Big Shot’s Reincarnation Sweeps the World Chapter 194

Chapter 194: Right

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Chapter 194

Sheng Tingze looked reluctant, "Let's do it."

As soon as I finished speaking, I heard the next door shout, "Stewardess, bring the best wine on your plane."

Hearing this familiar voice, Sheng Tingze squinted his eyes. It was really Yuanjialuzhai.

The flight attendant looked embarrassed, and then hurriedly went out and walked to the next door, "Mr. Lu, the bottle of wine you mentioned has been ordered by the husband next door. We only have ordinary wine now, can we?"

Lu Zhiyuan is not a fuel-efficient lamp either. He glanced at the closed curtain opposite, and then said, "How much does he pay? I double it."

The flight attendant is even more difficult, "Its not a question of money..."

"That's the problem of insufficient money."

Seeing that Lu Zhiyuan stood up, the flight attendant seemed to be going to the next door and chatting with each other. The flight attendant panicked immediately. If Mr. Lu saw that the next door was his opponent, it would not only be a fight for alcohol, but maybe even fight.

This is a long-distance journey. Its not long before the journey begins. Its also first-class. Their stewardesses want to improve the comfort of passengers, and physical and mental pleasure is also very important.

The stewardess hurriedly stopped, "Mr. Lu, you can't go there!"

Lu Zhiyuans eyes were sharp, it was obvious that she was blocking it, but he was more interested, "You know I have many friends, I will go and see if it is my friend."

After speaking, he walked over without any explanation.

The flight attendant knows she cant stop it, God, not only is it not your friend, but...

Lu Zhiyuan was not so rude, but stood outside the curtain, "Your excellency?"

The other party does not speak.

Lu Zhiyuan pressed his sword eyebrows slightly, and then said slowly, Its okay if you dont want to say it. Although you have bought this bottle of wine, I, Lu Zhiyuan, would like to buy it at ten times the price, so I can make a friend, how about?

When the flight attendant heard the words, her pupils shrank.

Lu Zhiyuan deserves to be Lu Zhiyuan. Since their airline couldn't be the owner and sold the bottle of wine to Lu Zhiyuan, Lu Zhiyuan immediately changed the direction of the wind and turned his attention to the buyer.


His personality is really the same as in the rumors, and the prey he fancy is bound to be obtained.

Its a pity that if its someone else, this transaction is likely to be completed. She has made money and handed over the network of Lu Zhiyuan, but she knows that the person inside is Sheng Tingze, which is not as good as the sky.

At this moment, the curtain suddenly opened, and the people inside were so tall that they walked out, facing him face to face.

Lu Zhiyuans eyes flashed, it turned out to be him? !

He is not like Ming Qi, silly and fufu.

is not shrewd enough, then you dont deserve to be a successful businessman.

Sheng Yang just returned to Shengs house, he checked it out, but he didnt expect his rival Sheng Tingze to be the eldest brother of Sheng Yang!

At that time, his heart sank slightly, absolutely, leaving a thread in everything, wouldnt it be this way?

So in recent days, any competition with Sheng Tingze, he almost went around the road, and did not cause any obvious conflict with him.

But it is also very strange to say, he put such a big profit, Sheng Tingze did not fight, he wondered whether Sheng Tingze thinks there is something tricky?

In the end, one can only see a huge piece of fat falling into the mouth of the "fisherman" who is reaping benefits.

The flight attendant next to her was so frightened, she seemed to be smelling the smell of gunpowder in the air. The two confronted each other, alarmed Assistant Kingskin who was sitting behind, and rushed over.

(End of this chapter)

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