Astral Pet Store Chapter 920

Chapter 1017: Accept disciples

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A stream of fiery flames burst from Su Ping's body, and his blood seemed to turn into boiling flames, burning terrible star power, and strong crimson flame wings emerged from behind him.

As the battle body broke out, Su Ping felt his body became agile and brisk, and his whole body was filled with an inexhaustible force.


Su Ping quickly shot, all the rules were blended into a punch, and it burst out.

This fist is like a burning meteor, accompanied by a unique stream of flames, causing terrible destructive power.

The demon's figure was immediately broken up, but soon reunited. Su Ping was not polite, punching one after another, the star power in his body rioted, and he slammed out with one punch.

Hundreds of fist shadows were superimposed, the demon figure was completely smashed into the sky, and the air was filled with a dense stream of flames, and this heat directly penetrated into the fourth space.


Su Ping's figure flickered and climbed up again.


As soon as he climbed two hundred ladders, a mighty thought suddenly suppressed. In a daze, Su Ping saw countless rules turning before his eyes, and saw countless changes in time and space. It seemed that there were countless things like particles, constantly changing. Reorganization, change, and finally combined into a strange and unspeakable thing.

Although Su Ping hadn't seen it before, there was a kind of enlightenment in his heart, that was Tao.

The idea of Tao was suppressed, Su Ping felt his mind tremble, and he felt like being in the vast ocean, and he became extremely small.

At the same time, when Su Ping climbed to the 200th ladder, the outside world was in an uproar, followed by deathly silence.

Everyone was unbelievable and dumbfounded.

At this moment, the divine body youth is still at the 199th ladder, but Su Ping has already climbed to the 200th ladder!

Officially climbed to the top and became the highest!

Many of the players below were all dumbfounded with incredible faces. They couldn't believe that Su Ping could catch up with the young man with the sacred body so quickly and surpass him!

On the Conferred God Stage, many Conferred Gods were also stunned at this moment, with a look of shock in their eyes. Su Ping's explosive stamina was too strong, it was true, and a miracle was completed!

"the first!"

Hero stopped breathing suddenly, her eyes widened, staring at this scene.

I thought that Su Ping started sprinting from this time and was able to climb to the top ten. He was already burning high incense, but Su Ping climbed to the top.

Even the reincarnation body that everyone has been waiting for has been surpassed!


At the 199th ladder, the young man with the divine body had just solved the demon figure and was about to climb, when he suddenly saw a figure above his head, he couldn't help being stunned, his eyes widened, revealing an incredible color.

Su Ping, who was still alongside him before, actually climbed on top of his head? !

How long did it take for the opponent to get to the 199th ladder to crack the attack here? !

His face suddenly flushed, and his whole body trembled, which was angry, but the next moment his body stopped shaking, his eyes suddenly became cold, and his temperament changed accordingly, no longer the previous arrogant exasperation. , But like the soft sea water, introverted and deep, glanced deeply at Su Ping's back.

Afterwards, he began to concentrate on climbing.

On the 200 ladder.

Under the suppression of that mighty Daonian, Su Ping felt an extremely inflated pride and self-esteem in his heart, as if a wave of disdainful arrogance was pouring out. This feeling was not his own, but the Golden Crow clan in his blood. Instinct.

How proud of the golden crow that feeds on dragons, how can it be allowed to be suppressed?

The fireworks all over Su Ping became more and more vigorous, and there seemed to be countless flames circulating in his mind. It was the Yan Dao hidden in the blood. The Jin Crow clan was the natural control of the Yan Dao, and even the ancient existence that created the Yan Dao.


Suddenly, a burst of golden divine flame spewed out, tearing the mighty Dao Nian.

This is the natural skill of the Golden Crow clan, the Golden Crow Shen Yan.

Dao Nian was torn apart and turned into a vast Dao intent, which flooded into Su Ping's mind. In an instant, he felt a tranceful sense of epiphany. The long river of avenues appeared before his eyes, and countless rules were just grains of sand in it.

This scene was fleeting, and Su Ping returned to reality before he could recall it.

Su Ping was still feeling a little bit, sighed, turned his head, and found that the young man with the divine body had also arrived at the 200th ladder.

He smiled slightly and continued to climb up.

As soon as he arrived at Ladder 201, Su Ping encountered another Daoist attack. This time the Daoist was sharp and sharp and turned into a spear.

This spear seemed to be spiritual, and it attacked Su Ping with a tricky attack. The attack was full of destruction. Su Ping's secret techniques and rules were met. As soon as he touched the spear, it was crushed.

