Astral Pet Store Chapter 911

Chapter 1008: Decisive battle (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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Lin Feng, who was fighting fiercely with the Golden Wheel Youth, suddenly felt the aura of the two companions disappear, and was startled. The next moment he saw Su Ping attacking him.

Obviously, he could see the opponent, and even the killing intent in the eyes of the opponent, but Lin Feng found that he could not feel the murderous intent.

If it hadn't been for him to perceive his surroundings all the time, he might not have noticed the opponent when he was close!

Where are those two guys?

Feeling bad in Lin Feng's heart, he forced the Jinlun youth back with a palm and turned back to kill Su Ping.


Su Ping suddenly punched, the golden shadow of the fist appeared, and a sharp sword light was hidden in the shadow of the fist. This was Su Ping's self-realized fist and swordsmanship, and that sword light was the real murderous opportunity.

As soon as he touched Su Ping's fist, Lin Feng felt wrong, and a terrifying thought suddenly rose in his heart, hurriedly trying to shrink his hand, but it was too late, and a heart-piercing tearing force came from his palm.

His palm cracked, blood splashed, and the bones of his wrist were split open, poking a hole.

Su Ping did not stop, the star power in his body exploded, and the killing power carried by the three gods star map was once again integrated into the fist sword, one after another fist shadows greeted each other, and each punch blocked the surrounding space, making the opponent unable to tear it. Split the fifth space, unless the latter tears it forcefully and accepts all his attacks!

But in this case, even if the opponent escapes into the space, it will just move the body.

"How is it possible for you!?"

Lin Feng's cold hair stood up all over, and he felt a sense of horror. He was shocked. This was the biggest crisis he had encountered since participating in the competition. He had never thought that with his own ability, he would encounter danger in this kind of competition!

For a time, he even thought of a certain possibility.

Is this the reinvention of a shameless old guy? !

Thinking about it, his body has already acted, and the battle body has been stimulated to the extreme. The golden light shines out like a **** of war bathing in the **** of the sun. A thick rule is swept like a chain of gods, surrounded by it, and his hands are opened and closed. , Suddenly used an ancient and terrifying palm technique to distort the surrounding space!

Bang bang bang!

The fist sword collided with the phantom of the palm of the gods, and the deep space was rippled, and the turbulent flow of the surrounding space was shattered.

On the other side, Jinlun Youth saw the opportunity and also roared. He thought that he could show his abilities in this battle, but was suppressed again, which made him feel aggrieved.

"Photo Pro!"

The golden light in his eyes bloomed, and suddenly a terrifying will descended, and his whole body exuded an imperial aura, that terrible deterrent will, like a heavy hammer, hit Lin Feng's heart.

There was a moment of stagnation in his movements, which was only a thousandth of a second, but Su Ping had already caught the opportunity, hit with a fist, and with a bang, his chest collapsed, and his body flew into the fourth space, shrinking with his remaining strength, Squeezed out, Su Ping followed closely.

The fiery sting made Lin Feng furious. At this time, he finally knew why his two companions had escaped. It was a temporary alliance, and the catastrophe was about to fly separately. Those two guys should have felt the horror of the young man in front of them.

"Damn it!"

His heart was furious, his blood burned, and he wanted to tear the space to escape, but the surrounding fist shadows came under pressure, making him unable to hide, he roared: "Want to get me eliminated? You wishful thinking!"

With a roar, his whole body's breath suddenly rose, and the star ring surrounding his body suddenly shattered, and his breath suddenly soared several times. The next moment, he directly tore the previously imprisoned space, and he slapped it out with a palm. Su Ping's fist shadow shattered, and the figure flickered, stepping directly into the fifth dimension.

"I remember you!"

The person has disappeared, but the voice has stayed in place.

Su Ping stood at the crack in the fifth space healed, stopped, and did not continue to pursue. The guy Gang obviously still kept his hole cards. If he is really urgent, he has the ability to pull him into the water in the fifth space, even if he doesn't die together. Will be seriously injured.

"Sure enough, these top enchanting evildoers have a very strong life-saving ability. If it weren't for the suppression of the star master realm by relying on the power of faith, it is estimated that the star power alone would be able to break the wrist with the star master!"

Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

"Damn it!"

