Astral Pet Store Chapter 918

Chapter 1015: Sprint

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At the fingertips, the three federal days are about to end.

Only the last five hours are left.

At this moment, at the 198th ladder, the **** body youth stopped there, trembling slightly, as if fighting fiercely with something.

The height he climbed is always the first. This is not much different from the estimates of many Conferred Gods and the top 100 players, so it is not surprising, but surprised that he can actually climb to the height of 198 ladders. , This is a bit scary!

You know, the number of ladders of other contestants is basically stable in the range of 70 to 90, which is a hundred ladders higher!

In second place is a blond young man with a handsome face like an elf, but only 173 steps in height.

The third place is 165 ladders.

The gap between each other is still very obvious, if there is no such a **** body youth, their height can be considered very eye-catching and amazing.

The other geniuses of the Conferred God Qualifications are all around 150. Su Jin'er is at the 157th ladder. At this moment, her expression is quite solemn, not the least relaxed and leisurely on weekdays, and the fine cold sweat oozes from her forehead. She seems to have started climbing all the way to here. Its difficult and the climbing speed is getting longer and longer, and it is estimated that it will only reach about 160 ladders in the end.

In addition to these talented arrogances who are expected to become gods, the Dragon Emperor, the Chiba Saintess, Linghu Jian and others are in the third echelon, all rushing to the 100 echelons.

"Only ninety ladders, I can't climb anymore."

"Our limit is just the starting point for others, I vomit."

"The difficulty has increased too much. That guy is a hundred ladders away from us. It's really rough!"

"I thought I was here to be a green leaf, but people just left us out of sight. I'm so foundational!"

Many people are complaining, seeing the daunting height of the **** body youth, they are a little desperate, the gap is so big that they doubt life.

"It seems that this year's champion should be this little guy."

On the stage of the Conferred Gods, the eyes of many conferred gods were also gathered on the first deity youth, and they all looked forward to seeing him getting closer and closer to the two hundred ladders.

"The second one seems to be the reincarnated little fellow of the Phoenix clan. I heard that there is natural Phoenix blood in his body, and the purity is quite high."

"It's a pity, encountering the reincarnation divine body, this top divine body, it is difficult to produce one in hundreds of years, it is too rare."

"Interesting, it's almost over, and a little guy is enjoying it."


As someone prompted, many people turned their attention away, and saw a young man climbing there at ladder 110. This height was not worthy of attention, but the young mans previous performance, not to mention how high it can impact, but It is very easy to enter at least 150 ladders, and even work hard to reach 170 ladders.

But now, this guy is still dangling on the 110th ladder.

Is it hiding power?

But it has been exposed before.

And to compete here is to show your reputation and hide your combat power, so what are you doing?

Many Conferred Gods were surprised. Suddenly they couldn't understand what the little guy was thinking. Only the last five hours were left. Even if he started sprinting with all his strength now, how much he could catch up with, the time was too tight!

"What was he thinking about?"

Sitting on the outer edge, Xilu rubbed his hands in a hurry. He was looking forward to Su Ping most, followed by Su Jin'er, but after these two days' performance, Su Ping was so anxious to pee.

You are crawling!

Obviously there is a sprint to the top ten, or even the top five combat power, as a result, it is estimated that it is enough to make the top ten!

Once missed, there will be no chance of a rematch!

"Do you think I can sprint up in the end? I'm too confident, too mad!" Xiluo was struck in his heart, wishing to rush directly to Su Ping and give him a good lesson.

It seems that Su Jiner is more honest and regular.

If both of them were so waved and none of them made the top ten, he would have vomited blood.

"Hi everybody."

On the climbing ladder, Su Ping was climbing and saw Linghu Jian and Dragon Emperor who were about to surpass. He was a little surprised. These two are really you and me. They are chasing each other in the fantasy and mysterious realm, and there is a gap here. weak.

"Uh, are you here?"

When the two saw Su Ping, they were all taken aback, and their eyes widened.

When is it, Su Ping is still here?

They climbed all the way before, and when they reached the top, they dealt with the attack on the climbing ladder wholeheartedly, and there was no time to pay attention to Su Ping. When they wanted to come, Su Ping waved below at first, but he must have rushed up long ago.

As a result, now... it's almost over, so Su Ping actually climbed to them?

"Brother Su, don't you compete for the top ten?"

