Astral Pet Store Chapter 917

Chapter 1014: One hundred ladders (for subscription and monthly pass)

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"Sure enough, this one took the lead, and the reincarnation body is really extraordinary."

"It seems that the first echelon will be formed soon."

On the conferred **** stage, many conferred gods are also watching the situation inside.

After the previous brutal audition, only a hundred people are now left. If according to the previous rules, those who can be promoted to the top 100 stars, even if they cannot be crowned gods, they will be famous people in the star realm in the future.

And this time the rules, although more cruel, but many people hugged their thighs and luckily advanced.

But in front of Tiandao Mountain, all the luck will be gone. Only when the rules, secret skills, combat power, spiritual will and other aspects are impeccable, can they stand out from the crowd.

"When it comes to a hundred ladders, the real test is coming."

"With the abilities of these little guys, people who can exceed a hundred ladders have at least the number of hands."

"I don't know if the little fellow with the reincarnation body can perform miracles and climb to two hundred ladders, where he can directly feel the impact of Taoism. If he has this qualification, tsk tsk..."

Among these players, the reincarnation youth has undoubtedly become the focus of everyone's attention. After all, there is a glimmer of hope to become the supreme prince, if you regard him as a pet beast, then it is a young beast with supreme blood!

Everyone wants to see how evil the Supreme will be when he is in the Destiny Realm!

"Come on!"

Among the Conferred Gods, Xi Luo looked at Su Ping, who was slowly climbing at the twenty-hand position, and silently encouraged him.

Su Ping had previously challenged three top geniuses alone in the final battle in the audition, and his performance was amazing. From the perspective of this group of players, the talent is second only to that of the reincarnation god.

There are no more than three Tianjiao who can rival Su Ping.

If Su Ping works hard, he is very likely to enter the top three of the star area!

Among the players from the previous seven or eight sessions of their Sylvie galaxy, none of them can enter the top ten of the star zone, and the highest sprint is also twelve. It can only be regarded as medium among many galaxies.

Tiandao Mountain.

Everyone was climbing on the five climbing ladders. Su Ping was on one of the climbing ladders. At this moment, he had just climbed to the twenty-four handles. A terrifying dragon head suddenly appeared in front of him, protruding from the deep sky, He bit him hard.

This is an extinct ancient dragon, with a thunderous and intimidating growl in its throat.

But Su Ping noticed that around the dragon's head, other climbers didn't seem to see the dragon's head. They were still climbing.

In this situation, Su Ping appeared when he surpassed the 20th commander. The scene that everyone encountered was only visible to him. It sounded like an illusion, but in fact, Su Ping tried to endure it, but it was really injured. Up.


Su Ping blasted out with a punch, and the leaping dragon head suddenly collapsed and turned into a strange group of rules, very messy, with mixed emotions such as killing, bloodthirsty, and so on.

Su Ping digested slowly for a while, feeling a little rewarding, and then continued climbing.

When Su Ping came to the thirty-hands, he found that the rule attack encountered here had obviously increased another step, and it seemed that every ten-hands would greatly increase the difficulty.

In this matter, the young man with the sacred body had already climbed to the seventieth handle, leading the way.

"True ink!"

Seeing that Su Ping was still at the 30th hand, the young man snorted coldly. Of course he didnt think that Su Pings combat power could only reach the 30th hand. He didnt feel that he had made much effort even after climbing to the 70th. For Su Ping, this is absolutely nothing, but the latter insists on ink, which makes him confused.

He didn't bother to talk any more, and climbed up quickly.

The higher he climbed, the stronger the rule attack he encountered. After being crushed, the insights brought by the rule fragments gave him a little bit of gain.

However, he has become enlightened, and this kind of rule fragments has been of little help to him, but it only made him a little more impressed by other rules.

time flies.

In a blink of an eye, half a federal day passed.

At this moment, there are already four figures, more than a hundred ladder handles, and the **** body youth is still far ahead, reaching one hundred and twenty ladders. The other three top geniuses also show amazing climbing speeds, followed closely behind.

And Su Jin'er and the golden wheel youth who was enslaved by Su Ping just arrived at the ninety handle, and they didn't seem to be in a hurry, and they didn't make much effort yet.

