Become A Hundred Billion Gods From The Beginning Of Sign In Chapter 835

Chapter 835: Like a dream~

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Jiang Chen drove the car and drove straight to the house.

"The speed is 70 pulses, the mood is free, and I hope that the end point is the sea of love..."

Jiang Chen sang a song, not happy.

Finally finished the task, go back quickly.

Jiang Chen is so happy, thinking of Lan Nuanyan and Su Xiaoxiao, he becomes even more anxious to go back for a date.

At this time, Su Xiaoxiao called.

"Jiang Chen, where are you? I miss you so much, on a date this afternoon?"

Jiang Chen happily replied immediately: "Okay, no problem, you wait for me~~"

At this time~~

Suddenly only a loud noise was heard.


Jiang Chen felt the car shook!

Got it!

Because Jiang Chen was too happy and eager to talk to Su Xiaoxiao on the phone, he didnt put his mind on driving~~

This one accidentally hit the tail directly!

I hit the front of a BMW three-series that suddenly braked.

BMW is also a bit of a problem. Suddenly it brakes sharply, making Jiang Chen too late to follow the brake and hit it!

Fortunately, Jiang Chen reacted fairly quickly. He braked at the last moment. He drove Cullinan, and his performance was excellent. In a short distance and time, he stood abruptly, and finally he didn't hit too hard!

But even so, the front cover of the three-series BMW was bumped up.

Jiang Chen sighed.

On the phone, Su Xiaoxiao also noticed the problem, and eagerly cared: "What's wrong? Jiang Chen, is something wrong? I really shouldn't call you while you are driving! Is it okay?"

Jiang Chen smiled and said, "It's okay. The airbag didn't even pop up. Don't worry, I'll go down and take care of it. I'll call you later."

Jiang Chen got off the bus.

At this time, the white three-series BMW in front has a big long leg stretched out~~

A young girl in an OL uniform stepped out of the car with high heels and long legs, walked angrily to the back, looking at her beloved car, as if she was hit by Jiang Chen.

It could be seen that her car was hit, and she was very upset.

However, this beauty is still very self-reliant, although she is not happy, she did not say anything against Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen also felt very apologetic. After all, it was his fault. If he was not distracted by driving and calling, he would not crash and rear-end.

The long-legged beauty sighed: "This gentleman, you rear-ended my car, what do you think about it?"

Jiang Chen smiled: "I'm solely responsible for what I didn't say. I admit it!"

The long-legged beauty seemed to be in a hurry, so she picked up the phone and called the insurance company.

"I'm on the elevated XX now, and I'm being chased by someone. Yes, the other party is solely responsible. You send someone to take a look at it now."

She called the traffic police again.

"I was on the XX bridge and was rear-end collision. Would you like to check the scene and distinguish the responsibilities? Be an accident scene to prove what?"

As soon as she made various calls, she looked at Jiang Chen, who had been motionless, and said strangely: "Why don't you call? Give you the insurance company? You are Cullinan. Should the luxury car be insured? "

He doesn't have time to waste time here.

Anyone who has experience in handling accidents knows that such accidents often take a whole day, and they may not be able to finish running around.

The whole day today was so wasted?

This result was something Jiang Chen didn't want.

Jiang Chen coughed: "Miss, this is the case. My car is indeed insured, and some people will pay for it. However, I have something urgent to do today, so I don't plan to take insurance anymore~~"


The long-legged beauty opened her eyes wide in surprise.

No insurance?

She drove a brand new BMW three series!

The new car I just bought.

And Jiang Chen drove it himself, even Cullinan!

A luxury car known as millions!

Although the two cars hit the ground is not very heavy, but after all the price is there, let alone they are deformed, even if it is sheet metal + spray paint, the maintenance cost of the two cars is at least 100,000 yuan!

Is he going to fall back on the bill?

The long-legged beauty is so angry.

She was about to speak again when Jiang Chen's cell phone rang.

Jiang Chen picked up the phone~~

Su Xiaoxiao's eager voice sounded inside: "Ah, Jiang Chen, I'm sorry. I was anxious just now, and I told my dad, my dad, I heard that you are more anxious when something happened, and I have a heart attack! We are calling 120 now. Send him to the hospital, and you can come here as soon as possible. Otherwise I really dont know what to do, oooooo~~"

Su Xiaoxiao's cry came over the phone.

Jiang Chen was also anxious in his heart.

After all, Su Xiaoxiao is his true girlfriend, and her father is (one of) her future husband.

Jiang Chen couldn't care about the old man's accident, right?

He took a deep breath: "Xiaoxiao, don't worry, I will come here. Send me the location of the hospital!"

He hung up the phone and said to the long-legged beauty: "I'm sorry, you heard it too. I do have an urgent matter, and I can't wait for the two insurance companies to come over to settle the claim."

"What? Are you going to go wrong?"

The beauty is so angry.

Jiang Chen smiled and said, "No, no, of course I am responsible! I will pay for this loss alone! It's just that we don't take insurance, and I will pay you personally."

He pointed to the beautiful BMW three series: "You can tell me the number, I will transfer it to you directly!"

The long-legged beauty was stunned~~

Is it so arrogant?

Can't even the insurance company wait?

Go straight away?

Full out of pocket?

She was a little embarrassed: "But I~ I dont know cars very well. I dont know how much the loss is. I dont know how bad it is. I have to bear the loss. What should I do?"

Jiang Chen saw it, too.

Even if he wants to pay the beauty directly and simply, the beauty does not know how much it should be?

This generally needs to be pulled to a 4S shop or a damage assessment point before the damage can be assessed and a repair fee can be provided.

But Jiang Chen couldn't wait.

He thought for a while, took out a black card from his wallet and handed it to the beauty.

"this is for you!"

When the beauty saw it, she was dumbfounded: "What is this?"

Jiang Chen smiled and said, "This is my bank card. How much money is in it? I forgot it too! Anyway, the password is 876517. You can figure it out. You can figure it out how you want to compensate. "

After Jiang Chen finished speaking, he went straight away.

He couldn't wait any longer.

Beauty: "Hey hey?"

She hadn't reacted yet, Jiang Chen had already returned to Cullinan, reversing with a kick of the accelerator, and then directly...

Roaring, slipped away!

Only the beautiful beauties are left, messy in the wind~~

That's it?

Am I deceived?

Beautiful beauty looks stunned~

As if dreaming.

Just now since Jiang Chen chased her up, and when Jiang Chen gave the card, she disappeared, it only took 3 minutes!

The beauty seems to have a dream!

If it weren't for her brand-new BMW three-series, her **** was smashed, she couldn't believe it was true!

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