He was caught in a fierce battle again.

After half an hour, Su Ping ended the fight.

He continued to climb.

time flies.

Only the last 20 minutes are left until the end.

At this moment, Su Ping has arrived at Elevator 204.

From the end of the battle, Su Ping was ready to continue climbing, thinking of the divine youth, and finding that he was still at the 200th ladder, then he was relieved. It seemed that the cards he showed so far were enough to win the championship.

"This is already a Dao Zone. Even the Star Master Realm has to climb with all its strength, these two monsters..."

On the Conferred God Stage, the eyes of many Conferred Gods flickered, and their eyes became fierce. This time they were not focusing on the god-body youth, but on Su Ping.

Even the reincarnation divine body can surpass it, and Su Ping is very likely to be the nine great divine bodies, if not, it would be even more exotic!

After all, if something else can make up for the gap in the divine body, it must be the best!

"First, stable..."

Seeing this scene, Xiluo was completely relaxed at this moment, with a smile on his face, excited, and could not help but send the good news to Lord Hai Tuo.

"He actually... got the first place."

When other players saw this scene, they were all startled and felt like dreaming.

In less than five hours, Su Ping rushed directly to the top from the middle reaches of the 110th ladder!

If this guy sprints from the beginning, it is estimated that all that is left to everyone is a desperate back!

"Horrible, is this his real combat power?"

"This guy is so strong, it's no wonder I lost so simply before. Being enslaved by such a guy is not too shameful, right?"

"Are you a rare battle body..."

The other geniuses with the aptitude of Conferred Gods all had their eyes flickering, and Su Jin'er squinted her eyes, not knowing what she was thinking.

Twenty minutes passed quickly, and Su Ping finally stayed at Elevator 205.

And the young man with the sacred body could stop at the 200th ladder. At the end, he couldn't solve the suppression of Taoism there. When it was over, all the real and imaginary scenes disappeared, and everyone returned to Tiandao Mountain in front of their eyes.

As soon as the **** body youth came back to his senses, he suddenly raised his head and looked at it. At this look, his pupils suddenly shrank.

Ladder 205!

5 steps beyond him!

He clenched his fists, his face was ugly.

Su Ping also regained his clarity in front of him. He looked down and found that he was still number one. He couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. Then he looked forward to it, not knowing what reward he would receive from that supreme.

"The trial is over."


Above Tiandao Mountain, a stalwart figure emerged. It was a Conferred God in the God's Court. His figure was shrouded in the mist, and only one armor of gold gleaming, like a **** standing in a different time and space.

"The champion of this year's Golden Zone is... Su Ping from the Sylvie Galaxy."

"The runner-up is Dias of the Udi Galaxy!"

"The third place is William VII of the Blood Shadow Galaxy!"

The Envelopers will report everyone's rankings one by one, but only report to the tenth place, and stop at the eleventh place. The subsequent rankings will be officially announced, but here, it is obviously not a particularly important ranking.


Suddenly, the void oscillated.

To be precise, the entire universe, including the deep space of this region, is shaking.

Immediately afterwards, everyone saw an unforgettable scene. From the towering and sacred court, a stalwart figure suddenly emerged, which was a huge phantom comparable to dozens of planets.

Xu Ying is a middle-aged man wearing a golden robe with a majestic but quiet gaze, wearing a divine crown, like an emperor and an ancient god.

"It's the Supreme Lord!"

On the stage of conferring the gods, the faces of many conferring gods changed slightly, and they got up quickly, no one dared to sit.

They all bent over and bowed in the direction of the supreme.

Everyone on the heavenly path stared at this scene blankly. Is this the supreme?

Su Ping's eyes shone, this is the highest god-level figure stronger than Joanna's deity?

If it is thrown into the Golden Crow clan, it is estimated to have an elder level, right?

"Compared with the oppressive feeling of that great elder, it seems to be inferior." Su Ping secretly said in his heart that he is not nervous at the moment, after all, he has seen many more terrifying creatures.

"You and other Tianjiao are from the Golden Star Zone, and many of them have the qualifications to be entrusted to gods. I hope they can encourage themselves to complete the entrustment."

This supreme phantom spoke slowly, but his voice was very honest and gentle, resounding in this universe.

Su Ping feels that his voice can penetrate directly into the deep space. This is the top creature. No wonder that in the fifth space, and even the deeper sixth space, there will be words left by ancient creatures. The spiritual will, the table space has been unable to carry.

