Astral Pet Store Chapter 922

Chapter 1019: Upgrade (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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Su Ping shook his head slightly, condensed his mind, and began to practice.

This time he climbed Tiandao Mountain, even at the last juncture, he still climbed one ladder after another. There were so many Taoisms that were crushed along the way, all of which were stored in his body, and he was gradually released at this moment.

The majestic Taoism gushed out, causing Su Ping's thoughts to fall into the void, and his brain nerves spread like a spider web, seeming to be connected to the deep layers of the universe.

Countless mysteries, natural evolution, and the laws of the universe are all changing rapidly like mist and water.

Su Ping was immersed in sentiment.

Around his body, there was electricity in the void, fireworks spontaneously ignited, in addition to collapsed black holes, distorted spaces, and afterimages of wind!

Various rules are condensed by Su Ping's concretization. With his insight, these Dao thoughts appear more clearly.

"Yan Dao...consummation!"

"Space... Dacheng!"

Su Ping closed his eyes, and the golden crow flames appeared behind him. The unique Taoism contained in the golden crow flames made Su Ping's awareness of the flames advance by leaps and bounds, and he has reached the stage of consummation!

The so-called consummation is the integration of many rules of Yan Dao, such as incineration, temperature, destruction, flame erosion, and so on.

From these many rules, I can understand the origin of Yan Dao.

The origin of Yan Dao that Su Ping comprehend is destruction. This is what he learned by analogy from Thunder Dao. Su Ping has long discovered that multiple rules can learn from each other and understand each other faster.

Of course, if you dont have enough comprehension, practicing multiple rules will only make you stiff. Not only will you be unable to learn from each other, but you will also waste a lot of time due to one-by-one comprehension.

After perfecting Yan Dao, Su Ping began to feel Thunder Dao.

Previously, Su Ping had realized hundreds of rules, but they were just beginning to have the power of rules. They were relatively shallow and equivalent to the early stage of the Starry Sky Realm. This time, Su Ping can understand the large number of rules and Taoisms learned from Tiandao Mountain. Hundreds of rules have all been pushed to the late stage, which is comparable to the late stage of the starry sky!

Among them, like Yan Dao, because of the Golden Crow Divine Body, Su Ping directly practiced to perfection. If he wants to, he can be promoted all the way at this moment, with Yan Dao promoted to the star realm, and become a hegemon!

"The previous Hundred Dao Rule is not my strongest method. I can fight many geniuses. In the final analysis, the reason is the vast star power that Chaos Star tries to bring. My star power is dozens of times, hundreds of times that of others!"

"These are geniuses. The star power in their bodies is far better than the ordinary destiny. They have used some unique secret methods to refine and condense the star power. If compared with the ordinary destiny, the concentration of my star power, Tens of thousands of times more than them!"

The star power in Su Ping's body has been refined hundreds of times, and it has no impurities. It is extremely pure. In addition, the incarnation of the chaotic star force figure as an aperture, condensing the endless star power into countless cells for storage, making him His star power is extremely terrifying, and he can easily perform a stunt that can only be performed by overdrawing his entire body from the fate realm, hundreds of times.

"Star power and secret methods are the real reason why I surpass other geniuses. Hundreds of rules only allow me to counteract their rule attacks and defeat them at the level of star power and secret methods!"

"Now that the Hundred Dao rules are all done well, this force is enough to overwhelm their rules and defeat them all at the level of the rules alone!"

Su Ping was excited, and continued to understand the digestive tract.

After this, he felt that he would be able to easily suppress other peerless geniuses with the qualifications of being gods again with one hand!

When Su Ping was cultivating, the outside world had already turned the sky upside down.

In the starry sky outside the God's Court, the densely packed aircraft carriers were all sent by the officials of the various galaxies, and the media on other planets did not have the qualifications and permits to enter this place.

After the sea elections in the golden zone and the battle of the top 100 heavens, the result immediately spread to all galaxies in the golden zone like a hurricane. After all, these participating geniuses came from the various galaxies in the golden zone, and the galaxies they belonged to The genius who came out of his own home, and got the ranking.

"Yes, yes, yes, it's true."

Hiro took the newsletter and reported the matter to Lord Hai Tuo.

On the communications side, Hai Tuo sat in his administrative office building on Sylvie's First Planet, a little confused, suspecting that there was a problem with his ears.

"the first?"

"Are you sure you are the number one in the entire star area, not our own galaxy?"

