Bionic Era Chapter 408

Chapter 404: Border Town

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many years ago.

It is also such a cold dusk.

In that hospital.

Before he died, Yin Mu leaned on the hospital bed, held Yin Long's hand tightly, and told him: "The machinery with human memory is uncontrollable. Don't try it lightly..."

This is what his father in this life, the first generation of bionic engineers said.

As one of the true creators of bionics, Yin Mu's words are quite authoritative.

Yin Long remembered this for a long time.

But then...

Time can wipe away many memories of flesh and blood creatures, making people forget those past.

So there is Lu Wen in front of him.

It is a perfect masterpiece.

"Why didn't you escape?" Lu Wen asked.

"Did Jin Chan escape the shell?" Yin Long smiled, and the dry skin on his face squeezed together. "The same method, if used too much, will not be new, let alone... it is indeed a loss."

Lost to the bionic man he created.

Decades of layout turned into a bubble.

Maybe it was frustration, so Yin Long didn't run away anymore.

"Anything you want to ask?"

"About A00... She is pretending to have amnesia, right? She knows that I am afraid of her, so she pretends to be amnesia, so that I can continue planning without any scruples, so that you can move."


After getting Lu Wen's affirmative answer, Yin Long has no problems.

Although it was the first time that the two actually met, they already knew each other very well.

The subsequent processing does not need to be handled by Lu Wen.

The troops belonging to Mowu City entered the bottom of the pit and controlled Yin Long.

In fact.

After Lu Wen's simple calculation, this old guy has been able to live within a few months, and now this body does not have much room for resistance.

Wei Boan went down to the bottom of the pit. He glanced at Yin Long inside the gate, and then asked: "Is it sure that it is the real Yin Long this time?"


"How sure?"

"By feeling."



It's all over.

Yin Long was detained.

After follow-up testing, it was determined that this was the real him.

There are countless secrets in this old traverser. Just traversing this one is enough to make people yearn for, as well as his mechanical skills, other talents, progress in the direction of immortality, etc...

Lu Wen may see him in a few months before the old man is dying.

But now, he needs to enjoy life seriously.

A00 shared the permissions with him again.

Reconstruction began across the world.

People also know that Lu Wen is the number nine.

The three-legged world structure is slowly taking shape.

"The third and fourth cities of the Bionics are being established, which are the no-man's land outside the West and the East..."

"Underground forces have begun to relocate. After many inspections, 90% of the contaminated areas are safe, with normal radiation indicators and suitable for survival..."

"Nine cities jointly signed an environmental governance treaty, striving to conquer no man's land in the next 100 years..."

One month passed.

The whole world is on the right track and develops in an orderly manner.


Outside Baker.

No man's land.

Lu Wen drove an old off-road vehicle, with No. 0 in the passenger seat.

The yellow sand billowed, and the raging dust slapped on the car windows.

The destination arrived soon.

It is the empty ruined city, the location of the zero main body.

The little toy robot remained the same, the black paint shell came off, and the mechanical surface was rusty, limp, searching for food in every corner of the city.

In the central square of the city, the corpse of a skinny boy was lying among countless decaying food.

Time seems to freeze here.

Only the passing yellow sand can make people feel the temperature of life.

Lu Wen pointed to the tall buildings in the city.

"Just stay here, don't come out in the future, if you want to stay alive, I can provide you with blue blood regularly."

"Nine, you let me wait for death here, what is the difference between killing me?"

"very big difference."

Lu Wen slowly returned to the car.

He closed the car door, and the outside was yellow sand flying.

"The difference is that you want to die now, or wait until the battery runs out."

After all, Lu Wen drove away.

There are his eyes in the sky.

No. Zero can't get out, this city is her permanent prison.

Or maybe it's not forever. The blue blood must be changed every five years, depending on whether the Zero can bear the long loneliness.



The north is still snowing.

Outskirts of Kerry City.

The leaves of the maple trees have fallen, and only dry branches are left.

White ice crystals piled up on the branches.

The snow on the ground is ankle-deep, and thick maple leaves are under the pure white snow.

Wearing a heavy polar bear suit, Fatty Jiang stood in the snowdrift, his fat face was flushed with cold, and he vented his heat while teaching Lu Yang, who was trembling all over.

"...Like this... First choose a location on the tree trunk to drill holes, then put the metal cannula in, hang a large iron bucket on the cannula, and the maple sap will drip out slowly..."

Lu Yang shivered from the cold, jumping his feet while trembling and asked: "Brother Jiang, we...we want...whee...how much maple sap can we boil out a kilogram of maple syrup?"

"I haven't survived, maybe forty to fifty kilograms."

"Is this... so much...? Why don't we eat cane sugar?"

"You know a hammer, it's mainly a sense of ritual." Fatty Jiang slapped Lu Yang on his body. "Think about it, when the snow is flying, living with your lover in a cozy wooden house, he chives a little ice every day. Cut some maple syrup, or walk the hound to hunt in the forest..."

"But Brother Jiang... I'm single, I can't imagine it."


Fatty Jiang's wedding was so simple.

Beside this small wooden house in heavy snow.

There is no church.

Only a group of relatives and friends.

It's very simple.

In the snowy season, it is simple and warm.

