Astral Pet Store Chapter 925

Chapter 1022: Walking God Corps (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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"Ready to time!"

When the Mu Shen Zhizun finished speaking, a conferred **** flew over, took out a hill-like hourglass, suspended it in the void, and started timing.

"Go in!"

The Conferred Gods of each star area condensed their eyes and immediately ordered the players around them.

They also heard about the content of this trial. In addition to survival, they had to plunder enough divine cores to advance to the top 100, otherwise they would be eliminated.

"Senior, shall we join forces?"

Among the crowd, a young man quickly asked You Long.

He has medium combat power among the crowd, comparable to Dragon Emperor and others. He has seen the previous golden star area sea elections. The first thing he thought of was alliance and union.

In this case, their efficiency in survival and hunting of the **** core will be greatly improved, and they will taste the benefits of alliances.

Everyone's eyes lit up and looked at Su Ping and Dias.

If they are in an alliance, these two are both thighs.

Diaz sneered when he heard the young man's words. The thing he didn't look down on was the alliance. From a young age, he remembered one sentence deeply: the beast walks alone and the ants are in groups. He disdains to be with the ants.

You Long shook his head and said: "The alliance depends on your fate. When you enter there, you will separate. In that waste **** market, the territory is very large. Maybe after five days, you will not be able to touch each other, and you The enemy is not the other players, but the weirdness in it..."

The weirdness?

Everyone was shocked, and their scalp numb slightly. What would be the weird thing that Heavenly Monarch calls it?

"Go in, try your best to hunt the **** core, or survive." You Long said.

When everyone saw him say this, they were a little nervous, but at this point, they had no choice but to bite the bullet and face the difficulties.

"Two juniors, there are **** corpses walking in this waste gods market, and the **** cores are inside them. You should be careful to hunt them. Remember to attack the marks on the foreheads of **** corpses. Only by destroying the marks can they be destroyed." Youlong transmitted to Su Ping and Di. Yas.

Both of them were taken aback for a moment, and suddenly understood, and both nodded.

"Come to Bibi again this time!"

Dias turned his head to look at Su Ping, with a war spirit in his eyes.

Before climbing Tiandao Mountain, he didn't fight Su Ping head-on. He didn't think he was inferior to Su Ping. After all, he was a top-notch divine body, and he really couldn't figure out where he could go.

When Su Ping heard this, the servant hadn't been convinced yet, and smiled: "Are there ten gaps?"

"Think beautiful!"

Seeing Su Ping revealing his scar again, Dias was a bit angry. Su Ping was pretended to be a pig and eat a tiger. He was careless and gave Su Ping a chance to slap her face.

Now he can't.

"Hmph, see who will kill more by then." Dias snorted coldly.

Su Ping smiled slightly, but did not respond.

You Long looked at their "happy friends", smiling, and did not stop it. It is a good thing to have a competitive heart, and they will also fulfill each other and compete for the gods.

Soon, the players from all star regions began to enter the vortex one after another.

It looks like a swarm of locusts.

Su Ping and Dias entered the whirlpool in no particular order.

When his gaze changed, a strong breath of divine power hit his face. After a while, Su Ping saw a scene slowly emerging in front of him, which was on a wasteland.

The ground was scorched, with scars cracked, and huge pits, like the claw prints of some kind of giant beast.

Su Ping looked around, saw a dilapidated village in the distance, and flew over immediately.

"In the air here, there is divine power, and it really is God's Domain."

"It's a pity that the divine power is a bit thin, and some decayed death aura is mixed in. There should have been wars here. What is it against?"

Su Ping flew into the air and observed along the way. No creatures were seen nearby.

Soon, he saw the dilapidated village, the buildings were destroyed to the extent that there were only clods of dirt, and only a few dilapidated houses remained.

"The perception is compressed, and the gravity here is different from the outside world. It feels a bit familiar." Su Ping felt the state of the body, looked forward, and saw the outline of a city faintly in front of the village.

Fortunately, his physical vision is not affected, and he can see far directions.

Especially when he turned the Golden Crow's divine power onto his eyes, his vision exploded several times, like a thousand times eagle eye, able to capture the fine dust ten miles away, and the fuzzy outline ten miles away.


Suddenly, Su Ping perceives a dangerous omen, his heart froze, and he looked somewhere.

I saw a figure standing beside a dry well in that dilapidated village.

This figure was wearing tattered clothes and turned his back to him, seeming to be in a daze by the dry well.

