Become The Apex Of The Black Tyrant Ceo Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Fan Wai: The Empress And The Fake Eunuch 3

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The piano master in white plays the piano gracefully, floating like an immortal, but the dancers are better-looking, all of them are so beautiful, graceful, and smile like flowers, especially when they all look at her with pleasing eyes.

Song Jinxi felt happy when he was so vying to please the beauties.

Looking at it, she actually gave birth to a little bit of a pity, but she is not a man, otherwise she can be a romantic gentleman, while taking care of the super-positive and not being criticized, and then putting all the beauties in the world into the harem, sitting and enjoying. The blessing of people.

On a whim, she drank a little wine.

The female officer said that it was fruit wine, and it didn't feel like drinking it, but the stamina was a little bit big, so she didn't want to be greedy.

Song Jinxi didn't care.

She used to drink less alcohol, it can be said that she rarely drank much. Sometimes she would like to experience the feeling of being drunk when she sees men and women on the street getting drunk and going crazy. But there are no relatives or friends around her. If she is drunk, no one will take care of her.

Thinking about it this way, plus she really doesn't have any interest in wine, she tends to drink less in combination.

It's different now.

Now she is surrounded by people who take care of her, and the wine is really delicious, like juice, she drank it accidentally.

The beauties in front of them seemed to have learned the separation/body technique, one was divided into two, and then into three, the scene was once extremely chaotic. The soundtrack seemed to come from the horizon, with a feeling of string music curling around the beams endlessly.

At this moment, Song Jinxi saw someone.

This person has always appeared in her mind these past few days, but she didn't want to admit it at all, and subconsciously wanted to forget him.

No one else, but Gao Zhan.

That nasty eunuch.

What does Song Jinxi regret?

It is a pity that she likes all aspects of him, his facial features, his hands, his voice, his height, everything is perfectly in line with her taste, it is like tailor-made for her. the man.

but! Just such a good man--

He is an eunuch!

Song Jinxi looked confused. She saw the female officer who was supposed to be standing behind her greeted her. She didn't know what to say with Gao Zhan, and took her people away.

Gao Zhan walked over to her.

"Your Majesty is drinking."

"Why are you here? I said I don't want to see you, you go, you go quickly." Song Jinxi said, pushing him.

Unfortunately, I can't push it.

"Your Majesty has listened to the musician playing the piano and watching the performer dance, and his anger should have disappeared." Gao Zhan's voice was low, and there seemed to be a hint of indulgence in his tone.

Song Jinxi pouted: "Musicians make me happy while dancing with beautiful women. It's not you. You are in charge of this all day long. Are you the emperor or am I the emperor?"

Gao Zhan: "Of course you are."

The man in front of him was gentle and outrageous, and Gao Zhan was completely different in normal days. Song Jinxi became more sure that this was an illusion.

She looked at Gao Zhan for a long time, her eyes were a little silly, thinking that this man is really handsome, more handsome than those high-quality young men. But the next second, she frowned again, squashed her mouth, and slammed a fist on the man's strong chest.

"Why are you an eunuch?!"

Shen Liuchen thoughtfully, with a slight invisible smile in his eyes.

Song Jinxi: "You look so good-looking, so high, your voice is good, your fingers are long, everything I like... I have seen so many men, none of them can compare to you, but why are you a eunuch?... And so annoying."

Shen Liuchen's expression remained unchanged, and he asked in a low voice, "Your Majesty likes me?"

Song Jinxi subconsciously retorted: "I don't like you!"

After she finished speaking, she pushed Shen Liuchen aside, sat back on her soft couch, and kept chattering: "Who would like an eunuch? I can't do that. Then I want to keep a living widow? My family has a throne. Inherited, how old are you?...It looks so beautiful and violent."

Shen Liuchen always knew that the reason Song Jinxi appeared in front of him was because she "read novels" and liked his "personality". It was to save him and the world that he would appear as a savior.

For Song Jinxi, "saving him and the world" may only be regarded as a game, but for him, it is the salvation of life.

He can say with certainty that if it is not Song Jinxi who appears in front of him, but other women, he will never be tempted. He was sure of his preferences, but he was not sure, if Song Jinxi had no initial impression bonus on him, would she still fall in love with him?

He was very grateful that the novel and the system allowed them to meet, but occasionally couldn't help but ponder this question.

And now, he seems to have the answer.

At the end of the previous world, Song Jinxi chose this harem to face the world. With Shen Liuchen's temperament, he could never agree. But he didn't want to get into Song Jinxi's interest, so he had three chapters with Song Jinxi.

Temporarily sealing Song Jinxi's memory, let her think that she is an ordinary traveler, he can confirm, if there is no memory bonus, she will fall in love with him.

And he gave Song Jinxi an opportunity to appreciate beautiful men.

Before the crossing, Song Jinxi patted her chest and said that she would never like other men. At that time, Shen Liuchen pretended to be suspicious, but in fact he was quite sure.

Taking a step back, even if Song Jinxi really "switched after seeing a difference," he would not give her a chance to develop a relationship with that man.

There can only be him beside her.

Now that the journey of this world has just begun for a few days, Song Jinxi has been showing interest in other men, making Shen Liuchen secretly jealous.

And she was not only interested in those men, but she also didn't wait to see him. Sometimes she looked at him with pity, and made him guess a little bit, but she was not sure.

Now that she heard the truth, Shen Liuchen's heart was completely relieved.

It is a pity that he was not happy for a while when he heard Song Jinxi start talking nonsense again, which made him very angry.