"That's right, it's for our entire star area. The result will be announced on the official court of God in a while. Lord, you can check it out." Xiluo smiled, feeling very excited.

For many years, their Sylvie has never been born the number one evildoer in the constellation.

Being able to enter the top ten in previous years is already a highlight.

Hai Tuo was stunned for several seconds and was a little at a loss. Of course he knew that Shiro would not deceive himself, and that the other party was a deity. This message transmission can absolutely ensure the accuracy and will not let him misunderstand.

In other words, this matter is true.

The little guy who walked away from him actually rushed to the number one in the star area!

This is a star area!

The entire Federal Universe has only twelve star regions, dividing the universe into countless planets, and Su Ping can stand out from the crowd. Doesn't that mean... he is even expected to be in the top ten of the tournament? !

If that is the case, with Su Ping's aptitude and the help of the Shenhai Secret Realm, he will definitely be a god, and once the God is confiscated, he will be the enchanting figure in the sealed **** realm, and become those who conquer the universe and become famous!

Those who are the same as the gods, there is also a gap between each other.

Hai Tuo himself was a rather powerful Conferred God, but he knew that he was still incomparable with those true Conferred God evildoers.

Those evildoers cross the universe, as long as the supreme does not make a move, it is invincible!

Once Su Ping is appointed as a god, he will have the hope of becoming such a peerless figure!


Hai Tuo couldn't help laughing, his eyes filled with excitement, and said: "You find the opportunity to tell him, when the game is over, let me come to my place, I have something to give him, no, When the game is over, I will go there in person, haha!"

"it is good."

Shiro smiled and nodded.

In the outermost area of the God Court, there are many warships parked here. In the inner area, the media aircraft carriers of the various galaxies or other powers of the gods come to watch the battle.

At this moment, on a battleship on the periphery.

Xingyue Shen'er and the others were all on it. They were a little dumbfounded. They all saw the final result and saw the stalwart supreme phantom that suddenly manifested. Although it is on the periphery, they have special equipment that can pass the equipment. See the game.

Including the supreme opening at the back, Su Ping was closed under the door.

"Brother defeated defeated Heaven, brother, brother, actually became the supreme apprentice?!" A young man was shocked to his lips.

The others are also very shocked and unbelievable.

Not to mention the supreme, even in the star master realm, in their opinion, they are all strong, and the Conferred God is a big person who needs to look up, and it is difficult to even see each other on weekdays.

And supreme... this is a cosmic myth!

There are only a handful of the entire universe. They are truly big people. Stomping the universe will tremble existence!

Su Ping worshipped the Supreme Sect, and his identity alone would not be inferior to the Conferred God!

Even the general conferred gods would treat them politely in front of Su Ping.

After all, with the supreme draped on it, Su Ping's road to the gods will be much smoother. Once the gods are enshrined, they will be the evildoers in the gods, which are much stronger than the ordinary gods, and should not be treated as juniors.

"This guy really turned into a dragon all at once, and has completely taken off into the universe!"

Xingyue Shen'er was a little dumbfounded. Although she had high expectations for Su Ping, she was just thinking about it. Who knew that Su Ping could actually get to this point, it was terrible!

"What a strong boy." The deputy leader, who has always been reticent, also had a solemn expression.

time flies.

Two days passed in a blink of an eye.

Su Ping was completely immersed in Dao Nian sentiment, and many rules were deeply understood by him. Su Ping wanted to practice all these rules to perfection, but he knew that this road was difficult.

"When the game is over, I will find Master to go to Tiandao Mountain again, and stay on it to feel faster." Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

He woke up from his practice, and just raised his head, he saw Senior Brother You Long stepping out of a space.

"Hello brother."

Su Ping cried respectfully.

You Long laughed and said, "You don't have to be so polite, Junior Brother, how is your recovery in the past two days? I'm here to pick you up with Junior Dias to the Shenhai Secret Realm. It's time to set off."

"Yeah." Su Ping nodded.

You Long glanced at him, gave a slight surprise, and said in amazement: "Your aura seems to be strong again. Have you improved in the past few days?"

"Xiao has sentiment." Su Ping smiled.

Hearing his confession, You Long sighed and said with emotion: "It really is a monster. Fortunately, I was received by the master early. Otherwise, if the master has seen you monsters and meets me again, you may not be admired."

Su Ping hurriedly said, "Brother, you are polite."

