Become A Hundred Billion Gods From The Beginning Of Sign In Chapter 877

Chapter 877: Super new system!

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In order to keep his job in the Fit company, Zhao Zhifei is now willing to go!

I don't want any face, and I begged Jiang Chen to help him.

Jiang Chen was about to say something, and the grandma on the side also spoke at this moment: "Jiang Chen, you are looking at grandma's face, help Zhifei!"

When she said this, grandma still sighed.

In her opinion, her grandson is really embarrassing!

If someone else said these things, Jiang Chen might still think about it.

But his grandmother had already pleaded with Zhao Zhifei, and Jiang Chen had to show some face no matter what.

So Jiang Chen nodded slightly and said, "Okay, it's because of grandma's face, I'll call Mr. Zhang to see, I hope he can give me a thin face!"

He got through Zhang Tianhua's phone.

Soon, Zhang Tianhua's respectful voice came on the other end of the phone.

"Mr. Jiang, do you have any instructions?"

Jiang Chen stepped aside and said briefly.

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Chen walked over to look at Zhao Zhifei and said, "Cousin, I have helped you. As for whether this Fit company will keep you, it depends on your own good fortune."

Although Jiang Chen said so, Zhao Zhifei nodded excitedly and said, "Jiang Chen, I am very grateful for you to help me like this."

Just when Zhao Zhifei finished speaking, his cell phone rang.

He glanced at it, and it was the call from his immediate superior.

In surprise, he quickly picked it up.

"Hi, Senior Director, this is Zhao Zhifei, hello."

The senior executive became much more enthusiastic on the phone, and immediately said: "Xiao Zhao, what you had with Mr. Zhang just now was a misunderstanding. Mr. Zhang said, since you are a relative of Mr. Jiang, then you have to go. Come back to work at the end of the year and give you a salary increase."

Hearing that, Zhao Zhifei's eyes lit up. He never expected that Jiang Chen would be able to raise his salary after a phone call.

Immediately, Zhao Zhifei was grateful, and said thankful words to the senior executive there.

After the call was hung up, Zhao Zhifei was very excited now, holding Jiang Chen's hand, excitedly said: "Jiang Chen, I said long ago, you are an extraordinary person, today you are really amazing, you are among the people. Longfeng, the glory of our family, if you call, Mr. Zhang will not fire me, and will give me a salary increase. Can you tell me what is the relationship between you and Mr. Zhang?"

Hearing this, Jiang Chen smiled and said: "It doesn't matter, it just knows Mr. Zhang a little bit."

Since Jiang Chen said so, he didn't ask too much.

He stood beside Jiang Chen and said to the relatives around him: "Listen well, what happened to Jiang Chen in the future will be my Zhao Zhifei's. He is my boss of Zhao Zhifei. Who dares to be dissatisfied with Jiang Chen? I was the first to let him go."

He also knows now, Jiang Chen's energy is too great!

It's unfathomable!

Many relatives, seeing Zhao Zhifei in front of Jiang Chen, immediately turned into a dog leg, and secretly laughed!

This Nima, the face changed too quickly, right?

Feifei, who was standing not far away, also saw Jiang Chen's methods.

With her eyes, she couldn't help it now, and she looked at Jiang Chen's body.

She always feels that Jiang Chen is very unusual now.

Moreover, Jiang Chen is so handsome, doesn't it meet the requirements of Prince Charming in his heart?

So Feifei walked up to Jiang Chen and said with a smile: "Mr. Jiang, you are so handsome, do you have a girlfriend now?"

Hearing this, Jiang Chen waved his hand quickly and said, "I'm sorry, I already have a girlfriend."

Hearing this answer, Feifei's expression became a little disappointed.

But soon, Feifei said again: "It doesn't matter if you have a girlfriend. We can start with friends. If your girlfriend annoys your brother and you are unhappy, you can talk to me?"

Before Jiang Chen could speak, Jiang Anran on the side immediately said, "Don't hit my brother's idea. My brother already has a fiancee. You, where can you stay cool~~"

Feifei: "..."

Feifei's expression suddenly became disappointed.

She originally thought that she could hook up Jiang Chen.....Use her green tea power to influence Jiang Chen...

Who thinks, this is a younger sister?

I dont know, I thought it was my fiancee!

When Zhao Zhifei on the side saw this scene, his face instantly turned green!

Although I hired myself, it's so...I'm also a fake girlfriend!

I always feel a green feeling on my head!

Zhao Minghong's face turned dark, and he quickly took out five thousand yuan, stuffed it in front of Feifei, and said to her: "Okay, I'll give you the money, you go, go back wherever it came from."

When Feifei saw Zhao Minghong giving money, she was not polite and took five thousand yuan.

