Basketball Myth: Super Guard Chapter 841

Chapter 841: The Back Wave Of The Attack Part 1

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With a soft sound, Clay's corner made a three-pointer.

It was Anthony who was facing Clay, but Rose's breakthrough forced Anthony to shrink inside to help his teammates contain Rose, and then missed Clay.

This three-pointer made the red team players frowned. They are still concerned about the nba draft. Sometimes they will go to the ncaa game and pay attention to some draft candidates.

Clay is not considered a hot pick in the draft, and the predicted draft pick is not as good as TT, but TT is predicted to enter the top five, or even the top three.

But Clay's entry into the lottery area shouldn't be a problem, so the red team players still have some understanding of him, but they don't know much.

But because TT also signed up for the draft this year and they are both ncaa players, they know more about Clay. He looked at the big guys around him, hesitated for a moment, and reminded: "Thompson is a shooter, three-pointer and The middle distance is very accurate."

"Oh?" Anthony raised his brow.

James, Paul, and Wade exchanged glances, and they were both concerned.

Although Klay made a three-pointer, and TT said he was a shooter and shot the ball very accurately, it was definitely not the same as Qin Hao.

Therefore, except for Anthony, who is facing Clay, others will not target the defense of Clay. They still focus their defense on Qin Hao and Rose.

So until the next round, the red teams defense was still focused on Qin Hao and Rose. Rose broke through and passed the ball to Qin Hao. The defender was very close. Qin Haos cellphone would be bad, and he did not force it. A glance at the situation on the court suddenly accelerated.

Qin Hao's speed is extremely fast. If he defends normally, Wade may not be able to prevent it, but because he is afraid of Qin Hao's three-pointer, he throws too far forward.

This is a bit troublesome.

Of course, Wade has been able to enter the best defensive lineup year after year, and the defensive ability is naturally not covered. He quickly turned sideways and did not lose his defensive position. He moved inside next to Qin Hao.

There is nothing wrong with this in itself, but Anthony immediately rushed over when he saw it, trying to help Wade in defense and to contain Qin Hao together.

"Not good." Wade yelled quickly: "Don't come here, watch him..."

In the end, the "word" of the pass hadn't come out yet. Qin Hao had already passed the ball. The basketball flew over Anthony's head. His heart jumped and he turned around quickly, but it was too late.

Clay caught the ball and took another three-pointer.


Go in again.

Anthony smiled bitterly and patted his chest: "This ball counts as mine."

Wade only shook his head helplessly, saying that although Cameron is known as the "offensive kaleidoscope", this defensive awareness and defensive habits are indeed a problem. But the brothers have not reminded him for so many years, but there is no use for eggs, what to do or what to do.

However, Clay's accuracy of the vote still surprised him.

"Cameron." Wade said: "You don't need to come here later, just guard that little guy, and Qin will give it to me. What's more, there is TT on the inside line."

"Good." Anthony was a little embarrassed.

The red team launched a counterattack.

Paul greeted his teammates, organized the offense, and gave it to Wade. Wade broke through. After attracting the defense, he gave the ball to James, who cut quickly.

Although Nene was high, but the speed couldn't keep up with James. James grabbed the basketball and jumped up. Jianwei connected in one go, and staged a bursting one-handed buckle.


This deduction caused the red team players on the sidelines to applaud again and again.

"Still can't help it." Flatheaded brother smiled bitterly.

"It's okay." Jiang Feng said: "Although we can't prevent it, we can also score, and the opponent scores a two-pointer, we take a three-pointer, and the point difference is still narrowing."

Listen, Lu Wei couldn't help but nod. That's it. Although they still couldn't guard the red team, with Qin Hao and Clay's consecutive three-pointers, the point difference was approaching.

Neither side was able to score in the next two rounds.

With the ball, Paul walked up the three-point line and asked for a pick-and-roll. The blue team had to change defense and became Wang Lei to defend Paul.

"Not good." Qin Hao secretly cried out bad, but Paul is a master of "Little Fighter", so he changed to Wang Lei to guard him. Isn't that the same as delivering food?

But he was a little far away and couldn't pounce. If he pounced, Wade would miss it. When Paul passes, Wy can easily score.

Rose was also worried, and wanted to bypass TT, but it was too late.

Seeing that Paul suddenly changed and accelerated, Wang Lei took a big step back in a hurry, for fear of being passed by Paul. Facing a player of Paul's level, Wang Lei really has no confidence.

As a result, Paul immediately retreated. Rose hasn't made it yet. He has already shot a jumper, hit a steady mid-range, and scored two points.

"Blame me." Wang Lei raised his hand depressed.

"It's okay." Qin Hao ran over and saw that the little brother looked like an eggplant that had been beaten by frost. He said that this would not work, and said immediately, "Return one later."

Wang Lei was taken aback, and smiled bitterly: "How come you pay it back?"

He is playing against TT. Although the technique is not bad, he still has difficulty facing TT. Besides, there are James, Wade and others next to him. He doesn't dare to play singles easily in the low post.

Qin Hao also understands this. Let Wang Lei play such a game and face the "Four Heroes". First of all, he is psychologically unconsciously weak. It is estimated that he is really choking in the low singles.

But there is no other way.

"Wait for you to pull the pick-and-roll beyond the three-point line and wait for me to pass the ball back." Qin Hao said, "Remember, don't hesitate, trust yourself, and shoot the three-pointer directly when you get the ball.

"Yeah." Wang Lei's eyes lit up and he almost forgot that he would shoot a three-pointer.

The blue team attacked.

Qin Hao came to the front court and gave Wang Lei a wink. Wang Lei came up for a pick-and-roll. Qin Hao used the pick-and-roll to make a breakthrough. TT quickly stepped forward and blocked the front, delaying. Because Wang Lei was standing on the three-point line, only blocking but not breaking, and didn't cut into the middle, Wade didn't care either, and chased Qin Hao after leaving him.

A center standing on the three-point line is basically not threatening.


At this moment, Qin Hao returned the pass and gave it to Wang Lei. Wade turned his head and TT also looked at Wang Lei, but he did not immediately jump on it, thinking it was just a transition.

However, the next moment Wang Lei jumped up and shot a three-pointer directly.


Neither Wade nor TT expected that they all stood still for a while without moving.

The red team players on the sidelines were also a little surprised, but didn't care. A center shot three-pointer, which is not a good choice.

Today is not the "small ball era." There are relatively few power forwards who can shoot three-pointers, let alone Wang Lei as a center.

Only Lu Wei and Jiang Feng couldn't help laughing. They knew that Wang Lei was not a center in the traditional sense.

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