Beneficial Union: Chasing A Rogue Wife Chapter 525

525 Ranting Black Kitten

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Remembering the lad, she realized that aside from looking sick and weak, he also did not have to give any vibe of spiritual energy.

"Hmph! Of course, Little Master is still young, so his potential is still hidden, like me!" The kitten said furiously, it was now standing in all four paws on the table, and its furs were rise, indicating that it was really upset with her to the point of almost attacking.

'Sorry. I did not understand how this works. The herbal bath is to help him show his potential?' She asked curiously, honestly interested.

The lad was around thirteen or so. When she was in that age, she had never remembered soaking on an herbal bath to cultivate. Is what the lad doing how it was supposed to be to get stronger? Would it help them get free if she did it too when she got back?

Soaking on an herbal bath was still doable for her in the burial tower. Though most parts of the burial tower were restricted for them, there were lucky to be able to find one room, more like it was a herbal garden as all the plants there were medicinal.

Of course, not everything in it could be picked. She could only gather herbal plants from a small of the garden for everyone. Madam Wei once mentioned that the herbs that they could not be picked were considered treasures in other domains, but they were abundant in the burial tower despite the fact that they could only look at them.

"Idiot! You don't really understand?" The kitten asked suspiciously.

The crow then replied with a nod.

"Tsk. Tsk. Surely you don't know and can't even pick up the values of mortals because you are just a regular crow." The black kitten replied unhappily, before it heavily sighed as if giving up. It also shook its cute head, probably thinking about what to do with the crow.

'I really don't understand how what I said about your little master is related to the values of mortals.' She thought to herself silently as she looked at the kitten's action with hidden amusement. If she had a mortal body, probably she already had reached for it and caressed it with a sweet smile on her face.

"Listen!" Hai Hai suddenly shouted before jumping to the chair next to the window. Probably realizing that it should not be making unnecessary noises, the black kitten covered its mouth with its adorable small paws.

Then it spoke in a whisper, "You listen to me very carefully. I will explain to you who my Little Master is and how you should respect him." The kitten started to explain the young lad's background, and she just listened silently.

She could not determine how long the black kitten had ranted. It was probably hours, but the interesting part was that it never got tired.

Based on the black kitten's explanation, its little master was called Bai Jiayi. He was from Bai divine dragon clan of the Heavenly Domain in Qi Universe. Bai Jiayi was the third son of the current clan's head from a concubine. His mother was a mage, thus making him not a pure dragon.

Hai Hai said that its little master Bai Jiayi has a very special constitution that did not allow him to cultivate Dragon Shifting Arts at this time. The black kitten insisted that Bai Jiayi was not good for nothing since it was a guarantee that he would be able to pass his physical limitation with the help of his master.

Bai Jiayi's master was a respectable priestess. They were currently staying at the priestess temple. Thus it was not suitable to be noisy as divinity rituals to communicate to the Beyond and prophecies could be conducted at any time without notice.

Hai Hai said that the priestess that took Bai Jiayi could not be compared to others as she has a treasure given directly by a god, despite the temple only located at the Immortal Domain.

By using the treasure, the priestess slowly helps Bai Jaiyi to balance the chaotic spiritual energy in his body.

The black kitten also insisted that the herbal medicine was only there to help Bai Jiayi's physique to withstand his intense spiritual energy.

She focused her attention on the black kitten for a while, trying to retain and understand the things that she was hearing.

Eventually, she realized that it was not that necessary to do so as most of the things that Hai Hai had told her were mostly bragging about the lad's background. It was up to her to filter it to find something useful or remotely interesting that would be beneficial for her in the future.

The most important thing that she learned was that her soul fragment inside the crow was currently in the Immortal Domain of Qi Universe.

After that, her mind started to filter all the things that she could recall about the Qi Universe from the destroyed pawns that she had before.

She recalled that the Immortal Domain was not the final layer of the Universe. So how did her pawn arrive in the place without completely being destroyed? Was it because of Bai Jiayi?

Just as she wondered about this, the two small creatures heard the stone door being opened, and then Bai Jiayi appeared, bringing a very bloody stench in the room.It was a good thing that she was next to the window as she never liked the smell of blood.


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