Become A Hundred Billion Gods From The Beginning Of Sign In Chapter 833

Chapter 833: You just send this rubbish? !

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Holding a bunch of flowers in his hands, Huang Wansheng is paying great attention to Lulingxi.

Lu Lingxi looked impatient, and rolled his eyes: "Mr. Huang? What are you doing?"

Huang Wansheng was about to speak when he suddenly saw Jiang Chen coming by with a stride.

This anger in his heart.

Wu Duoduo, what a waste!

He had planned to let Wu Duoduo entangle Jiang Chen so that he could take advantage of Lu Lingxi's heart.

Then, he embraced Lu Lingxi and humiliated Jiang Chen who was late in public, letting him know that the road was slippery in dark and the society was complicated.


Why didn't Wu Duoduo entangle Jiang Chen with that waste?

He came so soon?

However, Huang Wansheng did not panic at all.

Because he thinks he has a trump card!

Absolute trump card!

No matter how the goddess of the iceberg Lu Lingxi is, as long as Lu Lingxi is a woman, it is impossible to refuse her own great gift!

This great gift was made by Huang Wansheng's hard work and finally got it.

He is considered to be the only trump card for the highest-ranking woman in the future. He has planned for a long time and is ready to use it on Lu Lingxi!

Take a step to speak!

But, I didnt expect Jiang Chen to come so quickly~

However, it does not matter.

Huang Wansheng sneered. Good too!

Let this scumbag Jiang Chen, who can't finish his studies, see with my own eyes how I crushed his YY face-to-face, and won the iceberg goddess directly, right?

He's not talking nonsense anymore~

Go directly to the blockbuster!

Because he is so confident about his gifts!

I believe that no matter what, Jiang Chen's pursuit can be crushed in one fell swoop, and Lu Lingxi's heart can be won.

"Dear Teacher Lu, I have prepared a gift for you!"

He took out a delicate little box from behind.

This small box is golden, with a small bow tied with a fan belt. But this is not the point.

The point is the box, which is actually pure gold!

It is actually inlaid with diamonds!

Countless girls screamed one after another!

"Wow! What is this?"

"Oh my God, it's amazing, it's very valuable at first glance."

"Don't be so tacky, okay? How can this thing that Huang Nanshen carefully prepared is just so simple as "valuable"?"

The girls are all guessing, what kind of gift is in such a valuable box?

"Is it a cell phone?"

"Cut~~! How could Huang Nanshen give something like a mobile phone? It's impossible for Lu Lingxi to be moved by a mere mobile phone?"

"Is it precious jewelry?"

"I think it's horrible. I have seen Mr. Lu Lingxi wear a pearl necklace. The same one costs more than 500,000 yuan in SKP. It's not that she has no money! Jewelry is hard to impress her."

A bunch of people guessed for a long time.

Huang Wansheng was indifferent, he was still holding the winning ticket, and the old **** was there.

Lu Lingxi didn't accept the thing, and said lightly: "What is this?"

"It is something that can make any woman in the world crazy!" Huang Wansheng smiled wildly.

He pointed to Jiang Chen and said without shame: "It's a man like him, even if he spends his entire life, plus selling two kidneys, he can't afford anything!"

Jiang Chen was also funny, quietly watching him pretend to be on the sidelines.

I just watched you pretend to be 13 quietly!

See what amazing stuff you can come up with?

Huang Wansheng's appetite was full of appetites, then he smiled and opened the box!

In the box, there is a small medicine bottle lying quietly!

A small bottle about the size of a vaccine.

The medicine in it is only a few milliliters!

The girls around were puzzled.

"What is this? Medicine?"

"Why did the yellow male **** give the deer teacher's potion?"

"This thing is used to chase goddesses? Is there a problem?"

"I don't know how to be strong anyway! I won't accept it."

Huang Wansheng stood up proudly with a look of "Tubaozi is Tubaozi", and said loudly: "Mr. Lu, I believe you, a goddess of this level, should have heard of... [Ice Age Potion] this kind of woman's artifact, right?

[Frozen Age Potion] As soon as this word came out of his mouth, the whole audience immediately fry the pot!

Countless girls screamed.

"Wow~ [Frozen Age Potion]!"

"Really? It's really [Frozen Age Potion]?"

"Is this? The first time I saw the real thing!"

"It's an artifact that claims to freeze a woman's face? That's awesome!"

The screams one after another, countless girls and female teachers scrambled to squeeze forward, wanting to see the real face up close, the scene was a bit out of control.

The boys were all moved.

"My god, this [Frozen Age Potion]?"

"This thing, indeed, the king exploded!"

"Yes, I heard that a bottle of [Frozen Age Potion] will cost millions!"

"The key is that you can't buy it! You can't buy it if you have money!"

Jiang Chen was a little confused.

He frowned and asked Huang Wansheng: "[Frozen Age Potion]? What is it?"


Huang Wansheng's "You are really spicy chicken", with high eyes, looked down at Jiang Chen: "You are at the bottom of the society, so it is naturally impossible to know [Frozen Age Potion] this kind of artifact!"

He was generous and raised [Frozen Age Potion] high for everyone to see clearly.

"This [freezing age medicine] is a blockbuster product launched by the world-famous Jiang's Medical Group! It is divided into three categories. This is the lowest effective medicine among them. But it is enough to make a woman freeze for one year! With just such a note, within one year, this woman will freeze regardless of her appearance, figure, or bone age! It is equivalent to prolonging one year's life and youth!"