As soon as Su Ping climbed to the fifty ladder, his crawling speed was getting slower and slower, slowly assimilating and digesting.

If they hadn't seen Su Ping's performance in the sea elections, many people would have seen Su Ping's climbing speed and would only think that he was a rookie who got in with his thigh.

"No, how can they be so fast?"

"I feel that I have reached my limit. I don't know if I can climb a hundred ladders."

Fang Hanxue, Xia Li, Kleishabeth and others are also climbing, but they are all at the height of seventy to eighty ladders. What makes their scalp numb is that they are already struggling to cope with the attack here. , According to the increasing difficulty, it is estimated to be 90, which is the limit.

On the other hand, those enchanting evildoers like Su Ping climbed to ninety places, and still seemed effortless, with a relaxed expression.

"It's so sad to be born in the same universe as these guys!"

"I thought it would be very scary for a wizard like me to easily understand the rules with a little brainstorming, but these guys are all ghosts!"

When Kleisabel climbed to the eighty-eighth ladder, he was already exhausted and gasped. He almost wanted to explode when he saw the sacred youth who had already climbed the one hundred and thirty ladder.

"I don't want to lose!"

On the other side, Longdi grabbed the handle at ninety-five places, his eyes were slightly red, and the attack he had encountered before made him try his best to solve it. He felt that his body seemed to be torn apart, and a battle had just broken out. , No one else saw it, but he was already playing dimly.

All this is simply an illusion, but the severe pain in his body, as well as the consumption of physical energy and star power, are real.

Looking up, he saw the figures above his head, his face was extremely ugly.

Once in the Dragon Tomb Academy, he was the emperor in the academy. Everyone felt pressure and awe when everyone talked about his name, but here, he was surpassed by ten people.

Thinking that this was only one of the twelve star regions in the universe, he felt even weaker.

I don't know what kind of gods will be the people who will eventually board the genius battlefield!

In a blink of an eye, another half day passed.

At this moment, the climbing speed of the people on the climbing ladder has obviously slowed down, including the godlike youth on the top.

But at this moment, on the five climbing ladders, hundreds of geniuses have divided the strength gap. Most of them are struggling at the handles of the seventy to eighty ladders. A few climbed on the ninety ladders, and only ten people climbed over one hundred. Four or five.

In this, the **** body youth is the most terrifying. He has climbed to one hundred and seventy ladders. Although the speed has slowed down, it is about the same as the climbing speed of the people below. Every place has stayed for a long time. It seems to be fighting hard, but anyway, this way The height is beyond the reach of people.

Many geniuses who felt the limit on the Eighty Ladder, looking up at this moment, can see the figure that climbs the highest, on top and in front of everyone, with complex expressions.

It's so dazzling!

Numerous geniuses selected from various galaxies, and then selected the top 100, in the end, they are still the most dazzling among the top 100. I believe that it will not be long before the entire universe will know the name of this genius and receive countless influences. The invitation sent will even get the attention of the Supreme Divine Court.

Thinking of these kinds of things, many people's faces are gloomy, and their hearts are deeply shocked.

In this contest, they all became foils.

"His speed has begun to decay. Starting from one hundred and fifty, the area is close to a complete Dao."

"The enemy's combat power will also be the pinnacle of the Star Realm!"

"It's amazing to be able to climb to one hundred and seven. If the Star Master Realm does not use the power of faith, it is probably not the opponent of this guy."

"If you give him a secret treasure that can withstand the power of faith, with his combat power, he can completely compete with the early stage of the star master realm, tusk, this is the supreme potential, and it has crossed two realms!"


On the stage of conferring the gods, many conferring gods were surprised to see the performance of the god-body youth.

I have to say that among these geniuses, the latter's performance is too eye-catching and can be described as champions.

"The other few are also good, and now I slowly see the gap. Among these top geniuses with the qualifications of being a god, a few are obviously stronger, and the possibility of being a **** is higher!"

"Unfortunately, these few have encountered the reincarnation body, which is simply unreasonable."

At the handle of the eighty-two ladders of the climbing ladder, Su Ping gathered a sword of rules in his palm, cutting off the shadow of fog in front of him. This shadow of fog was extremely terrifying, and ordinary attacks and secret techniques were not hurt at all, only extremely refined rules of power. , In order to cause damage.

