okay?"

The woman put away the secret palm of the flames, turned around and asked.

Everyone in the back looked at her gratefully, and it was all right.

"These guys, dare to chase..." At this moment, the young man with the most power of speech suddenly narrowed his eyes, revealing his murderous intent.

Previously, the peaks were faintly formed, but they quit Baili, he did not believe that the other party's ambush formation could be arranged here.

"Dare to come and kill!"

The young man next to him showed cold eyes, and said sternly: "In those attacks, two guys were slightly stronger. They should be their leaders. Humph, although they are large in number, they are just a mob. They are ready to fight back!"


Everyone in the rear was also killing intent. They were almost injured in ambush before. If it weren't for the protection of the woman, some of them would definitely have to be eliminated.

In an instant, powerful and terrifying auras emerged. These people all entered into a state of integration. They also called out some of their strong auxiliary battle pets to hide behind, and instantly displayed their augmentation skills, as well as arranging the surrounding terrain, and mobilizing the environment to provide them for battle. help.

These battle pets are all in the early stage of the starry sky realm. They can be replaced by other destiny realms, and can be the main force of the opponent without even having to do it themselves. The battle pet is the big brother.

But in the hands of these enchanting evildoers, the battle pets of the early stage of the Starry Sky Realm are obviously not enough to see. In front of their geniuses, they can only hide to the side and serve as a support.


Suddenly, a terrifying sword aura burst out in the void. Behind the sword aura, a black-haired young man holding a divine sword broke out from the fourth dimension. Behind him, a peerless woman with green leaf accessories on her forehead followed suit. Out, the skin is like snow, the figure is graceful and graceful, beautiful and exquisite.

The two people who were the first to kill were Linghujian and Chiba Saintess.

Under Su Ping's pursuit order, they did not hesitate to pursue the victory.

"It's them, looking for death!"

The leading three people instantly saw the aura on the two of them, which was consistent with the aura of the previous two strongest attacks. They all looked cold. They were worried that these two would shrink behind the others. They didn't expect them to be. Dare to take the lead, this is a chance for them to capture the king, no, behead the king!

"Great Flame God Seal!"

A strong red flame suddenly emerged from the woman's body, and between her hands swaying, there was a faint phoenix feather shadow between her arms. It seemed to be a human-shaped phoenix, with a compelling momentum. She raised her hand and turned, and a raging flame condensed suddenly appeared high in the sky. Crimson palm print, suppressed in the air!

This palm print is extremely terrifying, just like the Taihuang Destroying Immortal Palm that Su Jiner used to burn all the surrounding air, and the space is compressed tightly, unable to tear.


Linghujian and Qianye Saintess both had their faces changed abruptly. I didn't expect that there would be such enchantments among the enemies. They were not inferior to Su Jiner and Su Ping. How many monsters in the universe really are?

Unable to tolerate the two of them thinking, they hurriedly broke out of the battle body and displayed the strongest secret skills, but at this moment, a golden light suddenly penetrated, like a golden peak, containing the terrible atmosphere of rules, and tearing the palm of the big flame god. crack.


A figure of a young man appeared next to the two, with a golden wheel of light flowing in his pupils. It was the golden wheeled youth who was enslaved by Su Ping.

With his hands on his back, his whole body is burning like an oven at this moment, as if he is going to soar through the clouds and mist, becoming the most dazzling figure between heaven and earth.

But his expression is very solemn. Its all right when he meets an evildoer like Su Ping before. He thinks he is unlucky and thinks that he will meet the most terrifying guy in the star area as soon as he arrives. However, he did not expect the woman who shot him. , Turned out to be a monster, his combat power was not inferior to him, surpassing other geniuses too much.

"Heh, has the real leader come out?"

When the three of them saw the golden wheel youth, their expressions changed slightly, but they quickly sneered.

The latter is indeed very strong. The strength shown by that blow, if one-on-one, they are not completely sure to defeat, but there are three of them, and the other is only one.

