Basketball Myth: Super Guard Chapter 933

Chapter 933: Fist afraid of being young

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The Knicks offense.

Nash came to the front court and saw Qin Hao rushing up just after passing the center line. Qin Hao moved swiftly and opened his hands, waving constantly, trying to steal.

Of course, it is better to be able to steal, but Qin Hao thinks that with Nash's skill, most of them are not hopeful. His goal is actually to interfere with Nash and prevent Nash from calmly organizing an attack.

He had seen it a few minutes before.

The key to this Knicks team becoming so difficult to deal with is Nash. Nashs organization of offense, control of the rhythm, and distribution of the ball makes the Knicks offense more reasonable and also makes Anthony. There was a chemical reaction between the two All-Star players with Stoudemire.

Therefore, to limit the Knicks' offense, in addition to strengthening the defense of Anton and Stoudemire, it is also necessary to target Nash.

Nash frowned. He had just told his teammates to target the three-pointer against Qin Hao, but he didn't expect to be targeted by Qin Hao when he turned around.

Nash dribbled the ball with one hand, protected the ball with the other, took a look at the situation on the court, and then suddenly changed directions and accelerated, trying to break through.

But Qin Hao reacted quickly and quickly retreated and moved back and forth before blocking him again.

"This kid is really fast." Nash was a little depressed. He was known as the "Son of the Wind" at the beginning. Wouldn't it be easy for you to guard him when he was older?

After trying it, Nash knew that it was not easy to fight Qin Hao one-on-one.

The so-called boxing is afraid of being young, let alone young people like Qin Hao.

"Pick and roll."

Nash made a gesture, and Vucevic came up for a pick-and-roll, but Qin Hao was prepared, and quickly bypassed Vucevic, and blocked Nash again.

Nash had no choice but to pass the ball to Anthony, allowing Anthony to play alone.

Seeing Anthony holding the ball, Xiao Ka quickly posted it. The sluggish expression made Anthony very uncomfortable. He decided to teach the rookie to class. He stepped forward, grabbed the ball with both hands and dashed across a big circle in front of him. Start and break from the right. However, Xiaoka didn't react slowly, moving quickly and sticking to his body.

Feeling the opponent's action, Anthony chuckled lightly, not caring, found a physical confrontation, and then suddenly turned over to shoot a jumper.

Xiaoka quickly jumped up and reached out to seal the cover, but unfortunately it was still a little slower.


With a soft sound, the ball is scored.

Anthony gave Xiaoka an expression that you still need to practice, smiled and turned back to defense, just returned to his own half, Qin Hao had already made it, a change of direction accelerated, after the breakthrough, he took the ball outside and gave Iguoda a handle. On the go, Iguodala also broke through with the ball, while Qin Hao ran a lap around his teammates in a quick run, and returned to beyond the three-point line.

Nash was left behind, blocked by Ka, and screamed uncomfortably in his heart, and quickly reminded him: "Cameron, be careful of Qin's three-pointer."

Nash was blocked by Kaka, and Anthony was the closest person to Qin Hao, but his defense was a problem. Even if Nash reminded him, his reaction was a little slower.

I saw Qin Hao catch the ball, jump up, shoot...

In one go, a steady hit.

Anthony smiled bitterly, and Nash waved his hand. He just frowned and looked at Qin Hao, secretly feeling that he was also very accurate in three points, but compared with Qin Hao, it seemed to be a step behind.

The reason why Nash feels this way is not because of how accurate Qin Hao's three-pointers are, but because his three-pointers are unreasonable.

A few dozen seconds later, Qin Hao made another shot again, again unreasonably, directly at a place more than one meter away from the three-point line, and directly shot a three-pointer against Nash.


The goal was not scored, but it still surprised the Knicks players.

Subsequently, the two sides were replaced again, Nash, Anthony, etc. were replaced, coach Luke also replaced, Nene, Speights, and Qin Hao were all replaced.

There is not much time left in the first quarter, and there is a 5 point difference at this time.

The two sides switched to the bench lineup, and the 76ers clearly had the upper hand. Holiday broke through and passed the ball to Lu Wei, who received the ball and made a three-pointer. After that, the Knicks also scored one, but Iguodala immediately shot, hit the inside, and scored the ball against the defender...

By the end of the first quarter, the Knicks took the lead, but the score difference was only 2 points.

Several players came off the court. Coach Luke praised: "Good job." Then he sat down next to Qin Hao and said: "Wait you still have to score more points. The opponent has a super scorer like Anthony. We It is difficult to restrain him, only you can offset his effect."

"I understand." Qin Hao replied.

After a while, the second quarter began.

Coach Luke was on the bench, and Brand was also on the bench.

In fact, Brand has not played well this season. Almost everyone on the team has improved, but he is not as good as last season.

In the first quarter, Brand's defense against Anthony was not in place. Since this is the case, Coach Luke decided to let the card go against Anthony. So at this time, Brand was sent in to enrich the bench lineup and try to take advantage of it. This opportunity to catch up and even overtake the score.

Brand has an ugly face. He is the team's starting small forward and asked me to play with a few substitute players. Instead, let Leonard, a rookie, play against Anthony, which made him feel very uncomfortable.

With this sentiment, Brand wants to prove his role. After he gets on the court, he will play consecutive singles without passing the ball. If he gets the ball, he will play singles.


With a muffled noise, Brand strikes the iron.

A few dozen seconds later, he played again in singles, encountering a double-team but not passing the ball, and forced a shot. The result was another strike, allowing the Knicks to seize the opportunity to fight back.

"What is Brand doing?"

"Passing, I've been double-teamed and still don't pass the ball, isn't this a mess?"

"Too messy, too impatient."

On the sidelines, the 76ers players all shook their heads.

Coach Luke frowned and waited for a while. The situation remained the same. He shook his head and simply replaced Brand, replacing Brand with Thaddeus Young.

When Brand came down, Coach Luke ignored him, did not say a word, put Brand aside, let him calm down.

On the field.

The game continued, and a few minutes passed in the second quarter in a blink of an eye.

The 76ers originally had an advantage on the bench lineup, but Brand played indiscriminately, not to mention the iron, and wasted a lot of opportunities, and the Knicks Wei had a wave of shock waves. As a result, the score that had a chance to tie was pulled away. At this time, the Knicks re-established an 8-point lead.

"Request a timeout."

Coach Luke called a timeout and began to change into the main players. He spread out the tactical board, made some arrangements, and then clapped his hands: "Play well and catch me up with the score."

"Yes." Everyone responded in unison.

at the same time.

The Knicks also changed players and started to take the main players. Nash, Stoudemire, and Anthony were all replaced. Basketball Myth: Super Defender's latest chapter address: https://www.wuxiaworld/book/148191.htmlBasketball Myth: Super Guard Full Text Reading Address: https://www.wuxiaworld/read/148191/Basketball Myth: Super Defender txt download address: https://www.wuxiaworld/down/148191.htmlBasketball Myth: Super Defender Mobile Reading: https://m.wuxiaworld/read/148191/In order to facilitate the next reading, you can click "Favorites" below to record the reading record of this time (Chapter 933 is afraid of being young), and you can see it next time you open the bookshelf! If you like "Basketball Myth: Super Defender", please recommend this book to your friends (QQ, blog, WeChat, etc.), thank you your support! (www.wuxiaworld)

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