After counting, Feifei said again: "It's still two thousand short."

Zhao Minghong's eyes widened, and he said, "Isn't it one thousand a day? Five days is five thousand, how come you need two thousand?"

Feifei calmly said: "Travel expenses, you think it's easy to do our business, I'm from the Imperial Capital all the way, don't I want to go back?"

Zhao Minghong was almost dizzy.

But now there is no way, if Feifei is not allowed to leave, his face today will be completely lost!

Although, there is no face anymore...

So, Zhao Minghong had to take out another two thousand and hand it to Feifei, and immediately said: "Okay, the money is for you, you can go."

Feifei took another two thousand yuan before nodding in satisfaction: "It's pretty much the same."

Putting away the money, Feifei's gaze still fell on Jiang Chen, and said with a smile: "Little brother, you are so handsome, so let's add a WeChat account. When we arrive at the Imperial City, I will treat you to dinner and pretend to be your girlfriend. , How about not charging you?"

Jiang Chen was speechless, and smiled and said: "Forget it, you should go back."

Zhao Minghong couldn't help it anymore, and hurriedly urged: "Go and go! We still have a reunion dinner. There are not enough chopsticks at home, so I won't keep you."

With that, Zhao Minghong stretched out his hand and went to push Feifei to push her away.

When Feifei was pushed by Zhao Minghong, she was immediately unhappy.

She immediately said: "You fellow, if you touch me indiscriminately, I'm going to call the police."

Zhao Minghong really didn't expect that Feifei, a girl, really has a temper, and even dared to yell at him!

For an instant, Zhao Minghong didn't dare to push Feifei.

He could only say with a bitter face: "Auntie, I beg you, let's go!"

"Huh! This is almost the same!"

Feifei gave a cold snort, flicked her hair, and left!

Leave a dashing back.

Zhao Minghong: "......"

The mentality is a bit cracked!


The Jiangjiacun incident finally passed!

After the reunion dinner!

Jiang Chen and Jiang Anran returned to their dilapidated little home.

Still too poor, with only one bed, Jiang Anran came back from the bath, and put his arm around Jiang Anran, lying beside Jiang Chen like a kitten.

Smelling the fragrance of the girl's body, Jiang Chen couldn't help it.

Jiang Chen thought in his heart.

"Hey... This little Nizi, I really don't treat my brother as an outsider!"

"As everyone knows, I'm really not your brother..."

Jiang Chen sighed!

At this moment, there was a ding in my head!

Ding! The progress of the takeaway brothers identity experience has reached 100%!

[The system will be upgraded for you soon!

[You have two options!

[1: Choose a random identity to continue to experience life... (Reminder: The world will recover in five years! Global change in 6 years! Disaster is coming! There may be alien invasions, humans Will face an unprecedented crisis...) [Details]]

[2: Upgrade to the [Xiandi Dad System], you only need to have a baby, bring a baby... you can get a dad value, which can be converted into a fairy qi! Obtain the Immortal Cultivation Technique! Super power! Sweep all directions! You and your family can live forever! Shuttle through the world in the future! Detailed description

Seeing these two lines of prompts, Jiang Chen clicked on the detailed instructions separately!

The former is to continue to experience life, there will be other tasks in the follow-up, continue to activate the aura cultivation system!

But the latter, the Xiandi Dad system, is good for his wife as long as he has a child after he has a child...

You can get aura value, if you develop fast, you can formally cultivate immortality in one year!

As long as you practice patiently, you will be a fairy emperor at that time!

When the aliens invade, you will no longer be afraid of it!

Jiang Chen hesitated for a moment, with a gratified smile on his face!

"Indeed, after experiencing life for so long, I am a little tired! Become a daddy, and live a happy life with your children and wife in the future..."

Jiang Chen didn't hesitate anymore and chose to activate the [Xiandi Dad System]!

drop! The system is being activated, the Xiandi Dad system has been loaded, 1%...10%...66%...]

At the next moment, a system window popped up!

[Host: Jiang Chen]

Cultivation Level: Mortal

Children: 0

[Current dad value: 0]

Jiang Chen closed the window and fell asleep deeply!


After half a month.

Jiang Chen and Jiang Anran returned to the imperial capital!

Regarding his identity, Jiang Chen has not yet informed, but he will definitely treat her like a sister!

When the time is right, it is never too late!

After returning to the imperial capital.

Jiang Chen took Leng Xiaoyan, Lan Nuanyan, Su Xiaoxiao, An Qing, and Avril Lavigne!

These five women who had frequent and in-depth exchanges with them and knew each other, called their own Prince Qi's Mansion!

Every night, in the palace, there is a voice of despair!


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