Simple wedding, this is proposed by the bride Christina, she said that he particularly likes Phoebes wedding in "Friends", in such a heavy snow, there is no need to be too complicated, there is no traditional cumbersome etiquette, there are a group of friends, Just be happy.

Christina has no parents, so Lu Wen temporarily acts as her father, holding her on the court.

Lu Wen also served concurrently as pastor and best man by the way.

Many clones can indeed be willful.

Small light bulbs glowing with warm yellow light hung on the surrounding trees.

The wooden house is also decorated quite warmly.

Everyone got up with a smile on their faces.

The falling snowflakes danced in the air.

With Christina in his arms, Lu Wen slowly walked into the wedding hall composed of snowdrifts and relatives and friends amid the music of the wedding march, and handed the bride in a white wedding dress to Fatty Jiang in a black suit.

The bride and the groom face each other.

Lu Wen, who plays the pastor, needs to speak.

"Family, friends, and terrier..."

"Wang!" the little black dog held by Lu Yang cried.

"Thank you for being here and witnessing this heaven-sent marriage..."

Lu Wen, who plays the best man, is on the side of the groom, and he is responsible for handing two wedding rings.

Xia Chuluo is at the bride's side, wearing a very simple bridesmaid costume.

She chose a lot of styles this month, all kinds of bells and whistles, but in the end she chose a set of simple, not to grab the limelight with the bride, and return to simplicity.

The wedding ended soon.

The crowd gathered around the bonfire in the snow. The fire was shining with warmth. On one side of the shelf was the prey that had just been hunted.

Talking and laughing, although the weather in the north is cold, the atmosphere is harmonious and warm.

Everyone gathers together, this is a rare scene.

Life is going to return to the ordinary after all.

The daily tedious and trivial matters will drown out a lot of happiness.

Xia Chuluo shrank to Lu Wen's side, constantly drinking, rubbing his white hands from time to time, his cheeks might be cold, or perhaps it was the flames, and they were flushed.

Lu Wen whispered: "In fact, it is not impossible to wear a beautiful wedding dress. You can hold a wedding by yourself."

Xia Chuluo shook his head straight after hearing this: "Forget it, I'm too lazy to make it."


Time just passed a little bit like this.

Coming to May.

Last May, Lu Wengang started the machine outside Li Mengs villa.

It's been a year without knowing it.

Things are wrong.

Some people get married and others get divorced.

Lu Wen is busy with the construction and capital turnover of various cities, and sometimes participates in some major decision-making in Mowu City.

More often, he would use a avatar to wander around the corners of various urban areas in Mowu City, walking slowly with his hands on his back, taking a look at the world, and enjoying the life of the elderly as Dr. Jiang said.

After the heavy industry ceased, Mowu City was less rainy and haze.

There is more sunshine.

Just at dusk this day.

Lu Wen and Xia Chuluo were walking in the city and unknowingly walked to the Fanshi Machinery Repair Factory.

The bench at the entrance of the machine repair shop was still there, but it was a little more mottled.

Yun Yang is still busy in the machine repair shop.

"Are you divorced?" Xia Chuluo took a few glances and saw it right after they met.


Yun Yang didn't feel embarrassed and admitted frankly.

The husband and wife had different personalities. They discussed divorce before the end of the war. They were very peaceful, and nothing happened.

In modern society, everyone has the right to pursue their own lives.

There was a lot of noise in the machine repair shop, and the mechanical noise was rumbling.

The three people were talking at the door.

The setting sun shone on the broken street.

I always say a few more words when I meet old friends.

Xia Chuluo has many friends and contacts all over Mowu City.

But Lu Wen didn't know many human beings.

"I will make enough money in the future. I want to move to the fifteenth district and build a house near the sea. Life will be simpler..." Yun Yang said about his future plans.

"Yes, I happen to be in the fifteenth district as the general director, and I will show you some relations at that time."

Lu Wen is used to using small powers.

The three chatted briefly for more than ten minutes.

Before parting.

The setting sun is sinking.

Encounters are always accidental.

Meeting again may be another accident.

Yun Yang hesitated looking at him, but he stopped talking, he looked at Lu Wen.

"That... Lu Wen, do you have the addresses of everyone in the world?"


"I think, want to... find someone, it may not be easy to find, she may have changed her name..."

This is a question that is not easy to answer.

Lu Wen glanced at Xia Chuluo, but Xia Chuluo avoided his gaze at the right time.

So this matter can only be decided by Lu Wen himself.

He slowly said: "She went to a far place."

Yun Yang was taken aback.

"Is it another city? It used to be quite far away, but it's okay now. There are no barriers between the nine cities. Will she come back?"

The crimson sunset shining obliquely on the outline of Mau City ~ wuxiaworld.online ~ makes this cold and broken city look warmer.

The heavy machinery leaned on the side of the sloping tall building, the heavy shadow was stretched very long, and the workers came and went on the ruins of the building.

Lu Wen leaned at the door of the machine repair shop, with people coming and going on the road ahead.

The red sunset is on the horizon at the end of the road.

Far and fuzzy.

Let this city road seem to never end, noisy and lonely.

For some reason, he thought of the border town described by Mr. Shen and the old ferry.

There is also the more classic ending.

"She might be back tomorrow..."


(End of the book)

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