Astral Pet Store Chapter 913

Chapter 1010: Three out of one (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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In this person's chest, there is a terrible vortex, spinning like a black hole, swallowing and distorting the surrounding rules and energy.

The three Tianjiao who fought with him were greatly reduced in their combat power at this moment, and their faces were terrified. They had only heard of such methods in legends. Only the extremely top combat bodies could awaken such terrible abilities!


The fighting continued for a while, and the three of them became weaker and weaker as they fought, and finally no longer nostalgic, fleeing in grief and anger.

"Who is this guy, so strong!"

"With one enemy and three, they actually smashed them. The combat power of these three is top-notch, and it's not lost to me..."

On the outer edge of the battlefield, a line of sight was cast from deep into the sky, all with surprise and solemnity.

Su Ping and Wu Linchuan, who had just arrived here, stood hundreds of miles away and looked at the scene. Wu Linchuan stopped quickly, a little shocked. Obviously, he did not expect that some of these contestants would be so brave.

"Awakening the divine body inheritance skills, this person's divine body must be a very rare top combat body!"

"Terror, such a guy can come and go freely, even if he is surrounded, he can easily get out, no one can stop here!"

Wu Linchuan and the several enchanting evildoers with the aptitude of the gods around him were shocked. There is a day outside the sky. The Su Ping that had been encountered before was already regarded as the strongest among evildoers, and he did not expect another monster to appear now.

"This is the god-body inheritance technique?"

Su Ping was also watching this battle, eyes flickering.

Beside him, Su Jin'er's pretty face was quite solemn, and she whispered: "If I'm not mistaken, this person should be the guy who circulated outside, this is a top **** type warrior!"

The Jinlun Youth, Linghujian and others next to them all had shocked eyes. They were also in the Destiny Realm. The gap was too big!

They suddenly felt the mood of other ordinary geniuses in front of them.


At this time, after defeating the three top players, the man burst into force, chasing and defeating all the other geniuses who had no time to escape. He held a sharp gun and looked around the world, seeming to see the solemn gaze hiding in the deep space.

"The beasts only walk alone, the ants live in groups, and a group of chickens and dogs, with this ability, also want to sprint to the top 100? How about letting you enter the top 100?"

He sneered and made no secret of his contempt, "Hurry up and end it for me, otherwise I will kill them one by one!"


Everyone was shocked by his words. Someone showed anger on their faces, but when they thought of the strength that the opponent had just broken out in the first battle, they immediately drenched their heads like cold water and restrained them.

Outside the court of God, on the stage of the Conferred God.

Many Conferred Gods are also paying attention to this battle. The audition has now come to an end. There are only hundreds of survivors, and they will soon be eliminated into the top 100.

"It's worthy of being one of the nine gods of the battle body, this comprehension is also amazing, you can actually awaken the battle body inheritance skills in the destiny realm!"

"This battle body seems to be reincarnation? Tsk, I heard that even if someone with this battle body is beheaded, he has the ability to regenerate reincarnation. In the next life, when he is a child, he will awaken the memory of this life, practice since childhood, and surpass it all the way!"

"Not only that, this inheritance skill pours out and destroys other people's star power and rules, it is invincible at the same level!"

The eyes of many Conferred Gods were shining. From the perspective of aptitude alone, this person could go extremely far. Conferring the gods was not difficult for him. Once the words of Conferring Gods, he would definitely be the best among the Conferred Gods.

You know, under the supreme is the conferred god.

It is also extremely top and terrifying to be able to become the best conferred god. After all, the supreme does not show up all the year round, and is all around the conferred god.

"This kind of genius, how come I was born Sylvie..." Shiro was also watching this battle, sighing and regretful in his heart, but this thought quickly flashed, Sylvie came out with two top geniuses like Su Ping and Su Jin'er. , Can be considered lucky, after all, there are many top geniuses in other galaxies.

At this moment, the melee broke out in the deep space continent again.

With the outbreak of the reincarnation youth, the other remaining forces also fought again. Some forces were found by this youth and could only flee, and some forces were jointly ambushed by Su Ping and Wu Linchuan and beaten. Rout.

Other forces are also ambushing other forces, and the situation is chaotic.

"Hmph, look at your ugly faces later!"

Some of the companions around them were watched by the monstrous top evil spirits and watched the battle coldly on the periphery of the battlefield. They did not participate anymore, and did not join other forces. If they continue to fight like this, the number will still exceed one hundred. Sooner or later, some people need to be eliminated.

