Basketball Myth: Super Guard Chapter 935

Chapter 935: Biao Anthony

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Qin Hao returned to his own half and shouted at his teammates.

Several people agreed in unison, Qin Hao supported the offense, and they had a bottom line in their hearts. Defending well was a matter of their own, and naturally they would go all out.

The Knicks offense.

Nash came to the front court and took a deep look at Qin Hao. Even though he had given Qin Hao a very high evaluation before, Qin Hao's performance today surprised him.

From the beginning of the game, the Knicks had the upper hand, but every time when he saw the point difference was more than ten percent, Qin Hao always stood up and scored points to help the 76ers stabilize the situation.

This is not something that can be done casually, not only requires a very good scoring ability, but also a strong control of the game.

If it is some superstar, it is not surprising to do this.

But Qin Hao is still a young man, this is only his second season.

"This is a genius." Nash took a deep breath, cleared up his mood, and started to organize the offense after pushing the ball to the front court.

After passing the ball several times, it was given to Walker who was open, but Walker's shot failed to make a shot, and the 76ers took the rebound.

The Knicks retired, and Nash returned to his own half and said to several teammates: "We must pay attention to the defense of Qin later, and double-team if necessary."

"it is good."


A few people nodded, although they felt that Nash might be making a fuss. Although Qin Hao is very strong, they are still in the lead right now. There are Chandler and Stoudemire on the inside and directly double-team Qin Hao. Is that necessary?

But soon they knew that Nash was right.

Qin Hao passed the ball to Iverson and started to move. Iverson broke through and passed the ball to Speights. Speights took the ball and shot, but Stoudemire was right in front of him and gave it to him. A lot of psychological pressure caused him to feel sluggish today, and he failed to score the ball.


Basketball bounces up.

Chandler and Nene were entangled, and the two jumped up together, both wanting to fight for rebounds.

A figure suddenly rushed to the inside, and Walker's heart trembled, and he suddenly reacted. When he looked at his side, his expression had changed-Qin Hao was gone.

I saw Qin Hao quickly rushed into the inside and jumped up suddenly. His bounce speed was very fast and he jumped very high. His arms were far higher than the basket, and he passed the arms of Chandler and Nene. The two grabbed the basketball in front of them.

"Damn it." Chandler cursed secretly, ready to jump up when he landed.

However, Qin Hao took off too quickly for the second time.

Before Chandler jumped up, Qin Hao had jumped up again, hitting a board in front of him.

"nice shot."

On the edge of the court, 76ers players shouted excitedly.

This ball surprised them all. They didn't expect Qin Hao to pick up the rebounds from Chandler and Nene, and complete the second offense.

And, this is not over yet.

A minute later, Qin Hao took a circle on the inside line and ran to the outside line to catch the ball. Walker was chasing behind him. Nash kept staring at Qin Hao. When he saw him throwing Walker away, Nash immediately rushed over, and the two went one after the other. , Just when Qin Hao received the ball, he changed his direction and formed a flanking attack.

However, Qin Hao didn't hesitate, didn't pass the ball, and jumped up directly.


"Do you dare to vote?"

Nash and Walker were both surprised, they jumped up together and stretched their arms.

Right between the two, Qin Hao tilted his body and seemed to be unable to maintain his balance. Holding the basketball in his right hand, he flicked his wrist before jumping to the highest point and threw the ball.

"This ball is useless..."

A fan was stunned as soon as he opened his mouth, with his mouth open, staring blankly at the churning Nets-the goal was scored, a hollow three-pointer!

This made him stunned and unbelievable. He was sandwiched between Nash and Walker, and Qin Hao's shot was obviously hurried. He shot too fast, and he shot without reaching the highest point. He didn't complete his movements, and he didn't expect to get in. .

But the result...in!

It's so outrageous!


The Knicks coach called a timeout. When the players came down, he told him: "We must guard Qin. His three-pointer is too accurate. I'd rather let him break through instead of letting him take the three-pointer. "


Several people responded, still in a daze. It's a **** to be able to score a goal like that.

The 76ers are here.

Coach Luke patted Qin Hao's arm, but his expression was not relaxed. He spread out the tactical board, while drawing tactics, while laying out: "Lets run more and give Qin more cover. Also, the other party will definitely strengthen the response. Qin's defense, if others have the opportunity to be more determined, do you understand?"


Several people responded loudly.


The timeout ended soon, and both sides returned to the court.

Several Knicks players stared at Qin Hao. Qin Hao scored too many points in this quarter, making them all feel shocked, and their scalp numb for a while.

If you can't limit Qin Hao, this game is really hard to say.

Nash took the ball from the bottom line, advanced to the frontcourt and asked for a pick-and-roll, pulled the man to the left, and then passed the ball. After passing the ball twice, it was given to Anthony.

Now the point difference has been reduced to only 3 points, someone must stand up to score and stabilize the situation, and Anthony is undoubtedly the best candidate.

Anthony took the ball, and everyone else pulled it apart, leaving enough space. Kaka stepped forward, opened his hands and stared at Anthony blankly, his muscles tensed.

"Huh." Anthony exhaled, adjusted his breathing, and his right foot suddenly stepped out and made a tentative step, but Kaka was not fooled.

He didn't care either, suddenly lowered the center of gravity, and slapped the ball to the right, but instead of directly breaking through, he paused for a moment.

This action is very familiar.

Xiaoka thought that Anthony was a dry draw again, and hurried forward, but at this moment Anthony suddenly hooked the basketball with his hand, came and turned around with the ball, and suddenly bypassed Xiaoka.

Ka's reaction is not slow, he quickly turned around and jumped up, extending his arms. With his excellent physical fitness and wingspan, he did not completely lose his defensive position.

However, Anthony suddenly changed hands in the air like long eyes behind his head. The ball on the right hand was changed to the left hand, just avoiding the small card, and then left hand to the basket.


The ball is scored.

"My, god! This ball is so floating."

"As expected of Cameron, this ball can definitely score the top ten goals!"

For a while, Knicks fans screamed and cheered loudly.

This ball is indeed very beautiful, the movements are extremely skillful, and very clever, Qin Hao has to admire a "good ball", he looked at Xiao Ka, and saw Xiao Ka still have a sluggish expression, as if nothing happened. general.

"This temper is not all bad." Qin Hao smiled, took the ball from the backcourt and quickly advanced to the frontcourt. The score difference became 5 points and he was about to be pulled away again.

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