The subsequent attack of Jinlun Youth failed, and his face was a little gloomy. He also wanted to eliminate a fellow with the posture of the gods. That would definitely attract attention, but a guy of this level is too difficult to chew. He and Su Ping are monsters. Together, they were not able to stay, and this cosmic genius battle was indeed a monster concentration camp.

Su Ping said: "Clean Internet cafes."

After speaking, he turned to kill the geniuses brought by the three.

These geniuses are also monsters comparable to the mid-to-late stage combat power of the Starry Sky Realm. If they are left outside, they will definitely stun everyone in the Destiny Realm and the Starry Sky Realm. After all, this kind of combat power span is quite terrifying, but here it is. , But only the most common level, not as good as Linghujian and the others.

"Run away!"

"damn it"

These geniuses also reacted. The battle just happened too fast. When they reacted, the three leading people had already run away. As soon as they took action, they were restrained by the people from Su Ping and failed for a while. Get away.

After a few minutes, these people were moved away and all eliminated.

Several of them had the same combat power as the Dragon Emperor, but they were also bitterly defeated.

This made Longdi, Linghujian, Qianye Saintess, and others all feel at heart. Fortunately, they followed the right team. Otherwise, if they want to enter the top 100 finals, they must at least have the posture of the gods to survive on their own. Have the ability to get away.

Conferred on the stage.

"Those two little guys are good, especially the one who uses the fist. His combined battle pet is actually a destiny-level dragon. It seems that he still retains his strength."

"This person has a good talent and can comprehend hundreds of rules. Unfortunately, if he specializes in one element, he may already be able to make his debut and be able to step into the star realm at any time."

"Which galaxy is this from, can you worship a master?"

"Don't even think about it. How could anyone at this level be instructed? It's impossible to recruit disciples. It's okay to solicit them."

On the stage, many Conferred Gods have noticed a battle that just broke out. Although there are many geniuses in the mainland, there are also 20 or 30 little guys with the posture of Conferred Gods, but not everyone is fighting, so The battle just now attracted the attention of many Conferred Gods.

When Shiro heard what they were talking about, his face finally showed a smile, which was a long face for Sylvie, especially Su Ping, who could actually enslaved such a powerful genius for his own use. He saw the golden wheel youth. The Conferred God of the galaxy where he was, his face was as dark as the bottom of a pot, and he hadn't laughed.

It's no wonder that if it was him, if Su Ping and Su Jin'er were enslaved, he probably wanted to find a place to sew in.

"There is nothing wrong with the Hundred Dao rules. I think he has the aura of Dao fruit. I think it was realized by the fruit of the rule. Although there are few things, it is not without it. I heard that in other star regions, there are also several fruit that use the rules. One of the demons of ascension has comprehended more than two hundred rules, and I don't know what kind of power can erupt."

A Fengshen old man suddenly said.

Others heard the words, and some people were surprised and said: "More than two hundred rules? Tsk, are you not afraid to die? If you can absorb all of them, it's okay. It will definitely become very scary, but if you can't digest them, just these rules. The in-depth research of the company requires a lot of energy, which may not be a good thing."

"I think this person's control of the rules is not bad. Although it is not that amazing, but after spending some time, he should be able to understand a deeper level. On the contrary, his star power and physique are somewhat exaggerated."

"This is the fact that the star power in this little guy's body is incredible, and it also has a special killing attribute. I don't know how to cultivate it, it's weird."

"Anyway, if you cultivate a good student, you can hope to be a **** in the future, and now it is cost-effective to recruit in advance."

Although some Conferred Gods saw some problems with Su Ping, overall they were quite satisfied.

Although the posture of the Conferred God does not mean that he can definitely become a Conferred God, it just possesses such potential, but even if he cannot be Conferred, he is at least a first-rate master in the Star Master Realm.

Soliciting in advance, given a few thousand years, you can harvest a conferred god, which is definitely a cost-effective business.

time flies.

As the terrain shrinks, the Su Ping people encounter more and more battles, and occasionally there will be loss of personnel around them. From the initial more than 60 people, after four or five battles, there are six fewer, only more than 50 points. .

In the subsequent battles, Su Ping's performance did not disappoint those who were optimistic about him. Every battle and every victory showed strong star power and physical strength.

In an instant, two days passed.

The huge deep-space continent has shrunk to one continent.

This is the area of only one continent of the Blue Star. For these geniuses, the perception of the star's mind is like a hundred miles of vertical and horizontal, and a small continent can be hit by walking around.

