Astral Pet Store Chapter 926

Chapter 1023: Universe coincides (seeking subscription for monthly pass)

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As soon as he fought, Su Ping felt the vast power of a huge mountain, and pushed him horizontally. The pure power on the arm of this corpse was crushed down like a small world.

Su Ping felt his arm sink, and his body couldn't help retreating violently, smashing into the void, and falling into the fourth deep space.

And this corpse followed like a shadow, and immediately followed and killed, and it was killed from a deeper space, astonishingly fast.

Su Ping was frightened and immediately broke out with all his strength.

The Hundred Dao rules became a sword, and the Golden Crow God's body was aroused, and the three-god star map in his body also burst out. With a thud, Su Ping cut his forehead with a sword.

The corpse seemed to be aware of it, and actually raised his hand to block.

Su Ping was a little surprised. The previous behavior of the corpse was not defensive.

It seems that this creepy corpse is a bit extraordinary, and has the instinct to protect the fatal weakness of the forehead.

The sword body slashed deeply into the arm of the corpse, the armor on its arm shattered, chopped to the bone, and stuck in it.

The sword body dissipated, and then condensed again in Su Ping's palm, continuing to pierce the eyebrows.

The corpse parried one after another, and Su Ping's arm was cut into cracks. It roared angrily. When Su Ping paused, it suddenly rushed to hug Su Ping.

Su Ping shook away with a punch, and the two of them retreated, but Su Ping retreated more. He felt a little tingling in his fists, but his eyes became brighter. This is the Star Realm that doesn't use the power of faith?

He was in the Demigod Land, and he had not discussed with the gods of the Star Master Realm.

After all, he was still very weak at that time, and it was meaningless to find the Star Realm to learn from.

Moreover, those gods will follow Joanna, mastering the profound secret skills of the Protoss, even if they do not use the power of belief, they can easily defeat Su Ping by using the secret skills.

"I didn't merge with Little Skeleton for the second time. I can barely fight. If I merge, I can easily suppress it!"

After trying out this result, Su Ping was quite satisfied.

With the cultivation base of the Destiny Realm, it can be comparable to the Star Master Realm in pure strength, which is quite an exaggeration!

"It's over."

Su Ping didn't dare to delay for too long, even if he knew that he was paying attention to it, he didn't intend to hide it again. Anyway, he had already been under the master of the **** king, the supreme king. Perhaps the better he performed, the more benefits he would get.

And when the game is over, he will return to the store to retreat, even if he is worried about, he can't help him.


A strong dark aura diffused from Su Ping's body, his pupils suddenly became deep, and traces of black aura permeated his skin. With his body as the center, the dark and deep space around it seemed to become more muddy. , This is the divine body he aroused in the Golden Crow Protoss, the darkest divine body of the Primordial Witch Clan!

As the divine body domain opened up, it immediately enveloped the corpse.

A few seconds later, when the darkness closed, Su Ping stood in place, the corpse floating in front of him, and the imprint on his forehead was broken.

After the solution, Su Ping immediately returned to the outside and saw that the little skull was pulling with a few corpses. I have to say that the bloodline ability of the Skeleton King clan was too sturdy. The body of the little skeleton was regenerated repeatedly, and the skeletons were reunited. The bones can be recovered as much as they are interrupted, but it will consume a lot of necromantic energy.

Su Ping didn't stop, and immediately stepped forward to help.

Soon, the battle ended in the fourth space, and Su Ping received five divine cores.

Su Ping and Little Skeleton went back outside. Seeing that there was no one on the wall, Su Ping quietly touched him, and saw dozens of figures stand in the dilapidated building a kilometer away behind the wall, and his eyes drenched.

Immediately, he let the little skeleton continue to move forward.

When cultivating the world to exercise, the little skull is the path-breaker and is responsible for finding the way.

Therefore, the methods of camouflage, seduction, breath control, etc., are quite accurate. If you leak a little at this moment, you will quickly grasp the perception range of these corpses and the concentration of breath capture.

The little skeleton released its breath at the extreme extreme position and lured six corpses. After they left the group of corpses, Su Ping took them into the fourth dimension and quickly solved it.

Starting with the cores one by one, Su Ping is also slowly cleaning the city.

In the secret realm of Shenhai.

On one of the grass petals, in a huge building.

