Astral Pet Store Chapter 919

Chapter 1016: Kintai Shintai

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The young man who was squeezed out of the top ten by Su Ping was lying on the 159th ladder, looking at Su Ping's back, with a look of resentment in his eyes.

Although there is only one difference between the tenth place and the eleventh place, the rewards they receive are very different!

But soon, he saw Su Ping catching up with the ninth-ranked man. The latter was on the 163 ladder, three ladders away. Su Ping climbed in just ten minutes with a ladder in three minutes.

"So fast!"

The boy's pupils shrank, and the anger in his eyes diminished. Although there was still some annoyance in his heart, he also knew that he was able to surpass by his ability, and I only blamed myself for not having the ability.

Looking at Su Ping passing by, the young man at Elevator 163 was a bit astonished. After seeing Su Ping's appearance, his expression suddenly changed slightly. He was the leader of the sea election and protected many contestants. The guy is quite impressed.

Is it just that the other party surpassed him now?

Su Ping continued to climb up without squinting his eyes. The regular attack after the 160 ladders once again increased, so that he had to use his full strength outside of the fit state.

Only in this way can we continue to sprint at a high speed.


A rule-evolving bone dragon roared, and the bones all over the body were agglomerated with rules, full of a deep and regular atmosphere. This skull dragon was formed by the agglomeration of dozens of more profound rules.

But the next moment, Su Ping burst out with golden light from all the stars, like a blow from the sun god, slashing away, smashing the bone dragon.

Su Ping climbed again.

At this moment, the many geniuses who reached their limits below all stopped climbing, and they all looked up at the dexterous figure, their eyes shocked, and they couldn't speak.

In less than an hour, Su Ping has jumped from the 110th ladder to the 160th ladder.

Moreover, it is still moving forward at a super high speed of a few minutes!

This is simply a leap all the way, unstoppable!

After one hour.

Su Ping rushed to the 180th ladder. At this moment, he has jumped to the second place, second only to the sacred young man, but the latter has reached 199 ladders, which is only one step away from the 200th ladder.

The second and third places who fell behind Su Ping all looked up at this moment, all a little dazed.

At the height of the 180 ladders, Su Ping's sprint speed is still amazing. Unlike others, who has been around for a long time, Su Ping basically runs every three to five minutes.

"Good fellow, it's already second!"

"This is too exaggerated, how long has it passed, less than two hours in total!"

"There are three hours left. Does his speed really want to catch up with the number one?!"

"Unfortunately, it was still too nervous for three hours. His speed started to slow down. If this continues, it is still a bit difficult to catch up with that little guy."

"Monster, if this sprint speed bursts out at the beginning, you can get the first place early."

"It's useless to take first place. The key is to keep it."

There was a boil on the Conferred God Stage, and many Conferred Gods were surprised by Su Pings rocket-style sprint. The previous random comments instantly turned into heated discussions. Many people became somewhat a little bit about Su Pings first sprint. Look forward to it.

Maybe this little guy can really break a miracle!

However, more people are regretful, believing that Su Ping was born in the wrong era. If he hadn't met the young man with the sacred body, with Su Ping's qualifications, he would definitely be the number one in the past.

And it will amaze all beings.

But now, it is destined to be robbed of light by even more shocking guys and become a foil.

This is the horror and charm of the bright universe, and there are always unimaginable miracles born.


Seeing Su Pings burst of power, Shiro was shocked. He was immediately pleasantly surprised and excited. It didnt matter to him whether he rushed to the top or not. It was not important to him just to get the second place. Taking it back was enough to show off. This is the second place in the entire star area. It is estimated that Lord Hai Tuo can't imagine that such a monster will be born in their galaxy!

"This little guy, if he succeeds in conferring the gods in the future, he might be better than me!" Xiluo secretly said in his heart, quite delighted.

The previous dissatisfaction with Su Ping's pride and self-confidence has also disappeared at this moment. With such strength, what about being proud? It is estimated that the tail will be up to the sky long ago, and the mentality will be more expanded.

At this time, Su Ping was on the 180 ladder and continued to climb.

His speed began to slow down, and it took ten minutes for each ladder to climb.

The attack encountered became stronger and stronger, and the divine light bursting out of Su Ping's body became more and more brilliant. His whole body was golden, like a god, standing on top of everyone, and the killing power of the three gods in his body was urged to the extreme. The whole body's star power was also mobilized, and combined with all the rules into a ball, turning it into the strongest attack.

broken! broken! broken!

