Bionic Era Chapter 410

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"Bionic Era Novels ( to find the latest chapters!

The original plan is a few days after the meeting.

In fact, I finished writing when I asked for leave at the hospital last month.

Stay away from the city during this time to regulate your body.

Has been sending deposits.

The reason why it was posted last night was that a reader said that he has a roommate [who is seriously ill], and he may not have much time, and hope to see the finale before he died.

(1) First, lets talk about the reason for opening the book:

I haven't written for a long time, and my hands are itchy. One day, at three o'clock in the middle of the night, my mind started to open a book.

(2) The results of this book


(3) About the price of a single chapter

From the beginning of the book to the present, a total of nine and a half readers have asked me why my chapters are more expensive than other authors, and whether it is to make money...

Emmm... this is still necessary to talk about.

It's not a pit of money. No one has read this book from the beginning to the end. Not long ago, it was promoted to LV2 when it was written in a million words. It was more just to protect the pen name.

Chapter fees are actually calculated by the number of words (1 cent per 200 words, high V is cheaper).

Many times the author can't stop writing when he's hi, there will be three or four thousand or even five or six thousand chapters.

At least until now, writing a book is quite joyful.

(That half is both a reader and an author, and some authors are not clear about the price issue, so they will explain it separately)

(4) About the characters

There are actually very few characters in this book, and no more than a hundred have names.

In fact, many characters can be counted through the dialogue.

But the author is very lazy, not too lazy with water.

The protagonist of the free chapter has been sprayed very weakly. This is because I have not dealt with it properly. The main reason is to write a process of the protagonists growth, but after all, the newcomer's pen is not enough.

This book is not Zhidou. The IQs of all the main supporting actors are only at the level of normal people. It is not clear what book some readers of Zhidou read before.

(5) About the main line

Many readers report that there is no main line.

In fact, there are.

Just write clearly on the title of the book.

Of course, this book was not written in accordance with the very traditional way of writing on the Internet. At first, I just wanted to write some short stories.

(6) Some hints

In the early days of the book, there were actually many metaphors or easter eggs buried in it.

For example, in the first few chapters, the carp is dead, which implies that Li Yu is dead, and the fall of the jacaranda flowers in the back implies that Ye Ling has fallen from the building.

Some give obviously, some hide deeper.

Interspersed in the plot.

But no one can tell whether it is obvious or not...

There are also a large number of readers who expressed their inability to understand and asked me if I was in the water.

So I feel that this writing is a failure.

In fact, the later plot did not follow the previous set, because it was a rush, so I tried various writing methods.

I don't care about the grades, I am very happy to write.

(The new book will be as simple as possible, and there will not be such a small foreshadowing from the beginning to the end.)

(7) About certain plots

Some cases are adapted from real stories.

Can only say so much.

I want to write something but dare not write, and I dont dare to be too specific when I write it.

(8) About the spray

(Since many of the readers of this book are authors who have not signed a contract yet, this paragraph is mainly written for newcomers.)

This book ushered in the first wave of professional sprays during about 20-40 chapters.

There are about three waves in the free period.

I have no statistics after it was put on the shelves.

So newcomers dont have to panic when they see these comments.

The spray was very unprofessional. I guess I started spraying without reading a book. The comment was inexplicable. Maybe it was because the other party didn't give enough money.

Should be peers.

Others are purely uncomfortable in real life, so I want to vent on the Internet.

Anyway, no matter how I spray it, I am the number one new suspense book in that issue (dog head).

In addition to professional sprays, there are some who have read books but didn't read them carefully.

For example, some readers started to spray the world view just after reading two chapters. I wondered that the world view began to be released slowly in Chapter 5...

(Readers opinions can be listened to. High Vs vision is generally more vicious. They are willing to pay the fee and read the book carefully. It can have a certain effect, but it cannot be listened to. A high V on a certain treasure is only two hundred, no Must be real old readers)

Ziliang said that writing a book cannot satisfy all readers, after all, it is not an encyclopedia.

Some of the author's fragments actually refer to master and doctoral dissertations and university textbooks. I never thought that these would be sprayed.

Some readers align with me on QQ, and go to Baidu Encyclopedia or CSDN to copy and paste. In fact, I can see it, but I didn't say it for the sake of their face.

In August, an old man in the author group also posted a screenshot, saying that he quoted the original text from the textbook and was sprayed. It was funny, so he released it for everyone to see.

This kind of thing is very common.

Just relax your mind.

mutual encouragement.

(9) About the system

(The protagonist is not a humanoid system)

All books under this pseudonym should be unsystematic.

When the Southern Dynasty was a reader, I didn't like to read systematic articles, but nine of the ten books recommended by the app were all.

(Personal feeling, it's not private goods, don't spray if you don't like)

This is actually one of the reasons why I wrote the book.

It should be relatively small in the future.

(10) About the new book

I started to conceive a new book in September, and there are many ideas.

At first I wanted to write about the age of mechanical myths.

A collection of myths from various countries.

Gods are just mechanical bodies created by advanced creatures, adding a little wasteland style to the mythical age.

But after flipping through most of the mechanical books on this software, I found that there are many such types, but they are all on the street, indicating that there is no reader market, so I silently crossed out this idea (the author himself likes this very much, and I will be free in the future It should be written in the short story in an irregular update).

Later, I wanted to write about the ancient oriental background with weird monsters, and follow the trend.

Earlier in the weird world of cultivating immortals, as well as later Dafeng, Dazhou, Weird Jigsaws, the old seals were actually biased towards this type. Recently, this type is quite popular, and many old authors and new books have this style.

There are few books of this type of suspense classification, and there is a large market.

In fact, the new books have already planned to write in this direction...

But suddenly one day.

The brain twitched again.

Mainly because there are too many ideas in my mind.

The Southern Dynasty mentioned in the group that I can dream of a beginning when I often dream. A lot of inspiration erupts every day. I can't hold it back. From ancient times to the future, primitive to technology, wasteland to punk, weird to immortal...

Many personalities represent different ideas, and no one can convince anyone.

So my mind was drawn.

So later I went to the hospital...


So the new book is currently very messy~wuxiaworld.online~ if I open it in a short time.

It means that I just wrote indiscriminately...

Individuals in the Southern Dynasties are more willful.

(No matter how bad the grade is, it should not be worse than this book)


(11) One final point

I forgot to sell miserably before putting on the shelves.

I'm so miserable.

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