They are not worried about being encircled, and if they really want to escape, it will be difficult for them to keep them even if they are the reincarnation deity youth.

Another half day passed.

The previous hundreds of people have been eliminated to less than one hundred and five at this moment. After the reincarnation **** body youth challenged several groups of people in succession, they were easily defeated, a little boring, and he stopped making moves later.

Su Ping and Wu Linchuan are now confronting another merged group.

"Well, according to my proposal, let's have some people each. Now the number of people left is not much. If you get twenty, we will get twenty, and it will basically be over."

On the opposite side, a group of geniuses gathered on the top of the mountain. The seven or eight headed by them were all top evildoers. At this moment, they stood together like a group of heaven and looked at Su Ping coldly.

Su Ping and Wu Linchuan also absorbed a lot of geniuses during the sweep. At the moment there are more than 80 people, slightly more than the other, but there are only six top geniuses like Su Jiner, one of them, It was Wu Linchuan who brought in the relationship, and the teammates of this person in the same galaxy were eliminated.

I was alone and widowed. I originally planned to do a side view, but after being persuaded by Wu Linchuan, he agreed to help him because of what he had promised.

"Brother Su, what do you think?"

Wu Linchuan did not answer, but turned to look at Su Ping.

During this battle, he also saw that Su Ping took action. Indeed, as the two evildoers who were defeated by Su Ping around him said, they were very tough. Among the top geniuses, they belonged to a stronger level. Even he was not sure. Can beat Su Ping, although he still has some cards that he hasn't used... but who knows if Su Ping also has reservations?

As the question was thrown at Su Ping, the eyes of the audience immediately focused on Su Ping.

Fang Hanxue, Ibetaluna and others have heavy eyes. They belong to the bottom-tier combat power in this group. If they are to be eliminated, they will definitely be eliminated first.

Su Ping did not pretend to be deep, shook his head and said: "The people around me are all coming with me to fight, fighting together for a long time, let them be eliminated like this, I don't want to."

Wu Linchuan frowned slightly. In fact, he wanted to agree with the other party. After all, he was tired after the battle until now. It would be best to end and leave early.

"This brother is really emotional!"

Opposite, the young man on the mountain frowned and said coldly: "Even if you bring your friends to the top 100, what can you do? In the subsequent battles, you will still lose. If the following rules of the game are more cruel, they will only It will be worse!"

Su Ping looked at him indifferently and said: "After all, it's just a game. They only need to see the situation clearly and give in early, so as not to lose their lives."

"So, do you want to give them a top 100 place for free?" The young man suddenly became angry and said: "I heard other people say that you are very strong and have defeated several top talents, but don't think so. You have the ability to shelter other people, and you are not that lunatic!"

The lunatic in his mouth is the young man who has awakened the divine body inheritance skills.

"what did you say?"

At this time, the young man resting in the deep sky suddenly opened his eyes, and two radiances of cold and electric light were shot.

The young man was startled, his face changed slightly, and said, "I didn't mean to offend you, don't blame it."

"End quickly, don't chirp, a bunch of rubbish!"

The young man snorted coldly, but did not make a move. He also saw the situation at the moment. If he made a move to teach this person, it would be cheaper for Su Ping on the side.

He was quite upset at Su Ping's remarks, seeing that he was not pleasing to the eye and didn't want to make him cheap.

I think I have some ability and want to protect others. It's stupid and ridiculous!

The weak should stay in the quagmire and want to crawl out without fear of getting outside!

Hearing the other's scolding, the faces of the two men and horses changed slightly. Those who came here were all geniuses from various galaxies, with arrogance and arrogance. Ever been insulted like this?

But thinking of the opponent's strength, I can only hold back.

Su Ping didn't feel much about this person's words. Anyway, he was definitely not what he said. He looked at the opposite young man and said, "Don't say more, let's have a fight. When there are only a hundred people left in the battle, just stop. "

"Your Excellency must make a big fuss?"

The young man's face was gloomy, and said, "Alright, don't you think we are afraid of you, but I'm going to come and learn!"

On Su Ping's side, Xia Li and the others had complex expressions, but they didn't expect Su Ping to protect them all the way to the end. Such kindness would be too heavy.

The madman next to him was right. Even if they were promoted to the top 100, they would lose out sooner or later, but just the top 100 place was very precious and could bring them great benefits.

