Astral Pet Store Chapter 924

Chapter 1021: Chaos God Grass

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Su Ping and Dias followed Yulong to leave the training room and headed to the spaceships rest hall, where the other geniuses had been summoned by the star master on the spaceship.

At this moment, everyone is looking up at the dome on the spaceship.

The metal dome became transparent at this moment, and one could directly see the starry sky of the universe. Only in front of the vast starry universe, a golden nebula was floating there.

This nebula hovered, shining like the Milky Way, and when viewed from a distance, it looked like a hazy golden pupil.

As the spacecraft approached, the golden nebula gradually became wider. When we came to the nebula, we only saw countless golden shining star stones surrounding Chenghe.

In the center of these golden star stones, there is an extremely deep crack.

It looks like vertical pupils in the eyes.

This crack is several light years long. When the spacecraft approaches, what you see is no longer a crack, but like a black hole collapsing in the universe, swallowing everyone in.

Around the crack, there is a hidden existence sitting here, stationed here.

When the spacecraft keeps approaching, as far as the line of sight is concerned, the golden star stone is no longer visible, only the endless darkness in the cracks, there is a feeling of falling into the abyss.

The spaceship stopped suddenly, and the figure of the dragon floated out. Standing outside the spaceship, in front of him, a stalwart phantom suddenly appeared in the starry sky, thousands of feet high, looking down at the spaceship, and when I saw it was a dragon, this Xu Ying's face changed slightly, and he nodded and said, "It turned out to be You Tianjun."

"In the name of the respected master, send us the pride of heaven in the Golden Star Zone to participate in the competition." You Long chuckled.

The phantom glanced at the spaceship, nodded slightly, and disappeared.

Youlong's figure flickered, and he returned to the spaceship again, and then the spaceship continued to gallop forward.

Many students cast their gazes at You Long frequently, with admiration and admiration in their eyes. They are worthy of the Heavenly Monarch-level Conferred Gods. Among the other Conferred Gods, their status is obviously much higher.

"In the future, I will also become the king of heaven, even beyond!"

Dias saw this scene, secretly clenched his fist, his heart was hot.

But when he swept to Su Ping, the heat in his heart suddenly cooled down, and he was a little annoyed immediately. He really didn't know where he lost to Su Ping. He was a reincarnation body, the top combat body in the universe!

Even if Su Ping is also one of the nine divine bodies, it is only equal to him.

"Soon, I will surpass you, brat!" Dias gritted his teeth secretly in his heart.

Let him admit that brother Su Ping?


It's impossible in this life!


In the crowd, some geniuses flickered, and they looked at You Long with strange expressions.

Su Jiner is one of them.

"When I get that thing this time, I am expected to become the supreme. Even if I am a heavenly monarch, I won't be a problem in the future." Su Jin'er's eyes flickered, and suddenly thought of something, she looked at Su Ping.

"This little guy is not what it used to be. I don't know how she will look when she sees my deity in the future." There was a smile in her eyes, and she suddenly looked forward to that scene.

The spacecraft galloped at full speed and traveled for a long time in the dark cracks. Suddenly, there was light from the depths of the darkness, and that ray of light seemed to be born from the darkest place.

Subsequently, the light became brighter and brighter, revealing an object from the depths of the light.

Surprisingly, it is a clover-like plant.

The grass has five petals. As it approaches, the size of this plant becomes terrifying. Just one petal is the size of four or five suns.

Soon, the appearance of the plant itself could no longer be seen clearly, and the spacecraft entered it, followed a specific trajectory, and moored on a grass petal.

It is said to be grass petals, but it is actually a vast green land.

In the place where their spacecraft is anchored, there are other spaceships also parked here.

A large palace was built on the grass petals, like a continent, with many residents living there, who are said to be residents, but in fact they are the pet masters who have obtained permanent qualifications to practice in this place.

"This is the Shenhai Secret Realm? My God, I just looked at it from a distance, like a grass!"

"It must just happen to be similar in appearance, just like the appearance of clouds and mists transforming into animals. How could there be such grasses in this world."

"Are these contestants from other regions?"

On the spacecraft, everyone discussed that some people were shocked by the appearance of this Shenhai Secret Realm, but some people immediately paid attention to the players in other regions. For the next battle, many people are still quite concerned about the top 100 in the finals. , And the top ten!