"It should have been expected that so many mobs can be gathered, and the strength of these two guys alone will be difficult to convince the crowd!" The young man among them sneered and said: "I will solve this person, you will kill the others! "

"It makes you enjoyable again, okay, the opponent's minions are a bit too much, it's a bit annoying, I'll clean up first."

The white robe youth next to him shrugged.

The woman covered in red flames looked indifferent and didn't like words.


The youth among them burst out of power in an instant, surrounded by star patterns. This is the star ring that will condense to a certain extent when the star power is strong, showing the depth of its background.

He roared and rushed out, opening and closing his hands like two big mountains, and suddenly pushed horizontally, shaking in the void, a wave of horrible waves, and killed the Jinlun youth.

Jinlun Youths face was cold. He was suppressed by Su Ping before. There was always a anger in his heart. At this moment, he can show himself as much as he can in this battle. Let those who are outside the mainland, and even the supreme supreme lord, take a look. His true strength!

When the two were fighting together, the others also shot.

"Only you, dare to fight with me!"

The white-robed young man rushed directly to Linghu Sword, with a touch of disdainful arrogance between his eyebrows. Although the latter is stronger than most of the geniuses in it, in their eyes, they are still ants, the top and the first-class, that gap It is insurmountable.

Linghujian felt his cold hair stand up, and a kind of great terror struck him. The killing intent in his eyes was crazy, and he did not shrink back. A sword trick taught by the master appeared in his mind:

"With your current cultivation base, forcing it will only hurt yourself. When you realize the third level of Hai Zhan's sword intent, you will be able to release it freely."


He roared suddenly, the sword burned, and the stars all over his body were like boiling. The divine sword in his hand burst out with dazzling dazzling light, and countless sword shadows appeared behind him in an instant, and then followed his swing, all the swords gathered in the palm of his hand. Mang Zhong, he suddenly had an epiphany, and his eyes showed a hint of enlightenment.

"Huh? An epiphany during the battle?"

The white-robed young man noticed the hint of clarity in Linghujians eyes. He was a little surprised. He didnt expect the other party to have an epiphany under the horror of this moment of life and death. However, this is also very common to these geniuses. thing.

He suddenly sneered. He wanted to interrupt the other party's perception. Once interrupted forcibly, the other party might lose the feeling of this epiphany forever.

He suddenly exploded with even stronger power, and a sharp gun with purple air in his hand appeared, and it suddenly pierced out.

The whole body is ruled, all gather the tips of the guns, tear open the fifth space, and pierce the eyebrows.

But at this moment, suddenly in the fifth space, he stretched out a hand that was burning with golden aura and grabbed the sharp spear that was like thunder.

The white-robed youth had a halt, his pupils suddenly contracted, and the gun body burst into star power instantly, exploding the palm of his hand.

But suddenly a more violent, more brutal and terrifying force appeared in the palm of the hand, like a surging sea, like a thousand waves, ten thousand waves swept down, and the force that pierced the gun barrel severely suppressed and tightened. Then the other hand stretched out and slammed a fist into the palm of the white-robed youth holding a gun.

The white-robed young man was shocked, his blood was surging, and his battle body was aroused. Divine light shot from the cracks in his body, roaring like madness, and he wanted to use brute force to break the palm of his hand.

But the palm of his hand was like a mountain, tightly gripping the barrel of the gun, but the punch that came was like a comet hit, and the surrounding air was compressed into a liquid state and crashed down.

With a click, bone fragmentation sounded, and the white-robed young man's gun-holding wrist was broken and twisted in terror. Then a big foot kicked it and kicked it flying with his chest.


The spear seemed to be psychic, and the purple air shot, Su Ping seemed to be holding a purple thunder, the spear was struggling violently, resisting.

"A mere dead thing, dare to resist me!"

A cold snort sounded, like a deity who commanded nine days, the surging golden divine power swept across, as the palm of the hand shook, the purple awn on the purple spear was crushed, instantly dissipated, and then no longer trembling.

"go with!"