Fighting broke out more and more frequently.

In this battle, several places were also regarded as restricted areas by others.

One of them is the mountain range with peaks entrenched by the Suping people.

The peaks here have shrunk into small dirt bags, and they can be crushed with one foot. They can only use the power of the pet beast to rebuild the big peaks and lay down the sword formation.

There are also a few places where ruthless people are sitting.

"very scary!"

"It was directly defeated, and there was no way to escape. Is this the nine gods of war? I heard that if it is properly cultivated, there is even a possibility of becoming a supreme..."

"That little guy can be considered to be a god, he was crushed, and he didn't even enter the top 100..."

On the stage of the Conferred Gods, everyone was shocked when they saw the battle that had just happened.

The two sides of this battle are the top evildoers they are concerned about. They thought it would be a battle between dragons and tigers, but unexpectedly, the battle ended very quickly, and one of them was overwhelmingly defeated.

The winner is the champion from the Udi galaxy that they have been paying attention to and talking about.

"There is a slight possibility of becoming the supreme..."

The expressions of many Conferred Gods have become dignified, this is an eternal genius that they can't ignore.

Shiro was sitting on the periphery, with solemn eyes and a sigh in his heart. It would be great if such a monster was born in their Sylvie. This time, the Udi galaxy is completely famous, and the entire galaxy is honored by this little guy. Once in the future He really became the Supreme, that is a great thing, the entire galaxy will become the home of the Supreme, and the entire universe will be known by name.

"Now that there are fewer and fewer people, shall we continue to stand still?"

Among the peaks of the sword formation, Su Ping people gathered here, and the Saintess of Chiba looked at Su Ping and asked in a low voice.

Up to now, Su Ping's existence has affected them, whether they can be promoted, everyone is centered on Su Ping, like Zhongxing Pengyue.

Su Ping nodded and said, "Others are doing the same. They are all preparing for the final battle."

"But, if this is the case, how do we decide the top 100?" a young man asked curiously.

Su Ping smiled slightly and said, "The terrain keeps shrinking, even if everyone doesn't move, it will eventually reach the point of face-to-face, sooner or later, shopping."

Everyone is silent.

If the number of people has not been reduced to a hundred, the terrain will continue to shrink until the number of people reaches the standard, that is, they will soon passively meet with others.

"We have more than 30 people now, I don't know how many are left outside." Long Di squinted.

The previous fifty or sixty people had lost a lot of people after two days of chaos. Although Su Ping was strong and their number was large, they also encountered hard bones and were taken away.

Su Ping didn't speak, but looked at a young girl sitting next to Su Jin'er.

The latter wandered around, met them, joined them with three people, and set up camp here.

"I heard that this time there was an evildoer, and the one who awakened was one of the nine gods. It was very scary." Su Jin'er looked at Su Ping and said in a low voice, with a vague solemnity in her eyes.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows and said, "Where did you hear about it."

"Those who were killed by me, some of them have already met, and some survivors have barely escaped, but that person does not seem to be particularly bloodthirsty, I hope we will not meet." Su Jiner said.

Su Ping smiled and said, "You don't seem to be the kind of person who can shrink back."

Su Jiner gave him a white look, "I don't want to let people see the cards clearly in advance."

Su Ping was noncommittal, and said, "But you said that there was only one person. If we really met, we may not be afraid of him."

"Maybe." Su Jin'er shook her head and didn't elaborate with Su Ping. After communicating with Su Ping during this period, she secretly figured out that Su Ping doesn't seem to have a deep understanding of some common sense things. The battle body of the Great God System was not too impressive, but she did, and she knew what it meant.

A trace of potential that is expected to be respected!

There was a flash of heat in her eyes, but it quickly converged.

Even if she didn't have the nine great god-type combat bodies, relying on that ancient tactic and her own methods, she was expected to cultivate to supreme.

In a blink of an eye, another half day passed.

The terrain has shrunk again, and there is another group of people adjacent to Su Ping. It seems that three or four galaxies have gathered. Among them, there are four people with top combat power, all of whom are gods.

When the war broke out, Su Ping, Su Jin'er, Jinlun Youth and others attacked, faced the four, and finally forced them to retreat.

The others were not so lucky and lost eight more people, leaving only their early twenties.

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