"The strength of this rule should be comparable to the late Starry Sky Realm, right? It's only 80..."

Su Ping raised his head slightly, and saw the young man with a divine body who had climbed one hundred and seventy, and his eyes were a little shocked. If he reached that height, wouldn't he need to have the power of the Star Master Realm? !

He felt more and more the vastness of the Federation Universe. He traveled so much to cultivate the world, and it is estimated that there are not so many enchantments in a higher plane like Demigod.

"It seems that if the Federation Universe I live in is thrown into the cultivation ground of the system, it is estimated that it can be classified to a higher level than the higher plane..." Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

"You think too much, at most the first-level higher world." The voice of the system sounded.

Su Ping was taken aback for a while, and he was accustomed to peeping at it, and asked: "First-level higher, does it mean that it is second only to those top-level cultivation sites?"

"That's right." The system said leisurely: "This still counts some hidden existence in this universe, otherwise, the supreme in front of you alone can cap the battle power, at most it can only be regarded as an ordinary high-level cultivation site. "

Su Ping's heart trembled, "A hidden existence?"

"Don't think about it, it's too early for you. When you walk to the Dao District on this Huashan Mountain, I might talk to you."

"Daohua Mountain?" Su Ping was taken aback, and then understood that it was Tiandao Mountain, but the system had its own naming method. Maybe, this was the original name of this thing.

"What is Dao District?"

"It's the area where a complete Dao is born, probably about two hundred ladders above your head." The system said calmly.

Su Ping looked up, two hundred ladders?

With that said, the god-body youth is almost there.

He nodded slightly and said, "I will try my best."

The system didn't respond any more, it seemed silent.

Su Ping stopped thinking too much, and continued to climb.

Suddenly, a greeting came from Su Ping, "Boss, you are here, Boss, come on!"

Su Ping looked up and saw that it was a person who had sought his asylum during the audition, and nodded immediately.

Su Ping climbed a few more handles, and soon met Fang Hanxue, Klaishabai and others.

After another half day, Su Ping came to the handle of the Ninety Ladder. He met the Dragon Emperor, the Saintess of Chiba, and others who were struggling here. When they saw Su Ping, they barely squeezed out a smile, like crying and laughing. .

Su Ping greeted him: "It's a coincidence, I'll go by first."


Su Ping passed them and continued to climb.

Seeing Su Ping surpassing themselves, Long Di, Linghu Jian and others all smiled bitterly. Although they knew that Su Ping would definitely surpass them, there were still some unspeakable feelings in their hearts when they saw Su Ping surpassed them.

Before long, Su Ping also came to the handle of the hundred ladders.

As soon as he arrived here, Su Ping clearly felt that the surrounding attacks had become stronger, and a regular phantom figure appeared in front of him, completely dark, and suddenly rushed towards him, making a sharp roar.

This roar contained mental shock and will oppression, and Su Ping felt a thump in his mind, like a sledgehammer hit.

But soon he recovered, and there was a dignified look in his eyes, and the attack here was comparable to the top of the starry sky.

Su Ping quickly shot, and the sword light condensed by hundreds of rules was cut out, and it was still the same as before, and it was defeated with a sword without suspense. Then he frowned, and began to absorb and digest the scattered rules and will.

The rules contained in this figure are extremely profound. With absorption, among the hundreds of rules that Su Ping has mastered, seven or eight rules have been strengthened and transformed into the rules of the late stage of the starry sky. If you further explore, you can touch the core of the rules. Tao.

"How do you feel, it's a bit like sending welfare." Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

He feels that even if there is no reward for the regional champion, the climbing process alone is enough to benefit him a lot, and his combat power has been greatly improved.

Su Ping looked up and saw that he was far away from the divine body youth, and the opponent was already attacking one hundred and eighty ladders.

"One and a half days, three days have passed, and half is left. At this rate, it's a little too late to catch up."

Su Ping's eyes flickered slightly. Although he didn't particularly care about the title of the champion, the reward for the champion was still moved. After all, this time the competition was under the eyes of the supreme. The reward of the champion must come from the supreme. Hand, this is a realm higher than Joanna's deity.

"You have to think of a way to store these rules and perceptions first, and then slowly digest them after the game is over." Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

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