Both the top 100 and the top ten have great benefits and get unimaginable rewards.

Moreover, entering the top 100 in the overall competition is also a great honor, and will be invited and wooed by countless forces. If you want to apprentice, there is a large number of gods who can choose at will.

After all, the Conferred God doesn't mind that there are more enchantments among his apprentices, strengthening his own line of influence.

"It's Chaos God Grass."

The sound of the system suddenly sounded.

Su Ping, who was looking at the players in other star areas, was suddenly surprised.

Like other people, he felt that it was just a coincidence similarity. Many planets in the universe were arranged and looked like a certain pattern from a distance, but it was just a coincidence.

"What did you say?" Su Ping couldn't help asking.

"This is the Chaos God Grass." The system's voice was a bit strange, unable to hear any emotions or thoughts, but it gave Su Ping a strange feeling.

"Born in the chaos, condensing the essence of the heavens and universe, the original primitive **** race was planted by this grass, but unfortunately, its divinity has been lost too much, and there are countless gods soul marks attached to it. I want to let this **** grass bring them back to life again..." the system said.

Su Ping's pupils contracted slightly, and the information in the system's words was too great.

The Secret Realm of the Divine Sea in front of me is really a grass!

Moreover, this grass actually planted a primitive protoss?

"This is a divine object in the birth chaos. How can the divine nature pass away? Why don't those **** race heroic souls return to the Primordial God Realm?" Su Ping couldn't help asking.

The system was slightly silent, and said: "It's not that they don't return, but that there is no home to return."

"Don't you know the way home?"

"The home is gone."


"There is no why."

The system stopped making a sound, and fell silent again.

Su Ping is confused, the home of the Protoss, isn't it the Primordial God Realm?

Could it be that the Primordial God Realm is gone? However, there is the Primordial God Realm in the systematic cultivation ground.

Since there are even top planes like the Chaos Undead Realm, the Primordial God Realm should not have a name in vain. Although he has never entered, all the cultivation sites he has entered so far are genuine, not just a name. .

I cant figure it out. I dont know about the system, and I dont want to think about it anymore. Anyway, when the time comes, the system will naturally tell him that he has a feeling in his heart that the system seems to have many secrets. The guidance to him is also targeted, sooner or later. He will need to let him do real system tasks. He hopes that he will be strong enough before that day!

"Let's go, let's go and say hello to the opponent you will face next." You Long chuckled lightly.

When everyone heard this, they were all gearing up, a little excited and fighting spirit.

Soon, walking off the spaceship, Youlong led the crowd to a group of people standing not far away, and smiled: "You are from the Qiulu Star District. I heard that you have born an extraordinary genius, yes. Who, call it out and let me have a look."

Su Ping looked at this Senior Brother You Long in a little surprise. The other party kept smiling and felt very kind and casual, but now... it seemed a bit arrogant.


Hearing such a challenge, everyone in the Qiulu star area was also taken aback. Many players suddenly looked forward, and they naturally did not dare to give any opinion to a Conferred God.

When the two Conferred Gods in front of them saw You Long, their expressions changed slightly. One of the middle-aged people said in a deep voice, I didnt expect that the Golden Star District would send You Tianjun to personally **** them. That's great!"

"That is, the genius of our star area, but will win this championship!" You Long chuckled lightly, exposing his nature.

Su Ping and Dias were both stunned, and looked at each other. Is this giving them hatred? This senior is more arrogant and arrogant than they thought.

Sure enough, in the Conferred God, only the supreme can suppress the existence, unfettered, and the temperament is relatively wild.

"Haha." The two Conferred Gods of the Qiulu Star District sneered slightly, and did not answer the conversation. They quarreled with a heavenly monarch. They won the begging, and if they lost their temper, it would be best to ignore them.

They didn't answer the conversation, but the many players behind them were quite surprised. They couldn't help but look at Su Ping, and felt that this conferred **** was so confident that he should have born an extraordinary genius if he wanted to come to the golden star area. Otherwise, what? Will it swell like this?

Su Ping was a bit speechless, he didn't want to be the focus of attention early and add unnecessary trouble to the game.

Diaz looked surprised, but he didn't take offense. Instead, there was a smile on his face, his chin raised slightly, and he looked towards the opposite side intently, almost writing "Lao Tzu is the most **** one" on his face.

