Astral Pet Store Chapter 923

Chapter 1020: SSS-class universe secret realm (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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Above the Conferred God Platform, a willow-like spaceship emerged from the cracks in the deep space. The thin hull was like leaves and sharp blades. There was a special pattern under the spaceship, which was a golden palm.

"Let's go."

You Long said.

Many entrusted gods all got up to say goodbye to You Long. Some of them led their own contestants and stepped forward to greet You Long, wanting to ask him to take care of them.

Youlong is easy-going, and he has accepted it with a smile.

Su Ping saw an old man with white hair standing beside Linghu Sword in the crowd. The old man's beard was extremely long, hanging down to his chest like a sword blade.

"If you lose to this person, you are not wronged."

The white-haired old man was also observing Su Ping, and suddenly whispered to Linghujian.

Linghujian was startled slightly, then gave a wry smile, and said, "The master said that."

"This little guy is simply a humanoid monster. The star power in his body is unfathomable. This star power alone can crush your swordsmanship!"

Seeing Su Ping cast his gaze, the white-haired old man nodded slightly at Su Ping, and at the same time passed the message to his apprentice: "Your sword is not strong enough, and the sword intent is not pure enough. If you can comprehend Zhanhai's sword intent this time Threefold, maybe he can cut off his star power, let his star power stack thousands of times, and break it with one sword!"

"Master, can I comprehend the third level with my current cultivation base?" Linghu Jian couldn't help asking.

He remembered that when he realized the second level of Zhanhai Sword Intent, the master was already quite satisfied, thinking that he could understand the second level with such a cultivation level, which was very rare.

As for the third layer...

He still can't figure it out.

"It has nothing to do with your cultivation base. Although a high cultivation base will bring you all-round improvement, it will also improve your understanding and make comprehension easier, but if you have to speak from the perspective of evildoers, use your cultivation Because, it may not be impossible to comprehend the third epee intent." The white-haired old man said in a voice.

Linghu Jian was startled, and suddenly became a little silent.

"That young man is the number one in the zone this time."

On the stage of the Conferred Gods, many people are observing Su Ping. Many of them are the forces behind the top 100 players. The families behind the Dragon Emperor, Kleisabeth and others have all been there. After all, their own children Promoting to the top 100 stars is a happy event.

And as relatives of the players, they are also eligible to visit.

"Unexpectedly, your kid can hold such a thigh and be promoted to the top 100 in the star zone, good fellow, this is the glory that your grandfather has never completed. If you have the opportunity in the future, you have to thank others."

A burly middle-aged man beside Kleishabeth smiled.

"Dad, keep your voice down, all around here are Conferred Gods." Kleishabai said with a guilty conscience.

"You child, you can be promoted to the top 100. In the future, there is still a glimmer of hope that you can be a god. You have to work hard. If you can't be a god, see if I dont break your legs. By the way, before you can be a god, you Don't even want to touch me a woman!"


Soon, under the greeting of Youlong, all the players said goodbye to their relatives and went to the spaceship.

Those who were promoted to the top 100 under the protection of Su Ping, the forces behind them were on the scene, all watching Su Ping, and when they met Su Ping's gaze, they all smiled and nodded, releasing kindness.

"Brother, I want to talk to my friends individually." Su Ping suddenly said.

You Long was startled, and said with a smile: "Okay."

Su Ping immediately set off, flew out of the Conferred God Platform, and came to the outer space of the Gods Court. He immediately saw that among the many aircraft carriers, a planet was parked in the outer area. Although it was the outer area, such a huge sphere was much bigger than those The aircraft carrier still has to be a lot more eye-catching.

Therefore, there are also many galaxy media who are shooting this planet, and they don't know who will carry a planet as their own battleship.

Shuttle through deep space, Su Ping soon came to the planet Rhea.

He did not enter the interior of the planet, just on the surface of the atmosphere, he felt Bi Fairy's divine consciousness.

"Senior Bi Xianzi, you don't need to come here this time. The place I am going next is more complicated, and it is the top secret realm of the universe. There will be several supreme beings here. If you pass, it will be easy to expose."

Su Ping said through transmission.

Fairy Bi said: "It's okay, there is a shelter behind your shop, let's not be afraid."

Su Ping dumbly said with a wry smile: "Senior, although the teacher behind me is strong, it is also quite tricky to face the supreme, and my teacher does not like to show up."