The power of the rules suddenly spread, entwining the purple spear, making the entire purple spear surrounded by rules. Su Ping's eyes narrowed, like two cold moon blades between the sky and the earth, looking at the woman who killed the crowd in the distance. Thrown out sharply.


The void shattered, and the spear instantly shuttled to the fifth dimension.

In the distance, she was preparing to use secret techniques to suppress these ordinary genius women. Suddenly she felt the cold hair on her back stand up, and she felt chills. She was shocked. She instinctively displayed several secret skills. Suddenly, a big red phoenix-like clock appeared, and the clock was on the red. Surrounded by the phoenix, there was a thud as soon as it appeared, and then it was broken!

But at the moment of blocking, the woman turned around and looked back and saw the purple spear that had been killed in front of her.

Her pupils shrank and she was a little horrified. Isn't this the guy's weapon?

Sneak attack behind, betrayal?

This thought popped up in her mind for an instant, but it quickly disappeared, because she saw a horrible and murderous figure standing in the distance, the Qi completely locked her.

Bang! She waved her palm quickly, and the Great Flame God Seal reappeared, but this time it was pushed out from the front. The rules on the palm print collided with the purple spear and were immediately torn apart, and the densely packed rules on the purple spear were quickly melted and erased.

She was sweating frantically, shooting seven or eight palms one after another, and her body backed back again and again to stop the momentum of the purple spear, and she used this secret technique one after another, the star power in her body had been consumed more than half, and she gasped for breath.

"What kind of monster is this?" This thought came to the woman's mind, with horror in her heart.

She looked to the other side, but saw that the white-robed young man was healing her wrist. His wrist had been broken, and the opponent's weapon was actually taken away?

She was a little shocked, the weapon was seized, it was tantamount to beheading!

"Little Lian!"

Su Ping whispered, preparing for a quick decision.


A dragon chant suddenly sounded, stunned the surrounding two sides of the melee, this dragon chant came like a star in the abyss, vast and ancient, like some kind of extinct dragon chant.

The next moment, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast turned into a ball of fireworks, penetrated into Su Ping's body, and with a thud, a strong breath climbed up and swept out of Su Ping's body.

Seeing this scene, the young man in white robe who had just repaired his wrist and was about to fight back was so shocked that his eyes were about to bulge out. Just now the opponent defeated him and robbed him of the weapon, yet he didn't fit in? !

Seeing the sharp horns growing on the top of Su Ping's head, he instantly woke up, cold sweat bursting out of the 48,000 pores all over his body, and shouted: "Run away!"

After finishing speaking, he didn't care about taking his own weapons, directly tore through the fifth space, and sprinted quickly in this dangerous fifth domain.

For the Starry Sky Realm, this fifth realm is a forbidden deep space, and only these evildoers dare to step into the Destiny Realm. This scene makes the Starry Sky Realm ashamed to see.


The woman ran away when she saw that the white robe youth was so panicked that she didnt even need weapons, but when she saw that Su Ping had just joined her body, her scalp was numb. The shot that she threw before was so powerful that the other party hadnt fitted her body yet. It's a bit exaggerated.


She did not dare to stay, and quickly tore through the space to escape.

Although she is conceited as a top genius, before coming, she felt safe and successful for the number one in the star area, but after coming here, she discovered that there are so many geniuses outside. On the way, the two young men in white robes she met were no less powerful than her and made her sober.

"This guy is a top-notch monster in the Conferred God aptitude!" The woman was secretly terrified in her heart, biting her silver teeth, and fleeing into the void.

Su Ping took a look, raised his eyebrows slightly, and did not chase him down. In the fifth realm space, if the opponent dies, he might be in danger.

He looked at Jinlun Youth and found that the other party fell into a disadvantage and was suppressed.

The same top genius, there are nuances.


Su Ping directly used force and rushed over.


In the rear, the Saintess of Chiba and others saw Su Ping's two top evildoers in an instant. They were shocked. They felt that Su Ping was more terrifying than they thought. In the battle with Su Jin'er, they did not exert their full strength at all.

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