Next to him, Wu Linchuan saw Su Ping talk in a few words, a little speechless, and a little helpless, but now, he can only take action with Su Ping, otherwise he will shrink back from the battle, or withdraw the people on his side, and treat him. His reputation also has some influence, and maybe that supreme is paying attention at this moment.

Thinking of this, he suddenly realized something. Could it be that Su Ping thought of this and insisted on it?

They don't know what kind of vision the supreme looks at people, but some supreme people like the kind-hearted people.

That's it.

Wu Linchuan shook his head secretly, and stopped thinking about it, first to resolve the immediate battle.


Soon, the fighting broke out. From the time of talks, it meant that we must fight a decisive battle.

Fang Hanxue and others also cheered up and devoted themselves to it. This was the opportunity that Su Ping gave them. If they were defeated and eliminated in the melee, they would not blame Su Ping, it was their own strength.

As soon as Su Ping and Su Jin'er took action, several people flew over from the opposite side. One of the women went straight to Su Jin'er. The face of this woman was cold, like a fairy in the dust, and her eyes seemed to have seen through the years of the world.

Su Jin'er only took a look, and she was dark in her heart, knowing that she had met the same guy.

On the other side, three figures flew towards Su Ping.

In addition to the young man who had previously talked to, there were two others, both of whom were top evildoers defeated by Su Ping.

"Since you want to eliminate, then we will eliminate you first!" The three approached Su Ping, murderously.

One of them sneered and said: "Remember me no, you defeated all my fellow galaxies before, now it's your turn to taste this taste!"

Su Ping raised his brows slightly, without saying much, directly called out the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, quickly merged, and then burst out power to kill the person.


The two people next to him immediately took action, and the powerful secret technique suppressed them, but Su Ping ignored him and killed the person who had just spoken.

The sneer on this person's face suddenly changed, and he was a little furious. Is Su Ping staring at him?

"Child, you are looking for death!"

He was smashed with fists and swords one after another by Su Ping, and the star power outside his body quickly shattered and was embarrassed. Before he was chased by Su Ping, he escaped only after hiding in the fifth dimension, but at the moment, he could not escape again under the full view of everyone.

And this is a decisive battle, the Supreme Lord is likely to watch the battle!

Su Ping did not say a word, and blasted out with a fist. The star power in his body was as vast as the ocean, and the cells in his body were filled with solid star power. At this moment, when he turned a little, a whale-like terrifying star power erupted, in accordance with the rules and gods. Fist, lethality is amazing.

The two people nearby also saw Su Pings intentions, and tried their best to hurt Su Ping, but what shocked them was that Su Ping had hundreds of rules at every turn. Although these rules were not as deep as their understanding, they were not as strong and strong as their single rules. , But weakened one by one, they can also withstand their rule attacks.

Except for regular attacks, the elements and powers attached to their secret skills seemed to have no effect on Su Ping.

"This guy has amazing physical resistance!"

"This physical body is simply the top monster beast in the starry sky!"

The two became more frightened as they fought.

The young man stared at by Su Ping saw Su Ping as if no one had killed him, and backed up again and again, and then looked at the two people next to him who were constantly attacking. He finally couldn't bear it, and said angrily: "Are you acting here? Why don't you try your best? If you don't help me stop him, I will leave!"


Both of them were silent for a while, with all their strength? Except for the hole cards, they have already used all their strength to suckle, but who knows, this guy is also a lunatic?

"There are so many monsters? Fortunately, this guy is not a top combat body, and he has no awakening combat body inheritance skills!"

The two looked ugly, and finally knew why Su Ping was unwilling to compromise.

With such combat power, why compromise with them?

The madman next to him was stronger than Su Ping, and he dared to point their noses and curse trash.

The three joined forces to fight Su Ping, but did not suppress Su Ping for a while. The fighting here quickly attracted the attention of others. At first, Linghujian and Su Jiner wanted to come and help, but they were surprised to see Su Ping stabilized. They didn't get close, and each challenged their opponents.

Wu Linchuan also saw Su Ping's situation here, and was shocked, but soon discovered that the two attacking Su Ping's moves looked gorgeous and terrifying, but the effect seemed to be very poor. Is this... acting?

Sure enough, temporary alliances are not reliable!

He secretly felt relieved in his heart, and stopped paying attention to Su Ping's side. If Su Ping is really eliminated, he doesn't matter, he doesn't know him anyway.

"Huh? This kid is a little bit interesting, not too wasteful." In the deep sky, the young man with the sacred body also noticed this scene, with a touch of warfare in his eyes.

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