Being His Little Fox Chapter 545

Chapter 545: Brother Tang Si The New Year Is Coming

Song Yi stood in place, as if he had been locked in by something, and could not move.

I didn't dare to think about what the doctor took out.

Seeing my father took it, he took a pen and signed it.


Hearing this sound, Song father and Song mother turned back at the same time.

Saw her.

He hurried up: "Didnt you tell Nuan Nuan not to tell you? How did you find this place? You are not in good health now, so you should rest at home."

Song Yi's voice was dumb: "Under such circumstances, how can you let me rest at home?"

At this moment, she felt that her temples were hurting, and her whole body was pressed by something, and she couldn't breathe.

"How is Tang Si?"

Father Song explained the situation again.

"Because the explosion was too shaken, the internal organs were injured." Although Father Song didn't want to say, but he had already come to the hospital, so some situations must be truthfully explained.

"He may not be saved alive." Father Song said solemnly: "If he is saved, he may not be able to wake up."

"After waking up, the root of the disease will fall." Father Song said calmly, "Everything... depends on his good fortune."

Song Yiren flickered.

The heart was clutching tightly, without the strength to stand firm, and almost fell. The parents quickly helped and sat in the chair.

In the past, Tang Si was arrogant and unruly, he was unparalleled in the world and full of honors.

But now...


On this day, Song Yi didn't eat or drink, and everyone became haggard. Tang Si had been in the operating room.

Mother Song: "You don't think about your own body. You should also think about the child in your stomach. If he really has something good or bad, the child in his stomach is just thinking."

"If you still want to leave something about him in the world."

"He will be fine." Song Yi shook his head, his voice hoarse.

The people who went back and forth in the hospital came to see Tang Si.

Song Yi had no thoughts.

The last one is Bo Shiyan.

He looked at her condescendingly.

"Miss Song." Bo Shiyan said slowly: "Life is alive, life and death are not forced."

"Why bother with yourself so much, if Tang Si knows, he will feel distressed."

"The two of you, this love talk is more vigorous than anyone else, and the talk is more profound than anyone else." Bo Shiyan: "Don't say that the specific results have not yet come out, even if it comes out, there is really something wrong. There is no need for us to pursue formal things."

"It doesn't have to be like you want to own." Bo Shiyan: "You should learn to ease your mood. Your current body and bones are not suitable for this."

All night, she was a lot of haggard. She was small and weak, but now she looks even weaker.

As if it was going to fall in the next second.

It makes people really worried.

Song Yi buried his face in the palm of his hand, trying to adjust his mentality and emotions, and said in a low voice, "Thank you, I see."

During the time I waited outside, my mind was filled with his bit by bit.

His smile, his words.

Do they really have a future?

Do you still count what he said? Song Yi took a deep breath.

I felt that I really should go to eat something, and when I stood up, my whole person was in a trance.

Bo Shiyan: "I'll take you to eat something."

At this time, those good friends of Song Yi rushed to take care of them when they heard the news.


The next day, Tang Si escaped from the danger of his life, but he could enter the possibility of a critical illness again at any time.

People from the police station came to the hospital at this moment.

Discuss things with Song Yi.

"Wen Hexiang and his wife sentenced, but Wen needs someone to take over."

"If there is no way here, the company will be in the top position with more shares."

Song Yi lowered his eyebrows: "It's all about love."

"No one cares about that company." Song Yi: "I don't need it, nor will Tang Si."

Song Yi raised his eyes: "You might as well go check it out. If you guessed it right, this company is already a puddle of mud."

"Accounts, taxes, and tax evasion are all problems. Whether their circulating funds can support the company's operation is a problem."

"Comrade police, Tang Si is currently incapable of acting. Let's follow your own execution, don't care what he is doing here, this lord, I can do it."

"Why?" Suddenly, Tang Ningrou's voice came out, "I am my son's mother. I want to take charge of this matter. You are just his girlfriend."

Song Nuan happened to come over together.

When I came in, I heard this woman say such things.

Before Song Yi could speak, Song Nuan walked directly in front of Tang Ningrou: "Auntie, you said you are my brother-in-law's mother, what's the evidence?"

"You said that you are my brother-in-law's mother. When my brother-in-law was critically ill, my parents signed the critical illness notice. Where were you at that time?"

"Now when it comes to the income, you are here again." Song Nuan looked at her: "I have never seen you such a brazen and disgusting person."

Song Nuan walked to Song Yi: "Sister, ignore her, she's a fool."

Tang Ning Rou: "What did you say!?"

"I am my son's mother. Does this still need to be identified?"

Song Yi: "Tang Si has his own account, but he has never had any parents. If you have to say that, then you will come up with an appraisal."

Tang Ning Rou gritted her teeth: "Oh, you said I'm not his mother, then why do you decide for him?"