You Long waved his hand and said with a smile: "Let's go."

Su Ping felt his body lighter and came to him. The next moment the two of them disappeared and came to another mountain. They saw Dias sitting cross-legged and practicing.

"Little Junior Brother." You Long shouted.

Dias opened his eyes, saw Su Ping and You Long, got up quickly, and saluted You Long: "I have seen brother, is it time?"


You Long smiled, looked at him twice, and found that the aura on his body was also slightly thicker, which seemed to have gained something, but compared to Su Ping's feeling, it was still inferior to Su Ping's feeling.

"There is still a gap between these two younger brothers, and the reincarnation divine body has been surpassed. This junior Su Xiao is really an outstanding person!" You Long secretly said in his heart, making a judgment on the two younger brothers.

The smile on his face didn't change, and he said, "Let's go!"

After a while, Su Ping, You Long and Dias came to a towering platform.

Here is the Conferred God Platform.

On this high platform, many luxurious and simple tables are seated with Conferred God figures.

Around these conferred gods, there were also following, like attendants, but with a low cultivation level, some were in the starry sky realm, and some were also in the destiny realm. They seemed to be the opponent's disciples and were brought over to watch the battle.

With the arrival of Su Ping's trio, the eyes of the audience suddenly gathered, and they all fell on Su Ping, before looking at Dias.

Previously, Dias attracted everyone's attention with the reincarnation body, but now Su Ping has suddenly emerged and surpassed it, which makes Supin even more attractive and curious than Dias.

What kind of physique is it that can surpass the reincarnation body?


A figure flew over in an instant. It was Shiro. He looked at Su Ping with joy, without the indifferent and majestic expression on his face, and said: "How about it? Have you rested well in the past two days? Here is three. Take the star soul pill first. After the game is over, Lord Hai Tuo has prepared a banquet for you."

With that said, he handed the three boxes to Su Ping.

Su Ping was surprised, this Xiluo didn't have such an ardent posture before, after all, he was a Conferred God, facing them these talented little guys, he was still a little indifferent.

After all, they cultivate to the end, nothing more than becoming a conferred god.

But now, the situation seems a little different.

Su Ping thought for a while, but he was not polite, took the things, and looked back on what it was.

"Are you the one who escorted Junior Brother Su Xiao?" You Long didn't take any surprises when he saw Xiluo, and said with a smile.

Xiluo quickly said, "Your Excellency is the Destroyer Mobile Game Tianjun, guardian of the Lower Sylvie Galaxy, Hiero, you still see strange things."

"It's okay, you Sylvie can cultivate a character like my little junior brother, you should remember a great achievement, you turn around and talk to Na Hai Tuo, I will find him to drink when I have time." You Long chuckled lightly.

Su Ping was a little surprised. Seeing Xiluo's appearance, he seemed to be very jealous of Senior Brother You Long.

Dias beside him was shocked.


He knew that only in the Conferred God Realm, a person with great fame and capable of flying horizontally and horizontally would be dubbed the honorary title of "Tianjun".

The brother who was smiling at them was actually a terrifying heavenly monarch. Is this the disciple taught by Master? !

His eyes glowed, and his heart became more excited and expectant.

Shiro hurriedly agreed to You Long's words.

The others all looked at Shiro enviously, and looked at Su Ping and Dias, with regrets and sighs.

"By the way, someone looked for you before, saying that it was your friend, and asked me to give you something, saying that you asked them to find it before, and now it has helped you find it all." Xiluo said immediately.

Su Ping was taken aback, "Friend?"

"Yes, it's called Xingyue Shener, who is a postman of the Conferred God." Xiluo smiled, flipping his hands and taking out a bunch of things, all of which were bottles, cans, and boxes.

Su Ping's eyes lit up. He asked Xingyue Shen'er to help find the materials for the Golden Crow God's demon body. So, she has already found all the materials?

Su Pingqiang resisted the urge to open the inspection immediately, and received all of it in the system storage space, ready to check it when no one was there.

"Thank you that friend for me," Su Ping said.

Xiluo smiled and said, "I will."

You Long waited for the two of them to finish, and then said with a smile: "Since everyone is here, then prepare to set off. This time to the Shenhai Secret Realm, Master asked me to personally accompany the two younger brothers. Master is already in God. Im waiting at the Sea Secret Realm. If you are interested, you can also go and watch it yourself. There will be a period later!

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