Birth Of The Devilish Ceo: So What If I'm A Lady Book 2 Chapter 240

Volume 2: 2 Chapter 240 It's Finally Out

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Hello my dearest readers,

Who else was as anxious as I was to finally witness the release of this second novel of mine? I have finally crafted a synopsis and very soon I will officially released it. Please be patient with me Ok?

The name of my second novel is, "FALLEN IN LOVE: THE CEO WHO TAMED ME".

I had previously came up with two names but after seeking for assistance from a professional, she said I should choose this name so I hope you like the name of the novel.


When you are forced to watch your sister die, you will never be the same. Jin Xiaoqi vowed to take revenge that very night she watched her sister die in her arms and now, she is going to make her sister's murderers pay. So after the homeless Jin Xiaoqi saved a young lady one night from drowning, the lady later adopted her after she found out that the poor girl was an orphan who was left all alone to fend for herself.

In the daytime, Yang Zi is just an ordinary sweet Secretary who does her work without flaws. Perfection defines her. While at night she is a cold blooded lady who is out to avenge her sister who died unjustly. She would do anything just to make sure she had her revenge and that includes getting into a fake relationship with the mastermind of her sister's murder.


CEO Li, a hot tempered man met his equally hot tempered and high profiled secretary through his grandpa who went through the hassle to scout her for him. At their first meeting, he knew that she had an ulterior motive for agreeing to work for him but he could not pinpoint exactly what she wanted. The two hated each other ever since the first day they met but Li Yifeng later realized that her wounds ran deeper than he had thought so somehow along the way he fell head over heels for her.


There are major misunderstandings in the novel. There is always one or two misunderstandings in a relationship, no relationship is perfect so I hope you won't get displeased with the misunderstanding that will occur later in the novel. Every misunderstandings are always resolved no matter how long it takes and theirs is not different.


Yang Zi has two best friends. They are Qing Shui and Luo Shiyi. She shares all her secrets and decisions with them. She particularly hates keeping anything from them. They were the only one she trusted no matter under any circ.u.mstances. She shares all her joy and foes with them.

QING SHUI: Is the daughter of a business tycoon. She likes anything that involves adventures. She is always supportive of Yang Zi no matter what decisions she makes. She is a big time actress who will not hesitate to leave her shooting if Yang Zi needs her help. She will not let anyone who dares to bully her friends go scot free without taking revenge. She is known for holding grudges. Despite all these, she is a very sweet lady who knows how to tease her two friends. She and Shiyi were onced rumoured of being in a relationship. She is known as the first actress who has ever won about seven awards in one awarding event. She was also rumoured to be in a close relationship with world famous designer popular known as 'M'.

LUO SHIYI: A very handsome, who prefers staying in front of the screens for the whole day rather than working in his office. He dislikes going to the office that is why he always goes to work three times in a week and he does not spend more than six hours in the office. He believes that working too much is not his own thing. Apart from the identity everyone knows him, no one except Yang Zi and Qing Shui knows his real identity as world's best hacker. In the technology world, he is known as SPARKLE. There is no high security technology stuffs that he cannot hack into. He is also famous for being the first hacker to have ever hacked into the President's office and residence within just ten minutes. He spends all his time working so that Yang Zi will finally have her revenge. Yang Zi has the habit of calling Qing Shui his little wife whenever she wants to tease the both of them. He is a born genius when it comes to technology related stuff.

ZHAO LIYING: The only child of a high profiled judge. She is known by name as Li Yifeng's fiancee. She is a spoilt and cold-hearted lady who will do everything possible just to marry Li Yifeng. She will later come back one year later after completing her master's degree programme in the university of Yale. She will not hesitate to crush anyone who stands in her way of achieving her goal. She will be the main reason why Yang Zi and Li Yifeng will have a misunderstanding.

Stay with me and see the end of the love story of Li Yifeng and his secretary, Yang Zi.

I am so damn sorry for keeping you waiting and sorry once more because I am going to make you wait some more before I officially released the novel. The number of chapters I will release in a week will majorly depends on the number of power stones I receive in a week so please be understanding of my situation. I promise, to even give a mass release if the number of power stones I get in a week incease drastically. The number of reviews, and comments will also be noted.

You know as always, I won't be able to do this without you, so please guys continue to support me as you have always done. I just want to feel that you guys have got my back.

Thank you so much everyone, talk to you again when I finally released the novel.

Stay safe,

And as always, I love you guys very much and I have missed each and everyone of you.

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