"Old You, don't come here unharmed."

At this time, an old voice came from another place.

You Tianjun narrowed his eyes, turned his head, and saw a blood-colored spaceship, standing in front of a crowd of geniuses and a red-haired old man. The old man had a red mole on his eyebrows and a wine gourd on his back. His eyes seemed to be half open. Open, but occasionally shoots a very sharp, heart-shaking edge.

"It turned out to be the God of Bacchus, and your Shepherd Region actually asked you to **** you. Why, did you have any baby embryos?" You Long smiled.

The wine gourd old man said indifferently: "Aren't you the same? I heard that there was a reincarnation divine body that was born and suppressed by others. The old man would like to see, what kind of guy can suppress the nine divine bodies!"

Hearing this, Dias's head held up earlier suddenly went down a little bit frustrated, and he glanced at Su Ping with a vague look in his eyes and angrily. It was clear that I blamed you and blocked me from pretending to be forced.

Others couldn't help but look at Su Ping. Obviously, the guy that the old wine gourd said was Su Ping.

They felt a bit complicated and strange, both envy and sigh. They didn't expect the game to end. The names of Su Ping and Dias had been spread to other regions and became important information for other regions.

On the other hand, it seems that they are only here to make soy sauce.

"Is it this little guy? Well, there is indeed a strange aura in the body, very old." The old man of Jiu Gourd slightly narrowed his eyes, and suddenly noticed Su Ping from the eyes of the other players.

Su Ping was stared at by a heavenly monarch, and his whole body muscles couldn't help but contract. This was an instinctive reaction of the body, just like a prey being stared at by a hunter would blow up its hair.

If you are stared at and still dumbfounded, it can only show that the death is not injustice.

Su Ping is a little helpless, it seems that his fame has spread, and it is estimated that other stars will also treat him as a key target.

"That guy is the one who suppresses the reincarnation **** body?"

In the Qiulu star area, several players are watching Su Ping, their eyes are solemn, and they are filled with anticipation and fighting spirit.

In that Shepherd Region, many geniuses are also looking at Su Ping, wanting to see what a monster with three heads and six arms is, the peerless Tianjiao who can suppress the nine divine bodies.

"That's right, these two have just come to my master's sect. They are now my little junior brother. There must be two of them in the top three this time. If I were you, I would have gone home now." You Long laughed. Tao.

Su Ping's mind is full of black lines, and can't help but want to pull the corner of this brother's clothes. Are you sure it is not an undercover agent sent by someone else?

Diaz didn't think there was anything. He was even a little excited. If he hadn't met Su Ping, he felt that he would have won the championship. Now, he can only be the second child.

However, he had never fought Su Ping head-on, and it might not have been possible to defeat this guy by then.

Thinking of this, Dias glanced at Su Ping.

Su Ping happened to be looking at him too, and suddenly noticed his weird look, and couldn't help but roll his eyes. Grandma's, our own selection is over. What do you think of me, you two are ghosts!

At this time, another spacecraft arrived one after another.

It didn't take long for the players from the 12-sector zone to gather, and a total of 1,200 people participated.

When the crowd arrived, a supreme appeared on the stage, and the oppressive breath suppressed the audience. All the players felt a suffocating pressure, and those who consecrated the gods also tightened their faces and looked solemn.

You Long, who was still talking about it before, is also slightly constricted, his eyes solemn.

The supreme was wearing a platinum robe, with flowing silver hair, as handsome as a god, and there seemed to be an eternal sun behind him, burning like a **** furnace, shining like a god.

"All the star areas are here, so let's start the trial of the first level."

The supreme is extremely concise, without even the opening remarks, he just announced the game.

Su Ping heard his voice, and suddenly thought of the previous voice that had spread throughout the universe, notifying the convening of the genius war.

The one in front of him is the supreme shepherd.

After his words, a golden vortex suddenly cracked under his feet, and his voice sounded again: "The first trial, 100 people pass the trial, and the trial time is five days. Survival in the Abandoned God's Domain is over, and enough God core, wait until the end of the time, the ranking will be based on the God core settlement."

Everyone was stunned. Many of the players' complexions changed, and they were a little ugly. This trial is very dangerous when it comes to hearing it, so if you want to survive to the end? survive? !

Moreover, to directly eliminate 90% at a time and directly enter the top 100, this is equivalent to a sea election.

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