Fairy Bi fell into silence.

In her opinion, the existence behind Su Ping's shop is definitely an immortal king (Supreme) level figure, even an even more ancient and terrifying immortal emperor level that cannot be destroyed even if the era is shattered!

But since Su Ping said so, this might also be the will of the existence behind him.

She didn't dare to make any trouble, and after a moment of silence, she said, "Well, then you have to be careful."

When she came here, she already felt the breath of the fairy king. If Su Ping's shop could isolate her, it is estimated that the latter might have noticed her strangeness. To avoid trouble, she would not dare to get too close. .

"Then senior please move the planet back. When the competition is over, I will go back. The business of the shop will be taken care of by senior." Su Ping breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile.

Fairy Bi is a little speechless, when are you still caring about business?

If Su Ping really wants that little money, she can sweep the entire planet's wealth with a single thought.

"Take care of yourself." Fairy Bi said, withdrawing his spiritual thoughts.

Su Ping smiled slightly and turned back.

Soon after, Su Ping returned to the Conferred God Stage, and You Long saw Su Ping who had returned. He glanced in the distance, his eyes thoughtful, but he quickly returned to a relaxed smile, saying: "Junior's friend , It seems rather undesirable."

Su Ping's heart shuddered. As the Heavenly Lord among the Conferred Gods, he could say this. Could it be that he had discovered the planet Leia?

If you detect it, you will definitely notice the abnormality. After all, for the Conferred God, it is enough to cover all areas on the entire planet, but his shop is an area that cannot be explored, which is like a grain in a piece of white snow. Sesame is quite conspicuous.

Su Ping smiled and said nothing.

Even if it is found that the shop cannot be peeped, it is nothing, after all, it is the same door, this little thing will not affect much.

You Long didn't say much, but he was more and more concerned about Su Ping in his heart. A certain shop on that planet could not be penetrated by his divine mind. The existence in it was definitely extremely powerful and terrifying among the Conferred Gods. Even if it weren't the invincible Conferred God, it was not much difference.

After a while, Su Ping and Dias, led by You Long, entered the spaceship.

This spacecraft looks extremely thin, but the space inside is extremely empty, very luxurious and comfortable.

"If you go to the Shenhai Secret Realm, it will take half a day. I will not arrange for you to go to the training room. You will be competing all the way. The time is very tight and it is rare to relax. It will soon be the Universe. You can relax in advance and stretch yourself too much. Tightness is not a good thing either." You Long smiled at Su Ping and Dias.

Dias shook his head and said, "Brother, I want to practice."

Su Ping still had a lot of insights that he hadn't digested, and said, "Brother, cultivation is just a rest. There is still half a day, which is a waste of time."

"Uh, you guys..."

You Long looked at the two in a daze, then shook his head and smiled, and said, "You are more talented than others and work harder than others. How does this make other people live? Well, hard work is a good thing. If you want to cultivate, Master knows If I dont let it go, I will probably be killed."

He led the two to a training room and said, "This is my special training room. It is used by me on weekdays. The star power in it can be adjusted. I lowered it to the tenth level of the starry sky realm. Give it to you two. It should be enough for little monsters."

Dias thanked him immediately.

Su Ping also thanked him.

"It's okay."

With a wave of your hand, You Long opened the training room and called a star guardian, saying: "If they have any needs, you are always waiting for instructions."

The star master nodded respectfully, and then bends down respectfully to Su Ping and Dias. Such a gesture made Dias and Su Ping a little surprised. After all, this is the star master in front of you!

This training room is extremely spacious, with extremely strong gravitational force, more than one hundred thousand catties, capable of tempering the flesh, in addition to extremely strong star power, and in the space inside, there is a special pulling force.

Not to mention absorbing the star power inside, it would be good to be able to control the star power in the body without spilling out the energy, but if you can adapt to this environment and cultivate in it, you will get twice the result with half the effort, and the improvement in strength is extremely obvious.

After You Long gave an explanation, he left here, leaving Su Ping and Dias in the training room.

There were only two people left in the sealed training room.

Su Ping had originally planned to take out the Golden Crow God's demon body materials Xingyue Shen'er had found for him, but now there are people around him, so he has to absorb those Dao thoughts first.

"This training room is a bit peculiar."

