Birth Of The Devilish Ceo: So What If I'm A Lady Book 2 Chapter 239

Volume 2: 2 Chapter 239 A Must Read For All Readers

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Wow! Congratulations everyone, we have finally come to the end of this novel.

What motivated me to write this novel was my passion for writing, but honestly my passion wouldn't have seen me to this stage had it not been for your constant supports and care, so I personally dedicate the success of this novel to each one of my readers. I wouldn't have been able to write this novel to the end without each one of you that is why you all are so special and dear to my heart.

Thank you so much to all my readers who have been so supportive emotionally. I remember thinking of dropping this novel so many times but each one of your kind words kept me going. You supported me with your power stones, rates, reviews, comments and of course gifts too. I am dedicating this chapter specifically to all of you because I can't think of how to repay you guys for your immense support and kindness. I know that all of you have been so wonderful but there are those who did exceptional well and I particularly want to show them how appreciative I am of them by mentioning their names.


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17) hydrangea_

18) Brookelyn_Hill

19) Norenbe_Tonding

20) Sania8696

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23) dollyshah

24) aprilgwendolyn

25) Zeallove

26) alphagimeno

27) Wanthin

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30) snow_goddess

31) JohnyYes

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33) linmisao

34) Diva_13

35) pem3pem4

36) Favour_Temitope

37) kittyPus

38) Pvadell

39) 5h1n74

40) Suchismita_Behera

41) Hoi_Lien_Ting

42) jloh135

43) happycarla

44) juhi2107

45) kvkl06

46) Edet_Ruth

47) Moumita82

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49) alexandralautang

50) Mahika_Macharla

To all those who despite everything voted for me with their hard earn power stones, I am very grateful. The current popularity my novel is attaining right now is because you chose to vote for my novel despite all the millions of novels in . What is the pride of an author who spent hours ranging to years to write a story but nobody gets to read it because it is not popular enough?That author gains nothing, that is why all my readers who voted for me are my PRIDE. I am so proud of each one of you. You don't have to feel bad about it if your name was not mentioned above because you are all included, I know all your names.


1) Pvadell

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5) Lunacia97


7) Kay5

8) DonnaPanda

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19) BUSSYLeeVeeVee

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21) Vic_To_Ria_6345

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30) liongann69

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33) Damilola_Alao

34) Cinthia_Faith

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37) RomanceLover123

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108) Emmanuel_Dunsin

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110) Peazy

What is the outcome of a story without loyal fans? The outcome is that the story will not be recognised no matter what, that is why I am blessed to have all of you as my loyal readers and top fans.


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11) 5h1n74, chilia_coremica

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13) s_en_gplus, TAliceP

14) sappy_lee

15) lireds09

16) shabie

17) kiarala

18) stenzkie

19) janvi_rajput

20) Zeallove

Your constant words of encouragement was my source of inspiration. Whenever I felt like giving up I always held onto your sincere words tightly and always decided to forged ahead. Your words gave me strength that nobody has ever given me that is why I will forever remain grateful to all of you. Your words molded me into a fabulous author and a better human being. Through all of you I learnt how to be a good listener, a patient and a considerate author. Your words really gave me life and the strength to complete this novel. Thank you so much for always being there when I needed you the most. I love you all so very much.










9)Edet_Ruth, jewelpearly, September_Rain_0977, LovingB

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12) Mama_Esther, luzabayon

13) Erika_Justice, kyvonne1969, Pou_123

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15) Meera_12, Singing_girl

16) Titania23, Empire_2, Shining_girl, Shadowpixel

17) Cara_G, amy_ken,Harpi, Bridget_Samatha

18) Njugu68

You all truly defined the worth of my novel. Your constant showering of gifts made me realized just how much you love me. I know that it was your love for me that drove you to constantly send me those gifts and I just want to say I love you too. Your gifts always constantly reminded me that my novel was not worthless so thank you so much. I really appreciate. Thank for always making me feel special and loved.


1) Shining_girl

2) Flower_goddess

3) Singing_girl

4) Norenbe_Tonding

6) Zeallove

7) SuzyQ120

8) Pvadell

9) Pou_Fakahafua

10) s_en_gplus

It was one thing to start the story with me but another thing to stay from the beginning to the end that is why I say thank you so much guys for not giving up on me halfway. I am so blessed to have all of you as my loyal readers. Thank you once again, I don't know how to repay your devotion.


1) Flower_goddess

2) BTS_1_Army

3) chilia_coremica

4) Annyb

5) Shining_angel

6) Mrsyggy

7) Kim_Suzy

8) Peazy

9) A_little_angel

10) Luvvy

11) leilaniorejas

12) Ade1234567

13) Singing_girl

14) Zeallove

15) Diva_13

Your words serve as a correction to me and I'm certain that I am a much more better author right now because of your words. Thank you for the correction and Thank also for telling me what you like or dislike about my novels in full details, it really helped me in completing this novel.


the greatest gifts each one of you has ever given me was to read my novel that is why you are all important to me. Knowing all of you was the best thing that has ever happened to me, that is why I say thank you for choosing to read my novel. Through writing this novel, I got to make more than eight thousand wonderful new friends from all over the world. Thank you so much everyone, it was nice knowing you.

To all my readers whose name appeared three times or more just know that you have made a name for yourselves. If you are among then it means that you are the most precious gifts that the world sent to me using this novel as a medium.

I love you all so much and I hope you love my gift to you?

Thank you so much to all my editors, you mean so much to me. I could never forget all the assistance you have rendered to me.

I love you all so much,stay safe everyone.


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