Many players were trembling and respectful when they heard the words of Supreme.

Including those geniuses who have the qualifications to enshrine gods, they are all obedient, reverent and respected at this moment.

Although they are expected to become gods and are proud of themselves, in front of a supreme one, it is difficult to have the slightest arrogance.

After all, in the entire Federation Universe, the Supreme Being is a top-notch existence, one of the few.

"You and others, can enter the Dao area with the Fate Realm cultivation base. They are extremely talented and have the possibility of becoming supreme. My human race has dominated the universe for countless years, but there are still alien invasions in the frontier. If we can give birth to a few more supreme , The border and territory will always be worry-free!"

The Supreme phantom smiled and said: "These little gifts, I hope they will make you plump as soon as possible."

In front of Su Ping and Dias, the young man of the sacred body, a lot of pills appeared in the deep space.

In front of the two of them, five pills each, the pill is dark in color, exuding a very strong breath, refreshing.

"Dao Dan!"

Diaz's eyes shook. He didn't expect that Supreme's handwriting was so big. This pill was extremely precious. He could make the pet master of the late Starry Sky Realm directly perceive the Dao and be promoted to the Star Master Realm!

Each pill contains a complete road.

Rewarding five stars is equivalent to giving them five avenues. After taking these five pills, they can all become the best in the star realm. After all, ordinary star realms usually perfect one avenue.

In addition, beside the five Dao Dan, there is a strange stone, the color is red, and the surface is covered with black lines.

Seeing this strange stone, many Conferred Gods on the Conferred God Stage had their eyes surprised, a little shocked and greedy.


"I actually rewarded them with a blood stone. This is something that can set the foundation for the small world!"

"When they become Conferred Gods, they will be able to use them immediately, and their combat power will be greatly increased. This, this is too rich!"

Some conferred gods are jealous.

This treasure is naturally useless with Su Ping's current cultivation base, after all, this is a treasure needed by the Conferred God.

The supreme rewarded them for such a treasure, obviously he concluded that with the talents of the two, it is inevitable that they will become a conferred god, unless they fall prematurely.

"Tsk..." Xiluo was also sighing, taking a breath, and a glimpse of greedy flashed in his eyes, but quickly converged. After all, it was a reward from the supreme, no one dared to grab it. They secretly assassinated these two little guys, so I didn't dare to take this thing!

"You two, would you like to worship me as your teacher?"

At this moment, the Supreme phantom spoke again.


On the stage of the Conferred Gods, everyone looked at each other, but he didn't expect the Supreme to accept these two disciples.

You must know that to become a supreme apprentice, as long as it is not a pig, it is basically ironclad to cultivate to the Conferred God Realm.

Although Su Ping's enchanting evildoers all have the aptitude for the Conferred Gods, their aptitude and strength are two different things. Many evil evildoers with the aptitude for the Conferred Gods have fallen on the road.

And to become the supreme disciple, it means that you can get the protection of this supreme, can steadily cultivate to the Conferred God Realm, and will not fall.

When it comes to the Conferred God Realm, it will be difficult to die as long as one does not waver.

Su Ping is slightly startled, is he who wants to accept disciples again?

He hesitated. It was good to be in the supreme commander, but he didn't want to expose the system and his shop.

"I do!"

At the 200th ladder, Dias already said excitedly.

His eyes were hot, and he promised very quickly. This was a god-given opportunity.

His goal is to become the supreme, but the premise is that he must first become a conferred god, so that he can ensure that his life will not be threatened by others, and hope to continue to pursue the great road and cultivate to become the supreme.

"it is good."

The Supreme nodded slightly and smiled, then looked at Su Ping.

Su Ping hesitated for a moment, and said cautiously, "Master, what do I need to do as your apprentice?"

As soon as he said this, the starry sky seemed to lose his voice and fell into silence.

The excited Dias was also stunned, and looked at Su Ping in amazement. The Supreme is willing to accept disciples. You still have concerns?

Many Conferred Gods also thought the same way, and they were a little bit dumbfounded, and suddenly felt that this little guy was really indispensable, and even these famous Conferred Gods of them were a little moved by such an opportunity.

After all, to become a supreme apprentice means to get many top secret techniques in the Conferred God Realm!

"You only need to practice, and I won't restrict you too much."

The Supreme phantom seemed to see Su Ping's concerns and said with a smile, but there was a deep meaning in the words.

Su Ping heard the words, thought about it, and had no choice but to agree.

Mainly because he felt that if he refused, he would look too weird.

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