At this moment, seven or eight figures are sitting here, their figures are hazy, shrouded in the light of the years, unable to see clearly, it seems that their true bodies are hidden in the long river of time, they are clearly in front of them, but they cannot perceive any of their breath, unless, It is they who are willing to take the initiative to release their breath to let people discover.

In the center of the hall, there is a phantom, which is a shrunken world.

"Unexpectedly, you could actually refine this God's Realm. I heard that there are two supreme-level corpses in it, and you have solved them?" A burly, full-blooded brawny man said indifferently.

Above, the Faun Supreme, who is floating in white and looking at the elegant and easy-going, smiles slightly: "After all, it is ancient, only the fighting instinct is left. Although the two corpses are born with spiritual wisdom and grasp the strength that was not weak in life, they are dead after all. ."

"You told us to come over this time, not just to watch these little guys. I heard that in the depths of the universe, there is restlessness. There is something to come out?" an old man said in a low voice.

Supreme Mu Shen nodded, and said: "You also know that this Shenhai secret realm is close to the deepest part of the universe. Not long ago, when I was practicing in retreat here, I suddenly heard a vibration."


"That's right." Master Mu Shen's eyes narrowed slightly, a little dignified, and said: "It's the kind of thumping sound, the heartbeat you hear. This sound is sounding from the depths of the universe. I guess it should be In the deepest ninth space, only the sound of the heartbeat can penetrate the layers of space, and the heartbeat has a great rhythm. I suspect that it may be the kind of thing recorded in ancient books."

"You mean, it's... the way of heaven?"

"I heard that there is another realm above us, that is, the realm of heaven!"

"This is indeed recorded. In the Primordial Era, there was the reincarnation of the Heavenly Dao, in charge of everything in Yin and Yang, the laws of the universe, and everything under the control of the Dao of Heaven. The Dao of Heaven is like a supercomputer that manages all affairs in the universe, including cultivation and promotion. Creatures multiply, eat, drink and die and so on."

These supreme sacred eyes, they lived too long, explored countless ruins, and mastered many secret things.

If this word spreads out, the entire universe will shake.

In the hearts of countless people, supreme is the strongest.

Otherwise, how can it be called "Supreme"?

"You called us over because you want us to explore the Ninth Dimension together and find that voice?" Someone said, and it was Su Ping's Master, the Supreme Divine Sovereign.

He was dressed in a golden robe, sitting here, as if sitting in the Palace of the Nine Heavens, with an extraordinary manner.

Mu Shen Zhizun shook his head and said: "I have asked the clone to investigate and let everyone come. Apart from this, there is mainly another thing that happened. It is also the ancient one that asked me to inform you."


Hearing these two words, everyone at the scene condensed their eyes. In the Federation, these two words are truly taboos.

"His old man said that the deep spaces in all parts of the universe are beginning to overlap. According to the current signs, all the deep spaces will be merged into one in the near future. At that time, we will no longer be able to tear the deep space. Everything in the deep sky will also be squeezed out and come out one after another!"

Master Mu Shen said in a deep voice: "You should know how many things left over from ancient times and ancient times are hidden in these deep spaces, and how dangerous it is!"

"Really overlapping?" Someone asked in shock.

After he finished speaking, he couldn't help saying: "I thought it was my illusion. I visited an area in the Ninth Dimension and found that it was combined with the Eighth Dimension. I thought it was a special case at the time, and I didn't expect it to overlap. , If the universe is completely merged, then, those ancient ruins, and those ancient fierce beasts, will all come to the Federation?"

Everyone's complexion changed.

Although they are the top existence of the Federation Universe, they have the absolute right to speak in the Federation, and they are the supreme tens of millions of times more noble than the emperor, but they shudder at the possibility of the overlapping of the universe.

The more you know, the more you will be in awe.

They have explored too many areas of deep space, and because of this, they know how many terrible things are hidden in this universe.

"The ancient can be estimated, how long will it all overlap?" someone asked.

Mu Shen Zhizun was slightly silent, and said: "At most ten thousand years!"

The hall fell into silence.

Ten thousand years is extremely remote and long for ordinary people, but for them, it is just a time of retreat.

"No wonder the Federal Center has been vigorously mobilizing resources and developing fault technology recently. It turned out to be preparing in advance." You Zhizun frowned and sighed lightly.

"If the universe overlaps, at least the territories we live in will face severe damage, and the human race will even fall into a crisis. The ancient times asked you to call us over. Is there any solution?"

