Astral Pet Store Chapter 916

Chapter 1013: Fragment (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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Su Ping's eyes flashed, and he incited the rules of annihilation to smash the sharp blades apart, leaving one behind and reaching out to grab it.

With a squeak, the sharp blade ran across the palm, and there was a slight cut pain.

Seeing the blood in his palm, Su Ping's heart shuddered. He raised his head and looked at the other climbing ladders, and saw that the other people above also encountered similar attacks, and were exploding to resist.

"It doesn't seem to be an illusion."

Su Ping did not stop and continued to move upward.

The attack just now was comparable to the initial rules of the Starry Sky Territory. It was of moderate intensity. Su Ping was not impatient or impatient, and climbed slowly. Anyway, there are three days. This time the ranking is based on the final position.

"Get out of the way!"


In the rear, an impatient voice sounded, and a figure with a strong sense of oppression strode towards a climbing ladder. It was the young man with the sacred body who was previously in the Deep Space Continent that made many people jealous.

"I heard that someone has awakened the Divine Body Inheritance Skill, that guy?"

"He seems to be the reincarnation of one of the nine gods, and he has the mysterious power to reverse life and death and the rules!"

"Nine god-type battle bodies? No, I heard that many Conferred Gods do not have such rare battle bodies!"

The other geniuses who were still waiting and watching were all focusing on the wild and domineering figure, whispering.

Unfortunately, the latter acted too arrogantly. Many people who wanted to come forward to strike up a conversation and make friends were a bit hesitant, feeling that they might be slapped in the face to please.

At this moment, the sacred youth had come to a climbing ladder. Four or five figures were climbing on it. When they heard the movement behind them, they all turned their heads and looked at them, and their expressions changed slightly.


The **** body youth did not speak, but squatted abruptly, then stomped his feet suddenly and swished, his body jumped tens of meters high and came to eleven handles.

He stretched out his hand and grabbed it, his face changed slightly, as if he could feel the extraordinary of Tiandao Mountain.


He swept his eyes and saw Su Ping on the side climbing ladder, and said: "Boy, it's a pity that the game system has been changed, and there is no chance to play against you. Let's climb the mountain!"

"Huh?" Su Ping didn't expect that the other party would try him out. The other party helped him during the audition. He also read a favor. It seems that people just do it casually and don't care at all.

"Okay, how do you compare?" Su Ping asked.

"How about ten handles?"

The young man raised a hand and shook it, saying: "When you are in the final ranking, if you climb to a position close to my ten handles, even if I lose!"

Su Ping was taken aback, couldn't help but shook his head and smiled, and said, "Let's go."

"Then you can do your best!" Shentian Qingxiao laughed, and then suddenly exerted force, his arms shook the handles, he suddenly jumped up, jumped directly to the seventeen handles, and immediately surpassed Su Ping's five handles.

He didn't look back, but continued to climb forward.

Su Ping took a look, and then withdrew his gaze. He was not in a hurry, but continued to crawl slowly, hand by hand.

"This guy is really arrogant!"

"But he really has an arrogant capital. That guy is also an evildoer, but he shouldn't be able to compare with the reincarnation body."

"By the way, what kind of combat body is that guy?"

Others have also heard about the bet between the God-body youth and Su Ping. Although Su Pings status in the hearts of everyone is not as high as that of the God-body youth, it is also a top-level evildoer. Even such evildoers are directly despised by the God-body youth. , Let alone their sub-geniuses.

It is estimated that in the eyes of the other party, it is no different from ordinary passers-by.

But in fact, they are all chosen from dozens of planets and tens of billions of people.

As someone asked questions, suddenly many people were stunned, especially those who had fought side by side with Su Ping or had fought against Su Ping.

What kind of combat body is Su Ping?

They didn't seem to have seen Su Ping ever explode in combat power before.

and many more.

This guy has such terrible combat power without using a battle body? !

Thinking of this, many people were suddenly shocked, and their gazes at Su Ping were full of horror.


Some people sighed.

Linghujian, Longdi and others also fell silent.

"This guy, seems to be really a vegan?" In the distance, Su Jin'er looked at Su Ping's back, her eyes flickered slightly. She was on Su Ping, and she couldn't feel the kind of breath that was close to her. If the other party was really "Vegan", then this talent is a bit scary!

As the players on the climbing ladder encountered attacks one after another, those who had previously competed with each other also understood why others did not compete, most of which had already guessed the mystery.

For a while, many people stopped below, intending to see the dangers of Tiandao Mountain.

Soon, the god-body youth was the fastest and had already climbed to the twenty-hand position.

As soon as he arrived, when he grabbed the handle, a cloud of thunder suddenly appeared above his head, penetrating from the deep space, filled with a strong atmosphere of rules.

The young man suddenly raised his head and opened his mouth, and the divine thunder fell, and he was inhaled by one mouthful.

Then a full hiccup sounded, and he laughed and said, "It's too weak, too weak!"

After speaking, he continued to climb forward quickly, and in a blink of an eye he climbed to the twenty-fifth handle. Suddenly, his body stopped for a while and stood still. After a few seconds, he resumed his action and laughed. , Continue to climb up.

It didn't take long for the **** body youth to climb all the way, and in just a few minutes, he came to more than forty handles. There was no strange sight in the middle, but every time he climbed out of a handle, his body paused slightly.

This situation also appeared in other climbers, but they only appeared after the top twenty.

Someone speculated and said: "This should be to prevent us from cheating. We are not climbing and cannot see the attacks they encountered. It seems that wanting others to be guinea pigs is useless. We can only rely on ourselves."

"If you are not in a hurry, I will jump over it first."

Behind Su Ping, a young man frowned and said.

Had he not seen Su Ping's performance before, he wouldn't have spoken so politely.

At this moment, Su Ping had just reached the twenty-hands position, and the people on the other climbing ladders who were at night than Su Ping rushed to thirty. The god-body youth reached the forty-hands position, and the speed was frightening.

"Oh, go ahead."

Su Ping turned sideways slightly and let the other party jump.

The young man immediately stopped talking nonsense, and directly leaned forward, pressed his arms, and jumped over Su Ping directly with the power of his hand, and came to his head.

These handles are like staples, nailed to the mountain, and each handle is several meters apart.

The young man who jumped on top of Su Ping's head paused for a while, then used his strength to climb again and jumped to the upper handle.

Su Ping took a look and continued climbing on his own.

There will be some rule attacks on every hand, and these attacks will be defeated, and there will be scattered rule fragments. Although these rules are relatively superficial, they add up to more, and it is still quite profitable for Su Ping.

For other geniuses, these rule fragments are useless. The single rule they understand is too deep, and these insights cannot bring them improvement.

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