Linghujian couldn't help asking.

He has always been arrogant and reticent, but at this moment he couldn't help asking Su Ping.

Su Ping shook his head.

"Are you actually giving up?" Long Di was also shocked, but he wanted to give up even though he had the strength of the top ten?

"I want to win the championship." Su Ping said.


Both were speechless for a while.

"I'm almost ready, let's take a step ahead." Su Ping smiled at the two.

The two smiled bitterly, so much behind, even if they start to chase now, they will not be able to catch up.

But they are not as strong as Su Ping, and they can't teach him to do things, so they nodded and said, "Come on."

Su Ping smiled, and then climbed forward. After previous experiments, he has mastered the way to store those rules and perceptions in his body.

After the sprint is over, focus on feeling.

Calculating the time, it is indeed a bit nervous.

Su Ping didn't talk any more nonsense, and quickly started climbing.


Su Ping's hands shook, and he quickly jumped to the upper ladder. There was a line of regular forces around him. But before these rules were condensed and formed, Su Ping suddenly released a huge force, his eyes opened in anger, like an angry Buddha. King Kong, with a bang, the violent willpower and the rules combined to destroy this power.

The force of destruction has not been dispersed yet, Su Ping grabbed it with the big palm that the rules evolved, put all of it away, and retracted it into his body.

Then continue to climb.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Su Pings body is like a vigorous ape, climbing almost straight up. Although he didnt want other people to jump up and down several ladders in one go, the speed at which this ladder climbs is also It's scary fast.

You know, here is the height of more than 110 ladders, and the attacks encountered are all in the late stage of the starry sky!

Su Ping stayed at each ladder for no more than ten seconds. It seemed that his body paused for a while before climbing again.

In a blink of an eye, Su Ping rushed to the 120th ladder.

Each ladder was several meters apart, and Linghu Sword and Dragon Emperor had already been thrown away by dozens of meters at this moment.


Linghujian and Longdi looked up, both dumbfounded, and the Chiba Saintess and others on the other climbing ladder were also astonished.

At this height, it was extremely difficult for them to advance every step of the ladder. They had to use all their energy to deal with the attack, and finally they went to Su Ping to directly resolve it?

Su Ping's sudden force and rapid sprint attracted many people's attention. Some people above also looked down. When they saw that it was Su Ping, some people were surprised and clear in their eyes.

What was surprising was that Su Ping was still at their feet. Many people knew that Su Ping was absolutely capable of climbing 150 ladders.

"This guy."

Su Jin'er also noticed Su Ping. She still cared about Su Ping. After all, the other party was a real Tianjiao enchanting evildoer, which was different from the other "hunters" here.

"Time is so tight, this guy just started sprinting, too arrogant." Su Jin'er frowned slightly, Su Ping's previous performance gave her the feeling, there is no arrogance, except a little straight, very good contact, I did not expect to be with other geniuses now. The same, with this stink of arrogance.

This bad condition is the fatal wound of a genius, and many geniuses have fallen on this point.

"Look, the little guy is starting to rush."

On the stage of the Conferred Gods, the conferred gods immediately noticed Su Ping. After all, in the previous auditions, Su Pings performance was amazing. Apart from the unreasonable young man with the **** body, Su Pings performance was definitely among the best. Ranked to the top three.

"It's just starting to exert strength, it's a bit late."

The other conferred gods also noticed, but they all shook their heads.

Too confident.

This is not a good thing, after all, overconfidence is a bit stupid.

If Su Ping sprints honestly, he may even be able to compete for the top three, but now, it is difficult to get into the top five, and even the top ten is hanging!

Xiluo saw that Su Ping finally acted, and was about to cry with joy, but when he heard the words of other conferred gods around him, his heart sank. Knowing that they were right, he was annoyed and hated in his heart. He didn't beat this little guy before. , Which made him swell with pride in the audition, and as expected, he can't let go of these arrogant and domineering geniuses for a moment!

He secretly blamed himself in his heart, and prepared to wait until the turning back was over, and he must teach Su Ping well, otherwise he would fall into trouble in the future!

At this moment, Su Ping had already rushed to the 130th ladder.

His speed did not decrease, still about ten seconds per ladder, just one and a half minutes, and then proceeded ten ladders.

"This little guy really has the ability to sprint to the top five, but unfortunately, he started a bit late."

