Big Shot’s Reincarnation Sweeps the World Chapter 193

Chapter 193: enemy

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Chapter 193 Enemy

After finishing speaking, Fang Duoteng got up, took the phone and notebook, and rushed out the door quickly. She was going to the liberal arts class to find out.

Sheng Yang shook his head helplessly, and then wrote a line of beautiful and smooth English words on his draft paper.


is exactly the same as what you saw in Fang Cai Fangduos video.


Aircraft first class

A very beautiful flight attendant came over, "Sir, can you show me your boarding pass?"

A man wears sunglasses, and the eyes behind the sunglasses reveal a pair of extremely beautiful phoenix eyes. The lips are like cut and extremely thin. It is said that men with thin lips are the thinnest, but they are the most attractive to women. The flight attendants can't help forgetting For professional ethics, it is inevitable to look at him more.

"Lu Zhiyuan." The name is like thunder.

The flight attendant's face can't hide the surprise. Isn't this a new generation of stock gods? The financial giant, at a young age, has mastered several financial lifelines in the country and has an extremely sharp vision.

"Have you checked it out?" The other party didn't seem to like being disturbed.

"Check...finished..." the stewardess said hurriedly, "If you have any requests, you can call me at any time, sir."


The flight attendant walked around to the other side of the first-class cabin again. A man was closing his eyes and rested, but he was extremely vigilant. He opened his eyes as soon as he heard the sound.

Facing these deep eyes, the stewardess breathed again. What kind of luck is it today?

I met another big boss, a rising star in the business world, Sheng Tingze. He was young and promising. He regarded his work as his life, and he was horribly good.

The flight attendant is from Yancheng, so she knows very well that this young master of the Sheng family is the most likely to inherit Mr. Sheng and inherit the Sheng family.


The flight attendant raised her eyebrows. I really dont know how this seat is arranged. Wasnt there a rumor that Arthur (Sheng Tingzes English name) and Mr. Lu Zhiyuan were rivals? Why are these two people arranged together?

Speaking of the various origins of these two people, it is really a long history.

The soldiers in the stock market met each other, and then the business circles had the same vision. They fancy the same industry, all kinds of competitions, grab sites, and finally went to the same place, because they fancy the same land again, and felt that The place has potential and development prospects.

Talented people always have bad luck.

It is difficult for ordinary people like them to see the direction of the limelight, and people with a keen sense of business always have the same vision.

"Mr. Sheng, I won't bother you to rest."

"Wait a minute." Sheng Tingze looked at the stewardess, and the stewardess's heartbeat beat. He only felt that his eyes were really deep, like an abyss, and he couldn't reach the end, "Is there any wine?"

The nerves have been tight and it is always difficult to sleep well. Now it is rare to have time to sleep, but I cant fall asleep. I need a glass of wine.


"Romanee for 90 years." Even if he needs sleep, Sheng Tingze is still very picky in taste.

The flight attendant twitched her mouth, "I'm sorry, we don't have it on the plane at the moment."

Sheng Tingze furrowed his brows for a few minutes, as if a layer of dark clouds were gathered, "Then 10 years of agave should always be there, right?"

He also has requirements for the year.

"...No." The flight attendant wanted to say, Mr. Sheng, we are flying a plane, not a winery.

After a pause, the flight attendant said helplessly, Mr. Sheng, the only bottle of the best wine left on our plane is Cabernet Sauvignon, which was produced in the last five years.

(End of this chapter)

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