But Su Ping noticed that the body exposed from his tattered clothes had a purple-black complexion, as if poisoned, and the epidermis was also wrinkled, unlike a normal person's skin.

Suddenly, the figure seemed to be aware of something and turned his head and looked over.

The moment Su Ping looked at each other, Su Ping's pupils shrank.

I saw that the figure's face was ulcerated, and his body's chest was also cracked. There was a terrible laceration wound. The ribs and chest cavity were torn, and the internal organs were all shriveled.

With such a severe injury, a normal person will undoubtedly die.

Su Ping suddenly thought of the walking corpse that Senior Brother You Long reminded.


When Su Ping was frightened, this figure flashed suddenly, and when he reappeared, it had already arrived in front of Su Ping Ping, roaring at him, acting savagely and primitively.

Su Ping's face changed slightly, he could not feel the breath of the opponent at all, and hurriedly threw his fist out.


The golden divine fist was like beating on a rock, the fist was firmly struck on the broken chest of the divine corpse, and the opponent looked at nothing and didn't hide at all.

Fist punched through and beat the air behind it into a liquid state.

But with such a fierce punch, the corpse of the gods seemed unaffected, and still leaped forward, already grabbing Su Ping's arm, his nails turned purple, sharp like sharp blades.

Su Ping didn't dare to be scratched by it. The Golden Crow Sacred Fire quickly appeared on his arm, and the terrifying high temperature appeared, and the surface of the God's corpse suddenly burned. The Golden Crow's flame was called the eternal flame, and it could continue to burn.

What horrified Su Ping was that the corpse of the gods burning with the flames could still attack, as if there was no pain.

Thinking of Brother You Long's words, Su Ping immediately looked at his forehead, where there was a bright light flashing under the burning of the divine fire.

It's a **** seal!

Su Ping suddenly gathered the rules together at his fingertips, and slammed his finger away.

This **** corpse moves extremely fast, but it has no skill. While Su Ping escaped, his fingertips have pierced the **** seal.

With a click, something seemed to be broken, and the divine mark flickered, suddenly bursting with strong light, breaking apart.

The **** corpse also stopped moving immediately, and then slowly fell down and fell.

With a plop, it fell on the ground of the village, and the sacred fire spread on his body, burning all the rocks on the ground into magma.

Su Ping waved his palm to absorb the sacred fire, and then looked at the scorched corpse, a little surprised.

This body is obviously dead, but the corpse can actually move. Is this what Senior Brother You Long said weird?

Suddenly, Su Ping noticed that a strong breath of divine power leaked out of the corpse's chest. With a movement in his heart, he opened it, his fingertips burst out with sword breath, and his chest was opened, revealing a bright golden object inside, which was a god. The nucleus is also the heart of this body.

"So, if you want to be promoted to the top 100 in this trial, you have to fight against such creatures?"

Su Ping's eyes became serious.

Although it was easy to solve this **** corpse, the **** corpse was too weird. When it appeared, it was silent and could not be perceived, and it was furious. Once it was entangled, it would be difficult to get out.

Picking up the sacred core, Su Ping studied for a while and tried to cut it open, but the sacred core was quite hard, and forcibly cutting it would only destroy it.

Su Ping put it away and checked the corpse again. Suddenly, he took out a small amount of blood from his body, and then took out part of his teeth and nails. He was about to wait to find a living thing to verify if there were any in these things. toxin.

After doing this, Su Ping left the village and flew forward.

Along the way, he was always vigilant about his surroundings. These corpses were hard to be perceived, and he could only rely on his naked eyes to be vigilant. If the other party noticed him, it would suddenly flash over, which was a bit of a surprise.

Not long after, Su Ping was outside the village and suddenly saw a giant beast, walking slowly.

This giant beast is more than 30 meters tall and has eight or nine floors. It has scars on its body, many teeth marks from gnawing, and some cracked blood skins have long since dried up.

Suddenly, the giant beast stopped, and the next moment, its body flashed suddenly, and it was directly torn into the void and disappeared.

Su Ping was taken aback and quickly guarded his surroundings.

But after waiting for a few seconds, no giant beast appeared beside him, and there was a loud bang, and suddenly a popping sound rang out in the distance.

Su Ping looked towards the sound and saw a large amount of dust and fog filling up, and he was awe-inspiring. It seemed that a player appeared there and was sensed by this giant beast.

This giant beast, like a **** corpse, is also a corpse.

Su Ping glanced at the fighting place and thought about it, but still did not pass.

