Become A Hundred Billion Gods From The Beginning Of Sign In Chapter 834

Chapter 834: mission completed! New reward!

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Even Lu Lingxi was shocked!


Jiang Chen unexpectedly threw out such a shocking blockbuster gift casually!

This gift is too expensive.

She was almost at a loss.

A decade of [Frozen Age Potion]!

This thing is almost invaluable to women.

Lu Lingxi held [Frozen Age Potion]'s hand, trembling slightly.

She once heard a girlfriend say that she once got a one-year bottle of [Frozen Age Medicine], but it cost 30 million + an adult's favor!

The girlfriend triumphantly said to Lu Lingxi: "This [freezing age potion] was simply given to a woman by heaven. A womans youth is so short, ten years. If someone can give you a bottle of this, then marry. Right."

At that time, Lu Lingxi was still not convinced, and laughed at her: "This is only one year of [Frozen Age Potion], and it excites you like this. What about the ten-year period? Isn't it for you to do what you want? ?"

Can be Lu Lingxi's best friend, that beauty is also a goddess, and her mouth curled and said: "Who can give me a ten-year bottle of [Frozen Age Potion], I really let him ask for anything! Whatever you want to do to me can!"

She lowered her voice and said to Lu Lingxi: "It's not just me. You can go to the Imperial Capital and ask those Bai Fumei, top celebrities, a ten-year bottle of [Frozen Age Potion]. They don't dare to ask for it. Even a bottle of three. Years of [Frozen Age Potion] are enough for them to marry! That person can do whatever he wants!"

Lu Lingxi was shocked at the time, feeling that the three views had collapsed.

But she also understands the value of [Frozen Age Potion]!

At this time, the [Frozen Age Potion], which can extend a woman's youth for 10 years, is held in her hand. How can Lu Lingxi not be excited?


This is 10 years!

In 10 years, the body will never age, the appearance will not change, and the youth will stay forever!

For a young woman of ten years' golden age, this is tantamount to doubling her youth!

Not to mention, the life span has been extended by 10 years.

Lu Lingxi endured the surprise in his heart: "Where did you get this potion? Where did you get it?"

Jiang Chenfeng Qingyun shrugged his shoulders: "This potion is not too precious, right? Anyway, I forgot how I got it. If I give it to you, don't worry about this little thing."

Huang Wansheng: ()!


Is this a trivial matter?

This [Frozen Age Potion] 10-year period is actually a trivial matter to you?

What's this little thing?

If this thing is sold to the auction house, it can sell at least several hundred million!

Still a good knife!

After all, the richest man in the world, who can't want to prolong life + 10 years of youth?

This kind of medicine is hard to come by.

Countless top rich men, messengers, and businessmen are all lining up at the gate of Jiang's Medical Group. As long as Jiang's is willing to sell, no matter how high the price is, they can afford it!

The richer you are, the more you are afraid of death!

Countless people are crazy about [Frozen Age Potion]!

But Jiang Chen, who has been dubbed "social waste" by Huang Wansheng after repeating the grade for seven years, can just take out a bottle of this kind of medicine casually?

Give it to yourself! ?

The whole school was shocked ~ countless people were dumbfounded.

Then Wu Duoduo: "...".

Guo Mingda who heard the news: "..."

Three views, completely shattered!

This is too scary, right?

I can't believe it!


Why can Jiang Chen come up with such a potion?

Isn't he social waste?


Huang Wansheng was the first to react and roared: "Mr. Deer! Don't listen to his side words! This kid may have a 10-year-old [Frozen Age Potion]. This thing can only be touched by the extremely high level of the Jiang Group. Here! It is said to be extremely rare and not for sale at all! It is impossible for ordinary billionaires to buy it. My wealthy billionaire has never heard of anyone around him. How could he have a genuine product? This is very likely It's a common cold medicine! Don't you use it?"

Jiang Chen smiled and said nothing about Huang Wansheng's accusation.

To a idiot, do you need an explanation?

Jiang Chen left this question to Lu Lingxi and decided on his own!

What if Lu Lingxi doesn't believe this potion is real?

Then Jiang Chen immediately took back the potion.

This time, it can also test Lu Lingxi's trust in himself.

Jiang Chen should never lick a dog!

If Lu Lingxi was given a 10-year [Frozen Age Potion], and she was suspicious that it was true, Jiang Chen also felt that there was no need to continue talking with Lu Lingxi.


Goddess girlfriend?

forget it.

Jiang Chen believes that his girlfriend is not an object, a collection, but a person who needs to accompany him all the year round!

If this person doesn't love you, it's meaningless to force her to stay with her.

The twisted melon is not sweet.

Lu Lingxi looked at Huang Wansheng, then at Jiang Chen, looked down at the medicine in his hand, and then ~~

Without hesitation, she opened the bottle and drank it!

Huang Wansheng: "@##!?"

The audience was extremely nervous.

Because there are very few people who are optimistic about Jiang Chen's bottle of [Frozen Age Potion].