Huang Wansheng triumphantly, looking at Lu Lingxi, "How? The attraction of this thing to women is self-evident? It is equivalent to bringing a year of youth, health and beauty to the goddess of deer." ! Ask the world, which woman can resist this temptation?"

The whole audience, it's frying pan.

"So amazing?"

"real or fake?"


A professor pushed his glasses and sighed: "Since some time ago, Jiangs Medical Group launched this [Frozen Age Medicine], ah, in fact, its real name is [Life Medicine], which is divided into three types. The lowest level In the first year, the intermediate medicine is three years. The most advanced medicine can freeze the body and age for 5 years! It is equivalent to prolonging the life of the user for several years! What is more, I heard that Jiangs Medical Group also launched for special high-end customers. A one-time life-prolonging life potion for 10 years! But that kind of potion only exists in the legend! You cannot buy it if you have money, unless you have an extremely good and close relationship with the highest level of the Jiang Group. !"

"Even if this [freeze age medicine] is used to extend life for one year, there is no market in the market!

The medical professor sighed helplessly: "In the world, major countries have confirmed the efficacy of this [freezing aging medicine]! Many authoritative papers are studying it, which proves that it can indeed make the body aging speed and completely stop for several years! The great powers have secretly purchased a lot of this kind of medicine, trying to find out the secret that it can keep people young, but no one can crack the mystery! I have been studying this thing."


Hearing the interpretation by an authoritative professor, the scene was even more frying.

Countless teachers and students are staring at [Frozen Age Potion].

Can extend your life for a year!

It's still a year to stop the body from aging and freeze the appearance!

Just ask you, who can reject this thing in the world?

A student couldn't help but said: "Then if the Jiang Group's senior officials continue to use this [Freezing Potion], wouldn't it be immortal?"

Then the professor said: "However, this [freezing age medicine] is not unlimited... the lower the level of the medicine, the greater the restriction. For example, this only has a one-year curative effect and can be used up to three times! Although Jiang's Group does not Say what will happen if you exceed it, but no one in the world dare to try with his own life."

"That said, although this thing is available, it has greatly changed the lifespan of humans, especially the lifespan of the rich and powerful, and it will not lose control."

The professor said lightly: "At most, rich people can extend their lives for about 3-10 years. It still costs a lot of money."

Huang Wansheng triumphantly said to Lu Lingxi, "Goddess deer? How about? I'm not afraid, you know, I have channels at my house, and I can get a little bit of [Frozen Age Potion]! I have already used one! This, I will give it. Here you are! Are you tempted? In the future, if you become my girlfriend, maybe you can get more?"

He pointed to Jiang Chen and provocatively said: "Poor belongs to the silk! To tell you the truth, the difference between people in the future will be sad. It is not that I have money to eat meat, and you have no money to eat dry food. It is me. Can live longer and be young, you are sick and old! Wow haha! You said, is the goddess with me or with you?"

Who thought~~

Lu Lingxi just glanced at the [Frozen Age Potion] and said lightly: "I'm sorry you take this thing back. I don't want it!"


Huang Wansheng was surprised!

He Ji Jie stood up and said angrily: "Goddess deer, are you crazy? This is the legendary gift from God to women-[Ice Age Potion]! Just such a bottle costs tens of millions! One year, one year of freezing age, isn't it fragrant?"

At this time~~

Jiang Chen interjected slowly: "This [Frozen Age Potion] is good. But it's only valid for one year, isn't it a bit spicy? You still occupy a precious potion quota for the goddess deer. If they used the best product, it would be effective for 10 years. Yes, the limit of three branches can increase the freezing age of youth by 30 years. If you give this spicy chicken, doesnt it mean that you will have a short life of 9 years? This is a gift? This is killing!"


Huang Wansheng was stunned, then burst into laughter!

There was an uproar in the audience!

What did Jiang Chen actually say?

It is said that Huang Wanshengs one-year [Frozen Age Potion] harmed Lulingxi?

Cause her short life for 9 years?

This year's [Frozen Age Potion] has already attracted countless people!

"Listen! How arrogant is this silk? I dare to mock my potion, which is only effective for 1 year? I am indeed in the [Frozen Age Potion], which is the lowest end! But it is not something you can look up to. !"

Huang Wansheng is full of superiority, and said to Jiang Chen, "You can't even touch one, so you told me that this is a spicy chicken?"

Who would have thought that Jiang Chen leisurely took out a small box from his pocket, and said lightly: "This is very precious? But I happen to take one at any time?"

He took out the potion and threw it to Lu Lingxi casually.

"Mr. Lu, since he said so mysterious, I will give you this thing."

Jiang Chen said nonchalantly: "Although I don't take this thing seriously, it's valid for 10 years anyway! It's better than the spicy chicken he gave you for 1 year! He is only 1 year old, and it's a waste. A precious place for the human body!"

There was silence in the audience!

What did they hear?

I heard Jiang Chen say~

What he brought with him was actually a 10-year [Frozen Age Potion]?

In the legend, it is almost impossible for mortals to see the best? !

Jiang Chen had a nonchalant expression, his expression was faint, as if it was given to Lu Lingxi, not the priceless 10 years of [Frozen Age Potion], but...

A coffee, or a gadget you picked up at your fingertips!

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