Song Yi: "I am his child's mother."

"I believe it?" Tang Ningrou said, "Then you can do an amniotic fluid piercing, to prove that the child in your stomach belongs to him."

"Am I sick, I'm going to make this proof?" Song Yi looked at her with a heavy eyebrow: "You are his mother, so please show me the proof."

"Don't come over and divide the money when you can get the money." Song Yi: "Money is not so easy to get."

Song Yi knew a lot about Tang Si's name, and Tang Ningrou should know too.

The money is not a small sum.

Obtaining it is definitely making a fortune. So Tangning Rou will come back to recognize her son.

In fact, these two people didn't have any feelings, and they didn't come back for so many years. Why did they come back suddenly until now?

Song Yi's tone was cold and sharp: "Tang Si is still critically ill and hasn't died yet, why are you so anxious?"

"It's so good for you to be a mother."

The police said at this time: "Here is indeed to provide some proof, if not, the company's shareholders will meet to decide."

"Let's contact us again for the specific situation." Policeman: "You can press down first, and wait for Mr. Tang Si to wake up."

The police left after talking about some related incidents.

At this time, Tang Ningrou glared at Song Yi coldly: "I am his mother, and I can go inside to collect some of his blood samples for paternity testing at any time."

"He really wants something short and long. Don't take anything from him or his name."

"Unless you have the ability, you can identify the child in your stomach as his."

However, how could Song Yi do this appraisal? This is extremely physical, and coupled with her weak body, this appraisal is still a question of whether a child can be saved.

Tang Ningrou didn't have any kindness at all.

Song Yi's momentum did not lose the slightest: "I don't want to argue with a fool about my shortcomings. If I have anything to do, I will see you in court."

"This is what you said!"

"Heh." Song Yi: "I don't see you caring about your son's body, but I'm here to care about his property first."

"Am I watching you now and stabbing him before he wakes up?"

"What are you doing? There are many patients in the hospital who are resting. Don't be noisy."

Song Nuan was also not lighted by this woman, and had never seen such a brazen one.

Tang Ning Rou finally let go of a lot of harsh words and left.

The last sentence is.

"My son's things, I'll take it as a mother, of course."

Song Yi gritted his teeth.

Now, what she regrets most is that she didn't take Tang Si to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get the certificate sooner!

"Sister." Song Nuan grinds his teeth: "What kind of idiot is my brother-in-law, mom? I'm so angry."

"I'll find someone to beat her up first." Song Nuan: "Let her be blind."

Song Yi lowered her eyebrows. She was calmer than yesterday, and her thoughts eased: "I will take care of it, you leave it alone."

When Tang Si had an accident, everyone was not only concerned about whether he could be better, but also whether Song Yi's body would collapse.

Song Nuan ran to the hospital every day, almost always by Song Yi's side.

Two weeks passed in this way.

The truth about the T organization is revealed. Shen Chengyu also broke the law.

Song Yi's parents died in the biochemical pond that Tang Si had fallen down at that time, and Song Yi was found by T organization and taken away and cultivated as a test product.

The elimination of the T organization also prevented more people from suffering to be tested.

And Bo Shiyan suggested that Song Yi must have a good physical examination, maybe there will be any drugs in her body.

Tang Ning Rou hasn't come to cause trouble these days.

But Bo Shiyan and Lu Yan kept Song Yi tight.

Shen Yunian and Fang Chang were also very concerned about this, and Ningxiachuan and Zhou Liang also stared at Song Yi all the time.

What was afraid was that Tangning Rou calculated Tang Si, and what was also afraid was that Tang Ning Rou would attack the child in Song Yi's belly.

The placenta is unstable, Song Yi falls, gets angry, etc., it is possible that the child cannot see the sun.

At this time, red lanterns are already hanging on the street, and the taste of the year is getting more and more full.

But Tang Si did not wake up.

But you can visit him in the intensive care unit.

Song Yi sat on the edge of the hospital bed and looked at his face seriously.

Morbid, bloodless, and lifeless.

Somewhat unlike him already.

He can only rely on infusions to sustain his life. He suffered a serious head injury and couldn't wake up.

Song Yi grabbed his hand tightly.

Looking at the busy people hanging red lanterns outside.

She rubbed his hand with her face.

"Brother Tang Si, it's the New Year." She raised her head, gently kissed the back of his hand, and looked at his face: "Can you get up and spend the New Year with me? You see, there is a lot of new year outside. Hang up the red lanterns in the city and take a walk on the street at night. The scene must be so beautiful, you know, I have been looking forward to this day of the New Year, you will walk on the street with me behind your back to watch the bustle of the city. lantern."

Her tone gradually became choked.

"Captain Tang, this is our first year together."

"Are you really not going to open your eyes and talk to me?"

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