Everyone knows how precious this [Frozen Age Potion] is?

It is almost impossible to buy on the market, even if it is available, it is less than tens of millions to start!

With that money, don't many people realize financial freedom?

If Jiang Chen's [Frozen Age Potion] is true, wouldn't it be fragrant to sell directly to the world's top wealthy? At least a few hundred million dollars is no problem!

Doesn't he realize financial freedom?

Why are you still in this Minsheng University and be a repeater who has suffered a lot?


Lu Lingxi believed it!

Believe it!

Because of the performance and impression Jiang Chen has always given her, she has an inexplicable belief in Jiang Chen.

What Jiang Chen said would never lie to her.

After Lu Lingxi drank it, he blinked.

A **** the side asked: "Mr. Lu, have you reacted?"

Lu Lingxi blinked: "I haven't had any reaction yet~~Huh?"

Suddenly, she felt that inside her body, a coolness began to surge from her dantian, rushing to the top of her head..

My body suddenly feels very relaxed~~

Lu Lingxi dances all the year round. Anyone who has experience in this area knows that although the dancer looks soft and beautiful, in fact, during the high-intensity dance practice all the year round, the body will suffer from injuries and illnesses everywhere.

For example, Lu Lingxi's right ankle was actually seriously injured once and underwent ligament repair surgery.

Although she is still the proud iceberg beauty swan in front of people, she walks naturally and gracefully, but only she knows that she will feel pain when walking, and she can't choose the difficult dances of the past.


After drinking Jiang Chen's [Frozen Age Potion], she felt that the tingling tearing sensation in her right ankle had completely disappeared!

It really feels gone!

She seemed to be back to her teenage age!

The position of her shoulder axis, the pain caused by the practice all the year round, also disappeared directly! The whole body is relaxed and completely refreshing!

She felt as if she had reverted to the heyday of Girls' Generation ten years ago!

This feeling is a bit mysterious, but as a dance artist Lu Lingxi who has been practicing dance all the year round, he knows his body very well and can feel every detail.

The changes now are naturally clearly felt by her!

Lu Lingxi took a deep breath and said in surprise: "Whether it will extend my life for ten years. I don't know. But I feel very comfortable and comfortable now, as if I have returned to the high school era all at once!"

Jiang Chen said lightly: "This is not surprising. [Freezing Age Medicine] itself can increase the activity of your body cells! Let your body stem cells regenerate, rest the damaged parts of the body, mediate the endocrine system, and make your body adjust to the best condition. ."

The girls next to Lu Lingxi talked about them one by one.

"I'm going! Teacher Lu looks really younger and better!"

"Although Mr. Lu was a stunning beauty before! But she is 25 after all. I can see a little wrinkle, but now...it's almost younger than us."

"I can't beat Teacher Lu!"

"Wow! I'm so jealous of Teacher Lu, I also want this [Frozen Age Potion!]"

"Up to ninety-nine, down to just going, no woman doesn't want [Frozen Age Potion], right?"

Lu Lingxi looked at her new self, full of joy, and smiled at Jiang Chen!

There was a loud sound in Jiang Chen's heart~~

[You have gained the favor of Teacher Lu Lingxi~~]

[You have completed this special dungeon mission.

[Comprehensive evaluation is in progress!

[You got the highest completion rating.

[You have earned enough 10 million (the system assesses your current income, you will complete this task in 1 month, you will be considered completed.)]

[You have obtained this dungeon task [Experiencing the life of the scumbag] 100% reward, and get the (medium) reward!

[You will get ~~]

Jiang Chen opened his eyes in surprise.

Burst into tears!

Finally finished!

My god, finally let me complete this task.

I'm so excited.


Gouri's system finally brought me back.

[You get the 7.0 level black technology-[Time and Space Shuttle] (one-time round trip version)!

[Note: If you only complete the task of earning 10 million and get a small reward, it is a one-way [Time Shuttle]! This time, you will be upgraded to the advanced version.

[Using [Space-time Shuttle], you will get the right to enter another parallel space-time!

You can set the time and place of the shuttle arbitrarily, and return to your time and space within 24 hours.

Jiang Chen: "..."


This time and space shuttle?

7.0 level high tech?

Really black technology, let me go!

Although this thing is a one-off, it can only stay for 24 hours, but the time and space shuttle, a sci-fi function that can only be achieved in novels, actually falls into my hands?

In the void, Jiang Chen has a device similar to a smart phone in his hand.

This is the "Time Shuttle" (one-time round trip version) rewarded by the system

A thought flashed through Jiang Chen's mind.

What if he used this [Space-time Shuttle] back to 20 years ago?

At that time, as a baby, he had just been abandoned at the entrance of the orphanage.

Can he meet his real parents?

Figure out the mystery of your own life experience?

Last time, Jiang Chen met Jiang Xiu and thought he could really solve the mystery of his life experience, but after the trip to the Jiang family, he was disappointed.

This time and space shuttle may provide him with another possibility.

Jiang Chen solemnly, put away the space-time shuttle...


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