Basketball Myth: Super Guard Chapter 934

Chapter 934: This is not enough!

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76ers offense.

Qin Hao came to the front court, first made a gesture to his teammates and asked for a pick-and-roll, then he broke through and hit the inside, extremely determined and decisive, and still went straight to Stoudemire.

"Damn, I really thought I was bullying, and there's no end to it?" Stoudemire cursed inwardly, but he didn't dare to move forward rashly. He just stood still and raised his hands high.

Seeing that Stoudemire was not fooled, Qin Hao didn't care. He had two preparations. If Stoudemire was fooled, he would think of a way to commit a foul as long as he made a big move. If Stoudemire just started the third quarter with a foul, it would definitely be a big blow to the Knicks.

If Stoudemire is not fooled, he can score directly if he closes the action. The task that coach Luke gives him is to score as many points as possible.


Qin Hao tossed with one hand and scored steadily.

Stoudemire was a little unwilling. He wanted to give Qin Hao a big hat, but he was worried about the foul, so he could only watch Qin Hao score, and he was really aggrieved.

"It's okay." Nash came to Stoudemire and comforted: "I know you want to teach him. You have to be patient and you will have a chance."

"Yeah." Stoudemire nodded, took a deep breath, and told himself to calm down.

This is the role of Nash.

The Knicks attacked. After Nash came to the front court, he required a pick-and-roll. He took the opportunity to get rid of Qin Hao's defense and came to the right. Suddenly he accelerated, broke through the bottom line on the right and went straight to the inside. The 76ers quickly shrank the defense line. Nash had no room to shoot, but he didn't want to shoot by himself, grabbing the ball and flicking it. He found passing space in the cracks. The basketball bounced and fell from Speights' feet. Anthony entered the hand of the air cut.

Xiaoka chased behind, but it was too late-.

I saw Anthony grabbing the ball and jumping up, picking the basket lightly in the air, taking advantage of other people's attention still on Nash, too late to react, and easily scored two points.

"nice shot."

"This pass is really beautiful."

In the audience, Knicks fans shouted excitedly.

Nash was very calm, greeted his teammates, quickly retired, and arranged the defense line. Qin Hao pushed the ball to the frontcourt. As soon as he was preparing for a singles, he came up with a defense. He divided the ball to Nene, but Nene failed to score.

Turning around, Nash passed to Anthony, who was preparing to play the small card alone, but this time he failed. The small card defended very well, which made Anthony frowned and surprised. Because in the first quarter, Kaka's defense was not so good. In fact, it was because of the matchup in the first quarter that made Kaka know him better and his defense became more targeted.

Anthony passed it back to Nash, and Nash passed it to Stoudemire. Stoudemire played in low singles, pushed back two steps, and then turned around one and a half, flicked, and hit the board...

In the next few rounds, the Knicks have a high success rate.

"The point difference still hasn't narrowed." Assistant Harry glanced at the score and said worriedly: "The Knicks' offense is too sharp."

Coach Luke did not speak, just looked at the stadium.

To be precise, Anthony and Stoudemire are too sharp on the offensive end. Two All-Star players, the 76ers are difficult to defend.

On the field.

The point difference became 9 points, only one point away to double digits.

Qin Hao came to the front court, first ordered a pick-and-roll, then suddenly scored, passed the ball to Xiao-Ka, gave Xiao-Ka a look, Xiao-Ka knows, single-played by himself, changed direction continuously, and then rushed to the inside. At the same time, Qin Hao moved and ran to the back corner. Kaka scored the ball and passed it to Qin Hao. Qin Hao made a three-pointer when he received the ball.


With a soft sound, the ball is scored.

After dozens of seconds, Qin Hao scored the rebound on his own, and then immediately launched a quick counterattack, and saw him at full speed, rushing towards the Knicks frontcourt like a whirlwind.

The Knicks players are not slow to react. Anthony and Walker have already retreated to their own half, but Qin Hao is too fast, and the two have not yet established themselves. Qin Hao has already rushed into the three-point line, suddenly slowed down, and then came. After a European step, Anthony and Wo didn't keep up with the rhythm for a while.

The next moment, the ball scored.

In the next few minutes, the Knicks' offense was still sharp. Under Nash's organization, the abilities of Stoudemire and Anthony were activated, leading the Knicks to play very well.

However, whenever the point difference is going to be widened, Qin Hao will always stand up and score, making the Knicks also very depressed, and they can't prevent Qin Hao.

One come and two, time passed quietly.

By the end of the second quarter, the 76ers failed to catch up to the score, but they did not let the point gap widen. The Knicks led by 6 points.



The fans in the audience got together in twos and threes, discussing the first half of the game.

"Nash's pass is so beautiful, he has already sent out 7 assists at the end of the first half, and today's assists are definitely no problem in double figures."

"Anthony feels really good today. It's worthy of an offensive kaleidoscope. There are too many scoring methods. He is almost 20 points, right?"

"It's 19 points."

"Stoudemire also played well..."

Most of them are fans of the Knicks, all admiring the Big Three.

But they didn't notice that Qin Hao also scored a lot of points today. At this time, he had already scored 21 points, more than Anthony.

In a blink of an eye, the second half began.

Both sides have put in the main lineup, but the 76ers' small forward is the small forward instead of Brand. After replacing Brand before, Coach Luke ignored him and wanted to give him. forget.

Anthony came to the court as a singles. He took the ball in the low post and made a three-threat. He wanted to make a breakthrough. There was no change in Kaka's expression and he was not moved at all.

"Humph." Anthony snorted coldly, took a step aside, and then pulled straight away, with a little leaning back.

Kay immediately jumped up and stretched his broad palms forward, but Anthony was leaning back, and he couldn't get the cover. He only heard a "swish" and the ball was scored.

Qin Hao patted the small card, and comforted: "It's okay, you're good at guarding."

After all, Calvary is still a rookie. It is not surprising that he can't help but be able to put some pressure on Anthony to make his scoring more difficult when facing Anthony, who is now in his prime.

Qin Hao pushed to the frontcourt with the ball, looked at the basket, his eyes became sharp, the opponent's offense was too sharp, defense was difficult to defend, and he could only rely on offense and score as many points as possible.


Qin Hao broke through, a change of direction accelerated half of Walker's body, and then he paused. He stopped abruptly and made Walker stagger and almost fell to the ground.

But Qin Hao accelerated again, completely passed Walker, and then rushed to the basket, jumped up against the opponent's inside line, folded in the air, evaded the block, and got a reverse basket.


The ball is scored.

Qin Hao scored two more points, and his personal score had reached 23 points.

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