Since this trial was mainly about survival and hunting, there was no need to deal with other geniuses, and he didn't bother to deal with them.

Although kicking out other geniuses, as long as the number of people is reduced, lying flat can make it into the top 100, but this method is a bit cruel, and Su Ping still wants to give these hard-working geniuses some trial experience.

Su Ping turned around and headed to the other side.

Before long, he came to the top of a city.

The city was broken, and the solid wall outside had been broken, and it seemed that some giant broke in and broke a huge gap.

Su Ping swept his eyes and saw many figures in the city, standing on the streets everywhere, motionless like wooden stakes, looking a little horrified.

He shook his heart, and immediately slowed down, slowed down, and quietly approached the past.

This city is obviously very dangerous, but it is also a good place for hunting **** cores.

Su Ping flew close to the ground. When he came to the outside of the city wall, he saw seven or eight figures standing on top, wearing broken armor. Most of their bodies were seriously injured. Some faces were torn off by half, and some necks were covered. Half of it was broken, and the cervical thighs could be seen exposed, and there were half of the arms left with holes in the chest.

Put it outside, these are dead and can't be dead anymore.

Su Ping lay in the distance and observed for a few minutes. Suddenly, he took a stone from the ground and threw it at the other side of the city wall.


The stone smashed against the wall and made a noise.

Those standing figures seemed to be aware of them and shook their bodies slightly, but soon, as the sound disappeared, they returned to calm.

"It seems that it is not through sound perception, and it is impossible to use sound to attract and gather them together. Also, if you rely solely on sound, it will definitely rain here. If it rains, these corpses will probably be busy..."

Thinking of the scene, Su Ping also shook his head amused.

"If you rush over like this, it is estimated that as soon as the battle begins, all the corpses in the city will pounce, and they will flash instantly, which is a bit scary."

Su Ping's eyes flickered, and it was not difficult to solve the corpse of the gods, but he couldn't bear it if a crowd swarmed.

Suddenly, he thought of Little Skeleton.


The silhouette of the little skeleton was summoned immediately.

It raised the skull head and looked at Su Ping suspiciously.

Su Ping immediately passed the thoughts to it, and let it go over to attract the corpses.

They are all corpses, the little skeletons are still real "mummy corpses", I don't know if these creepy corpses will notice it.

After digesting Su Ping's thoughts, Little Skeleton slowly understood what he meant. With a turn of his head, he almost fell off his neck and looked at the corpse on the wall.

The next moment, its figure flickered, appeared thousands of meters away, and then flickered one after another.

Soon, ten miles away, thousands of meters away from the city wall, the little skeleton slowly released a trace of breath.

At this moment, the creepy corpse on the city wall suddenly moved, turned his head and looked over, the next moment, several swishes, several creepy corpses disappeared at the same time, appeared directly beside the little skull, and rushed towards it.

Little Skeleton was obviously also frightened. The bones on his body were shaking. The next moment, he disappeared in a flash and ran towards Su Ping.

Several corpses also flashed with the little skeleton's figure, and every time it flashed out, several corpses followed one after another.

The distance was almost the same, Su Ping, who was hiding in a deep air, suddenly shot, and immediately broke out the most powerful. He must fight quickly, so as not to fight here, breathe out, and attract more corpses.


Su Ping directly condensed the regular sword energy, and pierced the eyebrows of a sly corpse.

But this corpse seemed to be aware of it, and suddenly raised his head, only the white eyes looked at Su Ping, and he suddenly raised his hand, slapped the sword energy directly, and then burst out a strong aura from his body, and his claws swept over. .

The void shattered, and its arm directly shattered the third dimension, and instantly arrived in front of Su Ping.

Su Ping was a little shocked, this corpse was extremely terrifying, and this kind of powerful divine power might be at the level of a star master!

What makes Su Ping thankful is that this corpse did not display the power of faith, otherwise he would directly reduce the dimensionality, and he would have no way of parrying him. He could only rely on the purple bracelet given by the master to save his life.

"This thing has no thinking, savage attacks, and no secret skills. It just has the power of the star master realm, and it is a protoss of the star master realm, and its power is ten times that of the star master of the star power!"

Su Ping's eyes suddenly glowed with a fighting spirit. Didn't he know that with his current power, he could suppress a star host realm like this?


The figure of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast suddenly appeared, and directly merged with Su Ping. After that, Su Ping asked Little Skeleton to contain the other corpses, and he directly killed the star host realm.

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