The Mu Shen Zhizun said: "No, but there is a way to delay it. The ancient twelve fixed iron gods have been made. We need to send them to the ninth dimension of the twelve places in the universe. In this way, the time for the universe to overlap can be delayed to One hundred thousand years, these hundred thousand years, we can have more time to develop and think of ways."

"Defensive iron?" Supreme was surprised, and said: "It should be a treasure to delay the coincidence of the universe, right?"

"Why, you are tempted to see the treasure again. You can't steal this thing." A female supreme sneered.

"Little Junior Sister, didn't my incident have passed millions of years, why do you still remember, I am the Supreme now, why do I need to steal, just take what I want." The Supreme said helplessly.

The Female Supreme sneered slightly, "I have heard a lot about what you have done these years, and I have nothing to do with you. Although we have the same master inheritance, our ways are different. Dont follow me. Build relationships."

The other supreme squinted at these two people. Among the many supreme ones, these two are the only ones who have learned from the same school, but their teachers have already raised their whip. Both of them can come to this point and are inherited from the same ruins. Of course, it is also inseparable from their own talents and cultivation. After all, if you want to become the supreme, you must break through the road on your own to achieve the eternal god!

"You are in charge of and responsible for each of you, and this is a major event related to countless lives in our entire universe!" Mu Shen Zhizun said indifferently.

"That's true." The former old man nodded and sighed: "It's still ancient and powerful. Otherwise, if you have a mere ten thousand years, you will not have time to prepare. Now one hundred thousand years, although not many, but if you fully cultivate it, you should be able to cultivate it. Those who have less proficiency will also add a lot of strength when disaster comes."

"It's no wonder that this genius battle will call me to wait. Why, do you want me to wait for the apprentice?"

Master Mu Shen nodded and said: "Yes, every genius battle will always give birth to some good seedlings of the Conferred God aptitude. If you cultivate it well, it will be no problem to become a Conferred God. Over the past 100,000 years, we will cultivate more. Fengshen, if one or two supreme can be born, that would be even better."

"One or two Supremes were born in 100,000 years. Well, although it is a bit difficult, there should be hope if the seedlings are dug up."

"It has been seventy to eighty thousand years since the high-ranking Blood Shadow Supreme was conferred. I remember that if you are right, if it is slow, it is two to three hundred thousand years, and if it is fast, it is about 100,000 years. A Supreme can always be born." A young supreme chuckled. He looked extremely young, but everyone in the room knew that he was a monster who became supreme very early.

Among the many supreme ones, it is also a fearful existence.


Suddenly, the supreme middle-aged man with a burly stature like a mountain raised his gaze and looked at the phantom of the world in the center of the temple, where a battle was breaking out.

There was a look of astonishment in his eyes, and said: "That little guy, what kind of divine body he just displayed, it doesn't seem to be a divine body, but this power is a bit exaggerated."

The eyes of other people also looked at the past, and after two glances, they were surprised.

God King Supreme took a look, and he was taken aback for a while, his face suddenly showed a deep smile, and said: "Don't think about it, everyone, this is the disciple I just received. I didn't expect this little guy to hide deep enough."

He was also very surprised and surprised.

I thought that the Golden Crow Divine Body that Su Ping used before was his combat body.

Unexpectedly, Su Ping actually has another battle body, and it is not inferior to the Golden Crow battle body!

Dual body?

This kind of thing is not uncommon, there are even triple and quadruple warfare bodies, that is because the blood in the body is mixed, including the Federation, and there are some methods that can reproduce blood and inspire artificial warfare bodies.

But from the inside, a single top combat body is the strongest.

Multiple combat bodies will not increase their strength due to their large numbers, but instead will erode each other due to their bloodlines, causing the combat bodies to weaken, making it difficult to cultivate to the top.

At this moment, the reason why God King Supreme was pleasantly surprised was that from the outburst of Su Pings battle body, it was obviously not a dual battle body, which meant that one of the so-called battle bodies was not a battle body, but Su Pings own. constitution!

It's like a kind of half-orc, with an orc physique in itself, and the battle body is inspired by the bloodline deep in the genes, and the two are not the same.

"This little guy is actually a little golden crow hybrid."

The **** king supreme secretly said in his heart, he became more happy, this is a creature that disappeared in the ancient times. It feeds on dragons. When it comes to adulthood, it has the power of the star master realm. If you practice a little, you can be a god. If you are a monster, you can cultivate to Supreme is a hundred times easier than a human being to become Supreme.

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