Big Shot’s Reincarnation Sweeps the World Chapter 195

Chapter 195: Old fox, there is a conspiracy

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Chapter 195 Old Fox, Conspiracy

Seeing Lu Zhiyuan, the **** of Lu Gu, Kings secretly said "The road to the enemy is narrow".

The whole body is tight, and he has made plans to comfort Mr. Sheng and avoid the two of them from being pinched up.

Lu Zhiyuan looked at Sheng Tingze, whose eyebrows were obviously gloomy and his eyes were black, and he suddenly smiled, "It turned out to be Mr. Sheng."

It was a straightforward sentence, but Kings always felt that Lu Zhiyuan was in yin and yang.

"Then I will pay for this bottle of wine and give it to President Sheng." Lu Zhiyuan said leisurely.

was standing between the two of them, and Kings, who was preventing the two from being arrogant, was a little confused after hearing what Lu Zhiyuan said.

This...is it showing good?

No, no, no...I can't be confused by the enemy's sugar-coated shells, maybe I'm showing off my wealth.

The flight attendant was also stunned, which seems to be different from the rumors.

Sheng Tingze strained his face, with an expression of "I need you please"?

Lu Zhiyuan understood it instantly, and laughed dryly, and could only rely on him, Since Mr. Sheng wants to buy it by himself, then buy it by himself. I wont fight with you anymore.

After finishing speaking, he returned to his seat, stopped being a demon, and sat lively.

Sheng Tingze stared at him keenly, uncharacteristically, this old fox had a conspiracy.

Half loudly, he said in a deep voice, "I don't want what others don't want either."

flight attendant:"???"

didn't fight, Kings was relieved anyway.

Lu Zhiyuan glanced at him when he heard the words.

This guy is weird enough.

Its not okay to fight, and its not okay if you dont fight. If its not for Shengyangs eldest brothers sake, you have to cut him.

Forget it, since its Shengyangs eldest brother, bear with me.


Sheng Tingze went to the head office as soon as he returned to China, and he never came out when he was busy with official duties in his office.

Shengyou, the old man, knew from others that his son was back.

"Mr. Sheng, Mr. Xiao Sheng is back." A subordinate told him that the vice president of the marketing department was called to the office by Mr. Xiao Sheng in the afternoon to ask about the progress of the new project.

Shengyou looked dazed, "I haven't heard of it."

The vice president was dumbfounded, "It's true, I didn't lie to you."

Sheng You got out of the meeting room with anger. Before he could go back to the office, he went to Sheng Tingzes office with a stack of documents.

As soon as he opened the door, Sheng Tingze raised his eyes and saw that his father had a kind of momentum to come to see him with a knife. He was quite thunderous, "Do you still know that you are coming back? Your sister's coming-of-age ceremony is so important, you haven't come back! Oh? You said that Shengshi was going to annex other companies, so you came back? What do you want your family to do? You hold your job in this life?"

Crushing his head and covering his face is a curse, and he can't wait to beat him severely.

The eldest son is not at all humane, and he is just two extremes with the second son.

Sheng Tingze put a USB flash drive in front of Sheng You expressionlessly, "I have completed the plan for annexing Jiayuan Group."

"..." Is this the point?

Shengyou was so angry that he vomited blood, completely playing the piano at the cow.

For a while, he gave up completely and sat on the leather sofa on one side, "When are you going home?"

Even if you missed the coming-of-age ceremony, you should meet with your sister anyway. My sister has been back for so long and I haven't seen it once. Is it fair to say?

Yang Yang is not angry, he succumbed to Yang Yang.

Sheng Tingze pointed to the piles of documents, "At least we have to deal with these. Before that, I live in the office."

(End of this chapter)

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