Become The Apex Of The Black Tyrant Ceo Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Fan Wai: The Empress And The Fake Eunuch 4

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Song Jinxi is always wandering outside the sky these days, and his mind is very confused.

Even if she was asleep by the eunuch, the more important thing was that the stinky man ran away after sleeping, without seeing a person for several days, and the four fonts "Pull X Ruthless" came to life.

Looking back at how she felt in a daze, it was obviously her first time, but it didn't hurt much after finishing it. Although she has no experience in this area, many people on the Internet say that if a man's skills are good and the foreplay is sufficient, the woman will not be too painful the first time.

It can be seen that that smelly man is not only superb in kissing, but also in bed...

Such a reasoning shows that he is probably not the first time, but a veteran who lingers on flowers.

Then after thinking about it again, Song Jinxi came to a terrible conclusion

She was afraid that she was asleep by a flower picker!

According to the setting of this world, there are people with high martial arts and even internal strength, who can fly over the walls and practice bronze-headed iron arms. There are also those who can do strange tricks, such as Disguise.

Song Jinxi feels that the real father-in-law may have been killed, and the flower-picking thieves who have been by her side these days may be easy.

The flower-picking thieves wandered around the flowers, did a lot of evil, and killed an unknown number of well-known women, but because of his light and superb skills, no one could arrest him. Relying on his life-saving skills, he was finally bold enough to hit the empress of their great Jin Dynasty.

Then she, a weak, pitiful and helpless pure girl, was so vain!

Song Jinxi unilaterally believes that this possibility is very high.

Otherwise, why did she run away after he fell asleep? He must be afraid of running late, and his head will not be guaranteed.

Poor her, she was slept by the flower-picking thieves for no reason, but she couldn't tell the matter, otherwise their faces in the Jin Dynasty would be lost.

I can only endure it by myself...

Thinking of this, Song Jinxi couldn't help but shed tears of sympathy for herself.

That's horrible.

The next day in the dynasty, Song Jinxi issued the imperial decree, bounty to capture all kinds of evildoers in the arena, the court can participate in the arena, and whoever catches the wicked can receive a generous reward.

Then she asked questions that she had been neglecting in the past few days.

"Where did Lu Yu go?"

As an innocent "picked" girl, she has been struggling with her views on Gao Zhan these days and speculating on the origin of Gao Zhan. So even if I found that there were a lot of people missing in the upward direction, I didn't pay much attention to it.

Now that she was thinking about her tragic experience, she turned her attention to her harem qualifiers.

There is something she doesn't want to believe, but she can't ignore it. Now she still thinks of the flower picking thief from time to time, and even can't help but recall the extreme lingering feeling...

She knows that she can't just let herself fall into it. The best way right now is to find someone who makes her reluctantly happy and stay with him.

Try to fall in love with him and forget the criminal completely!

Although this is unfair to her future royal husband, there is no other way. Anyway, she will fall in love with him as much as possible and compensate him with "one pair for one lifetime".

"Return to your Majesty, the envoys of Song, Zhou, Lu, and Qi arrived at Jiayuguan at the same time, and Lu Yu listened to your will and welcomed them." Song Jinxi's thoughts were interrupted by the voice of Shangshu from the Ministry of Rites.

Lu Yu is the assistant of the Ministry of Rites, and Shangshu of the Ministry of Rites is his immediate boss.

Song Jinxi frowned slightly.

What is meant by "listening to her will"? She seems to have never laid down this imperial decree?

Thoughtfully, she asked, "Where is Pei Qian?"

Pei Qian is Zhong Shu Ling, and his immediate boss is Zhong Shu Ling.

Shangshu of the Ministry of Rites returned to his seat, and the Zhongshu Ling came out and replied: "Pei Qian felt cold a few days ago, and his voice was unwell. In order to get better as soon as possible, continue to read memorials for Your Majesty, and ask for leave to rest at home these days.

Song Jinxi: "Where is General Yan?" Forgive her for forgetting the name of that handsome sunshine guy.

There are generals, "Your Majesty is talking about General Yan Qiyan?"

Song Jinxi nodded.

"Yan Qi has been in charge of training in recent days, and basically stayed in the camp."

Song Jinxi thought for a while, this dynasty seemed to have such a setting. That is, if the military commander wants to practice for a period of time, he can avoid going up.

In the few days after she had a relationship with Gao Zhan, no new handsome guy came to the door again, plus she was busy thinking about it every day and didn't want to see it. Therefore, she has only had an impression of Pei Qian, Lu Yu, Yan Qi and the handsome guy in white that day.

