Become A Hundred Billion Gods From The Beginning Of Sign In Chapter 878

Chapter 878: A new journey! end

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Time is long, passing away quietly!

Two months later, the five women of Ye Xuan became pregnant successively.

China, on a remote island in a certain sea area.

"Slap, slap, slap."

Elite bodyguards in black combat uniforms are patrolling the coast, their sharp eyes seem to penetrate the air!

Guards are extremely strict!

These are the members of Jiang Chen Tianchen Security!

There used to be a fisherman who sailed out to sea to fish or a rich second-generation who drove a yacht to take his girlfriend on the sea. Because of curiosity, he wanted to go to the island to take a look.

Because according to the latest China Ocean Map published a few years ago, there shouldn't be an island here.

But these people are often just approaching the sea when they are pointed out by the elite soldiers who come to the patrol boat!

At the same time, armed helicopters flew in with the sound of "boom boom boom"!

Frighten these people directly!

Leave in a hurry.

Gradually, legends about this island began to spread!

Some people say that there is a retired official tycoon living here, and some people say that there is a trillionaire living here....In short, there are different opinions!

On the islands private beach.

Under the huge awning, a handsome and tall young man was lying on the soft sand, wearing only a pair of swimming trunks, showing his strong upper body, and his face full of comfort.

The woman who was wearing a loose long skirt and was so beautiful that she picked up a peeled grape and put it into the young man's mouth.

"Ah~~ Eat one."

Lan Nuanyan smiled and stuffed the grapes into Jiang Chen's mouth.

Jiang Chen opened his mouth, swallowed the grapes in one hand, and took Qianqianyu's hand that directly held the blue warm smoke, which was intentional.

"Husband... can't come, what should I do if the baby is squeezed out?"

Lan Nuanyan Qiao's face turned red, and she shrank her hands back. She was afraid that Jiang Chen would do something bad to her again.

She is pregnant now, and if something goes wrong due to strenuous exercise, it will be over!

"Hey, are you husband and I like that?"

Jiang Chen smiled and said.

Who would have thought that Lan Nuanyan snorted and hit Jiang Chen, "Huh, you don't know how bad you are?"

She remembered that she was in the palace a month ago, and every night...

Is it so intense?

Isn't it bad?


Jiang Chen laughed and said, "What are Xiaoyan and Xiaoxiao doing?"

"Um...Sister Xiaoyan, she should be cooking, Xiaoxiao! Ah! Xiaoxiao?!"

Lan Nuanyan suddenly looked forward, and saw Su Xiaoxiao playing in the sea. What a joy to play!

"Nima! Give me water when I'm pregnant?"

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up, and he immediately rushed over and hugged Su Xiaoxiao back!

"Yeah~~husband, what are you doing? I just take a swim. People say that before the baby comes out, I will have prenatal education! I'm teaching the baby to swim in advance!"

Su Xiaoxiao was held by Jiang Chen, her beautiful eyes opened innocently.

Jiang Chen said in a bad mood: "You have a peace of mind, eat and drink every day, and keep yourself healthy!"

"Um... alright."

Su Xiaoxiao drooped her head and was put down by Jiang Chen. She asked again: "Then, my husband, if I get fat, what should I do?"

"I also want you when I'm fat!"

Jiang Chen smiled, looked at Lan Nuanyan and said: "Nuanyan, look at Xiaoxiao, don't let her run around, this little girl is about to be a mother, and she's so naughty!"

"it is good!"

Lan Nuan Yanhu's eyes flashed, and Su Xiaoxiao's waist was squeezed!

"Well, then I'll go in and see what they are doing."

Jiang Chen smiled slightly and walked to the villa.

Walking into the luxurious villa, An Qing, a beautiful woman with a bumpy figure, with two long white legs exposed, sits in front of the laptop and designs clothes for the future baby. After all, she is a designer!

Seeing Jiang Chen coming in, An Qing immediately lit up her beautiful eyes, got up and walked towards Jiang Chen, put her arms around Jiang Chen's neck, and said coquettishly.

"Husband, look, how about the clothes I designed for the babies?"

"Okay, let me see."

Jiang Chen smiled, looked at the computer An Qing had turned over, rubbed An Qing's head with admiration, and said softly: "Thanks for your hard work, but the computer also has radiation. It is better to do less of this, so that the next person Just do it."

"Hehe, how can it be the same? I have to do something for the babies."

An Qing still hugged Jiang Chen, her eyes were full of Jiang Chen's reflection, and she was full of love!

Jiang Chen kissed her.

At this moment, a voice came!

"Husband, sister An Qing! You are doing things, don't you call me?"