"I can still maintain such a high-speed sprint now, this qualification is really good."

"It's a pity, after entering the 150th ladder, the difficulty is two different concepts than before."

Many Conferred Gods shook their heads harder.

Obviously there is a possibility of the top five, but it has to be waved, which is regrettable.

At this time, on the climbing ladder, Su Pings sprint attracted more and more peoples attention. Many of the geniuses below were a little shocked. They were all approaching the limit and climbing extremely hard. As a result, Su Ping was on top of their heads. It's as easy and fast as climbing a normal mountain, it's too cruel!

"He's almost rushed to the 140th ladder. This is only a few minutes..."

Dragon Emperor, Linghujian and others stopped at this moment and stared at Su Ping blankly. It was true that Su Ping sprinted so fast that they couldn't look away.

Before, they felt that it would take Su Ping a few hours to rush to 150, but they didn't expect that only a few minutes passed, and the 150 ladder would be far away for Su Ping.

The two looked at each other and suddenly understood why Su Ping dared to make such waves.

"I don't know if he will be too late." Linghujian's eyes were worried. Although he hadn't said a few words to Su Ping, he felt like meeting a confidant. If anyone wanted to win, he hoped it was Su Ping. Not a person from another galaxy.

Long Di was silent for a while, and suddenly whispered: "Did you notice, his climbing speed... is faster than that guy."

Linghujian was startled, his pupils suddenly tightened.

After reaching the 140th ladder, Su Ping's climbing speed slowed down slightly, taking about half a minute for each ladder. Even so, the speed was still terrifying, which caused many Conferred Gods to put away their doubts and showed shock.

"Fast speed!"

"How long is this? If this continues, within ten minutes before and after, he will rush to 150?"

"He wandered around for a long time before, and he tied it after only a while, this guy..."

Xiluo was also stunned. It was too fast. He thought that Su Ping was too late, but the speed Su Ping showed at this moment was almost catching up with the progress he had delayed.

This is why he is confident?

He suddenly became a little nervous and looking forward to it. If this continues, Su Ping still has great hopes of reaching the top ten, and it is very likely that he will be chased to the top five, or even the top three!

ten minutes later.

Su Ping came to the 150th ladder.

At this moment, several other geniuses with the qualifications of conferring gods were encountered here.

Su Ping ignored it and continued to climb quickly.

Coming here, Su Ping felt that the rules and Taoism around him became stronger, and he felt like he was in the fifth space. The atmosphere of the rules and regulations in the fifth space was also so rich that it could easily make people enter the Taoist epiphany.

Su Ping's eyes shone brightly, and he felt more and more that the test of Tiandao Mountain was a reward that the supreme gave to these contestants!

However, this reward needs to have the corresponding strength to receive it.

The attacks at these 150 ladders are even sharper, and there are many kinds of attacks. Some are purely rule attacks. These rules are becoming more complete and they are about to become enlightened. They are already top-level attacks in the starry sky.

There are will attacks, mental intrusions, and terrifying external pressures that cause great harm to the physical body.

Su Ping took a deep breath, the star power exploded in his body, and the three gods star chart revolved. The supreme killing power was integrated into his rules and will, like a sharp sword, breaking everything and cutting everything.


Su Pings climbing speed remained unchanged, and continued to maintain, but the power aura released from his body became more and more vigorous. Other people on the climbing ladder could feel the vigorous star power in Su Pings body. .

In about ten minutes, Su Ping saw Su Jin'er.

But he is climbing wholeheartedly at this moment, unlike before, he would greet acquaintances along the way.

Su Jin'er saw Su Ping passing by, as if she hadn't seen it, only the climbing ladder was left in her eyes, she was suddenly startled, and her eyes flashed slightly.

This guy, concentrate, don't even look down on women?

The corner of her mouth curled up, not surprising, but admiring it more.

Soon, Su Ping came to the 160th ladder.

From the start of his sprint to the present, within half an hour, he is now ranked ninth!

"Good guy, you are in the top ten!"

"How long is this, this speed is a bit exaggerated!"

"After 150 ladders, he can advance so fast, this little guy is also a monster!"

On the stage of conferring the gods, many conferring gods were a little surprised. They thought that time was too tight, and Su Ping had no time to sprint here, but it was done in half an hour.

With more than four hours left, with Su Pings current sprint speed, there is hope to enter the top three!

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