At the moment, all three of Pei Qian are absent, only the handsome white-clothed Shumo. Master Shumo is an idle person, not in the court, it seems that he can only ask the female officer for his news.

After the dynasty, Song Jinxi ordered the female officer to be called.

"Master Shumo?" After hearing her question, the female officer's expression was a bit hesitant and a little subtle.

Song Jinxi: "What's wrong?"

"That night, Father Gao ordered someone to come and say to the minister, Your Majesty doesn't like Lord Shumo, so he sent him out of the palace that night."

Song Jinxi: "???"

Before she had time to ask, the man who had disappeared for several days finally appeared again.

Song Jinxi watched him gritted his teeth: "You dare to come back."

The female officer quietly retreated and pushed aside, and received a gesture from Gao Zhan again, and quietly retreated with her person.

When Song Jinxi recovered, there were only two of them left in the entire room.

Flower-picking thiefZhan smiled a little ill-intentionally, and asked, "Why didn't you dare to come back?"

Song Jinxi: "Come here--"

Immediately, the maid and the **** opened the door and walked in.

But before she spoke, she heard Gao Zhan say: "Get out."

Song Jinxi also thought about saying that she was the emperor, and those palace ladies and eunuchs should not leave. Then she watched them stand up and go outside.

"Who allowed you to leave? Without my order, did you listen to an eunuch?" Song Jinxi said, not even angry, and slapped the handle of the chair hard.

Because she was so angry that she couldn't grasp her strength, the palms of her were so hot and painful.

Those court ladies and eunuchs dared not leave, and neither was entering or retreating at the door.

Song Jinxi snorted coldly, just about to order that the flower-picking **** be pulled out and locked up, but he saw him walking towards him with his foot raised.


She had just made a defensive posture, he had already walked in front of her, caught her patted her aching hand, and gently rubbed it in his palm.

"Even if you are angry, you can't hurt yourself like that." The voice was even more helpless, as if it was still a little spoiled.

Song Jinxi: "..." I must be stunned.

She thought of another possibility. She felt that her current state was a bit like the girl who fell in love, and she almost lost her face for a while.

Feeling that she could not go on like this, she pushed the man away hard, jumped aside and stood, looking at him defensively.

"Come on! Squeeze him down!" Then she was surprised to find that she could not move those palace ladies and eunuchs.

Even the guards standing by her door did not appear one by one. There were also those palace ladies and eunuchs who were standing at the door. They walked out silently, completely ignoring her orders and closing the door gently.

Song Jinxi: "Why didn't they come?"

The corner of Shen Liuchen's lips raised, and he didn't speak.

Song Jinxi: "Those palace ladies and eunuchs seem to listen more to you... What did you do to them? What do you want to do to me? Hold the emperor to make the princes? Put me in confinement, or put me in confinement, wanting to be the emperor. ?"

Shen Liuchen: "Neither."

Song Jinxi didn't believe his nonsense: "Who are you?!"

It is absolutely impossible for an ordinary **** to have such a high-level method. It is enough to let the palace eunuchs in the palace use him. Even the guards are under his control. This is simply a prelude to the palace!

She had only crossed here for only ten days, but this Gao Zhan was the one who existed as soon as she crossed over. In other words, she didn't know how many dark moves he had arranged in secret before.

However, in the original plot, there does not seem to be such a plot. Gao Zhan is just an ordinary eunuch. Why is this Gao Zhan suddenly demonized?

Could it be...

He also crossed?

Song Jinxi looked defensive, and suddenly asked, "Is the real Gao Zhan killed by you?"

The man seemed to be pleased by her defense, he walked in front of her again, Song Jinxi stepped back step by step, and he slowly approached her. Until he was forced to the corner of the wall, the man gave her a wall.

"Your Majesty don't have to worry..." When he spoke, he gently raised her chin and looked at her earnestly. In his deep eyes, a feeling of admiration flashed, "No matter how much I do, I want it, but It's just you."

Song Jinxi has seen countless temptations on the Internet before, wet/temptations, and subdued temptations. He has never heard of temptations in eyes.

But this man, he has!

Especially when he used that look in her ear to speak sweet words of love--

too terrifying!

This is also a literate flower picker who knows how to catch girls' hearts!

The old saying goes well, I'm afraid that the gangsters are educated, and this sentence is the same when applied to the flower-picking thieves.

This kind of rhetoric that hits the soul of a young girl who has not been involved in the world is a set, and I don't know how many women have said it. But when she first heard it, she was really moved.

After he finished speaking sweet words, as if he wanted to kiss her, Song Jinxi turned his head to hide, and his kiss fell on her face.

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