Astral Pet Store Chapter 914

Chapter 1011: End (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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"If you shoot now, even if you win, you won't be victorious. When the top 100 is over, I will ask him to practice with him." The **** body youth said in his heart.

Su Ping was surrounded by people at this moment, and the fighting was fierce, and a lot of physical energy had been exhausted. He did not want to take advantage of others.

At this moment, Su Ping's battle with the three people became more intense. The youth he was staring at the hammer retreated one after another and suddenly coughed up blood. He roared and forced Su Ping back, and said angrily: "You play me? I won't be with you anymore! "

After speaking, he directly tore through the space and ventured into the fifth space to escape.

If Su Ping dared to chase him, he would pull him into the water here.

Naturally, Su Ping would not spend a lot of effort to chase, and force one back. The remaining two obviously eased. He turned to kill the other young man, regardless of the other person, and let him attack.

"How can it be!"

Both of them were shocked, a little speechless to the young man who had fled, and there was a bitterness in their hearts.

Su Ping's physique is too tough, apart from the power of the rules, the lethality of their own secret skills can only cause minor injuries to them, and it is difficult for Su Ping to pay attention.

Unless, they use their own cards, but in this case, the next battle will be guarded by others. In the subsequent finals, if they want to compete for the top ten spots, based on the current situation, it is basically hopeless.

These top geniuses are by no means content to only enter the top 100 in the constellation. They are all going to the championship of the universe genius competition. No matter how bad they are, they must compete in the top ten.

Only the top ten can enter the secret realm of Shenhai and obtain the key to the gods.

Expose your hole cards in advance and encounter the same top-notch guys and you are very likely to lose.

Su Ping also saw the thoughts of the two in front of him, his expression was calm, he did not take advantage of the situation to burst out stronger power, although in that case, he can shelter everyone around him, but it will also expose some of his trump cards. The next game was quite unfavorable.

The trio moved while fighting. Although they kept their hole cards, the strength of the trio was far superior to that of other geniuses, and they played extremely fiercely.

"Come on, help contain it!"

The young man who had previously talked to Su Ping had an ugly face. After escaping one person, they were obviously struggling to deal with Su Ping. This shocked him a bit. Although he still had cards that were useless, the power released was enough to suppress many geniuses. At the moment it was two-to-one, but Su Ping actually suppressed it.

This guy is definitely the enchantment second only to that lunatic!

He understood at this moment why Su Ping dared to forcibly protect others.

He does have this power.

Hearing this young man's call, there was no movement around him. The young man swept around and suddenly felt cold. Their people were all controlled by Su Ping's people, and no one could be distracted to help.

He realized that at this time there was an urgent shortage of combat power to break this balance.

But the person who had previously cooperated has fled, and they have no extra manpower at the moment.

"Everyone, who will help me defeat him, I will exchange it with a thousand spirits divine fruit!"

He hurriedly said loudly.

Hearing what he said, some of the top evildoers who were sitting on the sidelines were all startled. I didnt expect the other party to be willing to make such a big deal. The thousand spirits fruit is a treasure that can enhance understanding, and the effect can be accumulated. The more you eat, the more terrifying your understanding. Rumor After eating more than three capsules, his savvy is already unforgettable and he can be called a genius.

Anything will make sense at the first glance, and it will make sense as soon as you speak.

Only the most profound and complex secret skills need to spend some thought.

And if you eat five, comprehending the rules is as simple as drinking water.

"Hmph, Xia Sanyan." Hearing the shout, the sacred young man curled his mouth, revealing a bit of disdain. Among so many people, Su Pingfang's strength can make him appreciate a little. Others People are in his eyes, except for rubbish, which is slightly better rubbish. It makes no difference.

"I come."

In the void, someone responded immediately, and then stepped out a burly man with a sun pattern on his arm. He stared at him and said, "You can count on your words?"

"With all the Conferred Gods watching this place, and at the feet of the Supreme God's Court, how dare I lie?" the young man said hurriedly.

"it is good."

This brawny man thought, too, just as he was about to step out, suddenly a spear shot came from the deep air, rolling endless murderous intent.

The burly man's face changed, and a terrifying force burst out in an instant, slapped on the void, and pushed himself backwards, avoiding the shot.

"What does it mean to deceive more with less? Being able to deceive more with less is the same as the master."

The figure of the **** body youth stepped out from deep space, carrying the Moon King Spear, his eyes were stunned, and everyone around him was shocked, but he did not expect that this lunatic would actually intervene in their battle.

"What do you mean?" The brawny man's expression changed, a little annoyed.

Wu Linchuan and the others were also shocked. They didn't expect that the terrifying young man I saw earlier would actually help Su Ping.

"It's just to let you go. If you want to fight, I'll accompany you!" The **** body youth said unceremoniously.

"Boy, you are tired of living!" The strong man's face was gloomy, and his eyes were staring at him angrily. What a character he is, he has long been a god, and now this is a reinvented body, it is absolutely unreasonable to be insulted by a junior at this moment!


The young man with the sacred body directly swung his spear, and a crescent-like spear light swept across, with a terrifying suction power.

The burly man's face changed suddenly, he hurriedly backed away, and his heart became more and more angry.

"You know?"

At this moment, the young man who had spoken out and invited the surrounding helpers to speak was a little aggrieved and angry.

The **** body youth said indifferently: "I don't know him, but I admire him. Although you guys are quite weak, you beat one out of three, and you get beaten up after being beaten. I'm a bit unhappy!"


This young man wants to vomit blood. How can we fight? It's your shit, why do you jump out without knowing you?

Su Ping also looked surprised. He didn't expect that this person would jump out to help. He nodded at the other party, which was regarded as receiving this favor.

As the **** body youth jumped out of the mess, the brawny man could only stop, and the thousand-spirit divine fruit in his hand could only fly away. Su Ping stood still more bravely, and the star power in his body seemed inexhaustible. Finally, the two men Forced to retreat, without their restraint, Su Ping directly entered the battle of other geniuses, like a tiger into a pack of wolves.

The pressure of Fang Hanxue, Xia Li, Klaisabeth and others suddenly dropped. The enemy in front of him was solved by Su Ping in twos and threes. They were speechless for a while. They fought hard for a long time, and they were not sure to defeat them. The result was in front of Su Ping. The losers are like catkins, which shows that the gap between them and Su Ping is also outrageous.


As the number of people continued to decrease, the young man and others finally gritted their teeth and gave up, abandoned the others, and chose to leave.

Wu Linchuan breathed a sigh of relief and immediately led the crowd to chase and kill all the other geniuses.

As they chased them all the way, not long after, the whole world trembled. The oppression of the surrounding world disappeared in an instant. All attacks quietly dissipated at this moment. The condensed regular power, secret techniques, and killer moves were all like this. Disappeared like a breeze.

"The audition is over."

A stalwart and indifferent voice sounded in everyone's mind.

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