Avril Lavigne, with a fiery figure and bold personality, came over with a smile like a flower, with a bit of anger in her words, but normal people can see that she is not angry.

She is a princess of Bohemia, a mixed-race beauty!

He is also the editor-in-chief of a magazine cover. Although he is dressed loosely now, he is still very trendy!

Bringing a baby from now on is also a trendy mom!

"Okay, is it time to eat? Xiaoyan is cooking now?"

Jiang Chen smiled and asked.

"Well, sister Xiaoyan now learns to cook every day, and her cooking is going up!"

Avril Lavigne laughed.

"Hey, you girls, you really don't worry about them all!"

Jiang Chen sighed and said, "Let's go to the living room, I'll go to the kitchen to have a look."


The two women nodded and kissed Jiang Chen one after another!

Jiang Chen secretly walked to the living room and saw Leng Xiaoyan, cooking carefully, and a female five-star chef next to her was instructing.

Seeing Jiang Chen coming in, the chef was greeting her. Jiang Chen made a hush gesture and motioned her not to say anything.

Leng Xiaoyan said while cooking, "Sister Liu, I fry this dish like this, right? Why don't you help me taste it and try it."

At this moment, Jiang Chen suddenly put his arms around her waist and leaned his chin on her shoulders.

Leng Xiaoyan blushed suddenly, turned her head to look at Jiang Chen, and said, "Husband, why are you here? The kitchen is messy."

"Hurt, you don't have to work so hard, just let the chefs fry it."

Jiang Chen winked at the chef next to him, and the chef immediately took over the work Leng Xiaoyan was holding.

The sun is warm on the balcony of the villa.

Jiang Chen hugged Leng Xiaoyan, and the two looked at the endless sea, facing the sea breeze, very pleasant!

"Xiaoyan, you have worked so hard in the past few years. You have been taking care of those two bars with me. You have no complaints. I don't think you have much time.....Would you blame me?"

Jiang Chen said in a leisurely voice.

Leng Xiaoyan's eyes turned red instantly, and she smiled and said, "No, husband...how could I blame you? Remember the fireworks you set off for me that night? I still remember that you talked to me, you Say.... I will be nice to me all my life. I believe you... the person whom Leng Xiaoyan identified will not change in this life."

"I know..."

Jiang Chen was a little moved, and he hugged Leng Xiaoyan tightly. If he wanted to say who he loved, he loved every woman very much.

But if the person you love the most is...

That should be her...

After the meal, everyone took a family portrait to commemorate this meaningful moment today!


Three years later!

Jiang's Group has swept the world and became the largest group!

Jiang Chen sat in the office of the chairman of the Jiang Group.

Open the current panel!

[Host: Jiang Chen]

Xianxian Level: Golden Core Period (Mid-term)!

[Children: 17] (In the next three years, Jiang Chen and other women gave birth to more than ten...)

[Current value of dad: 18600 (can be exchanged for items in Xiuxian store)]

At this time, a knock on the door sounded!

A beautiful secretary came in and reported.

"Mr. Jiang, the 60,000 hectares of man-made island in the Pacific has been completed. Now we are equipping the island with beasts, various institutions, and professionals according to your needs! It is expected that it will be completed in three months!

Our [Strong Adversity] column group has sent invitations to people all over the world, and the current number of applicants..."

The beautiful secretary reported carefully!

And the column group of "Strong Adversity" is a column created by Jiang Chen!

The bonus system will be used to broadcast live worldwide!

Participants will have to spend 365 days safely on the island, the island is perilous!

Participants on the way can also withdraw early!

And the person who wins in the end will not only get a bonus!

You will also get Jiang Chen's future cultivation resources!

Because, last year, he already felt that the aura was about to move, this was a sign of the aura's recovery!

Therefore, he has to start the layout ahead of time!

"I see, go down."

Jiang Chen waved his hand, and the secretary immediately withdrew.

He looked ahead and muttered to himself.

"It seems... the new story is about to begin!"

Now he not only wants to be a daddy, but also protects Blue Star!

Guard your homeland!

Jiang Chen: As the protagonist, it's too difficult for me!

(End of this book!)



Thank you for watching. I have considered it for a long time.

Let this book end for the time being!

Write to my sister Jiang Anran, there is already a little water!

So, I dont want to continue the water anymore!

Although there is a long story behind!

But it's not a pity that it's over here!

Jiang Chen's story is not over yet, he will have a new journey!

The global aura is resurrected, [adversity strong] variety shows are popular all over the world!

Jiang Chen selects the strong from all walks of life, starting from various aspects such as character, belief, and will!

The era of immortal cultivation by the whole people is coming!

Let's look at Jiang Chen's plan to suppress the Quartet!

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