Su Ping continued to smash through obstacles and collect the smashed rules of aura. When this climb is over, if he digests these rules and insights, his strength will increase by leaps and bounds, and his strength will increase again by leaps and bounds.

After reaching the 185th ladder, Su Ping felt that the difficulty had increased, and he was already in a fight.

After calculating the time silently in his mind, Su Ping's eyes were fierce, and he called out the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast to merge.


The purgatory candle dragon beast roared out, and instantly got into Su Ping's body. What was surprising was that from the outside, there was no war pet flying out of Su Ping's side.

But in Su Ping's body, the aura was rising steadily, and his body was also alienated, growing out of scales and dragon horns.

"He started to fit together!"

The climber behind was stunned at this moment, and then his eyes widened.

Previously, Su Ping climbed so fast that many people ignored this. It was only at this moment that Su Ping was suddenly awakened. Su Ping actually did not use the strength of the body to climb to the 185 ladder alone?

"This guy is really a monster."

After that, many contestants were speechless. When they were approaching the limit, they all joined together early, mobilizing all the power that their whole body could use, and Su Ping also hid a hand here.

After the fit, Su Ping used more and more power, and his control of the rules became more meticulous and relaxed. The climbing speed suddenly increased, shortening to three minutes.

A quarter of an hour later, he came to the 190 ladder.

As soon as he arrived here, Su Ping felt the coercion here, suddenly raising a level, and a strong sense of Taoism aura permeated.

The rules here seem to be a complete Tao.

Su Ping's eyes condensed, and he saw the condensed figure in front of him. The figure of himself was very strange, standing in the void, but could not feel any breath.

This figure raised his hand, and countless flame blades suddenly slashed in the void, and each flame blade contained a terrifying aura, burning the space.

"Consummate Yan Dao?"

Su Ping was a little frightened, the attack at the 190th ladder was a bit terrifying.

Except for the lack of faith power, this Dao Nian attack is already a means comparable to the Star Master Realm.

However, precisely because there is no power of belief, it is not so invulnerable.

"Little Skeleton."

Su Ping muttered silently in his heart, calling out the little skull and merging for the second time.


The aura in his body exploded, covering the body of the dragon scales, surrounded by white bones, his body accelerated forward suddenly, and suddenly slashed away.

The snow-white ruled sharp blade is like a long sword, traversing the void, and instantly split the phantom.

Su Ping used star power to transform his big hand, grabbed the energy of his collapsed body, converged it into his body, and then continued to climb, only less than a minute before and after.

In this scene, the conferred gods outside and the many contestants had their pupils trembling.

When he reached the 190th ladder, Su Ping's speed increased instead of decreasing!

It took three or five minutes before, but now it only stays for one minute?

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Su Ping is like a tiger, sprinting one after another, showing an invincible aura, as if to rush directly to the top of Tiandao Mountain.

"This is a bit too strong!"

"Is he also the nine divine bodies?!"

"He should have used a certain secret technique just now, and this secret technique has side effects, otherwise he won't use it until the 190th ladder." There is a conferred **** who consciously guessed that he was right.

When other people heard the words, they all agreed with it. This situation is indeed the same.

If it were ordinary means, Su Ping would have used it long ago.

"He's not really going to be the first?"

"I feel a bit exaggerated about the evildoer who can't hold back the reincarnation body."

In the surprised eyes of many Conferred Gods, Su Ping's aura became stronger and stronger, and in just a few minutes, he rushed to 195 ladders, and there were only four ladders behind the god-body youth.

This speed is suffocating.

Linghujian and others at the back were all dumbfounded.

Su Jin'er was also stunned, her eyes flashed with shock in her eyes.


The young man with the sacred body, who was climbing on the 199th ladder, suddenly noticed a strong sense of oppression coming from behind. He looked down, and his eyes changed slightly. He actually saw Su Ping.

This guy really came after him.


The young man's eyes sank, but he quickly showed his fighting spirit. He only knew how difficult the 195th ladder was when he climbed from the 195th ladder. Su Ping's ability to climb this step has exceeded his estimation. You know, he Being able to stand here, in addition to his battle body, other secret skills, rules, battle pets and other aspects, he is also top.

Otherwise, relying on a reincarnation battle body alone would not be so exaggerated.