During the practice, Su Ping felt that it had become a little difficult to absorb the star power. It was not as smooth as the outside world. He closed his eyes and immediately ran the Chaos Star Force Chart with all his strength. The star power in his cell swirled like a whirlpool. Quickly, a strong traction centered on his body, sweeping out.

The previous weird pulling force was suddenly reduced by dozens of times at this moment, and the star power quickly poured into the body, filled the cells, and continued to condense and improve.

When practicing, Su Ping felt that the training room was still filled with a strong sense of Taoism, which made people think clearly and extremely sensitive. Many things that were never thought of in the ordinary day appeared one after another. Some more contradictory problems were solved, all at once. I thought of the reason.

Su Ping sighed, the training room of Brother You was really extraordinary.

"The exercises you cultivate seem to be very similar to my divine body!"

Suddenly, Diaz's voice came.

Su Ping opened his eyes and saw that Dias appeared on the opposite side at some unknown time. He looked at him faintly, with a bit of inconceivability and a trace of resentment in his eyes.

Su Ping saw that around his body, black hole-like vortices appeared, pulling the surrounding star power into the body, and there were also whirlpool-like black holes in his body, absorbing the star power rapidly, and the speed of cultivation was not slower than that of him. .

"Junior Brother, your divine body is very strong." Su Ping smiled.

Dias raised his brows and said, "You call me Junior Brother?"

"Isn't it, Junior Brother?" Su Ping smiled.

The corners of Dias's mouth twitched slightly. Although the master accepted them at the same time and did not mention which of them was a junior, Su Ping won the championship. If only one of them were to be selected, Su Ping would definitely be better. On the point, he might really be a junior brother.

"Sooner or later I will catch up with you and defeat you."

Dias coldly snorted: "My divine body just showed its edge, and there is still an endless divine hidden inside that has not been stimulated. When I fully develop the power of the divine body, we will come to compare!"

"Okay, Junior Brother Shiti." Su Ping smiled.


Dias is angry, the younger brother of the ten ladders? This guy really hates the ten ladder speeches he said earlier.

Thinking of that, and looking at the results now, his face was a little hot, and in Su Ping's playful eyes, there was a feeling of anger that turned into anger.

But if he was really angry, he lost. He gritted his teeth, snorted heavily, closed his mouth and said no more.

Su Ping smiled, didn't tease him anymore, and closed his eyes to practice.

The broken Taoist thoughts accumulated earlier were gradually released at this moment, and he was once again immersed in the perception of rules.

The rules are gradually analyzed, becoming more and more detailed and in-depth, and gradually becoming more and more close to the Tao.

Time flew by, and half a day passed in the blink of an eye. Su Ping felt that he had just been immersed in his sentiment, and he was awakened suddenly, as if he had just lain down and was called out.

Shaking his head, Su Ping felt that the time was too short, and this cosmic competition suddenly became rush and rush, and he didn't know why.

"The sky is about to change."

The sound of the system suddenly sounded.

Su Ping was frightened. The system hadnt spoken for a long time. He was a little frightened and annoyed by such abrupt peeping, and said, "Can you wake up first before you speak, what the heavens you said are about to change? Meaning? What day? Atmosphere?"

The system's voice is not as relaxed as it used to be, but rather quietly and quietly: "It is the sky of this universe, the starry sky above your head, the sky with countless light years!"

Su Ping was stunned. It was rare to see the system so seriously. He couldn't help but look up and realized that it was the dome of the training room. He couldn't help but want to look at the cosmic sky outside the spacecraft, but the idea was just to think about it, even if it was. Being in the universe, up and down, left and right, if there is not a federated star dimension map, who can tell the difference?

Looking at it from any angle, front, back, left, right, there are endless stars, and the icy universe, how can you see the sky?

"Do you know the reason?" Su Ping asked in his heart.

The system did not speak again.

Su Ping asked several times again, but when he saw that he didn't say a word again, he was a little unhappy, half-talking, it was a mentality for him!

I'm too lazy to think, anyway, there is a tall top under the sky, he still thinks of a way to win the prize of the finals.

When the competition is over, he can also improve his cultivation.

After accumulating for so long, I don't know what realm I can sprint to.

"At that time, I will accompany Joanna to the Primordial God Realm. It has been too long." Su Ping secretly said in his heart, owing some debt to Joanna, and shook his head. He saw the door of the training room opened, Brother You Long. Stand outside.

"Come out, here we are."

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