"I want to drive you into the cold palace. Don't dangle in front of me anymore. I won't feel sorry if I can't see you... Then, find a royal husband who is almost the same as you, two people lovingly Love, deal with government affairs together, have two children, preferably one boy and one girl, and then it's almost done..."

"Who do you want to live with?" There was a hint of danger in the man's voice. Song Jinxi was drunk and did not hear it.

auzw.com "Um..." She thought about it seriously, "I think Pei Qian is pretty good..."

Shen Liuchen curled up a corner of his lips, smiling not to the bottom of his eyes.

You won't see Pei Qian tomorrow, he thought.

Song Jinxi pointed to the white-clothed musician again: "Did you see that player who plays the piano? I like men wearing this white fluttering gown, and he looks very handsome playing the piano." After she finished speaking, her eyes fell on Shen Liuchen's face: " Can you play the piano?"

Shen Liuchen stopped talking.

He is extremely talented in many aspects, but he seems to be inherently flawed in music theory. He has a lack of tone and doesn't know much about appreciation.

Song Jinxi was often rejected before.

Unexpectedly, now that I am here, she will have to be rejected by her once.

Seeing that he hasn't spoken, Song Jinxi seemed to be sure of something, and pointed his nose: "If you don't speak, are you not?"

Shen Liuchen: "Your Majesty is drunk, let your minister go down and rest." He said, reaching out to take Song Jinxi's shoulders, and to pick her up.

Song Jinxi twisted and struggled left and right, and said, "I'm not going, I haven't seen enough beautiful men... What kind of ink do I want to call... Shumo... I want to call Shumo sleeper. I've been waiting for two years. In modern times, I am considered an adult, and I want to be a real adult!"

Shen Liuchen's forehead jumped straight.

Song Jinxi is still talking loudly: "I will sleep in this white shirt today, Pei Qian tomorrow, and sleep tightly the day after tomorrow... What is it? It's the general, I think he is handsome, sunny, and I like it."

Shen Liuchen had always thought that Song Jinxi didn't drink because she didn't like it, but now she began to wonder if she didn't know if she knew that she would go crazy if she was drunk.

Fortunately, he is here, otherwise, if someone else is here, listening to her say that, they might actually send that Shumo onto her bed.

Song Jinxi was still counting how to "wet rain and dew", Shen Liuchen couldn't bear it, and directly beat her up and picked her up.

He was surrounded by his people, and he didn't need to worry about anything, he picked up Song Jinxi and walked to her palace.

Song Jinxi thought about it a lot, only to notice that the surrounding environment seemed to have changed. Only then did he realize that, and looked at the man in front of him.

"Where are you taking me?"

Shen Liuchen only glanced at her faintly, without speaking.

Perhaps his embrace was too warm and too stable, and some small bumps when walking made Song Jinxi sleepy.

She did fall asleep too, until Shen Liuchen gently put her on the bed, she woke up.

Seeing the handsome face close at hand, she was not willing to let go, the hand that hooked his neck still obeyed her own heart, and hooked him to her side.

His lips were close at hand, and it seemed a bit seductive, Song Jinxi tried to stick out his tongue.


It doesn't seem to taste much, but it's a bit cool, a bit like jelly, I don't know if it will bite like jelly.

So she bit again.

Naturally, the man would not let go of the delicacy that was delivered, instead he took the initiative to eat her lips inside and out.

They both rolled onto the bed at some point, and Shen Liuchen asked in a low voice in her ear: "Your Majesty knows who I am?"

Song Jinxi was taken aback for a moment and nodded: "You know, smelly eunuch... My first kiss was actually given to an eunuch!?? No way, I'm going to hang on to suicide."

Shen Liuchen was directly grinned by her.

"Why do you want to kill yourself?" He asked slowly: "Don't your Majesty like it?"

Speaking of this, Song Jinxi took a serious aftertaste, as if he still felt...very good?

His kissing skills seemed to be very skillful, and the kiss made her float so that she almost couldn't breathe, and her head was a little dizzy, as if stepping on the clouds.

But having said that, is this really what an **** should have?

She glanced at Shen Liuchen suspiciously, but inadvertently crashed into his deeply affectionate eyes, and her mind went down for a while.

"Your Majesty only needs to answer me, do you like the feeling just now?" Shen Liuchen whispered.

Song Jinxi: "Do you like it..."

Drunk people basically don't have their own active thinking. When Shen Liuchen said, she just thought about it, completely unaware that she was being led by the nose. When Shen Liuchen said so, she took a serious aftertaste.

Some were embarrassed, some didn't want to admit it, but they nodded honestly, and then gave an invisible "um".

Well-behaved and cute.

Compared with the little woman who didn't give up on him before, she was many times more cute, and Shen Liuchen's eyes became deeper and deeper.

As a modern person, Shen Liuchen doesn't pay much attention to etiquette and shame, let alone saying that "cannot declare adultery in daylight."

This guy has been angry with him for so many days, and now he has been drunk and sent to the door. He is sorry for her kindness if he doesn't do anything.

"There is something more wonderful, does your majesty want to try?" There was a hint of seductiveness in his voice.

The dark eyes also seemed to be tempting Song Jinxi.

Song Jinxi actually didn't understand what he was talking about. He could only follow his own consciousness and nodded subconsciously.



Song Jinxi couldn't restrain himself and scolded an swear word.

She, a dignified female emperor, was actually asleep by an eunuch? ? ?

What about the eunuch?

Toss her from the afternoon to the evening without rest. He is ashamed to say that he is an eunuch?

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