He was born with a peerless divine body, rare in thousands of years, and his cultivation aptitude is extremely excellent. Any secret technique can be mastered by just a few glances. As early as in the vast sea, he mastered the rules!

With the combat power of the vast sea realm, he can fight the early stage of the starry sky realm!

Now that he has reached the Destiny Realm, his combat power has long been tempered to the extreme, terrifying, and basically to the point where he can no longer improve.

As a result, when he reached such an extreme situation, the gap between him and Su Ping was only four ladders?

He couldn't help but become a little curious about Su Ping.

When he lowered his head, suddenly his eyes changed slightly, and Su Ping climbed another ladder to reach the 196th ladder.

Only three ladders short.

"Remember the previous gambling agreement?"

Su Ping seemed to feel something, looked up, and said with a chuckle.

The complexion of the young man with the divine body changed. He just said casually before. He didn't take Su Ping seriously at all, let alone think that the other party could catch up with him. At this moment, Su Ping was within ten ladders from him, and the person in front of him was already within ten ladders. The difficulty also let him know that he couldn't sprint to the 206 ladder and threw Su Ping away.

This guy, obviously a peerless evildoer, is really embarrassed to accept this bet?

"If you have the ability, you can catch up!"

The godly youth said with a gloomy face.

Su Ping smiled and said, "I have caught up. Didn't I say yes, if you don't be ten ladders behind you, will you give up?"

The young man with the **** body looked ugly, and said: "Are you serious?"



"Why, do you want to shame?"

"How can it be!"

The young man gritted his teeth and said: "If I can't get rid of you, I will naturally give in, but now the game is not over, the universe is uncertain, don't say anything too early!"

"Obviously you said it was early." Su Ping smiled.


The young man's face twitched, he ignored Su Ping, and vented his anger to the strange creature in front of him.

Seeing the other party continue to climb, Su Ping smiled in his heart and continued to climb.

At this moment, he was in a second state, and his climbing speed began to slow down. The rule attack became more and more sharp, and the complete road attack was extremely difficult to crack.

Ten minutes later, Su Ping climbed to the 197 ladder.

After another 20 minutes, Su Ping came to Elevator 198.

At this moment, he was only one ladder away from the god-body youth. Su Ping saw the other person's figure right in front of him, and said with a smile: "Hi!"

The young man with the sacred body was shocked when he heard the greeting a few meters away behind him. He almost didn't let go and fell down. He turned his head and looked around and saw Su Ping a few meters away. He suddenly stared and lost his voice: "When did you come here? ?"

"Just now." Su Ping smiled.


The godly youth is a little confused, he remembers that Su Ping only arrived at 196 not long ago? How long has it been since his battle hasn't ended before Su Ping has come close?

Moreover, he was at the 198th ladder, but he hovered for a long time, and it took a lot of effort to solve it.

"Don't hurry up, I will surpass you." Su Ping smiled.

The face of the god-body youth twitched, with deep jealousy in his eyes. Hearing Su Ping's words, his anger burst forth, saying: "If you want to surpass me, dream of it. Transcendence depends on you? My dreams are always my number one, and this is what you forced me!"

After that, he ignored Su Ping no longer, frowning and fighting with all his might.

If someone noticed his pupils, he would find that his eyes turned into two vortexes, like endless black holes. This is a secret skill of the Samsara battle body.

Su Ping smiled and began to climb.

This time, he used the power of the sphere of influence and combined it into the rule attack. Su Ping discovered that the sphere of influence seemed to be a mysterious force. Although in the interpretation of the federal system, it was a realm caused by spiritual materialization, Su Ping discovered that the sphere of influence was a realm caused by spiritual materialization. Ping felt that there seemed to be a deep secret hidden in this potential domain.

Soon, Su Ping came to the 199th ladder, completely parallel to the **** body youth.

At this moment, Su Ping also encountered the same attack as the latter. It was a demon-like figure, and his whole body released two completely different Dao Nian attacks.

As soon as Su Ping's cohesive rules touched him, they collapsed and were completely suppressed.

Su Ping's eyes flickered, and he began to concentrate on fighting.

He tried to integrate the power of rules into the potential area to form a rule area, but the test failed, and Su Ping could only fight with brute force and beat the demon figure dimly.

After fighting for a long time, Su Ping's face was a little gloomy, he took a deep breath, no longer hiding, the blood of the Golden Crow God in his body boiled out, and he displayed the Golden Crow God's body.

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