Astral Pet Store Chapter 912

Chapter 1009: Divine Body Inheritance Skills (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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"There are so many evildoers!"

At the end of the war, the youth of Jinlun and Su Jiner both looked solemn. Among the previous group, there were actually four people who were comparable to them. In addition to the previous encounters, they felt that there were at least a dozen people here, and they were evenly matched. Of combat power.

They thought they met Su Ping, but they were only a few of them, but now they discovered that the universe is really too big, they are all special enough, and they have so many secrets, but others are also not inferior.

Linghujian, Dragon Emperor, Qianye Saintess, and others are taking a rest, feeling heavy. The biggest gain from this battle is to completely wipe out the pride in their hearts. It feels like When I went back to the beginning of the practice again, I was ignorant and full of awe for everything.

Su Ping was also resting. He had anticipated it in his mind, but he was not too surprised. After all, he had seen many alternatives in many nurturing worlds, not to mention being a pet master, some wild monsters, when in the starry sky, There is a power comparable to the star master.

In addition, he saw Diqiong in the Golden Crow World, as well as the other Golden Crows.

Throwing here are monsters that can challenge beyond the ranks.

Monster beasts are even like this, let alone human beings piled up with countless resources.

A few hours later, they met again with a group of people. The number was not large, and they were in their early tens. The first one was also a top genius with the posture of a god. As soon as they encountered an ambush, the other party realized that something was wrong. After the fight, his face suddenly changed, and he made a decisive escape and quickly escaped.

Su Ping and the Golden Wheel Youth tried to block, but failed to stop him. Su Ping didnt feel much, but the Golden Wheel youth was a pity. If they could expel a top genius from the top 100 seats, it would definitely cause a sensation. The conferred gods outside have noticed this, and even the supreme will pay attention.

Unfortunately, such an opportunity was missed again.

After half a day, the mainland shrank again, and only a few hills were seen in the distance.

There are six forces in total, Su Ping is one of them, and there are five forces left, ranging from seven or eight people to dozens of people. In addition, some people in the same galaxy around them have been eliminated, leaving only the top of the lonely family. genius.

These geniuses wandered off the court and watched coldly. As long as they were not besieged by the rest of the crowd, they would basically not be defeated.

"Brother, I think there are too many people on your side. I heard from this friend earlier that some of you are peerless evildoers. Like me, they should all belong to the top cluster here. It is better for us to solve the problem peacefully. Individuals, do not infringe each other?"

A dozen figures stood on a large mountain on the east side. Although there were not as many people as Su Ping's side, two of them were the top evildoers defeated by Su Ping and the others. They actually joined this group at this moment.

It was the leader of the young man who seemed to be tall and full of spirits. As soon as he said this, some of the people around him changed their faces and became a little nervous.

On Su Ping's side, Fang Hanxue, Xia Li and others also looked ugly and looked at Su Ping nervously.

After seeing so many battles, they know that they want to enter the top 100 with their strength, and they are a little delusional. They are definitely the people who are dragging their feet here. Even the evildoers like Linghujian and Longdi, if they are unlucky, There is a possibility of leaving the game early. If Su Ping wants to exchange, this is a good thing for Su Ping and Longdi, and it can avoid injury and consumption.

"This is a good way."

Su Ping spoke. These words made many people feel nervous, but soon, Su Ping then asked: "But it's not just us here, we have exchanged, how can you guarantee that other people can also be like us, everyone loses? How many people will come out, and everyone will end the audition in harmony?"

The young man smiled and said: "Since your Excellency is interesting, we can unite. I heard that there are several top-notch guys on your side. I also have them. If we can merge, we will negotiate with others. There should be no one. Dare to disagree?"

Su Ping smiled and said, "This is a good idea, but if we merge, who do we listen to?"

The young man seemed to have expected Su Ping to ask that, and said with a smile: "It is reasonable to say that it is natural who is listening to others, but we are merged to avoid consumption, so if there is something, we should negotiate together."

Su Ping nodded and said, "In this case, we don't need to hand over someone anymore. You and I are merged, and the total number is less than fifty. It's better to merge first and then discuss with others."

The young man immediately understood Su Ping's thoughts and said with a smile: "It's OK."

Behind him, two young men with the aptitude of the gods stood silently. They had gotten away from Su Ping before, and everyone around them was defeated. But at this moment, they saw Su Ping again, except from the bottom of their hearts. I remembered things from the bottom of my heart, but didn't express it on the surface, and now the overall situation is more important.

When other people saw that Su Ping had discussed with the young man, they were relieved, but they still felt a little worried. If they meet other people who are unwilling to join, they still have to choose someone.

"Go, go over there and ask."

The youth greeted Su Ping.

Su Ping thought for a while and agreed.

Although there are sword formations mentioned by Linghu Jian, it is now time to go shopping, they can merge, and other shares can also merge. Before they merge, they are the first to take advantage.

Even though he would abandon the sword formation here, the power of the sword formation, which Su Ping had tested before, was only equivalent to one shot of 80% of his power. It was not as overwhelming as Linghu Jian said, and it could be used by any star master. The defeat is purely exaggerated.

"Under Wu Linchuan, what do you call your Excellency?"

"Su Ping."

The young man nodded, led the people around him, and flew towards some place in front of him.

Su Ping also set off immediately. Su Jin'er, Linghujian and others followed and did not speak. In their group, Su Ping has the absolute right to speak. The only one who can give advice is Su Jin'er, but Su Jin'er has nothing to say to Su Ping. Expressed obedience, did not sing against him, and felt a little indifferent.

Although the two groups moved forward together, they were secretly guarding each other. Although it was said that it was a merger, Su Ping naturally did not dare to really hand over his back to each other.

This kind of verbal merger will dissolve at any time.

As they were on their way, suddenly, thousands of miles away on the west side, the sky suddenly turned red, and there was a faint rolling sound wave, and there seemed to be a big battle.

Su Ping and Wu Linchuan looked at each other, both understood what the other party meant. Without saying anything, they turned quickly and rushed directly to the west side.

If you can get to the bottom, naturally it is the best.

If you want to stay, you can only kick others out.

On the west side.

A great battle erupted, the divine light was shining, and various elemental skills were densely covered, covering the sky, tearing apart the third dimension, and violent elemental particles filled it.

The power of the rules is vertical and horizontal, and there are a large number of scattered rules, which are diffused into a mist, with the charm of Tao.

In the middle of this battle, three figures are fighting fiercely with one person. This person is golden in body, like a heavenly god, holding a moon king spear, on both sides of the spear are sharp crescent axes, murderously engulfed at this moment. An extremely strong and thick rule, covered with divine power, will destroy all the attacks that swept the surrounding area.


He roared abruptly, and the sound wave exploded, instantly dispersing the chaotic energy around him, revealing a clear sky.

"A group of indigenous people, long-winded, can they dare to look to the top 100 with this little strength? Broken!"

Suddenly, the divine light broke out in this person's eyes, and the spear waved with a thud, and a huge hole appeared in the space around him, like a whirlpool, and there was a terrible attraction in the whirlpool.

"No, my power of rules has been swallowed!"

"Look at his body, this, is this a god-body inheritance technique?!"

The three people who were fighting with him all had their pupils shrunk, and the many geniuses who attacked with secret techniques outside were a little stunned and puzzled when they heard the words of the three leading evildoers.

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