Bionic Era Chapter 409

: Some Settings In This Book

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"Bionic Era Novels ( to find the latest chapters!

(This book is actually a bit fragmented.

The author has thought about the book several times, so the original outline was broken up in pieces, some are advanced, some are delayed or even deleted, the plot is fast and slow, and the book friends who have been reading it should be able to feel it.

Finally, due to some reasons, I have not been able to complete the book as I wish.

The original plan ended last month, but some book friends said that there are no millions of words, and it is either an **** or an eunuch. The Southern Dynasty still liked this pseudonym and did not want to be labeled as an eunuch, so I wrote a part of the outline plot before the split. )

Here are some settings:

(A small number of book friends have always expressed that they dont understand, so simply give some settings, not the outline)


(1) Human gathering place after the war (nine cities, high-tech and low-life);

(2) No man's land (ruined steel city, extreme weather, gathering place of bionics);

(3) Contaminated areas (radiation, abnormal organisms);

(4) Underground (a place forgotten by the eternal life plan);

(?) When it comes to new books, not too much can be exposed.

(?) Extraterrestrial (abandoned space station, weird creatures in the universe);


(1) Pure human race;

(2) Mechanical immortals (Machine soaring, this is mentioned many times in the book, the best way is to upload the consciousness to the computer, existing technology and future technology should not be fully realized);

(3) Bionic humans (human appearance, advanced intelligent mechanical life forms that pass the Turing test, which can evolve infinitely);

(4) Transform people (mechanization of pure human race, such as installation of prosthetic robotic arms, etc.);

(5) Aberrant people (radiation polluters, there is a complete original outline, living in a contaminated area, in fact, they almost appeared on the scene several times, but in the end they didn't write ~wuxiaworld.online~ I don't want to drag the plot);

(6) Deformed people (human-intervened freak people, genetically modified, victims of the immortal project);

(7) Blue races (human-intervened freak races, genetically modified, victims of the Immortal Project);

(8) Dwarves, giants, ancestors, etc. (same as freaks and blues above, victims of the Immortal Project);

(9) The mechanical race (a highly intelligent mechanical race that can produce various mechanical creatures on its own, has a complete social system, and establishes a mechanical empire. There would have been a mechanical independence war in the later period of the original outline, and I was too lazy to delay it);

(10) Deep sea treasure hunters, relic treasure hunters, bounty hunters, etc. (special occupations, because some plots have been deleted and did not appear, the description style will be western style, because the author prefers it, it may be added in the next book );


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